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Harmony (하모니)

하모니 (Ha-mo-ni)

Directed by Kang Dae-gyu (강대규)

Screenplay by ,


115min | Release date in South Korea :

Jeong-hye (Kim Yoon-jin) is sentenced to serve 10 years in Cheongju Women’s Prison after killing her abusive husband. Behind bars, she gives birth to a baby boy but must give him up for adoption in accordance with the law. One day she sets out to start a choir and the prison chief promises Jeong-hye a special outing with her baby if she succeeds.


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    • Kang Ye-won's continuous lack of success..."Now I'm greedier than ever!"

      2016/03/30, Source,
      "Insane" actress Kang Ye-won now wants her movies to succeed. We met the actress in a café in Seoul on the 30th. She said, "I wasn't so greedy before so I didn't really care if my movie succeeded or not. But now I want my movies to succeed. There's a flow in life. It's the time to succeed with the flow. It's the time to succeed now",...More
    • Kang Ye-won and Lee Sang-yoon's first thriller, "Insane"

      2015/08/26, Source,
      Actress Kang Ye-won and actor Lee Sang-yoon's "Insane" has wrapped up. The movie is a thriller about Na Nam-soo (Lee Sang-yoon) a producer of a pilot program tracking down the truth about a fire accident by talking to the only survivor Kang Soo-ah (Kang Ye-won),...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin Takes Advantage of Success to Help Children in Need

      2015/02/07, Source,
      Actress Kim Yoon-jin touched hearts with her role in "Ode to My Father", playing the wife of a man who sacrifices himself for his family in the vortex of the Korean War. She falls in love under difficult circumstances while working as a nurse in Germany alongside Korean miners. The film's emotional storyline and nostalgic scenes resonate with viewers, especially older people who lived through the time,...More
    • [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Park Joon-myun and Lee Mi-do

      As lovely as it would be to live in a world where popular entertainment is all about representation and inclusion, this is sadly not the case. Presentation matters in any industry where popularity and glamour play a part. Looks and marketability matter. Depending on the specific industry or type of work, it can sometimes be all that matters. We live in a world where gender inequality is also a reality. Men can still lead works if not strictly within the category most popular in terms of visual appeal,...More
    • "Pinocchio"'s Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi

      2014/10/27, Source,
      New SBS drama "Pinocchio" released character cuts of the cast. Lee Jong-suk takes on the role of Choi Dal-po, a former taxi driver and current local news reporter with a special talent. Dal-po lost his parents at a young age and lives a life without the past. Lee Jong-suk appeared as a messy blur in the teaser released prior to the character cut,...More
    • Kim Myung-min: "Participation in "The Himalayas" is not yet confirmed"

      2013/04/04, Source,
      Korean media reported on 3 April that Kim Myung-min has decided on his next project – a movie called "The Himalayas". However, the 40-year-old actor, through his management agency, MM Entertainment, has denied the reports saying that while it is true that the offer to portray the lead in "The Himalayas" was received, the actor is still reviewing the script and has not committed to participate in the production,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin to walk red carpet at Cannes

      2012/05/07, Source,
      Korean-American actress Kim Yoon-jin will grace the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. L'Oreal Paris, the official make-up artist of the prestigious event since 1997, announced Monday that it has invited Kim. She has modeled for the cosmetics brand since 2009,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin to star in Kang Full's original work

      2012/02/13, Source,
      World Star Kim Yoon-jin will be coming back to screens with movie "Neighbors" which is based on a comib by Kang Full. According to the movie industry on the 14th, Kim Yoon-jin has confirmed to star in the movie "Neighbors" and is waiting for the making to start. She will be coming back a year after the 2011 movie "Heartbeat",...More
    • CJ films to stream on Netflix

      2011/10/22, Source,
      By KOFIC Staff Major Korean entertainment company CJ E&M has announced a deal to stream 20 of its films on Netflix, leading internet subscription service for films and TV shows. Netflix members in the US will be able to watch these CJ films on multiple platforms including televisions, computer, tablets, gaming consoles, and mobile phones. "CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time", said Joon CHOI, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to a rich selection of films. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company",...More
    • Netflix expanding asian movie selection in deal with korea's top studio CJ E&M

      2011/10/07, Source,
      LOS ANGELES – October 6, 2011 – CJ E&M today announced an agreement to feature twenty of its acclaimed Asian movies on Netflix, the world's leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows. Beginning in October 2011, Netflix members in the US will be able to instantly watch the twenty titles multiple platforms, including TVs, popular tablets, key gaming consoles, computers and mobile phones. All the titles will be available from October 1. "CJ E&M is delighted to make our movies available through Netflix for the first time". said Joon Choi, CEO of CJ E&M America. "Netflix has been a revolutionary force in entertainment, whose members have long enjoyed unparalleled access to movies from around the globe. This deal brings movie lovers iconic films from Asia's top entertainment company, CJ E&M",...More
    • "Quick" is Speeding Its Way to the United States and Canada! +Win FREE Tickets!

      2011/08/12, Source,
      "Quick" redefines the Korean blockbuster and blasts away the summer heat! The speed maniac and motorcycle messenger Gi-su receives a mysterious call when he is about to take Arom, his ex-girlfriend and a member of a girl band, to a live broadcast. Suddenly, a mysterious voice on the phone warns that there is a bomb wire to Arom's helmet and that a package must be delivered to a designated address within 30 minutes. "Remove the helmet or fail to complete the mission and the bomb goes off". ...As the clock is ticking, the two begin a race against time to stay alive,...More
    • Korean Movies market share 70%, why?

      2011/02/14, Source,
      Comedy, thriller and's the fun of choosing! The start is good. According to the Korean Film Commission Movie Theater Tickets Computer Network, the customer share for Korean movies is 66.8%. That means 2 out of 3 people chose to watch Korean movies. This is thanks to the fact that there are varieties of movies to choose from.,...More
    • Park Hae-il: 'I Want to Present Diverse Acting'

      2011/01/04, Source,
      Actor Park Hae-il, who will play a character named Hui Do in the movie "Heartbeat", said, "My first goal is to act naturally. I might not be able to satisfy every audience, but I might need to try my best to satisfy more audiences". Actor Park Hae-il debuted with his appearance in the movie "Waikiki Brothers" (2001), which was directed by Yim Soon-rye, and ten years have already passed since his debut. He appeared in more than twenty movies, including those works that he had appeared in as a supporting actor. He HAS ALSO transformed into various characters in those movies,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin says took time to decide on another mother role

      2010/12/23, Source,
      Actress Kim Yoon-jin speaks during a press conference for upcoming suspense thriller "Heartbeat" held at a Lotte Cinema in Seoul, South Korea on December 23, 2010. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin has said it took her a while to decide if she wanted to play another mother role. Kim made the remark on Thursday during a press conference for new thriller flick "Heartbeat" as she explained to reporters on how she made the decision to play the role Yeon-hee. "I didn't choose this role thinking that I will be able to express my maternal instincts once again but because the overall script was written very well", Kim said. "Even though the storyline and appearance of the movie maybe similar to the mother roles that I played in "Seven Days" and "Harmony", Yeon-hee was different in that she is fragile, feminine and very complex",...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin, Park Hae-il's battle of hearts

      2010/12/14, Source,
      From left, director Yoon Jae-geun, actors Kim Yoon-jin and Park Hae-il pose for the cameras during a press event at a theater in northern Seoul, Monday. The duo will star in the new movie "Heartbeat" which will be in theaters in January. / Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment By Han Sang-hee In the upcoming movie "Heartbeat" (working title) top actors Kim Yoon-jin and Park Hae-il fight for the lives of loved ones over one pounding heart,...More
    • Sad Korean Drama – "Harmony" - Bringing Tears and Laughter to Audiences

      2010/12/08, Source,
      "Harmony" is a heartwarming and sad Korean drama movie that may bring tears and laughter to audiences. It is about women prisoners setting out to start a choir to attain their dreams. Jeong-hae (Kim Yoon-jin) is sentenced to serve 10 years in Cheongju Women's Prison after killing her abusive husband. In the prison, she gives birth to a baby boy but she must give him up for adoption after 18 months,...More
    • "Secret Reunion" wins best picture at Blue Dragon awards

      2010/11/29, Source,
      Poster for film "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean film "Secret Reunion" starring top actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won took the prize for best picture at this year's Blue Dragon Film Awards held last Friday. The action drama helmed by director Jang Hoon had competed against "The Man From Nowhere", "Moss", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" and "The Housemaid - 2010",...More
    • Gang Dong-won or Won Bin? Who will win this year's Daejong Award?

      2010/10/28, Source,
      Who will get Daejong Best Actor Award, Gang Dong-won or Won Bin? The 47th Daejong Awards will be held on the 29th in Kyeong-hee University's Hall of Peace. On that day's awards event, 'Bedevilled', "The Servant", 'Barefoot Dream', "Poetry", 'I Saw the Devil', 'The Man From Nowhere', "Secret Reunion", "Moss", "Harmony", and "The Housemaid - 2010" will complete against each other.,...More
    • Movie 'Harmony' Starring Kim Yoon-jin to Be Released in Japan Next January

      2010/10/25, Source,
      The melodrama movie "Harmony" (directed by Kang Dae-gyu and produced by JK Film), in,...More
    • 18th Icheon Chunsa Film Festival

      2010/09/19, Source,
      18th Icheon Chunsa film festival finally started the award ceremony on September 18th after five days of festival. Huge number of people who attended for this festival reflects its reputation as one of the main film festivals in Korea. The honorable Best Picture award went to,...More
    • Korean box office sets all-time high during first half of 2010

      2010/07/07, Source,
      Movie posters for Korean films "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" (left) and "Secret Reunion", both starring actor Gang Dong-won [CJ Entertainment/Showbox] The Korean box office set a new record during the first half of 2010 with ticket sales hitting an all-time high, according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). KOFIC's official report on the local film industry, released Tuesday, stated that Korean moviegoers paid out approximately 547 billion won for theater tickets during the first six months of the year, up 14.6 percent from the same period last year,...More
    • CJ Entertainment sets up Japanese branch

      2010/04/14, Source,
      Members at the CJEJ launch event [CJ Entertainment] Korea's largest film investment, production and distribution company CJ Entertainment has expanded its business into Japan, setting up a branch under the name CJ Entertainment JAPAN (CJEJ). CJEJ, jointly established by CJ Entertainment and movie theater chain T-JOY, a subsidiary of Japan's major studio TOEI, held a ceremony in Shinjuku on Tuesday marking its registration as a corporation. CJ Entertainment CEO Katharine Kim, T-JOY executive director Naoshi Yoda and CJEJ CEO Bae Hyung-chan were present at the event attended by some 400 film industry officials,...More
    • Ticket sales up in first quarter 2010
      2010/04/09, Source,
      KOFIC's Korean box office statistics for the first quarter of 2010 show a 30.1% rise in ticket revenues compared to the same period last year. The success of 3D Hollywood blockbusters, which charge a premium rate, and a bump in general ticket prices that took place last summer, contributed to the i,...More
    • Korean films dominate local box office during Q1

      2010/04/07, Source,
      Posters for film "Secret Reunion" (left) and "Harmony" [Showbox/CJ Entertainment] Korean films kept a strong presence on the domestic box office during the first quarter of this year despite the explosive success of "Avatar", according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). The KOFIC's quarterly report on the local film industry, released Tuesday, reported that Korean movies accounted for 44.3 percent of market share on the local box office from January to March 2010. Several domestic films -- including "Secret Reunion", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" and "Harmony" -- each drew over three million moviegoers, faring considerably well against Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar", which dominated Korean theaters for multiple weeks since its release in mid-December,...More
    • Box Office Revenues Rise 30% on 3D Movies' Success
      2010/04/07, Source,
      Box office sales have increased by 30 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of this year.

      The Korean Film Council said in its quarterly summary of the Korean motion picture industry that the number of moviegoers also increased more than seven percent during the same period.

      The council att,...
    • "Shutter Island" captures top spot on Korean box office
      2010/03/22, Source,
      Official movie poster of "Shutter Island" [Paramount Pictures]

      Crime thriller "Shutter Island" made its way to the top of the domestic box office to win the title as most-watched movie for the third week of March, according to estimates on Monday.

      The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed,...
    • "Alice in Wonderland" leads domestic box office for second week
      2010/03/15, Source,
      Movie poster of "Alice in Wonderland" [Walt Disney]

      Fantasy flick "Alice in Wonderland" led the domestic box office again last weekend, taking its second win as the most watched film in the country, according to estimates on Monday.

      The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed that Tim Burton,...
    • "Alice in Wonderland" enters Korean box office at No. 1
      2010/03/08, Source,
      Official movie poster of "Alice in Wonderland" [Walt Disney Pictures]

      Hollywood film "Alice in Wonderland" made a much anticipated successful bow in South Korea, winning the top spot on its box office for the first week of March, according to estimates on Monday.

