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Grand Prix (그랑프리)

그랑프리 (Geu-rang-peu-ri)

Directed by Yang Yoon-ho (양윤호)

Screenplay by , ,

Melodrama Romance

109min | Release date in South Korea :

Grand Prix is a thrilling sports drama with comedic undertones that highlights the triumph of the indomitable sportsmanship of a female horse racer. The once-successful horse racer Ju-hee hasnít been in the field after the devastating arm injury and the loss of her own horse. To overcome depression, Ju-hee visits a mountain in Jeju island where she accidentally meets another racer Woo-suk who has the record of championing at the Japan Cup. Through Woo-sukís encouragement, Ju-hee trains herself again and returns to the Grand Prix championship.


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  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    ★★★ "Mango Tree": A sexy romantic comedy set in the Philippines that follows two young and beautiful vacationers and the handsome man they meet there. (10/31),...More
  • Yang Dong-geun and Kim Tae-hee's kiss scene

    2013/09/03, Source
    Yang Dong-geun talked about the kiss scene he had with Kim Tae-hee. He appeared in the SBS TV show "Hwasin" and spoke about it,...More
  • Han Da-gam comes back with horror flick

    2011/04/26, Source
    Actress Han Da-gam is holding hands with director Yang Yoon-ho in three years after "The Divine Weapon". She has been cast for the role of Sunny in recent horror movie "Ghastly" and will be returning as a horror queen.,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee Wins Over Viewers with 'My Princess'

    Her stunning beauty is beyond dispute, but actress Kim Tae-hee has always been criticized for her wooden acting. She struggled even more in films than on TV, and none of her movies, including "The Restless", "Venus and Mars" and "Grand Prix", were a success at the box office. But the soap "My Princess", currently on MBC, seems to have changed all that, and viewers have taken to Kim's adorable but comic character in a big way. They seem to enjoy seeing the inelegant side of someone who seems to have it all. And criticism of her acting skills seems on the wane,...More
  • Find The Hidden Jokes and Puns In Korean Dramas

    2011/01/10, Source
    These days, there's more to drama watching then drooling over the good looking characters and getting immersed into the intricate plots. There's now the fun of looking for the hidden messages or puns that the writers and directors are throwing into the mix. Drama viewers have been enjoying the art of deciphering these hidden codes. All in all, it's been creating a closer relationship between the viewers and the creative minds behind each project: directors, writers, producers, and of course the actors,...More
  • [PREVIEW] MBC TV series "My Princess"

    2011/01/04, Source
    Actors Song Seung-heon, Park Ye-jin, Kim Tae-hee and Ryu Su-young poses during a photocall of a press conference for upcoming MBC TV series "My Princess" held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on January 3, 2011. [MBC] The 'cheerful and nothing-can-bring-me-down' female character meets the grandson of a conglomerate. He tries to turn her into a princess and the two fall in love. That is how you could summarize MBC's "My Princess". To add on just a little more detail, Lee Seul (played by Kim Tae-hee) is a stingy female college student who is of royal descent and diplomat Park Hye-young (played by Song Seung-heon) becomes her tutor to make her a princess per the request of his grandfather (played by Lee Soon-jae) in order to restore their imperial family,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee movie picks

    2010/11/02, Source
    Actress Kim Tae-hee [10Asia] Actress Kim Tae-hee was told that she was a bore in one talk show. The person who said that was actor Yang Dong-geun who played the male lead opposite her in film "Grand Prix". He was telling the truth. Kim is far from other celebrities who are funny and skilled with their words, the latest trend in entertainment. God may have bestowed Kim with beauty -- the most important quality to be on screen, after all -- but not a brilliant talent and sense of the stage to go with it. Although her looks and intelligence continued to attract people's attention there was always something about her performance that left the audience somewhat unsatisfied. Well, Kim is not like those talkative travelers who can go on and on about interesting twists, the unexpected u-turns or the nostalgia she has felt during her life because she is closer to a pilgrim, simply treading her way forward step by step, never digressing,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee to expand career into Japan

