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Big Match (빅매치)

빅매치 (bik-mae-chi)

Directed by Choi Ho (최호)

Screenplay by , ,

Action Crime

112min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Ingenious Beauty"
One day his brother has disappeared!

A Korean UFC rookie, ring name 'Zombie', Ik-ho (Lee Jeong-jae) seemed as though he would have a smooth journey in his career until his father figured brother is haunted by police on a false murder charge. Police start to look at Ik-ho with suspicion, and they arrest him.

He gets a random phone call from Ace (Sin Ha-gyoon), director for an illegal gambling ring. Ace has created his 'GAME' using high technology and CCTVs to track down every little move of his chessmen. One unique thing about his game is, he uses real people as his chessmen. And they have abducted Ik-ho's brother to make Ik-ho as their new chessmen.

Ik-ho is being asked to meet with Su-kyung (BoA) and follow her direction in order to save his brother's life. He gets through the seemingly impossible missions of rounds, and finally reaches to the final round. He needs to find where his brother is, at the huge soccer stadium, his ankle strapped down with time bomb. Time is ticking down, and Ik-ho has no other choice than throw himself into the skybox, where Su-kyung has insisted Ace was, to stop this ridiculous game.

Nearly the astronomical amount of money that was bet on the GAME declared as invalid, and now Ace is on the verge of a crisis. Ace has nothing else to lose, and he approaches to Ik-ho with the last fatal blow. Between these two desperate men, final Big Match is about to start now.


