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Chunhyang (춘향뎐)


Directed by Im Kwon-taek (임권택)

Screenplay by ,

Drama Historical

Release date in South Korea :


Based on the Pansori folk song of the same title, Chunhyang tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers who consummate their love after overcoming various obstacles. Mongryong, the son of a nobleman, falls in love with a beautiful maiden on a swing. He learns that she is Chunhyang, the daughter of a retired kisaeng ( geisha) named Wolmae, but he pursues her despite her lower social status.Mongryong succeeds in winning the heart of Chunhyang and Wolmae and pledges Chunhyang as his life-long companion. Unfortunately Mongryong is forced to leave the side of his beloved when his father is summoned by the king's court. Sadly he leaves for the city with the promise to return as a court official. One day a new governor, BYUN
Hakdo arrives in Namwon, the hometown of Chunhyang. Notorious for his insatiable desire for women, he orders Chunhyang to serve him after hearing of her beauty. When she refuses, BYUN tortures Chunhyang and throws her in jail. Meanwhile Mongryong passes the state exam with the highest distinction, whereby the king makes him his personal emissary, a post which grants him the authority to punish corrupt officials. Disguised as a vagrant and accompanied by his envoy, Mongryong heads toward Namwon with a vengeance...


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  • Im Kwon-taek's Classic Film to Get Digital Face-lift for Berlin Film Festival

    2019/01/16, Source
    A classic film directed by veteran director Im Kwon-taek has been invited to this year's Berlin International Film Festival next month,...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    "Spirits' Homecoming" tops the charts in time for International Women's Day, KOBIZ has a retrospective on one of Korea's most influential directors, see how Korea's VFX studios have grown over the last twenty years, and catch six soul-scratching Korean films on Netflix if you dare,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.04.04 ~ 2014.04.06

    "Captain America" strikes again… After weeks of cycling the crown the Korean box office has finally awarded a second term at the top. Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" stormed onto the scene last weekend and has managed to retain the number one position with over 760K admissions. The film, which recently broke the April ticket tally in the States, now moves onto 2.6M admissions in Korea and has grossed over $303M worldwide. Its nearest rival came in the form of the French-American thriller "3 Days to Kill", directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol (aka "McG") with the story itself by Luc Besson, which managed second place with only 117,175 admissions to its name,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek, will he go to Cannes?

    2014/02/06, Source
    Hit maker Im Kwon-taek is aiming for Cannes again. His 102nd movie "Revivre" is in the process of the making and it looks like he's going with submitting it to the 67th Cannes International Film Festival. Director Im will complete all production in March. A filmmaker claims, "Cannes is very interested in what director Im has in store. We are working hard for the production of the movie",...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2013.09.27 - 2013.09.29

    Ticket sales slowed considerably in the aftermath of Korea's Chuseok holiday celebrations, but that didn't stop Han Jae-rim's "The Face Reader" from advancing past 8 million admissions ($54M). Last week Han's popular period yarn claimed 2.2 million admissions (51.5%) over a whopping 1,239 screens, but the harvest deities have fled and reduced the blockbuster's momentum here to just 641,786 (36.5%) over 857. "The Face Reader" is also now Korea's 14th highest grossing film of all-time, having just recently passed Kim Han-min's "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon" (7.4M) and Bae Jong's "Welcome to Dongmakgol" (8M). Han's hit still has more than a million admissions to go if it wants to take on Bong Joon-ho's post-apocalyptic thrill ride "Snowpiercer" (9.3M), a feat that will make it the fifth film in two years to break into the Korea's increasingly unstable top ten,...More
  • Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2013.09.27 ~ 2013.09.29

    2013/09/29, Source
    "Le Chant de la Fidèle Chunhyang" (춘향뎐) 2000/01/29 279 465 The number one movie this week is "The Face Reader" (관상),...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] There is "Always" hope...

