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Gate (게이트)

게이트 (ge-i-teu)

Directed by Shin Jai-ho (신재호)

Screenplay by ,

Comedy Crime

92min | Release date in South Korea :

An elite prosecutor who is in the middle of investigating corruption, gets into an accident and loses his memory. After that, he goes through a series of events along with a few others around him.


  • Jung Ryeo-won (정려원)
    Jung Ryeo-won (정려원)
    So-eun (소은)
  • Im Chang-jung (임창정)
    Im Chang-jung (임창정)
    Gyoo-cheol (규철)
  • Jung Sang-hoon (정상훈)
    Jung Sang-hoon (정상훈)
    Min-wook (민욱)
  • Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Lee Kyung-young (이경영)
    Jang-choon (장춘)
  • Lee Moon-shik (이문식)
    Lee Moon-shik (이문식)
    Cheol-soo (철수)
  • Kim Do-hoon-I (김도훈)
    Kim Do-hoon-I (김도훈)
    Won-ho (원호)
  • Sun-woo Eun-sook (선우은숙)
    Sun-woo Eun-sook (선우은숙)
    Ok-ja (옥자)
  • Jung Kyung-soon (정경순)
    Jung Kyung-soon (정경순)
    Ae-ri (애리)
    Han Bo-min (한보민)
    Mi-ae (미애)
  • Im Chul-hyung (임철형)
    Im Chul-hyung (임철형)
    Eun-tak (은탁)
    Go Dong-ok (고동옥)
    Gwang-ho (광호)
    Kim Hyo-min (김효민)
    Nam-ho (남호)
  • Han Yi-jin (한이진)
    Han Yi-jin (한이진)
    Dong-goo (동구)
    Park Jeong-joon (박정준)
    Gyoo-cheol's Doctor (규철 의사)
    Lee Jin-sol (이진솔)
    Gyoo-choel's Nurse (규철 간호사)
    Lee Jae-gook (이재국)
    Department Head Kim (김실장)
    Lee Seung-mo (이승모)
    Geumjeong-ri Old Man (금정리 노인)
  • Lim Young-duk (임영덕)
    Lim Young-duk (임영덕)
    Large Company Employee 1 (대기업 용역1)
    Baek Jeong-woo (백정우)
    Large Company Employee 2 (대기업 용역2)
    Kim Mal-goo (김말구)
    Large Company Employee 3 (대기업 용역3)
  • Mr.Pang (방준호)
    Mr.Pang (방준호)
    Interviewer 1 (면접관1)
    Hwang-bi (황비)
    Interviewer 2 (면접관2)
    Woo Ga-eun (우가은)
    Capital Employee 1 (캐피탈 직원1)
  • Ryu Ki-san (류기산)
    Ryu Ki-san (류기산)
    Capital Employee 12 (캐피탈 직원2)
    Seo Jeong-goo (서정구)
    Capital Employee 13 (캐피탈 직원3)
    Jeon Jeong-il (전정일)
    Emergency Room Doctor (응급실 의사)
    Kim Yoon-joo (김윤주)
    Emergency Room Nurse 1 (응급실 간호사1)
    Choi Seo-hyeon (최서현)
    Emergency Room Nurse 2 (응급실 간호사2)
    Oh Chang-geun (오창근)
    Emergency Room Nurse 3 (응급실 간호사3)
    Choi I-joon (최이준)
    TV Central Reporter (TV중앙 기자)
    Kim Kyeong-joo (김경주)
    Mahjong Wife 1 (마작 사모님1)
    Jo Mi-ra (조미라)
    Mahjong Wife 2 (마작 사모님2)
    Kim Bo-min (김보민)
    Mahjong Wife 3 (마작 사모님3)
    Jo Yeong-ran (조영란)
    Mahjong Wife 4 (마작 사모님4)
    Hong Seon-min (홍선민)
    Mahjong Wife 5 (마작 사모님5)
    Kang Soo-ho (강수호)
    Mahjong Wife Middle-aged Man 1 (마작 중년남1)
    Seo Byeong-deok (서병덕)
    Mahjong Wife Middle-aged Man 2 (마작 중년남2)
  • Kang Seung-wan (강승완)
    Kang Seung-wan (강승완)
    Seong-cheol (성철)
    Sin Dong-hoon (신동훈)
    Chinese Restaurant Delivery Man (중국집 배달원)
  • Lee Se-rang (이세랑)
    Lee Se-rang (이세랑)
    Landlord (집주인)
    Yoo Ah-ran (유아란)
    Business Suit Sales Clerk (신사복 점원)
  • Bae Soo-kyung (배수경)
    Bae Soo-kyung (배수경)
    Executive Assistant 1 (수행비서1)
    Na Soo-min (나수민)
    Executive Assistant 2 (수행비서2)
    Kim Jong-tae-II (김종태)
    Vacation Home Man 1 (별장 사내1)
    Choi Seong-sik (최성식)
    Vacation Home Man 2 (별장 사내2)
    Jin Soo-seon (진수선)
    Vacation Home Man 3 (별장 사내3)
    Lee Yong-won (이용원)
