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Nailed (카센타)

카센타 (ka-sen-ta)

Directed by Ha Yoon-jae (하윤재)

Screenplay by


97min | Release date in South Korea :

Started filming: 2018/06/25
Formerly known as "Punk" (펑크, peong-keu)
A black comedy about strange happenings in a car center on the outskirts of the city.

  • Park Yong-woo (박용우)
    Park Yong-woo (박용우)
    Jae-goo (재구)
  • Jo Eun-ji (조은지)
    Jo Eun-ji (조은지)
    Soon-yeong (순영)
  • Hyun Bong-sik (현봉식)
    Hyun Bong-sik (현봉식)
    President Moon (문사장)
  • Kim Han-jong (김한종)
    Kim Han-jong (김한종)
    Constable Park (박순경)
  • Han Soo-yeon (한수연)
    Han Soo-yeon (한수연)
    Ye-ri (예리)
    Kim Gyoo-ri-II (김규리)
    Eun-mi (은미)
  • Lee Seo-hwan (이서환)
    Lee Seo-hwan (이서환)
    Section chief Im (임과장)
  • Lee Shin-sung (이신성)
    Lee Shin-sung (이신성)
    Chief Min (민소장)
  • Im Hyeong-tae (임형태)
    Im Hyeong-tae (임형태)
    Soon-yeong's father (순영부)
    Yoon Jong-goo (윤종구)
    Resort employee (리조트 직원)
    Hong Je-i (홍제이)
    Da-eul (다을)
    Jo Yoo-sin (조유신)
    Constable from the police station (파출소 순경)
    Choi Seong-gyoo (최성규)
    Boss Moon's assistant (문사장 조수)
    Hwang Jae-yeol (황재열)
    Man from broken truck (고장트럭남)
  • Min Kyung-ok (민경옥)
    Min Kyung-ok (민경옥)
    Eun-mi's grandmother (은미 할머니)
  • Ha Sung-hoon-I (하성훈)
    Ha Sung-hoon-I (하성훈)
    Boss's gang 1 (문사장 패거리 1)
    Heo Dong-soo (허동수)
    Boss's gang 2 (문사장 패거리 2)
    Jang Jae-hwa (장재화)
    Madam (마담)
    Lee Ho-yeon (이호연)
    20s man (20대 남)
  • Hwang Se-on (황세온)
    Hwang Se-on (황세온)
    20s woman (20대 여)
    Kang Hyo-joon (강효준)
    Man changing tires (타이어 가는 남자)
    Park Jin-ho (박진호)
    Customer counting (계산하는 고객)
    Park Ji-won (박지원)
    Constable Park's wife (박순경 부인)
    Eom Ok-ran (엄옥란)
    Hairdresser (미용사)
  • Lee Chang-won-I (이창원)
    Lee Chang-won-I (이창원)
    Trading partner (거래처남)
  • Seo Jung-wook (서정욱)
    Seo Jung-wook (서정욱)
    Ye-ri's husband (예리 남편)
    Lee Eun-joo (이은주)
    Detective team leader (형사 팀장)
  • Shim Hoon-ki (심훈기)
    Shim Hoon-ki (심훈기)
    Briefing detective (브리핑 형사)
    Bong Seung-ho (봉승호)
    Investigation detective (취조 형사)
    Ahn Hee-joo (안희주)
    Woman 1 at restaurant (식당 주민녀 1)
    Ahn Min-young-I (안민영)
    Woman 2 at restaurant (식당 주민녀 2)
  • Park Chan-young (박찬영)
    Park Chan-young (박찬영)
    70s man (70대 남)
    Lee Yeong-hee (이영희)
    70s woman (70대 여)
  • Kim Mi-seung (김미승)
    Kim Mi-seung (김미승)
    Soon-yeong's alumna (순영 동창)
    Jang Jae-kwon (장재권)
    Male customer (고객남)
    Jeong Yeon (정연)
    Reporting journalist (리포팅 기자)
    Kang Min-ji (강민지)
    Interview reporter (인터뷰 기자)
  • Park Chae-ik (박채익)
    Park Chae-ik (박채익)
    Soon-yeong's older brother (순영 오빠)
    Kim Ga-yeong (김가영)
    Soon-yeong's oldersister (순영 언니)
    Seok-hyeon (석현)
    Car dealer (자동차 딜러)
    Hwang In-cheol (황인철)
    Waiter at the restaurant (식당 웨이터)
    Kim Pan-gyeom (김판겸)
    Car accident driver (사고 운전남)

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  • [Guest Film Review] "Nailed"

    The high concept story behind "Nailed" is like an Alfred Hitchcock presents episode. It's such a quirky but limited idea that I couldn't see how they could make it into a 100 minute movie,...More

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 Produced by
 Chae Gil-byeong (채길병)
 Ryu Sun-gyu (류선규)
 Assistant director
 Nam Dong-hyub (남동협)
 Scenario team
 Kim Tae-sung-I (김태성)
 Song Jae-ho-I (송재호)
Technical Information
97 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2019/11/27
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2019.12.01 :  10 352  admissions (total)

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    Nailed (카센타)

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