    2010/10/22, Source
    Korean actress Kim Tae-hee [Asia Economic Daily] Top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee will be expanding her career overseas. Kim made the announcement during an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkan Sports, adding that she will soon launch her activities in the country,...More
  • Star Power Not Enough To Create A Hit Movie

    2010/10/11, Source
    It's safe to say that the success of Korean movies used to be mainly dependant on star power. Regardless of how original a plot line was, how well the production was made, and how cleverly written a s,...More
  • "Cyrano Agency" claims No. 1 spot on local box office

    2010/09/27, Source
    Movie poster for "Cyrano Agency" [Lotte Entertainment] Korean romantic comedy "Cyrano Agency" made its way up to the No. 1 spot on the local box office over the weekend, pushing past former winner "The Invincibles" during the final week of September. The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) reported on Monday that "Cyrano Agency", which opened in theaters on September 16, came in first place attracting,...More
  • "A Better Tomorrow" shine over "Troubleshooter"

    2010/09/19, Source
    Movie poster for "A Better Tomorrow" [CJ Entertainment] Korean action movie "A Better Tomorrow" bowed into the No. 1 spot on the local box office over the weekend, outshining previous winner "Trapped" during the fourth week of September. According to the Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) on Monday, "A Better Tomorrow", which opened in theaters on September 16, placed in first with,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee was happy about dating rumors with Lee Byung-hun

    2010/09/15, Source
    Korean actress Kim Tae-hee on variety program "Win Win" [KBS] Korean actress Kim Tae-hee has said she was happy to hear rumors that she and actor Lee Byung-hun were dating when the two were starring together in KBS TV series "IRIS" last year,...More
  • Sugary romances on big screen for Chuseok

    2010/09/15, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won

    Chuseok is the time for migrating home en masse, or for film buffs, the perfect time to camp out in front of the big screen.

    The cinema lineup this year was mostly marked by hardb,...
  • Kim Tae-hee: 'I Wanted Changes in My Acting'

    2010/09/14, Source
    Actress Kim Tae-hee, who played the female jockey Seo Joo-hee in the movie "Grand Prix", has been very busy lately. Right after filming the drama "IRIS", she had begun filming "Grand Prix" and she will also begin filming the drama "My Princess", in which she will appear with actor Song Seung-heon. In this way, she has actively performed without taking a rest so far. In the past, she seldom appeared in many works at once. She explained, "I usually decided on works to appear in after careful consideration before". Even though ten years have passed since her debut, she has appeared in less than ten different works,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Kim Tae-hee - Part 1

    2010/09/13, Source
    Kim Tae-hee [Beck Una/10Asia] Do you know Kim Tae-hee? Well, of course you know her. It is the name of she who has been endowed with beauty as well as intelligence, attending Korea's top school Seoul National University. To some she has been the object of admiration while to others, the goddess who must be worshipped unconditionally. And at the same time, she is also the one who has been publicly bestowed the harsh and pitiless judgement that she is pretty but without appeal or smart but bad at acting. But alas. The nearly hour-long conversation with the actress in person revealed that she is not the Miss Perfect from another town but closer to being the frank and honest girl from next door. She was not needlessly modest, did not set forth any ungrounded pride, talked in a straightforward manner with a simple personality which knew what to acknowledge and what to admit to, proving she was not a unicorn which exists only in imaginations and myths, but rather a healthy stallion which had just started to gearing up her horsepower. This is just the first record of the first step we have taken in getting to know about this lady whom we had said we know so well but did not actually know much about,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Kim Tae-hee - Part 2

