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Idol (우상)

우상 (woo-sang)

Directed by Lee Su-jin (이수진)

Screenplay by

Drama Thriller

144min | Release date in South Korea :

Started filming : 2017/10/24
Myeong-hoi's successful political life is in danger as a result of an accident involving his son. An upstanding citizen with strict moral code, he convinces his son to come forward with the accident instead of covering it up. Joong-sik's life revolves around his mentally handicapped son Boo-nam but his world comes crashing down when his son ends up dead in an accident. Ryeon-hwa was with Boo-nam the night he was killed and saw everything firsthand. For some mysterious reason, she disappears without a trace. Both men look for her for two very different reasons and her secret is bound to connect these two men's lives in a harrowing way.


  • Han Suk-kyu (한석규)
    Han Suk-kyu (한석규)
    Myeong-hoi (명회)
  • Sol Kyung-gu (설경구)
    Sol Kyung-gu (설경구)
    Joong-sik (중식)
  • Chun Woo-hee (천우희)
    Chun Woo-hee (천우희)
    Ryeon-hwa (련화)
  • Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Hwang-byeon (황변)
  • Hyun Bong-sik (현봉식)
    Hyun Bong-sik (현봉식)
    Detective Kim (김형사)
  • Kang Mal-geum (강말금)
    Kang Mal-geum (강말금)
    Myeong-hoi's wife (명회 처)
  • Kim Seong-nyeo (김성녀)
    Kim Seong-nyeo (김성녀)
    Myeong-hoi's mother (명회 모)
  • Seo Ju-hee (서주희)
    Seo Ju-hee (서주희)
    Dong-sook (동숙)
  • Kim Myung-gon (김명곤)
    Kim Myung-gon (김명곤)
    Member of national assembly Choi (최의원)
  • Jo Byeong-gyu (조병규)
    Jo Byeong-gyu (조병규)
    Yo-han (요한)
    Lee Woo-hyeon (이우현)
    Boo-nam (부남)
  • Kim Seo-won (김서원)
    Kim Seo-won (김서원)
    Assistant Kim (김비서)
  • Kim Jong-man (김종만)
    Kim Jong-man (김종만)
    Kim Yong-goo (김용구)
  • Kim Hee-jung-II (김희정)
    Kim Hee-jung-II (김희정)
    Red-light district female boss (마사지샵 여사장)
  • Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Soo-ryeon (수련)
  • Ahn Da-jung (안다정)
    Ahn Da-jung (안다정)
    Mae-na (매나)
  • Lee Yeong-seok (이영석)
    Lee Yeong-seok (이영석)
    Stepfather (계부)
  • Seung Ee-yeol (승의열)
    Seung Ee-yeol (승의열)
    Lawyer Kim (김변)
  • Jeon Jin-ki (전진기)
    Jeon Jin-ki (전진기)
    Member of national assembly Kim (김의원)
  • Lee Yoon-hee (이윤희)
    Lee Yoon-hee (이윤희)
    Acting governor (도지사 대행)
    Kim Hong-soo (김홍수)
    Young Chinese man (중국인 사내)
  • Min Kyung-jin (민경진)
    Min Kyung-jin (민경진)
    Old man witness (목격자 노인)
    Kim Byeong-soo (김병수)
    Mr. Oh (오씨)
  • Lee Ju-won (이주원)
    Lee Ju-won (이주원)
    Detective Kang (강형사)
    Oh Byeong-nam (오병남)
    Owner of laundrette (세탁소 사장)
    Yoo Gwang-soo (유광수)
    Resident from Waegwan (왜관 주민)
    Kim Ji-won (김지원)
    Female assistant (여비서)
    Choi Yeong-kyeong (최영경)
    Female employee who gets beheaded (목 잘리는 여종업원)
  • Im Jung-min (임정민)
    Im Jung-min (임정민)
    Owner of rest-stop (휴게텔 사장)
    Female staff 1 at rest area motel (휴게텔 여종업원1)
    Lee Ye-seul (이예슬)
    Female employee 2 at rest area motel (휴게텔 여종업원2)
