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Marrying the Mafia III (가문의 부활 - 가문의 영광 3)

가문의 부활 - 가문의 영광 3 (Ga-moon-eui Boo-hwal - Ga-moon-eui Yeong-gwang 3)

Directed by Jeong Yong-ki (정용기)

Screenplay by


128min | Release date in South Korea :

The White Tiger Family was a notorious criminal syndicate in Jeolla province. When her first son marries a prosecutor, Hong Deok-ja, the head of the Mob, leaves organized crime and starts a Kimchi business. However, the former prosecutor, Myeong-pil, who was put in prison for a crime of passion against In-jae, gets released and finds a chance to retaliate. Teaming up with the Axe Gang, he prepares a vicious plot to bring down the White Tiger Family. And as the Kimchi business fails because of Myeong-pilís plot, the family gets thrown out on the street pennilessly. However, they donít give up that easily. Everybody unites and gets ready to fight back. The family is on its way back to glory!


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Marrying the Mafia III | Cast

  • Shin Hyun-joon (신현준)
    Shin Hyun-joon (신현준)
    Jang In-jae (장인재)
  • Tak Jae-hoon (탁재훈)
    Tak Jae-hoon (탁재훈)
    Jang Seok-jae (장석재)
  • Kim Won-hee (김원희)
    Kim Won-hee (김원희)
    Kim Jin-kyeong/Park Jin-sook (김진경/박진숙)
  • Kim Soo-mi (김수미)
    Kim Soo-mi (김수미)
    Mrs. Hong Deok-ja (홍덕자 여사)
  • Gong Hyung-jin (공형진)
    Gong Hyung-jin (공형진)
    Bong Myeong-pil (봉명필)
  • Shin Yi (신이)
    Shin Yi (신이)
    Oh Soon-nam (오순남)
  • Lim Hyung-joon (임형준)
    Lim Hyung-joon (임형준)
    Jang Kyeong-jae (장경재)
  • Jung Joon-ha (정준하)
    Jung Joon-ha (정준하)
    Jong-myeon (종면)
  • Kim Yong-gun (김용건)
    Kim Yong-gun (김용건)
    Chairman Jang, Jang Jeong-jong (장 회장, 장정종)
  • Kim Hae-gon (김해곤)
    Kim Hae-gon (김해곤)
    Yoon Do-sik (윤도식)
    Seo Ha-yeong (서하영)
    Eun-yeong (은영)
  • Kim Tae-hwan-II (김태환)
    Kim Tae-hwan-II (김태환)
    Hammer (망치)
    Kim Hak-jae (김학재)
    Pal-bong (팔봉)
    Baek Sin (백신)
    Deputy director (사무관)
    Jeon Jae-hong (전재홍)
    Detective Kim (김 수사관)
    Kim Dong-sin (김동신)
    Detective Choi (최 수사관)
    Jang Ji-eun (장지은)
    Home shopping host (쇼핑 호스트)
  • Lee Je-hoon (이제훈)
    Lee Je-hoon (이제훈)
    Lee Hae-woon (이해운)
    Supermarket employee (마트 직원)
    Hwang In-bo (황인보)
    Seok-jae's friend 2 (석재 친구 2)
  • Kim Do-yun-I (김도연)
    Kim Do-yun-I (김도연)
    Blind date woman 1 (미팅녀 1)
    Choi Soo-bin (최수빈)
    Blind date woman 2 (미팅녀 2)
    Hong Yeon-sil (홍연실)
    Eun-sook (은숙)
    Jo Yong-jae (조용재)
    Ax 1 (도끼파 1)
    Yang Won-seok (양원석)
    Ax 2 (도끼파 2)
    Kim Jeong-hyeon (김정현)
    Ax 3 (도끼파 3)
    Go Yeong-sik (고영식)
    Ax 4/Kim Yong-gun martial arts stand-in (도끼파 4 / 김용건 무술 대역)
    Seo Seung-in (서승인)
    Fox's gang 1 (백호파 1)
    Lee Seung-cheol (이승철)
    Fox's gang 2/Kim Soo-mi martial arts stand-in (백호파 2/김수미 무술 대역)
    Lee Chang (이창)
    Doctor (의사)
    Min Soo-jin (민수진)
    Nurse 1 (간호사 1)
  • Oh Seo-won (오서원)
    Oh Seo-won (오서원)
    Nurse 2 (간호사 2)
  • Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Room salon waiter (룸살롱 웨이터)
    Seon Woo-in (선우인)
    Night club waiter (나이트 클럽 웨이터)
  • Sebin Oh (오세빈)
    Sebin Oh (오세빈)
    Seoul dancer 1 (서울 춤꾼 1)
    Lee Seong-min (이성민)
    Seoul dancer 2 (서울 춤꾼 2)
    Lee Han-geul (이한글)
    Seoul dancer 3 (서울 춤꾼 3)
    Baek Seung-joo (백승주)
    Seoul dancer 4 (서울 춤꾼 4)
    Seoul dancer 5 (서울 춤꾼 5)
    Choi Jeong-bin (최정빈)
    Seoul dancer 6 (서울 춤꾼 6)
    Woo Kang-hee (우강희)
    Seoul dancer 7 (서울 춤꾼 7)
    Lee Kang-hwan (이강환)
    Seoul dancer 8 (서울 춤꾼 8)
  • Jang Joon-hwi (장준휘)
    Jang Joon-hwi (장준휘)
    News reporter (취재기자)
  • Min Joon-hyun (민준현)
    Min Joon-hyun (민준현)
    Photo journalist (사진기자)
    Lee Jae-cheol (이재철)
    Home shopping broadcast floor director (홈쇼핑 방송 FD)
