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Green Fish (초록물고기)

초록물고기 (Cho-rok-mool-go-gi)

Directed by Lee Chang-dong (이창동)

Screenplay by ,


114min | Release date in South Korea :

This is a melodrama depicting death, love, pain, and the hardships that an innocent young man experiences in a violent society, where the meaning of family vanishes because of industrialization. Mak-Dong finishes his military service and is on the way home, when he helps Mi-Ae, who is being harassed by gangsters. As a result, he misses his train. Mak-Dong arrives home with her rosy scarf in his hand. Nobody welcomes Mak-Dong except his big brother with polio. Mak-Dong except his big brother with polio. Mak-Dong wishes he managed a good restaurant so that all the family members could live together. So he goes to Seoul searching for work and goes to the night club where Mi-Ae sings, to return her scarf. Mi-Ae is the mistress of the gangster Bae Tae-Gon. She finds a job for Mak-Dong through Tae-Gon. Mak-Dong begins to work in the parking lot and falls into the Family of violence...
International Film Festivals
2003 Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival ,
2003 Prague International Film Festival Febiofest ,
2004 Jakarta International Film Festival,
2005 the Tiger Eye Firecracker Showcase,
2005 Filmasia Film Festival , Tribute to actor Han Seok-kyu
2008 Fribourg International Film Festival, Tribute to Lee Chang-dong

Box Office in Seoul (Admission) : 163.655


Green Fish | Cast

Green Fish | HanCinema Reviews

  • [Guest Film Review] "Green Fish"

    The first feature film of a novelist and high school teacher who turned out to be one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers of the country is a testament to his immense talent and a truly great debut,...More

Green Fish | News

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  • Actor Jung Jin-young Makes Directorial Debut

    2020/06/18, Source
    Veteran actor Jung Jin-young makes his directorial debut with the movie "Me and Me", which opens in theaters on Thursday. Jung (55) decided to make his directorial debut about four years ago,...More
  • Lee Chang-dong Retrospective: The Realistically Melodramatic Cinema of the "Marginalized" - Part 1

    I make films for the kind of people that are characters in "Oasis" or "Poetry". Considered by many as the greatest contemporary Korean filmmaker, Lee Chang-dong is a truly rare case in the peninsula's cinema, both due to his impressive filmography and the rather unusual (unconventional if you prefer) path he followed in his life, which brought him from a teacher's position to the seat of the Minister of Culture. Let us take things from the beginning though. (Since his films have been analyzed to the fullest, I have included only my personal comments on each one) Lee Chang-dong was born July 4, 1954 in Daegu, North Gyeongsang Province, a city considered by many as the most conservative (and rightist) in the country, to lower middle class parents, who were leaning to the left, particularly his father, who was an idealist who never had a job, thus forcing his wife to work hard in order to support the family. On the other hand, his family came from noble class of the old Korea, and this contradiction, of growing up in a ruined, ex-noble family with communist ties shaped his character quite significantly,...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    Lotte Cinema and CGV take their first steps towards 'VR Cinema', Mic Network explores Hollywood's fascination with East Asian cities, award-winning director Lee Chang-dong makes his return with his new film "Burning", and KoBiz's latest infographic looks at the power of Oscar-winning films in Korea,...More
  • Award-Winning Filmmaker's New Movie Set for Release in May

    2018/04/07, Source
    A poster and trailer for award-winning filmmaker Lee Chang-dong's latest film was released on Thursday,...More
  • [Guest Film Review] "Green Fish"

    The first feature film of a novelist and high school teacher who turned out to be one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers of the country is a testament to his immense talent and a truly great debut,...More
  • Song Kang-ho has an accumulated attendance of 100 million

    2017/08/14, Source
    Song Kang-ho is the creme of the crop in the Korean movie industry. The film "A Taxi Driver", which surpassed 8 million viewers in 13 days and stands at the threshold of the first 10 million film in 2017, depicts the painful history of the Gwangju Democratization Movement. It resonates with the audience with its thoughtful directing and story that touches the painful past. Above all, the reason why this movie was able to stay fast in the minds and hearts of audiences is the perfect performance of lead actor Song Kang-ho,...More
  • Song Kang-ho, 'the most trusted actor'

    2017/05/18, Source
    Song Kang-ho is the most entrusted actor. Data Spring Korea conducted a survey of 15,307 people from the 13th to 17th on who they relied on the most to watch a movie and Song Kang-ho came in first with 28.3%,...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    Korea Portal explores why Kim Jee-woon's latest film is a unique addition to his filmography, Slash Film flags two South Korean films from the recently concluded Fantastic Fest in Austin, Pierce Conran tracks the appearance of trains in modern Korean cinema, and catch all the winners from the 2016 edition of the DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival,...More
  • Award-Winning Actress Still Excited About Cannes Screening

    2015/05/02, Source
    Award winning actress Jeon Do-yeon will return to Cannes this year, as her new film "The Shameless" has been invited to the "Un Certain Regard" section of the 68th Cannes International Film Festival which will be held from May 13 to 24. She won the Best Actress Award at Cannes in 2007 with the film "Secret Sunshine" and served as a jury member at Cannes last year,...More
  • [HanCinema's MovieBarcodes] Lee Chang-dong's Complete Filmography

    K-Films compressed into a single image! Lee Chang-dong is a master storyteller and has thus far produced five compelling and heartfelt features. From his debut film "Green Fish" in 1997 to the award-winning "Poetry" (2010), his films are dramatic and honest as he taps into Korea's consciousness like no other. The following images are each of his films ("Green Fish", "Peppermint Candy",  "Oasis", "Secret Sunshine", and "Poetry") compressed into single frames-To Remember, Share, and Enjoy!,...More
  • [Canada] The simultaneous North American and Korean release of "The Berlin File" (2013)

    South Korea's mega action thriller by the masterful Ryoo Seung-wan Opens on Feb. 15, Cineplex Odeon Forum, Montreal CINEASIE Creatives is pleased to announce the simultaneous North American and Korean release of "The Berlin File" (2013), South Korea's mega action thriller written and directed by the masterful Ryoo Seung-wan. The film, by CJ Entertainment, centers on a battle between spies from North Korea and South Korea, with a tragic love triangle simmering beneath the surface. The Montreal public can discover the visual pyrotechnics of Korea's greatest action auteur on February 15th at Cineplex Forum,...More
  • Actor Won Tae-hee gets invitation to Vancouver International Film Festival

    2012/09/26, Source
    Also known as the Ha Jung-woo of independent films, Won Tae-hee has been officially invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival as well as the Moscow International Film Festival. Tobis Media announced, "Won Tae-hee's "White Night - 2012" has been invited as a candidate for Dragon and Tiger Awards at the 31st VIFF on the 27th",...More
  • Korean Blogathon 2012 : Second Batch

    2012/03/06, Source
    Tuesday 6th March 2012 : Remember to add names of authors if possible! Feel free to message us if we miss you, there are a lot of links rolling in!,...More
  • Interview with critic and Beijing Film Academy professor HAO Jian

    2012/02/20, Source
    Film critic and Beijing Film Academy professor HAO Jian has written and talked about what he considers the little-known, real start of the Korean Wave in China. At the International Film Festival Rotterdam while serving on the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) award jury, he spoke to Jean NOH about it and his thoughts on Korea-China cooperation. KOBIZ: You've written and talked about how you think a certain Korean film festival at the Beijing Film Academy was really what started the popularity of Korean films in China. Tell us about that festival,...More
  • Lee Chang-dong's Poetry set for release in Japan

    2012/01/17, Source
    Korean auteur director Lee Chang-dong's film "Poetry" is set for release in Japan on Feb. 11, 2012. The Cannes Best Screenplay Award-winning film will be distributed by KinoEye Japan and Siglo, which released the film's Japanese poster and trailer today. The film's Japanese title translates to "Poetry: Agnes' Song". "Poetry" stars veteran actress Yoon Jung-hee (also known as Yoon Jung-hee) as the grandmother of a troubled youth, learning to express herself through poetry. Her performance has won her many accolades including the Los Angeles Film Critics Association's Best Actress Award,...More
  • Han Suk-kyu and Shin Ha-kyun win the SBS and KBS Grand Awards