    Vacation Home Man 4 (별장 사내4)
    Han Seung-oh (한승오)
    Vacation Home Constable (별장 순경)
    Park Won-woo (박원우)
    Vacation Home Man in Suit 1 (별장 정장남1)
    Kim Yang-won (김양원)
    Vacation Home Man in Suit 2 (별장 정장남2)
    Han Soo-kyeong (한수경)
    Cheol-soo's Wife (철수처)
    Jo Ah-hyeon (조아현)
    Cheol-soo's Daughter (철수딸)
    Kim Ji-seong (김지성)
    Cheol-soo's Son 1 (철수아들1)
    Seo In-seong (서인성)
    Cheol-soo's Son 2 (철수아들2)
    Kim Seon-yoo (김선유)
    Clinic Manager (클리닉원장)
  • Kim Yeon-jung (김연정)
    Kim Yeon-jung (김연정)
    Clinic Nurse 1 (클리닉간호사1)
    Lee Soo-ah (이수아)
    Clinic Nurse 2 (클리닉간호사2)
    Lee Seok-won (이석원)
    Junior Prosecutor (후배검사)
    Seol Min-yeong (설민영)
    Hotel Man 1 (호텔남1)
    Kang Dong-gyoon (강동균)
    Hotel Man 2 (호텔남2)
    Ahn Seong-min (안성민)
    Internet Cafe [PC Bang] Student (PC방 학생)
    Oh Se-in (오세인)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
    Kim Seung-joo (김승주)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
    Kim Si-yoo (김시유)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
    Lee Tae-ri (이태리)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
    Son Eun-ah (손은아)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
    Choi Se-ra (최세라)
    Voice (목소리 출연)
  • Yoon Song-ah (윤송아)
    Yoon Song-ah (윤송아)
    Director Kim - Cameo (김원장)
  • Lee Se-na (이세나)
    Lee Se-na (이세나)
    Dressmaker's Shop Head of Department - Cameo (의상실 실장)
    Kim Mi-hyang (김미향)
    Gyoo-cheol's Mother - Cameo (규철모)
  • Kim Kyung-ryong (김경룡)
    Kim Kyung-ryong (김경룡)
    Vacation Home Police - Cameo (별장경찰)
  • Seo Jin-won-II (서진원)
    Seo Jin-won-II (서진원)
    Jo Kyeong-jeong - Cameo (조경정)
  • Kim Young-sun (김영선)
    Kim Young-sun (김영선)
    Clinic Wife - Cameo (클리닉사모님)
  • Choi Yoon-seul (최윤슬)
    Choi Yoon-seul (최윤슬)
    Announcer - Special appearance (아나운서)

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Gate"

    So-eun (played by Jung Ryeo-won) has a problem. Everyone in her apartment building has been getting ensnared in bad contracts from loan shark Min-wook (played by Jung Sang-hoon) and his gang of obvious crooks, so So-eun decides to take a stand against them. Neighborhood ex-cop Gyoo-cheol (played by Im Chang-jung) also insists on helping, though that ridiculous yellow track suit and subservient attitude makes him rather non-threatening,...More

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 Produced by
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
 Song Chang-yong (송창용)
 Original work
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
 Production department
 Park Jin-ha (박진하)
 Assistant director
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
 Assistant director
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
 Score composer
 Im Chang-jung (임창정)
Technical Information
92 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2018/06/20
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2018.06.24 : 771 admissions (total)
As of 2018.03.25 : 100 815 admissions (total)
As of 2018.03.18 : 99 731 admissions (total)
As of 2018.03.11 : 97 306 admissions (total)
As of 2018.03.04 : 75 432 admissions (total)

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Gate (게이트)