    Song Il-gon's "Always" has completely won me over. There are a lot of Korean romantic dramas out there, but only a few of them manage to stay favourites. Great Korean love stories such as "Chunhyang", "The Servant", "Bad Guy", and "My Sassy Girl" come to my mind and, after watching So Ji-sub and Han Hyo-joo on screen together, I think I can safely state that I have another love-struck nugget of a film to add to that list. Cheol-min (So Ji-sub) is a hard working 30-year old labourer and part-time security guard. He is also an ex-boxer with a dark and haunting history, a past that he is desperately seeking redemption for. During his first night as a security guard Cheol-min gets serendipitously introduced to Jeong-hwa (Han Hyo-joo), a visually impaired (clinically blind) woman with an adorable persona,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek: Run Far, Fly High

    2012/10/09, Source
    19 October 2012 - 2 November 2012 Im Kwon-taek, winner of the Best Director prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Berlin Bear Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival, came from a humble film background as a prop assistant to a lighting assistant. Yet since 1962 he has directed more than 100 films in his native South Korea. Critics contend that after his early films of the 60s and 70s - mainly historical dramas and war movies - Im found his true artistic voice in the 1980s and onward, through his subtly subversive manner of portraying South Korea's urgent and pressing social issues during a time when the country's film industry was highly censored,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Scandalous Desires & Social Taboos in Jeong Ji-woo's "A Muse"

    Film: "A Muse" Director: Jeong Ji-woo Writers: Jeong Ji-woo & Park Bum-shim (Novelist) Stars: Park Hae-ji, Kim Moo-yeol, and Kim Go-eun Review Score: 8.5/10 Also try: "The Servant", "The Housemaid - 2010", "Chunhyang", and "Moss" Adapted from the popular 2010 novel "Eun-Gyo" by Park Bum-shim, "A Muse" is a drama at heart that probes a number of social taboos in Korea. Novelist Park and Jeong-Ji-woo collaborated on the actual screenplay together, and although fans of book weren't convinced of some of the decisions made in its adaption to the big screen, the film still has enough excitement and thrills to move it out of the shadow of its paperback cousin,...More
  • Art and Culture

    2012/08/09, Source
    It's almost the weekend and we are here with our Michelle Kim for the details on what we can do on the weekend. For people in both London and Korea, Michelle has a bunch of arts and culture updates for us. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So what do you have for us today,...More
  • (41) Im Kwon-taek brought Korean tradition to screen

    2012/07/01, Source
    Director Im Kwon-taek received an honorary Berlin Bear award for his lifetime achievement at the 55th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin in 2005. / Korea Times By Andrew Salmon A master of pansori ― a form of vocal Korean opera ― leads his adopted son and daughter through the backwaters of rural Korea. The troupe scratch an increasingly precarious living as itinerant musicians while their master, refusing to compromise with modernity, strictly trains them in the traditional art which is his only skill and his motive passion. But with the country swept up in massive social upheavals between the 1940s, 50s and 60s, their art form is losing its cachet, relevance and audiences. The son decides to abandon his life as a wandering troubadour and embrace modern music. The father ― believing that suffering is essential to create great art, unwilling to change with the times and desperate to keep his hold on to his adopted daughter, an extraordinary vocal talent ― is driven to commit an act of unforgettable cruelty,...More
  • Cho Seung-woo to star in MBC historical drama

    2012/06/25, Source
    Actor Cho Seung-woo is cast in MBC drama "The Horse Healer" with female counterpart Lee Yo-won. The program is to be aired in September this year. By Rachel Lee Actor Cho Seung-woo will appear in a television drama for the first time in his 13-year acting career. The 32-year-old has been cast with actress Lee Yo-won, also 32, in "The Horse Healer" (working title), slated to air in September this year, according to Kimjonghak Production,...More
  • Two Korean Movies in Running for Palme d'Or at Cannes

    2012/05/16, Source
    The Cannes Film Festival kicks off on Wednesday with 22 films vying for the coveted Palme d'Or, the highest honor awarded to the best feature film in the official competition. Two Korean movies -- Hong Sang-soo's "In Another Country" and Im Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money" -- are among those competing for the top prize. Another three Korean films have been invited to non-competitive sections of the world's leading movie festival, including the Directors' Fortnight,...More
  • Cho Seung-woo cast in "The Horse Healer", first drama ever

    2012/05/03, Source
    Actor Cho Seung-woo (32) will be appearing in a drama for the first time in his acting life. Cho Seung-woo has been cast for the MBC historical drama "The Horse Healer". This drama is about the life of a horse vet who moved upwards to a royal physician and is produced by Lee Byeong-hoon who took part in "Dae Jang Geum", "Yi San" and "Dong Yi" and with writer Kim I-yeong who has worked with him since. Cho Seung-woo debuted in the year 1999 with movie "Chunhyang" and has been in movies and musicals only until now,...More
  • [HanCinema Drama's Diary] My First K-Drama: "Deep-Rooted Tree"