    2012/01/01, Source
    Actors Han Suk-kyu and Shin Ha-kyun had the honor of taking home the SBS and KBS Grand Awards. Han Suk-kyu was given the Grand Prize for his performance in the SBS drama special, "Deep-rooted Tree" at the 2011 SBS Acting Awards at the SBS Open Hall in Seoul on December 31st, hosted by Ji Sung and Choi Kang-hee,...More
  • Actors help 'Hindsight' keep focus

    Actors Song Kang-ho, left, and Shin Se-kyung appear in a scene from "Hindsight", the latest film by Lee Hyun-seung. / Courtesy of CJ E&M Pictures By Lee Hyo-won In the 1990s, Lee Hyun-seung shot to stardom with the visually lush "Blue In You" (1992) and became a household name with another striking film, "Il Mare" (2000), which went on to become the first local flick to be remade in Hollywood (into "The Lake House", a 2006 piece starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock). "Hindsight" takes the director's art-school pedigree to new heights, by featuring even more breathtaking, color-coded visuals set to signature soundtracks from his previous two films,...More
  • "I made my first album after 20 years of movie music"

    2011/03/15, Source
    Director Lee Dong-joon is having a concert this coming 18th. For 17 years Lee Dong-joon has been making music for Korean blockbuster movies like "Shiri", "The Gingko Bed", "Green Fish", "Taegukgi" and more. His music is created by an orchestra of 80 to 100 people and at times it is grand and sometimes is delicate and soft, moving the hearts of those who hear it. Sometimes it is strong like the tango and captivates the listener's ears,...More
  • Actor Jung Woo-sung's Movie Picks

    2010/10/25, Source
    Actor Jung Woo-sung [10Asia] Where would each South Korean actor rank if lined up by order of interviewee capability? There are definitely more than a few names that would make the list but actor Jung Woo-sung without doubt would be one of them leading the pack. Our conversation with him did not concentrate merely on recent issues such as his latest film "Reigns of Assassin" or his visit to the Venice Film Festival. The answers he put forth rather made the listener chase after the thoughts he holds within his mind. "You're not considered awake just because your eyes are open or you're speaking. I think what's important is that you keep looking back on what you think instead of letting a single thought settle in your mind,...More
  • Korean Movie Poetry Wins Best Screenplay Award at Cannes Film Festival

    2010/05/26, Source
    Two Korean films were awarded at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival (May 17 to 23) this year: director Lee Chang-dong's,...More
  • Lee Chang-dong hopes "Poetry" will instill dreams

    2010/04/20, Source
    From left, actress Yoon Jung-hee and director Lee Chang-dong pose at a photo session of a press conference for film "Poetry" held at a CJ CGV theater in Seoul, South Korea on April 14, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] "Did you go easy on me on purpose because you didn't want me to have a tough time?" "Do I look like I'm that nice of a guy?" This was the dialogue between the main star and director of film "Poetry" as seen in video containing behind-the-scenes footage revealed at a press conference on April 14. And the two were none other than Yoon Jung-hee, who had been in a 15-year hiatus after having appeared in over 300 films during 40 years of her career and director Lee Chang-dong, who has made Korean film history starting from "Green Fish" to "Secret Sunshine". Below are excerpts from the press conference held at a CJ CGV theater emceed by actor Ahn Nae-sang,...More
  • Veterans Lee, Yoon Team Up in 'Poetry'

    2010/04/14, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Lee Chang-dong is expected to offer a more poetic sensibility in his new feature film. The appropriately n,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Sol Kyung-gu (Part 2)

    2010/01/11, Source
    Actor Sol Kyung-gu [Beck Una/10Asia] Beck Una (Beck): And that is when you decided to take the civil service examination. Sol Kyung-gu (Seol): Haha. Let me explain that to you. I was dying to leave the Hanyang Repertory. I'd already graduated but that place was an extension of school while I wanted to meet a larger variety of people. I didn't think they'd let me go for no reason so I lied that I'm going to take the civil service exam. (laugh) But what's so spontaneous about me is that although I had left because I didn't like it, I didn't have anything to do right away. And I needed money but I didn't want to ask my parents for it so I ended up asking a senior of mine to give me a part-time job putting up posters. The interesting thing is that I ended up staying in the industry. Of course, if I had really taken off, I might have ended up becoming human trash. (laugh) Anyway, I had been at the job for about a month and a half? I was suddenly asked if I would want to take part in the musical "Line 1". Mr. Kim Min-ki had seen me about, putting up the posters and asked me if I would want to take part thinking that I'm hardworking. That had been my audition for it. Me and actors from all walks of life with all sorts of experience rehearsed for three months and wow, it was so much fun. That was the start of "Line 1". It also did very well. Before I took on film "Girls' Night Out", I was making two million won per month and drove a Sephia. (laugh) But after "Line 1", I had no work at all. That's when scenarist Lee Seon-mi, who used to do plays, recommended me to writer Jeong Seong-joo. And that is how I got to become part of the cast for morning TV series "Sisters". I think I'm a very person when it comes to human relationships. Beck: Did you not think of taking on dramas after "Sisters"? Seol: Why wouldn't I have? I was also asked to quite a lot. Not official auditions but one-on-one. But you know how you get glanced at from head to toe? I really hated the look they gave me when they do that. So after "Girls' Night Out" and then "Rainbow Trout", a man called Lee Chang-dong called me. Beck: After he watched "Girls' Night Out"?,...More
  • LEE Chang-dong on poetry, women, and maturity

    2008/09/05, Source
    Internationally revered writer/director Lee Chang-dong is writing the scenario for his fifth film which he will be producing as well. The fil,...More
  • Korean Movies Feed on Raw Action
    2008/09/01, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Action movies show the human body twisting in unimaginable ways and engage the audience in the art of primal combat. Here come two films, one about the making of an unconventional action movie, and the other which documents the stuntmen who help make such films pos,...
  • Culture Zone: Horror Flicks
    2008/07/18, Source
    Welcome back.
    As is the custom on Fridays, our Yoo Jihae is in the studio to tell us about what's happening on the cultural front in the country.
    Hi, Jihae.
    What do you have for us this week?
    Hello, Sunhee.
    For this week's Culture Zone, we'll look at one of the best ways to stay out of the heat,...
  • Lee Chang-Dong Tribute in Fribourg

    2008/03/04, Source
    The most comprehensive retrospective yet of critically acclaimed Korean director Lee Chang-dong will be featured at the 22nd Fribourg Intern,...More
  • Moon Sung-geun Cast in Song Il-gon Horror

    2008/02/26, Source
    Acclaimed actor Moon Sung-geun will take the lead role in "Sahwa" (meaning 'Royal Massacre') a horror from Cannes winning director,...More
  • LEE Chang-dong in Focus in Greece

    2007/11/14, Source
    A complete retrospective of critically acclaimed Korean director Lee Chang-dong will be featured at the 48th Thessaloniki International Film,...More
  • LEE Chang-dong to Chair Tokyo Jury

    2007/09/18, Source
    Esteemed Korean director Lee Chang-dong will chair the jury of the Tokyo FILMex 2007 international film festival which takes place November 1,...More
  • Director Lee to Head Jury of Tokyo Film Festival

    2007/09/17, Source
    By Sa Eun-young
    Staff Reporter

    Korean director Lee Chang-dong, 53, will head the jury for the international film festival TOKYO FILMeX 20,...
  • Book Review : The LEE Chang-dong Edition

    2007/06/18, Source
    Among Korean directors, Lee Chang-dong has maintained an integrity and a seriousness few aspire to. While having completed only four films i,...More
  • Lee reinvigorates Korean cinema

    2007/06/04, Source
    Lee Chang-dong, a leading Korean director, has only four films under his belt, but he is recognizable on the international stage. His latest,...More
  • 'Secret Sunshine' Asks Existential Questions
    2007/05/02, Source
    "Secret Sunshine", which opens May 24, asks the fundamental question, "Is life understandable?" The movie is already attracting plenty of hype, not just because it is director,...More
  • Second LEE Chang-dong DVD Collection

