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MAD SAD BAD (신촌좀비만화)

신촌좀비만화 (Sin-chon-jom-bi-ma-hwa)

Directed by Han Ji-seung (한지승), Kim Tae-yong (김태용), Ryoo Seung-wan (류승완)

Screenplay by , , ,

Omnibus Horror Fear

117min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "I Saw You" (너를 봤어, neo-leul bwass-eo), which is a part of the omnibus.
A 3D omnibus movie progressed by the KAFA about a man who becomes a zombie for no known reason and falling in love with a woman.

Ghost (유령, Yoo-ryeong)
Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan
High school student Seung-ho (Lee David) is obsessed with a group chat and has a crush on one of the members named Yeo Woo-bi (Son Soo-hyeon) whom he's never met before. One day she sends him a desperate message. "Help me" and "Kill me".
He heads for Sinchon with Bizen (Park Jeong-min-I), another member of the group to save her...

I Saw You (너를 봤어, neo-leul bwass-eo)
Directed by Han Ji-seung
"The day love fell, the world became a zombie."
In a world where humans and zombie curers live together, Yeo-wool (Park Ki-woong) the general manager who supervises the zombie curers, hates them but female zombie Si-wa (Nam Gyoo-ri) still follows him around. Then one day, Yeo-wool feels something for Si-wa who collapses from overwork...

Picnic (피크닉, Pi-keu-nik)
Directed by Kim Tae-yong
"Mom and dad are busy so you're going on a picnic with me"
Eight-year-old Soo-min (Kim Soo-an) lived with her mother (Park Mi-hyeon) and handicapped brother in a small ocean village. Her favorite thing to do is read comics under the covers. One day, her brother destroys her book and Soo-min makes up her mind. She takes her brother on a picnic and leaves him there...