    Ever since I dived into Korean cinema in all its cinematic glory and magic, there has been another side of the industry that I somehow managed to avoid. It's on the T.V. sets of thousands of diehard fans and junkies that swear by them and they are the topic of much discussion on Internet forums and between friends and families, not just in Asia, but around the world. Now perhaps it has been this very, almost cult-like and truly fanatical following, that somewhat put me off getting my feet wet, but this past week I took the leap and started watching my first K-drama,...More
  • Ways to enjoy Seollal with family

    2012/01/20, Source
    The National Folk Museum is offering a variety of events, including traditional Korean music performances, to boost the holiday mood from today through Tuesday. / Courtesy of National Folk Museum "Seollal", or Lunar New Year's Day, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea where families gather together and some perform "charye", an ancestral worship ritual. The representative food for Seollal is rice cake soup called "tteokguk". According to tradition, you can only become older when you eat this,...More
  • Cho Seung-woo: 'I Want to Break Record of Other Baseball Movies'

    2011/12/19, Source
    Actor Cho Seung-woo, who has a nickname of "Jo Jekyll" as a musical star, made a comeback after two-year break with the movie "Perfect Game" which is about a baseball, and he said during an interview about his new movie on December 15, "I basically prefer musical work than movie, but I hope that "Perfect Game" could break the record of the other baseball movies". He came back after two years of break since his last movie "The Sword with No Name" that was directed by Kim Yong-gyun in 2009,...More
  • Wieland SPECK, head of the Berlin film festival's Panorama

    2011/12/07, Source
    After 30 years at the Berlin International Film Festival, Wieland Speck will be celebrating his 20th year as head of the festival's Panorama section next year. While he was in Seoul on his annual film hunting trip around the region, Jean NOH met with him to talk about his thoughts on Korean cinema, the Berlinale audiences and how he programs for them. KCT: How important for you is this annual trip around Asia, after the American Film Market (AFM)? Speck: For me, the trips to Asia and South America are very important trips because there are so many amazing filmmakers and they are inspiring the Western filmmaking a lot. The European view on the world, especially the Western European view on the world, is a little bit like simmering in the same broth for many years now. And then, yes, we already have the most interesting film countries in the world [in Asia].So having our eyes out for where inspiration lurks, this is what we definitely need for our culture in general, but also for the filmmaking,...More
  • [Portrait] Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek: master of mirrors

    2011/10/20, Source
    Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek drinks a cup of morning coffee during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe near his home in Suji, Gyeonggi Province on Sept. 28. / Photography by Jesse Chun for The Korea Times At 75, the filmmaker continues to explore new ground. "I don't lie in my movies... I simply try to capture what we feel in our everyday lives". This is the second in a series of interviews with international pioneers among Korean artists, to mark the 61st anniversary of The Korea Times that falls on Nov. 1, and is sponsored by The Korea Press Foundation. ― ED. By Lee Hyo-won SUJI, Gyeonggi Province/BUSAN - It took an extra second to confirm the interview venue with Im Kwon-taek. The filmmaker used "dabang", an outdated word for coffee shop rarely heard outside of retro movies. While the 75-year-old may not care to update his parlance, he never fails to create new audiovisual languages onscreen. His extensive filmography spells out disparate themes and styles, but his movies share a common tongue in that, like mirrors, they honestly translate all the beauty, grit, joy and sorrow of life. And for this they speak across borders and generations,...More
  • Filmmaker Im to get achievement award

    2011/07/04, Source
    By Do Je-hae

    Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive an achievement award from the Korea Evergreen Association, a civic organization devoted to,...
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Introduce Yourself to Korean Cinema: 7 Films to Get You Started

    Are you interested in Korean cinema but don't know where to start? The following is a short list of films that I believe would give any film enthusiast a good grounding for what Korean cinema has to offer. They include award-winning films, films that provide insight into Korea's history and culture, as well as a couple of fantastic genre films that Korean cinema tends to favour.,...More
  • Meet Korean, Japanese master directors

