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I Am Happy (나는 행복합니다)

나는 행복합니다 (Na-neun Heang-bok-hab-ni-da)

Directed by Yoon Jong-chan (윤종찬)

Screenplay by


113min | Release date in South Korea :

Man-soo runs a car repair shop in the small town. He lives with his elderly mother who suf- fers from dementia. One day, Man-soo’s older brother, a gambling addict, threatens him for the contract to the shop after stripping him of everything, but Man-soo doesn’t give in. But later on, his brother’s unavoidable death, his mother losing her memory, and his girlfriend leaving him because of his poverty all became heavy burdens on him. Man-soo locks himself in his room for a couple of days and is then sent to a mental institution later.
Later on Man-soo comes under the delusion that he has become a millionaire. He issues blank checks to the patients at the hospital showing off his wealth. In particular, he likes the head nurse of his ward, Su-kyung. She has been taking care of her father who has been sick in the hospital for a long time. Su-kyung receives consolation from Man-soo’s bright smile and warm words although he’s a mental health patient. But behind this bright smile hides his madness, not knowing what or when something will happen.

After his scandalous films, YOON Jong-Chan came back with another story about wounded souls. The director used a horror plot in his outstanding debut "Sorum"to describe the mentality of people who have been hurt, and in his second film, "Blue Swallow", he told us a story about a woman aviator PARK Kyoung-won who was destined to fail. This time he has captured an idea from a short novel called ‘Mr. Cho, Man-deuk’ by LEE Cheong-joon. The story line and main characters differ slightly from the original story, but it still reflects life at a psychiatric ward. The story begins as troubled Man-soo becomes an inpatient at a psychiatric ward. Man-soo has a flabby family and a gambling brother, who comes to the hospital and bullies Man-soo for her credit card. These sad and angry memories about his family always ties Man-soo down and he tries to hide behind the world of his own creation. Soo-kyung, a nurse, who watches Man-soo everyday, is not exactly having a great life, either. She has a broken heart and also tries to recover from sad memories with her family. Where these two main characters meet is where all the wounded souls stay. HYEON Bin’s transformation into a sad inpatient and the clean image of LEE Bo-yeong stands out in the limited space of the psychiatric ward. The title of this film is a bit of a paradox, but clearly states the wish that we all have for a happier life.


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  • [Lily's Weekly Highlights] Lee Bo-young

    2018/03/31, Source
    If I am given a choice to choose just one actress that I'd like to switch places with for even one day, I'd choose Lee Bo-young. I would be thrilled to be her, a woman with such a beautiful face, extraordinary acting skills, wealth, adorable daughter, and happily married to not just anybody, but Ji Sung! Even though I may never be able to switch places with this graceful actress, I sure hope that I can be as happy and accomplished as her when I'm almost forty,...More
  • [Hancinema's Box Office Review] 2013.03.15 ~ 2013.03.17

    For the first time this year a foreign film has managed to claim the top spot in Korea's weekend box office. With 423,336 admissions, Jonathan Levine's "Warm Bodies" is the first outside entry to make it all the way to the top. However it does so with the lowest ticket count for first place this year. "Warm Bodies" is an adaptation from Isaac Marion's book of the same name; it's a paranormal romance that takes a zombie's perspective as he pursues his living love interest. "Warm Bodies" claimed 26.0% of the total ticket sales with the help of 475 screenings around the country. There were a string of new releases last week that caused a serious reshuffle in this weekend's top ten, including Yoon Jong-chan's "Paparoti", the Oscar winner "Lincoln", as well as the Italian animation "Gladiators of Rome" in 3D,...More
  • Jeon Ik-ryung to star in KBS drama special with Lee jong-suk

    2012/08/23, Source
    Actress Jeon Ik-ryung is starring in a KBS 2TV called "Drama Special - My Prettiest Days" with Lee Jong-suk. According to Feel Boy Company, Jeon takes on the terminally ill role of Lee Sin-ae and will display a woman's sentimental side. Lee Jong-suk takes on the role of goody-good boy Jeong Hyeok, a college student who is a favorite of all the female students,...More
  • Seo Woo comes back with SBS's "If Tomorrow Comes"