  • Kim Song-il (김송일)
    Kim Song-il (김송일)
    Soo-ryeon's husband (수련 남편)
    Choi Seon-gyoo (최선규)
    Doctor 1 from airport (공항 의원1)
  • Anastasia Kim (김하민)
    Anastasia Kim (김하민)
    Doctor 2 from airport (공항 의원2)
  • Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Kim Hye-hwa (김혜화)
    Judge (판사)
    Lee Dong-hoon (이동훈)
    Chief of police (경찰 서장)
    Gil Chang-gyoo (길창규)
    Detective squad chief (형사 반장)
  • Jo Dae-hee (조대희)
    Jo Dae-hee (조대희)
    Detective Jo (조형사)
    Seong Do-hyeon (성도현)
    Detective 1 (형사1)
  • Yang Hee-woo (양희우)
    Yang Hee-woo (양희우)
    Detective 2 (형사2)
  • Im Ho-kyoung (임호경)
    Im Ho-kyoung (임호경)
    Contable who gets ear ripped off at bus station (정류장 귀 뜯기는 순경)
    Park Kyeong-chan (박경찬)
    Bus station standoff police 1 (정류장 대치경찰1)
    Jeong Joo-hyeon (정주현)
    Bus station standoff police 2 (정류장 대치경찰2)
    Kim Sool-ram (김술람)
    Bus station standoff female police officer 1 (정류장 대치여경1)
    Lee Joo-hyeon (이주현)
    Bus station standoff female police officer 2 (정류장 대치여경2)
    Kim Seong-mo (김성모)
    Police officer 1 who apprehends at bus station (정류장 제압경찰1)
    Ryoo Yeon-yeong (류연영)
    Police officer 2 who apprehends at bus station (정류장 제압경찰2)
    Park Gi-seon (박기선)
    Autopsy doctor (부검의)
    Jeong Woo-yeong (정우영)
    Morgue employee (영안실 직원)
  • Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Reporter 1 from press conference (기자회견 기자1)
    Han Woo-yeon (한우연)
    Reporter 1 from press conference (기자회견 기자2)
    Kang Choong-hoon (강충훈)
    Field reporter 1 from Gwanghwamun (광화문 현장기자1)
    Yang Ji-bin (양지빈)
    Field reporter 2 from Gwanghwamun (광화문 현장기자2)
    Lee Da-seul (이다슬)
    News reporter 1 (뉴스 기자 1)
    Kim Dong-hyeon-II (김동현)
    News reporter 2 (뉴스 기자 2)
    Kim Soo-hyeon (김수현)
    News anchor (뉴스 앵커)
    Lee Kang-bok (이강복)
    Drunk man 1 from massage parlor (마사지샵 취객1)
    Hwang Min-soo (황민수)
    Drunk man 2 from massage parlor (마사지샵 취객2)
    Kwon Hyeok-joon (권혁준)
    Customer from massage parlor (마사지샵 손님)
    Moon Soon-joo (문순주)
    Male staff at massage parlor (마사지샵 남종업원)
    Joo Bo-ra (주보라)
    Female staff at massage parlor (마사지샵 여종업원)
  • Lee Soon-won (이순원)
    Lee Soon-won (이순원)
    Prison guard (교도소 간수)
  • Kim Sun-bin (김선빈)
    Kim Sun-bin (김선빈)
    Staff at immigration office (출입국사무소 직원)
    Joo Hye-won (주혜원)
    Gynecologist (산부인과 의사)
    Lee Eun-I (이은)
    Nurse at gynecologist (산부인과 간호사)
    Kim Jeong-il (김정일)
    Citizen on airport bus (공항버스 시민)
    Park Min-woo (박민우)
    Assemblyman Choi's entourage (최의원 수행원)
    Lee Sang-min (이상민)
    Speaker of the National Assembly (국회의장)
    Hwang Joo-ri (황주리)
    Female clerk at court (법원 여직원)
    Lee Chae (이채)
    Makeup artist 1 (분장사1)
    Choi Yoon-jeong (최윤정)
    Makeup artist 2 (분장사2)
    Lee Han-seong (이한성)
    Overpass taxi driver (육교 택시기사)
  • Jo Yoong-jung (조윤정)
    Jo Yoong-jung (조윤정)
    Woman coming out of rest area motel (휴게텔 건물 나오는 여자)
    Won Geun-soo (원근수)
    Conscripted policeman 1 from wastewater treatment (하수로 의경1)
