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Metamorphosis (변신)

변신 (byeon-sin)

Directed by Kim Hong-seon (김홍선)

Screenplay by


113min | Release date in South Korea :

An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to save him.

Metamorphosis | Cast

  • Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Park Joong-soo, uncle (박중수)
  • Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    Park Kang-goo, daddy (박강구)
  • Jang Young-nam (장영남)
    Jang Young-nam (장영남)
    Choi Myeong-joo, mom (최명주)
  • Kim Hye-jun (김혜준)
    Kim Hye-jun (김혜준)
    Park Seon-woo, first child (박선우)
  • Cho Yi-hyun (조이현)
    Cho Yi-hyun (조이현)
    Park Hyeon-joo, second child (박현주)
  • Kim Kang-hoon (김강훈)
    Kim Kang-hoon (김강훈)
    Park Woo-jong, youngest (박우종)
  • Jeon Mi-do (전미도)
    Jeon Mi-do (전미도)
    Girl's mother (소녀모)
  • Kim Se-hee-I (김세희)
    Kim Se-hee-I (김세희)
    Girl (소녀)
  • Kim Kwi-seon (김귀선)
    Kim Kwi-seon (김귀선)
    Father dean (학장신부)
  • Ji Dae-han-I (지대한)
    Ji Dae-han-I (지대한)
    Jacob (제이콥)
    Lee Jang-won (이장원)
    Police 1 (경찰1)
  • Son In-yong (손인용)
    Son In-yong (손인용)
    Rescue team leader (구조팀장)
    Kwon Ji-hwan (권지환)
    Police 2 (경찰2)
  • Kim Min-sik-I (김민식)
    Kim Min-sik-I (김민식)
    Rescue worker 1 (구조대원1)
    Yoon Gi-chang (윤기창)
    Rescue worker 2 (구조대원2)
    Baek Seong-cheol (백성철)
    First Aid team leader (구급팀장)
  • Lee Kyu-bok (이규복)
    Lee Kyu-bok (이규복)
    Paramedic 1 (구급대원1)
  • Jung Yun-ha (정윤하)
    Jung Yun-ha (정윤하)
    Paramedic 2 (구급대원2)
    Seo In-kwon (서인권)
    Seminary student 1 (신학생1)
  • Kwon Ip-sae (권잎새)
    Kwon Ip-sae (권잎새)
    Seminary student 2 (신학생2)
    Ronnie Henares (로니 헤나레스)
    Filipino priest 1 (필리핀 사제1)
    Joel Saracho (조엘 사라초)
    Filipino priest 2 (필리핀 사제2)
    Archie Adamos (아치 아다모스)
    Filipino priest 3 (필리핀 사제3)
    Tray Webb (트레이 웹)
    Filipino priest 4 (필리핀 사제4)
    Jeff Flores (제프 플로레스)
    Balthazar auxiliary priest 1 (발타자르 보조사제1)
    Nicholas Timothy Fowler (니콜라스 티모시 파울러)
    Balthazar auxiliary priest 2 (발타자르 보조사제2)
    Bing Pimentel (빙 피멘텔)
    Elder Filipino nun (필리핀 원로 수녀)
    Stephanie Henares (스테파니 헤나레스)
    Filipino garden nun (필리핀 정원 수녀)
    Go Tae-yeong (고태영)
    Director of the moving center (이삿짐센터 소장)
    Jang Hyeon-seok (장현석)
    Kang-goo's co-worker 1 (강구 동료1)
    Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
    Kang-goo's co-worker 2 (강구 동료2)
    Nam Seung-hwa (남승화)
    Kang-goo's co-worker 3 (강구 동료3)
    Go Hae-jeong (고해정)
    Seon-woo's friend 1 (선우 친구1)
    Ahn Yeong-joo (안영주)
    Seon-woo's friend 2 (선우 친구2)
    Ahn So-mi (안소미)
    Seon-woo's friend 3 (선우 친구3)
    Yoon Seo-yeon (윤서연)
    Seon-woo's friend 4 (선우 친구4)
  • Kim Yi-kyung (김이경)
    Kim Yi-kyung (김이경)
    Female student on bus 1 (버스 여학생1)
    Son Jeong-won (손정원)
    Female student on bus 2 (버스 여학생2)
    Lee Han-byeol (이한별)
    Female student on bus 3 (버스 여학생3)
    Lee Saem (이샘)
    Driver on road accident 1 (사고도로 운전자1)
    Lee Eum (이음)
    Driver on road accident 2 (사고도로 운전자2)
    Jo Ji-hyeon (조지현)
    Driver on road accident 3 (사고도로 운전자3)
    Han Seong-gwan (한성관)
    Driver on road accident 4 (사고도로 운전자4)
    Yoon Hwa-rang (윤화랑)
    Woo-jong's doppleganger stand-in (우종 도플갱어 대역)
    Hwa Seong (화성)
    Myeong-joo's cutting stand-in (명주 칼질 대역)
    Razel Kim (라젤 킴)
    Jacob's grandmother (제이콥 할머니)
    Kim Tae-rin (김태린)
    Jacob's sister (제이콥 여동생)
    Glenn Ivan (글렌 이반)
    Jacob's father (제이콥 아버지)
    Mary Joy L. Aparte (메리 조이 L. 아파르테)
    Jacob's mother (제이콥 어머니)
    Park Seo-yeon (박서연)
    Female high school student from picture 1 (사진 여고생1)
    Yoon Hye-yeong (윤혜영)
    Female high school student from picture 2 (사진 여고생2)
    Nam Ye-jin (남예진)
    Female high school student from picture 3 (사진 여고생3)
  • Son Jong-hak (손종학)
    Son Jong-hak (손종학)
    Provost - Cameo (주임신부)
  • Oh Dae-hwan (오대환)
    Oh Dae-hwan (오대환)
    Man next door - Cameo (이웃집남자)
  • Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Baek Yoon-sik (백윤식)
    Balthazar - Special appearance (발타자르)

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Metamorphosis"

    Joong-soo (played by Bae Sung-woo) is a Catholic priest and exorcist. In the cold open to "Metamorphosis" we see an exorcism gone horribly wrong, less because of anything Joong-soo himself did incorrectly, and more because the demonic spirit managed to successfully imitate the person it was possessing at a critical moment. Further events create the disturbing impression that the demonic spirit's actual goal was just to get into Joong-soo's head, although cryptic warnings about a horrible fate to befall Joong-soo's family are, well, the actual plot of the movie,...More

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Metamorphosis | Facts

 Kim Hong-seon (김홍선)
 Adaptation / Dramatization
 Kim Jeong-hwan-I (김정환)
 Production department
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Yoon Joo-hwan (윤주환)
 Kim Jun-seong (김준성)
 Score composer
 Kim Jun-seong (김준성)
 Jung Hee-joon (정희준)
 Martial arts team
 Jeon Woo-jae (전우재)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Sang-min-II (이상민)
 Martial arts team
 Yoo Sang-seob (유상섭)
 Martial arts
 Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
Technical Information
113 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2019/08/21
🔢 South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2019.10.06 :  1 803 112  Admissions (total)
As of 2019.09.22 :  1 799 916  Admissions (total)
As of 2019.09.15 :  1 797 779  Admissions (total)
As of 2019.09.08 :  1 757 967  Admissions (total)
As of 2019.09.01 :  1 500 006  Admissions (total)
As of 2019.08.25 :  769 636  Admissions (total)

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