      The Korean Box Office System (,...
    • "Secret Reunion" maintains hold on Korean box office

      2010/03/02, Source,
      Official movie poster of Korean movie "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" continued to take control of the Korean box office during the final week of February, according to estimates on Tuesday. The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) revealed the action picture sold over 458,038 tickets during the weekend of February 26 to 28 to attract a over a total 4.2 million admissions since its release earlier in the month. "Secret Reunion" circles around the chance reencounter of former South Korean intelligence official and North Korean spy played by Korean actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won.,...More
    • [ChanMi's movie news] "Secret Reunion" being loved!

      2010/02/28, Source,
      The movie was released on February 4th. The Maxmovie's 15 week profits was shown to be first place for the movie "Secret Reunion". They are being the most watched movie currently for the 24 days in the theaters. It has received 4,098,232 admissions! Other hit movies have been "Avatar" "Harmony" and many more films. However, "Secret Reunion" has out-watched,...More
    • "Secret Reunion" celebrates third win on Korean box office

      2010/02/22, Source,
      No. 1 movie in Korea "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" continued its reign on the Korean box office to remain the most popular film in South Korea for the third consecutive week, according to estimates on Monday. The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) revealed that the action pic sold 594,911 tickets during the weekend of February 19 to 21, admitting over three million viewers since its release in early February. "Secret Reunion" stars Korean actors Song Kang-ho who plays a former South Korean intelligence official and GKang Dong-won as the North Korean spy who reunite after six years since their first encounter.,...More
    • 'Secret Reunion' Holds Grip at Box Office

      2010/02/22, Source,
      By Lee Hyo-won
      Staff Reporter

      "Secret Reunion", about a close-knit friendship between North and South Korean spies, is holding tig,...
    • "Secret Reunion" takes another win on Korean box office

      2010/02/16, Source,
      Movie poster for "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" remained the most popular film in South Korea for the second week in a row, according to estimates on Monday. Data released by the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) indicated that the action flick hung onto spot atop the local box office, selling 726,116 tickets between February 12 and 14 and over a total two million since its release in early February. "Secret Reunion" is about the rendezvous of a former South Korean intelligence official, played by Sang Kang-ho, and North Korean spy, played by Gang Dong-won, meeting six years after their initial encounter.,...More
    • [ChanMi's movie news] Current number 1 film on the charts!

      2010/02/14, Source,
      Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won are in the new film, "Secret Reunion" which is number 1 in the charts. It's rated that from the last 12th through 14th, for the three days 725,284 people viewed his film! The weekend box office chart number 1 was this film for the 2 weeks! This movie is bringing new energy to the film industry! The number 2 on the charts was the Hollywood fantasy blockbuster "Percy Jackson,...More
    • [ChanMi's star news] Kim Yoon-jin in 'Entertainment Weekly' magazine

      2010/02/11, Source,
      World star Kim Yoon-jin is at the American popular weekly magazine, "Entertainment Weekly"s main cover! She has been recently filming LOST season 6 in Hawaii. 'Entertainment Weekly' has interviewed her and has been receiving attenti,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin to grace cover of U.S. entertainment magazine

      2010/02/11, Source,
      Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin will be featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, one of the top entertainment magazines in the United States, according to Kim's agency Zion Entertainment. The actress, who is currently in shooting for the final season of ABC's hit series "Lost", posed for the cover of the magazine alone for the first time. She had appeared on the front of the publication over several occasions alongside other members of the show but never by herself.,...More
    • "Secret Reunion" takes first win on Korean box office

      2010/02/08, Source,
      Movie poster of "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean film "Secret Reunion" and "Harmony" took over the Korean box office over the weekend to end the reign of Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar", estimates showed on Monday. According to figures by the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS), newly released action film "Secret Reunion" knocked out seven week winner "Avatar" out of the top spot by selling 741,552 tickets between February 5 and 7. "Secret Reunion", about a former South Korean intelligence official and North Korean spy who re-encounter each other six years after their initial meeting, stars actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won who play the role of the failed agents.,...More
    • [Movie] Post-Avatar Korean Cinema: 3 Major Films of 3 Different Colors
      2010/02/02, Source,
      Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) and Chuseok (Mid Autumn Festival) are the busiest season for movie theaters. As the Lunar New Year approaches, a host of Korean films are getting ready to hit the screens once the Avatar blast is over.