    Kim Seon-joong (김선중)
    Conscripted policeman 2 from wastewater treatment (하수로 의경2)
    Lee In-kyeong (이인경)
    Female guard from immigration office (출입국사무소 여간수)
    Kim Wang-do (김왕도)
    Police from massage parlor (마사지샵 경찰)
    Oh Noo-ri (오누리)
    Female officer from traffic control (교통계 여경)
    Choi Eun-mi (최은미)
    Luxury woman (럭셔리 여자)
    Han Da-kyeong (한다경)
    Luxury mom (럭셔리 엄마)
    Kang Jin-kyeong (강진경)
    Luxury daughter (럭셔리 딸)
    Jo Yeong-bok (조영복)
    Citizen 1 making flower tribute at Gwanghwamun (광화문 헌화시민1)
    Sim Eun-joo (심은주)
    Citizen 2 making flower tribute at Gwanghwamun (광화문 헌화시민2)
    Kim Heung-yeol (김흥열)
    Citizen 1 taking pictures (사진 찍는 시민1)
    Park Myeong-nam (박명남)
    Citizen 2 taking pictures (사진 찍는 시민2)
    Sin Dong-gil (신동길)
    Detective from interview (인터뷰 형사)
    Kim Mi-won (김미원)
    Mom from Waegwan Station (왜관역 엄마)
    Park Ha-eun (박하은)
    Child from Waegwan Station (왜관역 아이)
    Sin Jeong-seop (신정섭)
    Candidate 1 from Jinbo Union Party (진보연합당 후보1)
    Kwak Na-yeon (곽나연)
    Candidate 2 from Jinbo Union Party (진보연합당 후보2)
    Hong Joo-hwan (홍주환)
    Candidate 3 from Jinbo Union Party (진보연합당 후보3)
    Lee Geon-chang (이건창)
    Candidate 1 from the intergrated Liberal Party (통합자유당 예비후보1)
    Kim Ho (김호)
    Candidate 2 from the Intergrated Liberal Party (통합자유당 예비후보2)
    Yang Hyeon-seon (양현선)
    Candidate 3 from the Intergrated Liberal Party (통합자유당 예비후보3)
    Yoon Yeong-seop (윤영섭)
    Supporter of candidate 1 (후보 지지자1)
    Lee Soon-hwan (이순환)
    Supporter of candidate 2 (후보 지지자2)
    Kim Hyang-sook (김향숙)
    Supporter of candidate 3 (후보 지지자3)
    Myeong Do-jin (명도진)
    Audience 1 from campaign speech (지지연설 청중1)
    Ahn Hye-won (안혜원)
    Audience 2 from campaign speech (지지연설 청중2)
    Kim Yeong-joo (김영주)
    Audience 3 from campaign speech (지지연설 청중3)
    Nara (나라)
    Russian woman 1 (러시아 여자1)
    Tanya (타냐)
    Russian woman 2 (러시아 여자2)
    Hong Jeong-hee (홍정희)
    Protected foreigner at visiting room (면회실 보호외국인)
    Baek Han-yeong (백한영)
    Stewardess 1 (스튜어디스1)
  • Bae Jin-ah (배진아)
    Bae Jin-ah (배진아)
    Stewardess 2 (스튜어디스2)
    Kim Yoon-ho (김윤호)
    Acting governor's entourage 1 (도지사대행 수행원1)
    Im Byeong-yeol (임병열)
    Acting governor's entourage 2 (도지사대행 수행원2)
    Kim Hyeon-ryong (김현룡)
    Male staff at hotel (호텔 남직원)
    Choi Yoo-ri (최유리)
    Female staff at hotel (호텔 여직원)
    Jo Mi-cho (조미초)
    Stand-in for Myeong-hoi's mother (명회 모 대역)
    Lee Ji-ye (이지예)
    Stand-in for Myeong-hoi's wife (명회 처 대역)

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 Lee Su-jin (이수진)
 Production department
 Jung Min-Kyu (정민규)
 Assistant director
 Kim Tae-seong (김태성)
 Score composer
 Jung Sung-ho-I (정성호)
 Martial arts team
 Jung Han-bin (정한빈)
 Directing department
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144 min 
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Airing dates : 2019/03/20
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