    Jeong Bong-yeon (정봉연)
    Sardine gang boss (정어리파 두목)
    Kim Yong-gi (김용기)
    Sardine gang boss's right arm / Shin Hyun-joon martial arts stand-in (정어리파 두목 오른팔/신현준 무술 대역)
    Seo Myeong-seok (서명석)
    Sardine gang boss's right arm / Kim Hae-gon martial arts stand-in (정어리파 두목 왼팔 / 김해곤/정준하 무술 대역)
    Kim Dan-bi (김단비)
    Eomnison Food female employee 1 (엄니손 식품 여직원 1)
    Kim Yeong-jin (김영진)
    Eomnison Food female employee 2 (엄니손 식품 여직원 2)
  • Choi Jong-hoon (최종훈)
    Choi Jong-hoon (최종훈)
    Eomnison Food male employee 1 (엄니손 식품 남직원 1)
    Ga Bong-hyeon (가봉현)
    Eomnison Food male driver (엄니손 식품 운송기사)
    Kim Hyeok (김혁)
    Night club DJ (나이트 클럽 DJ)
    Kwon Oh-tae (권오태)
    Cafe DJ (다방 DJ)
  • Ryoo Seong-hoon (류성훈)
    Ryoo Seong-hoon (류성훈)
    Home shopping model (홈쇼핑 모델)
    Oh Sang-min (오상민)
    Dangerous big guy (험악한 거구)
    Seong Moon-gyoo (성문규)
    TV anchor (TV 앵커)
    Jeon Yeong-soo (전영수)
    TV reporter (TV 기자)
    Park Gil-nyeo (박길녀)
    TV interview housewife (TV 인터뷰 주부)
    Gong Yoon-chan (공윤찬)
    TV interview chef (TV 인터뷰 주방장)
    Yoo Kyeong-mi (유경미)
    Casino dealer (카지노 딜러)
    Yoo In-jae (유인재)
    Special police (특수경찰)
    Lee Heon-jeong (이헌정)
    Poor hillside village hot woman (달동네 새끈녀)
    Moon Hye-ran (문혜란)
    Market middle-aged woman (시장 아줌마)
    Kim Hong-gyoo (김홍규)
    Seal (물개)
    Kang Byeong-jo (강병조)
    Kim Soo-mi martial arts stand-in (김수미 무술 대역)
    Park Yeong-sik (박영식)
    Kim Soo-mi martial arts stand-in (김수미 무술 대역)
    Kim Seung-hong (김승홍)
    Gong Hyeong-jin martial arts stand-in (공형진 무술 대역)
    Kim Seung-yeol (김승열)
    Gong Hyeong-jin martial arts stand-in (공형진 무술 대역)
    Hwang Gyoo-chang (황규창)
    Kim Tae-hwan martial arts stand-in (김태환 무술 대역)
  • Jang Hee-jin (장희진)
    Jang Hee-jin (장희진)
    Ahn Joo-ri - Special appearance (안주리)
  • Park Hee-jin (박희진)
    Park Hee-jin (박희진)
    Choi Yoo-mi - Special appearance (최유미)
  • Kim Eung-soo (김응수)
    Kim Eung-soo (김응수)
    Director Kim - Special appearance (김 상무)
  • Lee Tae-geom (이태검)
    Lee Tae-geom (이태검)

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    Let's say the original idea of an intelligent yet timid man marrying a woman from the family of a criminal gang in "Marrying the Mafia" was cute; and that its seque,...

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  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
  • Marrying the Mafia III's picture
    Marrying the Mafia III
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 Produced by
 Kim Jong-hyun-II (김종현)
Showbox (쇼박스)
 Jeong Yong-ki (정용기)
 Jeong Tae-won (정태원)
 Original idea
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Hong Seung-wan (홍승완)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Nam Na-yeong (남나영)
 Choi Jong-hoon (최종훈)
 Management department
128 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
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On the set video
On the set video
On the set video
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2006/09/21
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2006.10.22 : 2,523,144 admissions (total)
As of 2006.10.15 : 2,443,453 admissions (total)
As of 2006.10.08 : 2,240,815 admissions (total)
As of 2006.10.01 : 1,393,650 admissions (total)
As of 2006.09.24 : 870,808 admissions (total)

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does anyone know the name of the actress who conned the receipe from the brother? she's wearing the pink top in the photo section.
2007-08-30 11:38:17
2007-07-29 13:28:02
so good movie.. a lot of funny!!
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Marrying the Mafia III (가문의 부활 - 가문의 영광 3)

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