  • Lee David (이다윗)
    Lee David (이다윗)
    Segment Ghost - Seung-ho (유령 - 승호)
  • Son Soo-hyun (손수현)
    Son Soo-hyun (손수현)
    Segment Ghost - Yeo Woo-bi (유령 - 여우비)
  • Park Jung-min (박정민)
    Park Jung-min (박정민)
    Segment Ghost - Bizen (유령 - 비젠)
  • Park Ki-woong (박기웅)
    Park Ki-woong (박기웅)
    Segment I Saw You - Yeo-wool (너를 봤어 - 여울)
  • Lee Hyun-woong (이현웅)
    Lee Hyun-woong (이현웅)
    Bi-roo (비루)
  • Nam Gyu-ri (남규리)
    Nam Gyu-ri (남규리)
    Segment I Saw You - Si-wa (너를 봤어 - 시와)
  • Kim Su-an (김수안)
    Kim Su-an (김수안)
    Segment Picnic - Soo-min (피크닉 - 수민)
  • Park Mi-hyeon (박미현)
    Park Mi-hyeon (박미현)
    Segment Picnic - Mom (피크닉 - 엄마)
    Yoo Ji-seong (유지성)
    Segment Picnic (피크닉)
  • Kang Pil-suk (강필석)
    Kang Pil-suk (강필석)
    Pil-seok (필석)
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Segment Ghost (유령)
  • Hwang Byung-gook (황병국)
    Hwang Byung-gook (황병국)
    Head of department (부장)
  • Hwang Gun (황건)
    Hwang Gun (황건)
    Police 1 (경찰1)
    Ji Geon-woo (지건우)
    Female president's bodyguard (여사장 경호원)
  • Lee Cho-hee (이초희)
    Lee Cho-hee (이초희)
    Cho-hee (초희)
    Seo Ji-hee (서지희)
    Kyeong-hee (경희)
  • Park Doo-shik (박두식)
    Park Doo-shik (박두식)
    Man (남자)
  • Ahn Kil-kang (안길강)
    Ahn Kil-kang (안길강)
    Seung-ho's father (승호부)
  • Kim Dong-young (김동영)
    Kim Dong-young (김동영)
    Yang Ah-ri (양아리)
  • Jung Hee-tae (정희태)
    Jung Hee-tae (정희태)
    Concern party (관계자)
  • Lee Jin-hee (이진희)
    Lee Jin-hee (이진희)
    Female president (여사장)
  • Yoo Seung-yong (유승용)
    Yoo Seung-yong (유승용)
    Yeong-chan (영찬)
    Gong Soo-min (공수민)
    Woon-ah (운아)
  • Hwang Se-jung (황세정)
    Hwang Se-jung (황세정)
    Party 1 (일행1)
  • Bae Je-ki (배제기)
    Bae Je-ki (배제기)
    Party 2 (일행2)
    Baek Se-kwon (백세권)
    Party 3 (일행3)
    Lee Geon-goo (이건구)
    Bathroom beating student 1 (화장실구타학생1)
    Choi Kyeong-hoon (최경훈)
    Bathroom beating student 3 (화장실구타학생3)
    Oh Man-ho (오만호)
    Student applying for jib at factory (공장취업학생)
    Oh Myeong-jin (오명진)
    Yeo Woo-bi terrorising student 2 (여우비테러학생2)
    Woo Ji-min (우지민)
    PC room student 2 (PC방초딩2)
    Han Cheol-hwa (한철화)
    PC room student 4 (PC방초딩4)
    Kim Bong-gyoon (김봉균)
    PC room student 6 (PC방초딩6)
    Lee Ji-eun (이지은)
    Academy instructor (학원강사)
    Lee Gwang-hoon (이광훈)
    Convenience store boss (편의점사장)
    Jin Hye-jeong (진혜정)
    Kid's mom (아이엄마)
    Han Ho-jeong (한호정)
    Blind person's wife zombie (맹인안내 좀비)
    Kim-yoon (김윤)
    Flyer zombie (전단지 좀비)
  • Kim Ji-in (김지인)
    Kim Ji-in (김지인)
    Treated female zombie (치료증 여좀비)
    Won Tae-san (원태산)
    Bald zombie (대머리 좀비)
    Kim Tae-seon (김태선)
    Zombie (좀비)
    Kim Dong-hyeon (김동현)
    Zombie (좀비)
    Lee Dong-geon (이동건)
    Zombie (좀비)
  • Park Ji-ho (박지호)
    Park Ji-ho (박지호)
    Zombie (좀비)
    Lee Seung-hyeon (이승현)
    Oh-deok (오덕)
  • Lee Soo-min-IV (이수민)
    Lee Soo-min-IV (이수민)
    Bathroom beating student 2 (화장실구타학생2)
    Choi Hyeon-woo (최현우)
    Bathroom harmed student (화장실피해학생)
    Kim Gi-beom (김기범)
    Yeo Woo-bi terrorising student 1 (여우비테러학생1)
    Park Jeong-hyeon (박정현)
    PC room student 5 (PC방초딩5)
  • Bang Yoo-sul (방유설)
    Bang Yoo-sul (방유설)
    Infected kid (꼬마감염자)
  • Ryu Sung-hoon (류성훈)
    Ryu Sung-hoon (류성훈)
    Zombie getting shot (총맞는 좀비)
    Ryoo Seon-gwang (류선광)
    Blind person (맹인)
    Yoon-seok (윤석)
    President Gong zombie (공사장 좀비)
    Kim Na-hyeon (김나현)
    Plastic surgery zombie advertising model (성형외과 좀비광고모델)
    Kim Pyeong-jae (김평재)
    Monitor room janitor (모니터실 관리인)

MAD SAD BAD | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "MAD SAD BAD"

    The first portion of "MAD SAD BAD" is a story about high school in the modern age. Seung-ho (played by Lee David) is a fairly lonely and pathetic teenage boy. He socializes mainly through a chatting cell phone function. The monotony of his life is given a sudden shock by a text message from Woo-bi (played by Son Soo-hyun), who claims that she's suffering from abuse and singles Seung-ho out of the chatting group for aid. This segment plays like a mystery, except there's not really any invesigation. Everyone just takes Woo-bi's claims at face value, eventually leading up to a final confrontation,...More


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MAD SAD BAD | Reviews


 Produced by
 Choi Ik-hwan (최익환)
 Park Gwan-soo (박관수)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Yoon Joon-hee (윤준희)
 Directing department
 Jung Jae-il (정재일)
 Score composer
 Jo Yeong-wook (조영욱)
 Score composer
 Jang Youn-Jung (장윤정)
 Cheon Rae-hoon (천래훈)
 Special effects
 Lee Kang-hee-I (이강희)
 Field editing
 Kim Sang-beom (김상범)
 Kim Jae-beom (김재범)
 Lee Soo-min-IV (이수민)
 Martial arts team
 Kang Sook (강숙)
 Yoo Sang-seob (유상섭)
 Martial arts team
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Martial arts team
 Chuck Chae (채수응)
 3D producer
Technical Information
117 min 
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Airing dates : 2014/05/15
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As of 2014.05.18 : 4 088 admissions (total)
As of 2014.05.11 : 1 100 admissions (total)

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MAD SAD BAD (신촌좀비만화)

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