    2007/04/23, Source
    Internationally acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong's three films: "Green Fish" (C,...More
  • Minister Returns as Director of 'Sunshine'

    2007/04/10, Source
    By Bae Keun-min
    Staff Reporter

    A piano teacher and her son come to her husband's hometown in a province after the death of her husband. However, she even loses her son in the town. She is cornered,...
  • Lee Chang-dong's New Film Opens In May

    2007/03/06, Source
    Director Lee Chang-dong's next film is in the post-production stage after filming finished on February 10th. The film will be released in Kor,...More
  • Joongchun
    2006/12/07, Source
    "I like humanity movies like 'Peppermint Candy' or 'Green Fish' more than fantasy. Yet, I thought acting only in such films is not right", said Korean actor,...More
  • LEE Chang-dong Directs again after Four Years

    2006/10/12, Source
    Director Lee Chang-dong started filming Secret Sunshine last September. The,...More
  • Song Kang-ho Conquers Fear of Monsters
    2006/07/21, Source
    If the creature movie The Host pulls audiences above all with director Bong Joon-ho's ingenious directorial skills and superb special effects, that does not diminish the pleasure of se,...More
  • Im Kwon-taek's Retrospective at British Fest
    2005/08/30, Source
    Three representative films by director Im Kwon-taek will be screened at the British film festival Firecracker Showcase 2005 next month, according to the Korean Film Council.

    During The History Man in Firecracker Classics, the festival's spe,...
  • Director Lee Chang-dong: "Korean movies are being diversified.
    2004/12/08, Source
    Director Lee Chang-dong who is attending The 2004 Jakarta International Film Festival, has assessed about the trend of recent Korean movie positively, saying that Korean movies are being diversified.

    "Korean movies are being diversified"
  • The 2004 Jakarta International Film Festival: director Lee Chang-dong's movies special screening.
    2004/12/06, Source
    The Pusan International Film Festival secretariat said that The 2004 Jakarta International Film Festival opened on Dec. 3 in Indonesia, has prepared director Lee Chang-dong's three movies special screening.

    His movies currently on show ar,...
  • The Scarlet Letter
    2004/10/20, Source
    by Gab-Sik Kim

    "The woman saw how beautiful the tree was and how good its fruit would be to eat, and she thought how wonderful it would be to become wise. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband, and he also ate it".

    This is from Genesis 3:6 of the Bible, a,...
  • Let's Descend the Mountain, Dharma
    2004/06/22, Source
    by Gab-Sik Kim

    Dae-bong (大峰• Lee Moon-shik) is sporting a pink shirt and a white hat. Hyeon-gak (玄覺•Lee Won-jong) appears disconcerted by the loud,...
  • Eleven Korean features to screen at Vancouver
    2003/09/19, Source
    Eleven feature films and five short films from Korea will screen in the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival, scheduled to take place from 25 September to October 10. Programmed by British film critic Tony RAYNS, the selection features a wide range of critically acclaimed arthouse work and,...More

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 Produced by
 Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
 Yeo Kyun-dong (여균동)
Cinema Service (시네마서비스)
 Lee Mi-yun (이미연)
 Production department
 Oh Seung-wook (오승욱)
 Assistant director
 Hong Hyun-gi (홍현기)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Dong Bang-woo (동방우)
 Production department
 Yeo Kyun-dong (여균동)
 Production department
 Lee Hyeon-ha (이현하)
 Directing department
 Lee Dong-joon (이동준)
 Score composer
 Kyeong Min-ho (경민호)
 Editing department
 Park Nam-hyeon (박남현)
 Martial arts director
 Lee Seung-chul-II (이승철)
 Real-time recording
Technical Information
114 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 1997/02/07

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Lee Chang-dong was influenced by Hou Hsiao-hsien's realism, & forced to do gangster genre in his 1st film. Don't judge this based on his later movies. This has great emotional value for the Korean generation who lived through the story.
2007-11-12 18:13:08
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