    2011/09/21, Source
    Actress Seo Woo will return to home television screens. She recently decided to be cast in the new SBS weekend drama "If Tomorrow Comes". She comes back to audiences 7 months after the MBC drama "Flame of Desire". SBS drama department officials say, "The first shoot starts on September 22nd. Seo Woo seems like she's able to perform her given character well and she seems prepared",...More
  • Hyun Bin: 'I Feel No Fear About Joining Marines'

    2011/02/14, Source
    Hyun Bin enthusiastically played the male protagonist named Hoon in the movie "Late Autumn - 2010". Actor Hyun Bin, who appeared in "Late Autumn - 2010" with Chinese actress Tang Wei, said, "I hope that I can become a more mature and strong person in the military". This year, Hyun Bin has been enjoying the most success since his debut. The SBS drama "Secret Garden", in which he appeared, recorded high viewer ratings of around 30 percent, and his movies "Late Autumn - 2010" and "Come Rain Come Shine" were officially invited to the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. He has been spending the busiest time by holding promotional activities for his movies and filming various TV commercials, but he will join the Marine Corps on March 7. He will leave the screen at the time he has received the greatest love by people. During an interview with Hyun Bin held at the Wangsibri CGV, he said, "I have no fear about joining the military",...More
  • Hyun Bin to visit Japan tomorrow

    2010/01/06, Source
    Actor Hyun Bin [AM Entertainment] Hallyu star Hyun Bin will visit Japan tomorrow by invitation of Japan's Fuji TV, according to the actor's agency AM Entertainment on Wednesday. AM explained that Fuji TV had invited Hyun Bin to Japan in time with two of his dramas airing on the broadcaster's channels starting this month. His 2005 hit MBC TV series "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" is set to air every afternoon on Fuji's public network starting January 11 as part of its newly established 'Hallyuα' project while his drama "Friend, Our Story" from last year will show on BS Fuji, Fuji TV's digital satellite broadcasting station, on January 17.,...More
  • Hyun Bin: 'There is No Right Answer for Happiness'

    2009/11/17, Source
    Actor Hyun Bin's long hair and baggy jacket do not make him look any different from what he looked like before. But the way he appears in the movie,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Lee Bo-young in "I Am Happy"

    2009/11/14, Source
    In the new film, "I Am Happy" Lee Bo-young comes out with almost no make up. She doesn't try to look pretty in any way but to be her character 100%. Lee has been at the press meeting for the film as a main actress. She almost shed tears when she was asked how she felt about her new film. This movie is about a man who is s,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Hyun Bin as a mentally disabled patient

    2009/11/12, Source
    He will be a patient diagnosed of megalomania also known as insanity of grandeur. Hyun Bin's new film is titled, "I Am Happy" where the main character cannot handle his pitiful life and eventually suffers this disease of insanity. Man-soo's mother has alzheimer's disease and his brother committed suicide leaving a big debt from gambling. All this life drama, Man-soo cannot remember and lives in the psychiatric ward of the hospital like a dream. His friends believe Man-soo's claim that the paper he holds is a great sum of money from banks all,...More
  • 6th Asiana International Short Film Fest
    2008/11/06, Source
    The 6th edition of the Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) kicks off November 5th at Cinecube theater in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul. Opening the fest is the World Premiere of Korean short, "Seven Superheroes VS. Monster F" by director PARK Jay. The tale is of seven superheroes living o,...More
  • PIFF Wraps Up 9-Day Run
    2008/10/10, Source
    By Chung Ah-young
    Staff Reporter

    The 13th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) closed Friday with the premiere of the South Korean film "I Am Happy" directed by,...
  • Curtain falls on Pusan film fest
    2008/10/09, Source
    The 13th Pusan International Film Festival, which featured 315 films from 60 countries, will wrap up its nine-day run today in the southeastern port city of Busan with the closing film "I Am Happy", directed by Korean filmmaker,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Hyun Bin and Lee Bo-young at press conference

    2008/10/09, Source
    There has been a press conference for the movie "I Am Happy" starring Hyun Bin and Lee Bo-young. This film was the last film to be introduced at the PIFF which is ending this 9th. Aren't they sweet together?,...More
  • Cinephiles unite for Busan film festival
    2008/10/03, Source
    The 13th Pusan International Film Festival places its focus on regions that have been overlooked in the past. Twenty-two selections from Central and Southeast Asia have been invited to compete.