    2010/09/13, Source
    Kim Tae-hee [Beck Una/10Asia] Beck Una: In "Grand Prix", the woman who always seeks victory first goes through the hardship of losing the horse she loves in order to discover the joy of spending time with her horse. Ultimately, nothing that is precious comes free. What have you probably lost from the point you started acting to now where you have just started to feel the joy in acting? Kim Tae-hee: What you've lost is probably ultimately what you've gained. I wouldn't know as much as I do now or be as strong if I had been hurt less and led an easy life. What I have lost is... privacy? (laugh) Beck: Well it's true that as much as your life has become abundant, it has become tiresome as well. Kim Tae-hee: I'm not the type that regrets easily. I think I'd take this road again, even if I could go back into my past. Should I call it fate? Always. I like how I've gotten where I am right now. I really don't have moments where I regret wishing I had done something in the past or reminisce that a certain point in my past was great. I'm the type that forgets everything and my memory isn't that great either,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "Grand Prix" bad critics?

    2010/09/08, Source
    Kim Tae-hee's screen return, and Yang Dong-geun's first piece after military service is "Grand Prix" which has been previewed on the 7th and is being hoped for the best. It is about a female jockey who had gone through mourning losing her horse through an accident. She finds a new racing horse and meets a man who understands her to challenge her for another competition,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee: 'Since the hit IRIS, I Feel Greedy about Success'

    2010/08/22, Source
    "I did not care much about the number of viewers and the viewer ratings before, but as the drama "IRIS" gained huge success, I began to feel greedy about being successful". -Kim Tae-hee At the production presentation of the movie "Grand Prix" (to be released on September 16) held at Megabox in Dongdaemun on August 19, the female protagonist Kim Tae-hee revealed both the pressure about the movie's success and her desire to be successful. Kim Tae-hee said, "Usually I become very comfortable after I finish filming, but this time, I sometimes became nervous and worried, and it meant that I might be feeling pressure about this movie",...More
  • Kim Tae-hee says greedy about success after "IRIS"

    2010/08/20, Source
    Actress Kim Tae-hee speaks during a press conference for film "Grand Prix" held at a Megabox theater in Seoul, South Korea on August 19, 2010. [Han Youn-jong/Asia Economic Daily] Actress Kim Tae-hee has said she has become greedy about seeing the productions she stars in do well after the success of last year's TV series "IRIS",...More
  • [PHOTOS] "Grand Prix" press confrence

    2010/08/20, Source
    Kim Tae-hee [Han Youn-jong/Asia Economic Daily] Actress Kim Tae-hee poses at a photocall during a press conference for film "Grand Prix" held at a Megabox theater in Seoul, South Korea on August 19, 2010,...More
  • Kim Tae-hee aims higher with new sports film

    2010/08/19, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won

    The success of the blockbuster TV series "IRIS" seems to have prompted,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Kim Tae-hee preparing for "Grand Prix"

    2010/08/04, Source
    Kim Tae-hee has become a horse rider in the new film "Grand Prix". She is Seo Joohee who has experienced an accident losing her beloved horse,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Kim Tae-hee and her confession

    2010/07/30, Source
    Actress Kim Tae-hee and Yang Dong-geun were filming "Grand Prix".,...More
  • Kim Nam-gil receives military draft notice for July 15

    2010/06/29, Source
    Kim Nam-gil in a scene from TV series "Bad Man" [SBS] Korean actor Kim Nam-gil, who is currently starring in SBS TV series "Bad Man", has been notified to enlist in the army by July 15, as part of fulfilling the country's mandatory two-year military service. "It is true that Kim Nam-gil received a draft notice for July 15", an official at the show's production company Good Story said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Tuesday. "But he is in the middle of shooting the drama... We cannot say that he will be going to the military on July 15 no matter what",...More
  • Lee Joon-gi to star in military musical