    2010/06/13, Source
    The Korean Film Archive will offer 10 works by Lee Doo-yong, a pioneer of Korean action films, for free on its video-on-demand website through,...More
  • [DVDs] 'Blood Rain:' Pouring Red

    Costume drama meets violent film noir
    Kyu Hyun Kim (qhyunkim)

    The film opens in 19th century Korea, the late Joseon period. A small island off the coast of Seoul, known for the production of high,...
  • Korean Presence 12th Shanghai Int'l Fest
    2009/06/12, Source
    The 12th edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) is underway June 13 -21 with Korean presence strong throughout including 2 films in competition, and a retrospective on veteran director Im Kwon-taek who will also preside ove,...More
  • Local Films to Shine at Cannes Fest
    2009/05/10, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    A total of 10 Korean movies will be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival from May 13-24, marking the highest number of local films ever to be included in the prestigious event's roster.

    The first local film ever to be invited to the event was,...
  • Real Army Role for Actor Cho Seung-woo
    2008/12/16, Source
    Actor Cho Seung-woo, a musical star of "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Man of La Mancha" who also starred in a number of popular movies such as "Tazza: The High Rollers" and,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek's 101st to premiere at Jeonju Fest

    Prolific and renowned director Im Kwon-taek is working on his 101st project titled "Son" (English translation: "hand"), the film will premiere,...More
  • Stage actor with subtle charisma, Jun Moo-song

    2008/06/11, Source
    His slow walk, humble fashion, gracious face and intellectual speech... His subtle charisma instantly disarms and infatuates people around him. Where does this ability come from? Here's the story of <,...More
    2008/05/09, Source
    Welcome back.
    It's time for our weekly culture corner and our resident reporter Lee Jeewon joins me in the studio.
    Good morning Jeewon.
    Hi Sunhee.

    Our first item is the latest rendition of a Korean poem written in 17-45 which later branched out to become novels songs and performing arts pieces,...
  • [Photo News] Korean movie director honored

    2007/12/17, Source
    Korean movie director Im Kwon-taek receives this year's Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) on Saturday,...More
  • Great filmmaker Im to get French Legion of Honor

    2007/11/29, Source
    Korea's top filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive the Order of the Legion of Honor from the French government on Friday, in recognition of his de,...More
  • Kim Ah-joong, Ryoo Seung-bum and Cho Seung-woo in Music Film
    2007/09/13, Source
    Director Choi Ho assembled an all-star cast consisting of Kim Ah-joong, Ryoo Seung-bum and,...More
  • Digital Film Fest Is In Sync
    2007/07/30, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Korea's first digital film festival Cinema Digital Seoul 2007 (CinDi) finally came to a close after its weeklong debut July 20-27. The event marked a humble beginning with much potential growth in the future _ especially given its unique focus on digital films, the,...
  • Korean Wave Spreads to Operas
    2007/05/09, Source
    The popularity of Korean culture in Japan has been spreading to art as well.

    On May 8, the Japanese online news provider Iza reported that the National Opera of Korea will perform in Tokyo in June and that the hallyu wave will likely spread to operas as well. It also described the National Opera,...
  • Im unveils 100th film 'Beyond the Years'

    2007/04/05, Source
    If you have already made 99 movies in your lengthy and diverse career, what kind of project would you choose to make for your 100th film? The question may sound unrealistic for most directors around t,...More
  • Eclectic performances for 2007
    2007/01/02, Source
    Although this year's local performing arts market revolved around musicals, critics say that 2006 was a success with growth recorded in market size as well as the fan base ranging from teens to middle-aged groups. On the back of continuing interest in the cultural sector, performing arts productions,...More
  • Legendary Director Releases Collection of Five Movies

    2006/08/29, Source
    Five acclaimed movies by director Im Kwon-taek are now available for purchase in a five-disc collection. It contains the Buddhist classic "Come,...More
  • Chihwaseon - Strokes of Fire

    2006/06/05, Source
    Im Kwon-taek's visually stunning portrait of a troubled Korean painter

    Darcy Paquet,...
  • [OBITUARY]Veteran actor Kim Dong-won(a) dies at 90
    2006/05/15, Source
    Kim Dong-won(a), Korea's renowned first-generation theatrical actor, died at the age of 90 on Saturday after two years of fighting against illness.