    Chosen for their storytelling merit, most are films without the flash and extravagance usually afforded,...
  • 13th Pusan Film Festival Opens
    2008/10/02, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    BUSAN _ The 13th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF) kicked off Thursday evening with the world premiere of "The Gift to Stalin" in this southern port city. It is Asia's largest cinema event, featuring a record number of 315 films from 60 countries inc,...
  • Pusan film festival kicks off today
    2008/10/01, Source
    The 13th Pusan International Festival will kick off its 9-day run today in the southeastern port city of Busan with a Kazakh film, "The Gift to Stalin", directed by Rustem Abdrashev.

    The opening ceremony will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Yachting Center, Busan, and will present the premiere of the,...
  • PIFF sets sail with a record
    2008/10/01, Source
    13th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) announced that the Kazakh opening film The Gift to Stalin sold out online in an impressive record of 1 minute and 30 seconds. Closing film "I Am Happy" took only 7 minutes and 6 seconds to sell,...More
  • Korean World Premieres at PIFF 2008
    2008/09/30, Source
    The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is putting its weight behind local films this year, and, under the catch-phrase 'Way to Go, Korea!' will host the World Premier of 15 Korean features. Headlining is closing film "I Am Happy" by,...More
  • Must-See Movies at 13th Pusan Film Festival
    2008/09/28, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The 13th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF) ― South Korea's most reputable and Asia's largest cinema event ― will take place in the southern port city Oct. 2-10. "The Gift to Stalin" from Kazakhstan opens the festival while,...
  • Pusan International Festival Invites Movies From 60 Countries
    2008/09/16, Source
    The 13th Annual Pusan International Film Festival is coming up starting on October second and lasting for one week.
    Known for introducing up-and-coming movies from Asia including ones made in Korea this year the festival is attempting to try something new.
    The aim is to expand the festival's focus,...
  • Pusan film fest aims to be the best yet
    2008/09/11, Source
    Organizers of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival have taken some major steps to address past criticisms and ensure maximum convenience for guests and participants this year.

    "The means of purchasing tickets have been updated. One example is the ability to buy tickets by using your cell ph,...
  • 13th PIFF Presents Robust Line-up
    2008/09/11, Source
    The 13thedition of the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) will offer its biggest line-up ever with a total of 315 films from 60 countries screening Oct 2 - 10 in Korea's popular south-eastern port city. Opening the event is The Gift to Stalin, by Kazakh director Rustem Abdrashev, a choice com,...More
  • PIFF puts spotlight on Central Asian films
    2008/09/10, Source
    Organizers of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival have taken some major steps to address past criticisms and ensure maximum convenience for guests and participants this year.

    "The means of purchasing tickets have been updated. One example is the ability to buy tickets by using your cell ph,...
  • Kazakhstan Director's Film to Open 13th PIFF in Busan
    2008/09/09, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The 13th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF) will open Oct. 2 with "The Gift to Stalin" by Rustem Abdrashev (Kazakhstan/Russia/Israel/Poland, 2008). Asia's largest and South Korea's foremost cinema event will run for 10 days, showcasing the longest lin,...
  • Hyun Bin the patient, Lee Bo-young the nurse

    2008/04/03, Source
    Hyun Bin and Lee Bo-young will be acting together as a patient and a nurse. In director More
  • Hyun Bin, Screen Comeback with movie "I Am Happy"

    2008/03/27, Source
    After two years, Hyun Bin will be coming back to the screen since ",...More

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 Lee Cheong-joon (이청준)
 Original work
 Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)
 Directing department
 Kyeong Min-ho (경민호)
Technical Information
113 min HD Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
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Airing dates : 2009/11/26
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2010.02.07 : 7,307 admissions (total)
As of 2009.12.13 : 7,046 admissions (total)
As of 2009.12.06 : 6,378 admissions (total)
As of 2009.11.29 : 3,814 admissions (total)

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When is it released on dvd? I can't find anything on it.
2010-07-10 15:25:12
2009-12-01 01:28:01
Wow ... , I can't wait to watch it, I have been looking for this movie for almost a year, since it has been announced.
2009-11-10 10:01:42
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I Am Happy (나는 행복합니다)

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