Big Match | Cast

  • Lee Jung-jae (이정재)
    Lee Jung-jae (이정재)
    Choi Ik-ho (최익호)
  • Shin Ha-kyun (신하균)
    Shin Ha-kyun (신하균)
    Ace (에이스)
  • Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Choi Yeong-ho (최영호)
  • BoA (보아)
    BoA (보아)
    Soo-kyeong (수경)
  • Kim Eui-sung (김의성)
    Kim Eui-sung (김의성)
    Detective Do (도형사)
  • Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Axe (도끼)
  • Son Ho-jun (손호준)
    Son Ho-jun (손호준)
    Jae-yeol (재열)
  • Kim Yoon-sung (김윤성)
    Kim Yoon-sung (김윤성)
    Head of Department Jo (조실장)
  • Choi Wooshik (최우식)
    Choi Wooshik (최우식)
    Guru (구루)
  • Park Doo-shik (박두식)
    Park Doo-shik (박두식)
    Detective Nam (남형사)
    Yoo Hyeon-joon (유현준)
    Jong-pal-i (종팔이)
    Vladislav Demin (블라드 데민)
    Andrei (안드레이)
    Kim Do-yeop (김도엽)
    Tae-ho (태호)
  • Lee Sang-hong (이상홍)
    Lee Sang-hong (이상홍)
    Detective Kim (김형사)
  • Jung Gi-sub (정기섭)
    Jung Gi-sub (정기섭)
    Senior Jeong (정선배)
    Sin Won-woo (신원우)
    Foreground company commander (전경중대장)
    Kim Man-gi (김만기)
    Yeocho general (여초 대장)
  • Kim Dong-chan-I (김동찬)
    Kim Dong-chan-I (김동찬)
    College student 1 (대학생 1)
    Kim Myeong-hwan (김명환)
    Slacker detective (뺀질이 형사)
  • Jung Soo-kyo (정수교)
    Jung Soo-kyo (정수교)
    Youngest detective (막내형사)
    Seol Woo-sin (설우신)
    Detective Seol (설형사)
    Heo-seung (허승)
    Detective Heo (허형사)
  • Kim Geun-bae (김근배)
    Kim Geun-bae (김근배)
    Detective Bae (배형사)
    Kim Jong-seon (김종선)
    Sunny (써니)
    Nam Jeong-woo (남정우)
    Detective Woo (우형사)
    Lee Jong-hyeon (이종현)
    Typing detective (타이핑형사)
  • Yang Ki-won (양기원)
    Yang Ki-won (양기원)
    Flying fish (날치)
    Kwon Sin-woo (권신우)
    Dumplings soup (수제비)
    Sin Joon-beom (신준범)
    Unboned sliced raw fish (세꼬시)
    Kim Gon (김곤)
    Gas barrel (가스통)
  • Kim Jae-chul (김재철)
    Kim Jae-chul (김재철)
    Ace crew 1 (에이스 크루1)
  • Jeong Hyeon-jin (정현진)
    Jeong Hyeon-jin (정현진)
    Ace crew 2 (에이스 크루2)
    Seo Dong-goo (서동구)
    Ace crew 3 (에이스 크루3)
    Choi Jong-myeong (최종명)
    Ace crew 4 (에이스 크루4)
    Nam Yoon-ho (남윤호)
    Jae-yeol's colleague 1 (재열 동료1)
    Seok Gwang-moon (석광문)
    Jae-yeol's colleague 2 (재열 동료2)
    Jeong Dae-gyoon (정대균)
    Jae-yeol's colleague 3 (재열 동료3)
  • Park Jae-chul (박재철)
    Park Jae-chul (박재철)
    Jae-yeol's colleague 4 (재열 동료4)
  • Park Kyung-hye (박경혜)
    Park Kyung-hye (박경혜)
    Elf (꼬마요정)
  • Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Homeless (노숙자)
  • Ryu Hye-rin (류혜린)
    Ryu Hye-rin (류혜린)
    Twitter girl (트위터소녀)
    Lee Jae-nam (이재남)
    Pizza delivery man/Ik-ho stand-in (피자배달부/익호대역)
    Seo Eun (서은)
    Policewoman changing clothes (환복여경)
    Ahn Byeong-rae (안병래)
    Guardhouse cop (위병소 순경)
    Kim Seo-yeon (김서연)
    Healthy child (우량아)
  • Han Seung-woo (한승우)
    Han Seung-woo (한승우)
    Healthy child's dad (우량아 아빠)
    Kim Tae-hyeong (김태형)
    Cheongdam group boss (청담파 두목)
  • Lee Hae-woon (이해운)
    Lee Hae-woon (이해운)
    Bike gang 1 (바이크족1)
    Lee Sang-heon (이상헌)
    Bike gang 2 (바이크족2)
    Philip (필립)
    WFC reporter (WFC리포터)
    Kang Jeong-won (강정원)
    WFC judge (WFC심판)
    Frederick (프레드릭)
    Martial arts athlete 2 (격투기 선수2)
    Ken (켄)
    Martial arts athlete 3 (격투기 선수3)
    Lee Ji-yeong (이지영)
    Female announcer (여자아나운서)
    Kang Choong-hoon (강충훈)
    Anchorman (남자앵커)
    Myeong Se-jeong (명세정)
    Navigation voice (네비게이션 성우)
  • Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Hyeong-soo - Special appearance (형수)
  • Sung Ji-ru (성지루)
    Sung Ji-ru (성지루)
    Booker - Special appearance (부커)
  • Maeng Sang-hoon (맹상훈)
    Maeng Sang-hoon (맹상훈)
    Soo-kyeong's father - Special appearance (수경부)
  • Jo Duk-je (조덕제)
    Jo Duk-je (조덕제)
    President Park - Special appearance (박사장)
  • Yuk Jin-soo (육진수)
    Yuk Jin-soo (육진수)
    Martial arts athlete - Special appearance (격투기 선수)
    Seong Seung-heon (성승헌)
    Newscaster - Special appearance (캐스터)
    Kim Dae-hwan (김대환)
    Commentator - Special appearance (해설자)

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Big Match | Pictures

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Big Match | Facts

 Produced by
 Park Sang-hyun-III (박상현)
 Sim Bo-kyeong (심보경)
 Kim Jeong-hwan-I (김정환)
 Production department
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Kim Tae-hwan-I (김태환)
 Martial arts team
 Kim Gil-dong (김길동)
 Martial arts team
 Seo Dong-seok (서동석)
 Martial arts team
 Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
 Seol Joon-seok (설준석)
 Scenario team
 Jang Hee-seon (장희선)
 Making of
Technical Information
112 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2014/11/27
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2014.12.21 : 1 174 668  admissions (total)
As of 2014.12.14 : 1 141 164  admissions (total)
As of 2014.12.07 : 946 141 admissions (total)
As of 2014.11.30 : 563 825 admissions (total)
As of 2014.11.23 : 11 502 admissions (total)

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Big Match (빅매치)