    2010/06/24, Source
    Official poster for military musical production "Voyage of Life" [tentative title] starring Lee Joon-gi. [Ministry of National Defense and Korea Musical Theatre Association] Korean actor Lee Joon-gi, who is currently serving in the military, has been cast in an upcoming musical production tentatively titled "Voyage of Life", according to a press release by the show's PR manager on Thursday. "Life", co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense and Korea Musical Theatre Association, is a special production commemorating the Korean War,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi "having a hard time" in military, says Jae Hee

    2010/06/18, Source
    Actor Jae Hee salutes reporters and fans after being discharged from Korea's Defense Media Agency in Seoul, South Korea on June 18, 2010. [Han Youn-jong/Asia Economic Daily] Hallyu star Lee Joon-gi is reportedly having a hard time adjusting to life in the army, according to fellow actor Jae Hee who was discharged from the military today. Speaking to a group of reporters after being discharged from Korea's Defense Media Agency on Friday morning, Jae Hee said that he met Lee "just once",...More
  • Lee Joon-gi to serve as celebrity military officer

    2010/06/11, Source
    Hallyu star Lee Joon-gi in a photo spread for fashion magazine W [W Korea] Hallyu star Lee Joon-gi, who today completed basic training as part of fulfilling his two-year military duties, has been selected to work as a celebrity military officer for the remainder of his serving period. According to Korea's Defense Media Agency on Friday, the actor was discharged from the army training camp after completing a five-week course and was be assigned to the PR unit in the agency,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Lee Joon-gi's problems with previous film

    2010/05/16, Source
    Lee Joon-gi has stopped all filming for his new film and has entered the military service. The staff say that they are preparing to sue him for this abrupt exit in filming. And Lee's staff say that they are trying to reach compromise. Lee's quick enter to the military has been very unexpected and the company for the movie he was participating are hurt by this. "Grand Prix" was the film and it was greatly anticipated by all bec,...More
  • Yang Dong-geun to make comeback in film "Grand Prix"

    2010/05/12, Source
    Korean singer and actor Yong Dong-geun [Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer and actor Yang Dong-geun will be making his acting comeback through film "Grand Prix", according to the film's producer Sidus FNH on Monday. Sidus FNH announced in a press release that Yang has been cast as the film's male lead which had originally been set to be played by Hallyu star Lee Joon-gi before he dropped out to go to the army last week as part of fulfilling Korea's mandatory military duties,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Yang Dong-geun taking place of Lee Joon-gi!

    2010/05/11, Source
    Yang Dong-geun is taking place for Lee Joon-gi! Actor Lee Joon-gi has entered military service and had to let go of this role in the new movie "Grand Prix". Yang will be taking the role with Kim Tae-hee in this movie about a horse that had gone through an accident and a singer who has lost confidence. The singer called Seo Joohee acted by Kim will be challenging herself once again with this horse. Yang Dong-geun's character Woosuk realizes he has the sam,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi's military photo revealed on Cyworld

    2010/05/09, Source
    Actor Lee Joon-gi in the Korean military services [Cyworld] A recent photo of Lee Joon-gi taken at his current military training camp is spreading fast on the Internet since first being posted on Korea's popular social networking site Cyworld. In the picture, taken by a training assistant at Nonsan military camp and later put up on his mini-hompy, the military uniform-clad Lee is seen smiling while making a salute with his hands,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Lee Joon-gi is so cute with his shaved head for the military!

    2010/05/03, Source
    Lee Joon-gi will be entering the 5 week beginning army boot camp this day. He has been in the movie "Grand Prix" and the drama "Faith" for which he is casted as the main character in addition invited to the 2010 Shanghai Expo as the Korean representative. He tried to post pone entering the military but the duty calls to the nation and he had to enter in May! His entertainment company apologized that he could not finish some schedules before entering, but the dates were so quick given by the government that they could not be prolonged.,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi enters Korean military with apologies

    2010/05/03, Source
    Korean actor Lee Joon-gi waves to fans ahead of entering the Korean military on May 3, 2010. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Lee Joon-gi entered the Korean army today, putting his acting career on hold for the next two years to fulfill his mandatory military duties. The 28-year-old actor bid farewell to thousands of fans -- including many who flew in from overseas -- and reporters, who showed up at the Nonsan military training camp to see the star off,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi says is looking forward to life as average man