    Born in 1916 in Gaeseong, he graduated from the art department of Nihon University in Tokyo,...
  • Han Chae-young, Jae Hee Hold Fan Meeting in Tokyo
    2006/05/02, Source
    Actress Han Chae-young and actor Jae Hee, the lead characters of the TV drama "Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang", held their,...More
  • Love Phobia, Love in Two Kinds of World
    2006/04/10, Source
    'Love Phobia'only exists in fictional films for the real life couple Cho Seung-woo and Kang Hye-jung, the two stars of the,...More
  • Usama Cho Seung-woo sweeps Japan
    2006/04/05, Source
    "Jekyll and Hyde", a novel by British writer Robert L. Stevenson, has been highly popular among readers for a long time. Dr. Jekyll, who thought one could separate the instinct of good and evil inherent in humans, injects a substance he formulated into his own body, but ends up transforming himself,...More
  • Actor Uhm Tae-woong Steps Out of Pop Singer Sister's Shadow
    2006/01/18, Source
    By Han Eun-jung
    Staff Reporter

    To some, Uhm Tae-woong is known as one of 2005's most promising new talents who saw his career take off with a supporting role in ",...
  • Domestic Movies With English Subtitles
    2005/12/08, Source
    Marrying the Mafia II (Kamunui Wigi) (2005)

    Seoul Selection Bookstore

    Saturday at noon

    "Marrying the Mafia II" is the most successful local comedy,...
  • Domestic Movies With English Subtitles
    2005/12/01, Source
    Birdcage Inn `Parandaemun'

    Seoul Selection Bookstore

    Saturday at noon

    The film by famous local director Kim Ki-duk is a story about the friendship between two women from dif,...
  • Domestic Movies With English Subtitles
    2005/11/17, Source
    Cine-Cafe Mornings

    At 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday

    Samsung Raeminan Cultural Center

    This charity movie gathering will show director Lee Chang-dong's "Oasis",' a melodrama about a soc,...
  • Like Father, Like Son

    2005/10/18, Source
    By Han Eun-jung
    Staff Reporter

    Like physical ability, talent is apparently something that runs in the family, too. This passing on of the gift for acting or singing can be seen this fall in the ru,...
  • "Welcome to Dongmakgol" picked as official selection for Oscar foreign-language film entries
    2005/09/19, Source
    The Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairperson Ahn Jung-sook) has picked "Welcome to Dongmakgol" (directed by Bae Jong) as Korea's final official selection for Oscar foreign-lang,...More
  • Chungmuro sweethearts show off 'power of love'
    2005/09/09, Source
    Psychologists often say that when it comes to love, opposites attract. But the rule may not apply to actor Cho Seung-woo and actress Kang Hye-jung, often dubbed as the "twin-like sweet,...More
  • "Old Boy" Ticket Sales Hit $500,000 in U.S.
    2005/05/10, Source
    The movie "Old Boy" has recorded US$500,000 in ticket sales in the U.S., bringing the number of Korean movies that took in more than $500,000 in U.S. box offices to four. The other three movies are ",...More
  • Kwon Sang-woo Named Spokesman of Namwon World Herbal Industry Expo

    2005/04/06, Source
    Actor kwon Sang-woo has been named spokesman of the 2005 Namwon World Herbal Industry Expo. "We chose,...More
  • Movie director Im Kwon-taek's retrospective film screening takes place in Shanghai too.
    2005/02/20, Source
    Following his special retrospective movie screening in the 55th Berlin International Film Festival, movie director Im Kwon-taek's retrospective film screening takes place in the Shanghai International Film Festival also to be held on the forth,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek Given Honorary Golden Bear by Berlin Film Festival
    2005/02/13, Source
    Korean director Im Kwon-taek (69) became the first Asian awarded the Honorary Golden Bear at the 55th Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. The award, given in recognition of lifetime service to film, has been given to only 18 people,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek, world-class movie director
    2005/02/11, Source
    Tony Rayns, a famous British film critic, once said about Im Kwon-taek that his movies unfold like drawing a circle, not a line, that keeps growing around the subject of the movie or conversely keeps narrowing down toward the center, and that,...More
  • Cho Seung-woo shines in 'Running Boy'
    2005/01/19, Source
    In a press preview of "Running Boy" held at a cinema in downtown Seoul on Monday afternoon, something unusual happened. First, reporters clapped and cheered at the end of the film, and some of them were wiping off tears. Second, an interview room was so crowded with reporters that it was almost impo,...More
  • Raging Years invited to Venice competition
    2004/08/03, Source
    Veteran director IM Kwon-taek's 99th film Raging Years ("Haryu Insaeng") has been invited to screen in the competition section of the Venice International Film Festival.