      Many of them are so called "well-made movies" that are both ente,...
    • Avatar leads domestic box office for seventh week
      2010/02/01, Source,
      Scene from No. 1 movie "Avatar" [20th Century Fox] Worldwide box office champ "Avatar" continued to set new highs on Korea's box office, becoming the highest grossing film ever released in the country as it topped the tally for the seventh weekend in a row. According to estimates by the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) on Monday, "Avatar" sold 545,323 tickets between January 29 and 31 to accumulate nearly 11.27 million admissions since its release mid-December. In cash terms, the sci-fi epic grossed about 101.2 billion won, or about 86.2 million dollars, to become the first film released on the domestic box office to breach the 100 billion won mark.,...More
    • How Kim Yoon-jin's Korean Success Helped Her Make It in Hollywood

      2010/02/01, Source,
      Kim Yoon-jin spends nine months of the year in Hawaii shooting the popular U.S. drama series "Lost" and the remainder resting and working in Ko,...More
    • "Harmony" topples "Avatar" on daily admissions chart

      2010/01/29, Source,
      Korean movie "Harmony" [CJ Entertainment] Kim Yun-jin starrer "Harmony" attracted the most moviegoers on Thursday, making it the first Korean film to place atop the local box office in 78 days. According to the statistics from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), "Harmony" attracted 103,196 viewers on the day of its release, topping daily admissions to become the first local film to rank above an overseas production. The film pushed down 43-day winner "Avatar" to second place with admissions of 95,637 for Thursday. The James Cameron sci-fi action flick has brought in a total 10,721,615 viewers since its release mid-December, making it the sixth most-watched film in Korea's box office history.,...More
    • [ChanMi's star news] Kim Yoon-jin establishes her independent agency

      2010/01/28, Source,
      Top star Kim Yoon-jin has established an independent management corporation. The Zion Entertainment is built hoping that this company can bridge the entertainment businesses of America with similar tactics. There will be no agreement contracts with mone,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin sets up entertainment firm

      2010/01/28, Source,
      Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin has set up her own talenthouse called Zion Entertainment. Zion announced in a press release that the agency, established by Kim, will work in affiliation with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME Entertainment), maintaining a system similar to its U.S. counterpart.,...More
    • [ChanMi's movie news] "Harmony" will make you laugh and cry

      2010/01/21, Source,
      Kim Yoon-jin and Na Moon-hee are in the human drama "Harmony". This movie will be moving bringing tears as well as laughter. This is a movie that a grandmother and a grandson can watch together! It is set in a women's prison and there aren't real antagonists in this movie. Jeonghye acted by Kim Yoon-jin must raise her son in the prison and the music professor and the prison guard Moon-ok is acted by Na Moon-hee. The woman with the voice of heavens Yoomi is acted by Kang Ye-won and the wrestler Yeonsil is acted by Park Joon-myeong. There are many characters and they are all good people! Even the mean character Bang acted by Jang Young-nma,...More
    • Kim Yoon-jin Sings in 'Harmony' Onscreen

      2010/01/12, Source,
      By Lee Hyo-won
      Staff Reporter

      Not long after "The Executioner", the first movie to be filmed in a real prison, and,...
    • [ChanMi's movie news] Kim Yoon-jin in "Harmony"

      2010/01/10, Source,
      Kim Yoon-jin and Na Moon-hee are main characters in the new film, "Harmony". This movie's press release has been held at CGV. She is going up the stage wearing a black m,...More

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     Produced by
     JK Youn (윤제균)
    CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
     Lee Byeong-woo (이병우)
     Score composer
     Kang Dae-gyu (강대규)
     Kim Hwi (김휘)
     Lee Seung-yeon-IV (이승연)
     Production department
     Kim Yong-wan (김용완)
     Directing department
     Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
     Lee Jeon-ho (이전호)
     Poster designer
    115 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
    Web site
    Festival(s) & award(s)
    Sales or release dates & Box Office
    Airing dates : 2010/01/28
    South Korean Box Office
    Source : &
    As of 2010.05.30 : 3,044,032 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.04.25 : 3,043,262 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.04.11 : 3,041,230 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.04.04 : 3,038,884 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.03.28 : 3,035,680 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.03.21 : 3,028,604 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.03.14 : 2,988,136 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.03.07 : 2,913,567 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.02.28 : 2,738,683 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.02.21 : 2,460,099 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.02.14 : 1,852,806 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.02.07 : 1,333,427 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.01.31 : 612,950 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.01.24 : 3,056 admissions (total)
    As of 2010.01.17 : 2,011 admissions (total)

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    All i can say is that this is a very special movie. Very touching. You cant contain the tears flowing from your eyes.
    2011-12-27 11:35:45
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