    2010/04/30, Source
    Korean actor Lee Joon-gi [JG Company] Korean actor Lee Joon-gi has revealed his feelings about going to the military next week, saying he is "looking forward to spending time [in the military] as any average man who has to fulfill his mandatory military duties". Lee was quoted as saying the remark in a press statement released by his agency JG Company on Thursday, the response following the decision which has forced him to drop out of film "Grand Prix" and TV series "Faith",...More
  • Lee Joon-gi to enter military next month

    2010/04/28, Source
    Korean actor Lee Joon-gi in TV series "Hero - Drama" [MBC] Korean actor Lee Joon-gi will be leaving for the military next month, leading to a change of cast in a film and drama he was set to appear in before joining the army. In a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Wednesday, relevant sources from the film "Grand Prix" and TV series "Faith" said that they were casting an actor to replace Lee since he will be entering the military on May 3,...More
  • Today's new additions and updates on HanCinema
    2010/04/20, Source
    Updated final Korean week-end box office figures

    Updated movie "Grand Prix"'s page

    Added movie "Bang-ja Chronicles" poster and teaser

    Updated movie "More
  • Lee Joon-gi to enter military after shooting movie and drama

    2010/04/19, Source
    Korean actor Lee Joon-gi in previous TV series "Hero - Drama" [MBC] Korean actor Lee Joon-gi will be pushing back his military entrance date to fulfill his current work commitments, according to his agency JG Company on Monday. According to an official at JG, Lee had received a notice from Korea's Military Manpower Administration to enter the army within the year to fulfill his mandatory two-year service,...More
  • Lee Joon-gi Appointed Ambassador for Expo 2010 Shanghai

    Actor Lee Joon-gi was appointed as the Korean ambassador for the Expo 2010 Shanghai which will be held from May to October in Shanghai, China.
  • Kim Tae-hee, Lee Joon-gi to star in film "Grand Prix"

    2010/03/15, Source
    Korean actress Kim Tae-hee [Asia Economic Daily] Top Korean actors Lee Jun-ki and Kim Tae-hee are set to star in a new film titled "Grand Prix", according to their agencies JG Company and Luah Entertainment on Monday. Both agencies reported that the two stars have been cast for the lead roles and are waiting to sign the final contract for the film. Veteran Korean actors Park Geun-hyung and Go Doo-shim are reportedly in talks to play supporting roles.,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Kim Tae-hee in a film with Lee Joon-gi

    2010/03/14, Source
      Kim Tae-hee is costarring with Lee Joon-gi! The new film, "Grand Prix" is bringing Kim as the new female main character. This film is going to be about horse racing! The scenario will also show love and friendship in this film as a sequel to "Lump sugar" in 2006. This melodramatic film will start filming this month. It is anticipated to be released this than,...More

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 Produced by
 Lee Jung-hak (이정학)
Sidus FHN (싸이더스FHN)
 Yang Yoon-ho (양윤호)
 Adaptation / Dramatization
 Park Eun-yeong (박은영)
 Adaptation / Dramatization
 Lee Jung-hak (이정학)
 Production department
 Lee Dong-joon (이동준)
 Score composer
 Choi Eun-jong (최은종)
 Assistant director
 Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
 Yoon Hee-sun (윤희선)
 Makeup department
 Kang Sook (강숙)
 Park Yong-soo-I (박용수)
 Lighting / Cinematography department
Technical Information
109 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
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Airing dates : 2010/09/16
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As of 2010.10.03 : 166,125 Admissions (total)
As of 2010.09.26 : 156,135 Admissions (total)
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I believe it would be a very good movie. ^^ Lee Jun Gi Fighting!!!
2010-03-23 00:36:00
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