    This marks the first trip to Venice by director IM since 1987, when h,...
  • 'Raging Years' Invited to Venice Film Festival for Competition
    2004/05/30, Source
    Veteran movie director Im Gweon-taek's "Raging Years" (Korean: Haryu Insaeng) has its eyes fixed on the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion for best film.
    Taehung Pictures announced that the administrative committee of the Venice International Film Festival invited Im's movie to compete in "Venezia,...
  • Free Screenings of Im Kwon-taek
    2004/05/17, Source
    In celebration of Im Kwon-taek's 99th film "Haryu Insaeng (Low Class Life)", which will open locally this Friday, special free screenings of the renowned filmmaker's previous films will take place throughout the nation.
    Im's films "Chihwaseo,...
  • Local Films Get High Tech
    2004/05/17, Source
    Use of Computer Graphics Adds Realism to Movies

    By Kim Tae-jong
    Staff Reporter

    Sang-hwan and Eui-jin, Taoist superheroes from the movie "Arahan," are able to move objects with "ki," or spiritual energy, and jump from one rooftop of,...
  • 'Old Boy', 'Woman' Get Ready to Vie at Cannes
    2004/05/13, Source
    By Paolo Bertolin
    Special Correspondent
    CANNES, France - The gala opening of the 57th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which took place on Wednesday, put the spotlight for the first time on a Spanish film, Pedro Almodą³var's already controversial "La Mala Educacią³n (Bad Education)", a semi-a,...
  • [Local and Foreign Films With English Subtitles]
    2004/05/13, Source
    ▣ Hyoja-dong Ibalsa (The President's Barber) (2004)
    1:40 p.m. daily
    Cine Core Theater
    Starring Song Gang-ho and Moon So-ri, "The President's Barber" combines fact and fiction to recreate Seoul in the 1960s and '70s. The film takes that,...
  • Two Korean films headed to Cannes
    2004/04/21, Source
    Choi Min-shik in a scene from the movie "Old Boy".
    The new feature film by director Hong Sang-soo and "Oldboy" by Park Chan-wook will compete at the 57th Cannes Film Festival in Fra,...
  • Cannes to Officially Invite Hong Sang-soo's New Film
    2004/04/19, Source
    Cannes to Officially Invite Hong Sang-soo's New Film The new feature film by local auteur Hong Sang-soo will receive an official invitation to the renowned Cannes Film Festival in Fran,...More
  • New York Museum to Feature Work of Im Kwon-taek
    2003/12/17, Source
    by Kim Jae-ho

    NEW YORK - New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is planning to invite Korean screen master Im Kwon-taek to perform a retrospective of his work next February. MoMA plans to conduct double showings of 15 of the director's rep,...
  • Director Looks at Turmoil of Life in the '70s
    2003/11/23, Source
    By Joon Soh
    Staff Reporter
    In the films of veteran director Im Kwon-taek, there's a sense that he is not only telling a story but also preserving Korea's history and tradition on celluloid. His film ",...
  • "There Is No Scenario... Just as in Our Life"
    2003/11/18, Source
    "Low Class Life (下流人生)".
    This is the movie that Director Lim Kwon-taek is working on now who has achieved a long-sought desire of the Korean filming industry by winning the Director's Award at the Cannes Film Festival last year with "Chihwaseon (,...
  • 'Spring' director hoping to hit Tinseltown
    2003/09/27, Source
    Director Kim Ki-duk's new film "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring" has been chosen to represent Korea for an Academy Award nomination, the Korean Film Commission announced Wednesday.

    Dealing with a Buddhist monk's quest for truth as he,...

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 Park Soon-deok (박순덕)
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wonderful movie. the story telling was an unusual twist... but it sometimes got in the way. especially at the end. i just wanted to watch the movie part. not watching the story teller. ending could be better with maybe the 2 in their house in seoul or som
2007-10-20 20:45:27
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