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My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀)

엽기적인 그녀 (Yeob-ki-jeok-in Geu-nyeo)

Directed by kwak Jae-Yong (곽재용)

Screenplay by

Comedy Romantic comedy

137min | Release date in South Korea :

Original release date: 2001/07/27
Based on a series of true stories posted by Ho-sik Kim on the Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely.

As the film opens we are introduced to Kyun-woo, a kind-hearted but at times naive college student who seems to keep getting into trouble. On his way home one night he encounters a beautiful but completely smashed young woman who causes a scene in the subway, calls him "honey", and then passes out. With the eyes of the other subway passengers upon him, he has little choice but to take responsibility for her. Thus begins his relationship with the at-times charming, at-times violent damsel who steals his heart.
Much of the film is structured around the bizarre antics of Kyun-woo's newfound girlfriend. After she passes out yet again, Kyun-woo looks at her blissful face and promises to himself that he will save her, and right whatever it is that troubles her. This proves to be much more of a challenge than he expects.


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 Produced by
 Shin Cheol (신철)
ShinCine (신씨네)
 Choi Seong-cheol (최성철)
 Assistant director
 Kim Hyung-suk (김형석)
 Score composer
 Kim Sang-beom (김상범)
 Kim Won-yong (김원용)
 Sound department
 Jeong Hoon-tak (정훈탁)
 Casting department
 Jung Do-an (정도안)
 Special effects
Technical Information
137 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2021/02/24
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2021.02.21 : 197 Admissions (total)
 Korea, South - 2001/7/27 - 4.88 million People

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My Sassy Girl a.k.a The Best Movie:)) by jU yOO rIN

bsolutely the BEST korean movie ever made! two thumbs-up! the plot and characters are really great,,..Jeon Ji-hyeon and Cha Tae-hyeon portrayed excellently the characters which showed the real essence and greatness of the movie. The plot is superb,, shows destiny, fate, true love, sincerity, friendship in a really capturing way for us to really understand these words. And I heard its a true story,,...

jU yOO rIN
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Last time on HanCinema
2015/06/11 10:00:22
The best movie. Ever. by Rogue

know, I's a five year-old movie but you have to admit that it still has the appeal it had five years ago. So let's talk about this movie that started all that 'Wanna die?' craze.

Adopted from the real-life experience of a guy narrated over the Internet, this movie is about his peculiar relationship with a pretty girl who lost her boyfriend and can't seem to move on. Gyun-woo senses the girl's sadness despite her attempt at sassiness, and being the nice guy that he is, he stays by the girl's side, doing whatever she fancies letting him do, making her happy and in effect, healing her sorrow. He knows it's a temporary thing, their relationship. But as time passes, the relationship gets deeper and it's becoming quite difficult for Gyun-woo to let go.

The girl is grateful for Gyun-woo's company. But she is likewise in an emotional quandary. She knows it's unfair to take advantage of Gyun-woo's good nature, but she needs him to heal. Just when she begins enjoying Gyun-woo's companionship and is slowly letting go of her dead boyfriend's memory, she feels guilt towards Gyun-woo and her dead boyfriend. What's her solution? She asks Gyun-woo to write her a letter, expressing what he really feels for her. This letter, together with her own for Gyun-woo, are placed in a container she calls a time capsule, which both will open two years later. This girl has a fixation for time capsules. I guess when you're hurting from a broken heart, you have your own methods for coping - others go on a shopping or eating binge; she, on time capsules.

Anyway, two years later. Gyun-woo shows up at their rendezvous point, she doesn't. Does this mean she's hurting still? Or worse, has she completely moved on and in the process has forgotten Gyun-woo too?

Everything about this movie is insanely wonderful that it remains on top of my all-time favorite Korean movies since I watched it five years ago. It has a topnotch story making it difficult to believe that it's an Internet adaptation. It works either way: a light drama with a touch of comedy, or a light comedy with a touch of drama. What really fascinates me is the peculiar relationship between Gyun-woo and the girl (the movie never mentioned her name) and the manner it was presented resulting in the romance aspect of the movie being subtle. Very nicely done. The narration is witty, funny and downright entertaining that nowhere in the duration of the movie would you feel bored.

Two thumbs up to the lead actors; if I had more thumbs, I would have gone right ahead and raised them all as well. Special mention to Cha Tae-hyeon. Although not your typical handsome guy, he was so lovable in this movie, naturally funny and quite amusing. No other actor would have been capable of playing Gyun-woo the way he did. It felt like the role was tailor-made for him.

From the Internet to the big screen, this movie went on to become a Korean phenomenon, overshadowing movies of the same genre. It set the trend for Korean romcom drama, and while there may have been movies with similar themes which have done well artistically and commercially, this movie is in a class of its own.

10 kimchi dishes out of 10.

*also on www.

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2007/07/03 05:44:25
my sassy girl by neo_bros

t is a fantastic movie

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Last time on HanCinema
2012/01/17 17:26:49

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hi to my fav.cute actress!! jeon ji hyun i love your movie..
2012-11-25 08:07:34
2011-11-15 12:22:51
love it! xOxO...
why does the hollywood remaking the sassy girl movie...but still the best movie the korean sassy girl
2011-08-17 03:09:08
2011-08-17 03:08:41
great movie ever the best korean movie Cha Tae-hyeon & Jeon Ji-hyeon the best couple and loveteam ever...^_^ my number # 1 movie in korea secund is the classic....
hi to my fav.cute actress!!...wish you all the best and more power to you!!!{,^.^,}
2009-04-01 01:12:36
2008-10-16 20:55:28
hi jeon,im alvin from phillippines,16 yearsold,in that movie i saw the kind of girl i want to encounter,behind the scene,the chemistry bet,your physical aspect and your attitude is totally amazing,so im glad if you let to share your freindsteraccount with
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base on the attitude of the girl in the think theirs a similarities to her personality? 2008-10-16


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2008/10/31 06:28:02
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My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀)