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Ninja Assassin (닌자 어쌔신)

닌자 어쌔신 (Nin-ja Eo-ssae-sin)

Directed by James McTeigue (제임스 맥테이그)

Screenplay by ,

Action Martial arts Crime Drama Thriller

98min | Release date in South Korea :

"Ninja Assassin" is an American film
From the makers of "The Matrix" series comes a ninja movie starring Korean pop star Rain. Young orphan Raizo (Rain) is trained by a secret ninja clan to become a deadly killer. But when Raizo witnesses the murder of his good friend, he turns his back on his clan and plots revenge.


Ninja Assassin | Cast

  • Rain (비)

  • Sung Kang (성 강)
  • Naomie Harris (나오미 해리스)
    Mika Coretti
    (미카 코레티)
  • Randall Duk Kim (랜달 덕 김)
    Tattoo Master
    (타투 마스터)
  • Rick Yune (릭 윤)
  • Sho Kosugi (쇼 코수지)
    Lord Ozunu

Ninja Assassin | Soundtracks, OST (Sponsored)

Ninja Assassin | News

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  • [Lily's Take] Top Actors' Diet Secrets

    For the actresses, diet is a destiny instilled into their lives that came along with the career, and the actors are no different when it comes to the battle of weight management,...More
  • From Rain from Fan Club to Bad Boy and to Kim Tae-hee's man

    2017/02/13, Source
    Singer and actor Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee have become the 'couple of the century'. They had a secret wedding on the 19th of January and everything about their wedding became a trending topic. They were spotted shopping after the wedding and they were also spotted in LA. This proves why people say they are the 'couple of the century',...More
  • 'Key of Life' Lee Joon sports curly hair and shows off fresh charms as young man in his 20s

    2015/09/24, Source
    Actor Lee Joon has revealed his profile photo taken before his movie "Key of Life" (working title) began filming. In the photo revealed on September 24th, Lee Joon looks into the camera lens while showing off his candid bright smile. Lee Joon's new curly hair style for his role in the movie adds the fresh charms as a young man in his 20s,...More
  • Actor Lee Joon is said to be in relationship with non-celebrity girlfriend

    2015/01/07, Source
    The singer-turned-actor, MBLAQ member Lee Joon is believed to be dating a non-celebrity girlfriend. On January 8th, a media reported "Lee Joon has been dating one of his old classmates since the end of 2013,...More
  • Acting idols: Im Si-wan vs. Lee Joon

    2014/04/30, Source
    The number of acting idols is increasing. Doesn't matter main role or not, there isn't a drama or movie without one. There have been negative reviews about them getting in the way of rookie actor and actresses. They're easily brought into the cast because of their fame as singers. However, these idols have proven to be much better prepared than imagined and therefore, people's views about them are changing. - ZE:A's Im Si-wan, 10 million audiences,...More
  • Lee Joon, "I was a wig fitting model"

    2014/04/17, Source
    Lee Joon revealed pictures of himself as a wig fitting model on the Mnet show "Beatles Code". MC Shin Dong-yup asked if there was anyone who was active as a child and Lee Joon said, "I was in "Ninja Assassin" when I was young",...More
  • Rain Bags Starring Movie Role in Chinese Melodrama

    2014/03/05, Source
    K-pop star Rain has been cast as a starring actor in a Chinese movie. Cube DC, his management agency, said on Tuesday the singer will appear in a romantic melodrama directed by Gao Xixi. It will be his first appearance in a film from the world's most populous country. He will star alongside popular Chinese actress Liu Yifei,...More
  • Rain to Star Opposite Hollywood Veterans in New Action Thriller

    2013/11/27, Source
    K-pop star and actor Rain will appear in the Hollywood action thriller "The Prince" with Bruce Willis and John Cusack, his management agency said on Tuesday. The film, directed by Brian A. Miller, centers on a Las Vegas mob enforcer who is drawn back to the sin city when his teenage daughter disappears, bringing him into conflict with ghosts from his past,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film News] New Korean Films Inbound...

    K-Films Coming Soon: ★★★★ "Blood and Ties": A daughter starts to question her father's involvement in a series of killings that devastated their family. (10/24) ★★★★★ "Rough Play": An upcoming movie star gets absorbed into the corrupt underworld of fame and fortune. (10/24) ★★★★ "Koala": Three young adults pool their efforts to try and keep their new burger business alive. (10/24),...More
  • Park Yoo-chun and Lee Joon's movies highly expected

    2013/10/14, Source
    Park Yoo-chun and Lee Joon are idols who have become actors and they don't mind doing the extreme like getting undressed instead of choosing to star in typical idol movies. JYJ Park Yoo-chun started filming the movie "Haemoo" recently. MBLAQ Lee Joon is coming out with "Rough Play" on the 24th. They are both thrillers and action movies. Compared to other idols who have starred in romantic comedies, these two definitely stand out,...More
  • "Rough Play" Kim Ki-duk and Lee Joon?

    2013/09/16, Source
    MBLAQ's Lee Joon has become the perfect actor. Stills of Lee Joon were revealed from the movie "Rough Play",...More
  • CJ Entertainment Proudly Presents "R2B: Return to Base" DVD

  • Lee Joon cast for movie "Actors Are Actors"

    2012/11/04, Source
    MBLAQ Lee Joon has been cast for the movie "Actors Are Actors" by Kim Ki-duk. According to his agency, Lee Joon didn't sign a contract but he's been set to star in the movie produced by Kim Ki-duk and directed by Shin Yeon-shick. It is about an actor who was at the tip of fame but falling back down again,...More
  • [Video] CJ Entertainment Takes Flight with "R2B: Return to Base"!

    2012/08/13, Source
    Action epic comes to North America on August 24, 2012 LOS ANGELES, CA (August 13, 2012) - CJ Entertainment America brings the aerial action thriller "R2B: Return to Base" to North American theatres on August 24, 2012. Inspired by the 1963 South Korean film, Red Scarf by legendary director Shin Sang-ok, "R2B: Return to Base" is set in modern-day Seoul and features top stars Rain ("Ninja Assassin"), SIN Se-kyeong, and Yu Jun-sang,...More
  • Who are MBLAQ?

    2012/06/26, Source
    By Rachel Lee MBLAQ stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality and are known for hits such as "Oh Yeah", "Y" and "Mona Lisa". The five-member K-pop boy band was formed by internationally acclaimed entertainer Rain under J. Tune Entertainment in 2009. Its members are leader/vocalist Yang Seungho, 24, main vocalist G.O., 24, rapper and vocalist Cheondung, 21, vocalist Lee Joon, 24, and rapper Mir, 21,...More
  • NYT Dissects Global Success of 'Goose-Stepping' K-Pop Singers

    2012/03/09, Source
    The New York Times published a feature article on March 5 on the secrets behind K-pop's worldwide popularity. Under the headline "Bringing K-Pop to the West", the article talks about how K-pop is spreading and attracting audiences around the world. The genre "has spread, first to Asia and more recently to Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, mainly because of the broad use of social media", it said,...More
  • Korean Blogathon 2012 : Second Batch

    2012/03/06, Source
    Tuesday 6th March 2012 : Remember to add names of authors if possible! Feel free to message us if we miss you, there are a lot of links rolling in!,...More
  • Singer Rain's performance was deemed the best event in Gangnam District for 2011

    The highlight event of the year 2011 in Gangnam District, southeastern Seoul, was singer Rain's concert that took place on Oct. 9, 2011, just before the entertainer began his military service. The send-off concert for the Hallyu star took place at Yeongdeong Boulevard, just two days before the singer went into the Army,...More
  • [article] ROK Army Primer: Possible training for Rain and new recruits?

    2011/10/18, Source
    - Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^ ,...More
  • Teardrops Fall as Rain Enlists in Army

    2011/10/12, Source
    After giving teary-eyed fans a rousing send off on Sunday with a free street concert in Gangnam, a newly-cropped Rain enlisted in the Army on Tuesday afternoon for 21 months of compulsory military service. The "Ninja Assassin" star and Korean Wave singing sensation reported to the 306th Army draft camp in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province. He is going to take up active duty after a five-week boot camp,...More
  • Rain gets preview of military life in new film

    2011/10/10, Source
    In "R2B: Return to Base", Rain, or Jung Ji-hoon as he prefers to be called for acting projects, plays a free-spirited Air Force pilot who, after pulling off a dangerous stunt during an air show, gets demoted to the combat flying team. There he meets the unit's ace pilot (Yu Jun-sang), to whom he loses for the first time. He matures through forming new rivalry relations, friendships and romantic ties and is put to the ultimate test when the team ventures into enemy territory. The filming process entailed intense tRaining that only the most elite minority undergo. The g-force test, which involves spinning in a machine at high velocity, proved to be especially difficult, say the actors. "I almost fainted but regained consciousness almost miraculously", said Rain. Yoo on the other hand passed out twice before finally passing the test on his third shot. "I was like the guinea pig for the movie; because I was the youngest among those that were set to do flying scenes I always had to go first". "R2B: Return to Base" is the first local project to feature a Boeing F-15K. It is also the first time an Asian film is portraying the Air Force. "The movie will offer fans aerial sequences that have never been seen before in Korean cinema", said director Kim Dong-weon. He added that the film outsourced to the Hollywood team that worked on blockbusters such as "Inception" and "The Dark Knight" for the flying scenes. For Rain, the film marks a special homecoming after working on Hollywood projects "Speed Racer" and "Ninja Assassin". Special homecoming project "After shooting movies in the United States I really missed speaking Korean lines again", he said. "But I was first and foremost drawn to the script and was amazed how all the actors that I thought would be perfect for the main roles ended up taking part in the film". In addition to Rain and Yoo, other cast members include starlet Shin Se-kyung, who recently made her big screen debut in "Hindsight"; actress Lee Ha-na, who makes a comeback after a long hiatus; and popular TV drama personality Kim Sung-soo. "We all became very, very good friends during the filming. We had a great team", said Lee. Her co-stars revealed how talented a singer she is and Lee admitted that she is working on an album to be released next year. Shin, who appears as a mechanic, said she felt more comfortable playing her down-to-earth role, wearing minimal make-up and casual clothes. Yoo, on the other hand, said he had to work out very hard to create a muscular build for his part. It marks a break away from his usual guy-next-door roles, most notably in dramas a la Hong Sang-soo. The actor is set to appear with the seminal French actress Isabelle Huppert in Hong's next film. "We had a lot of fun on the set but it was painful because everyone kept reminding me of how I was due for military service. I am happy though that I can leave with happy memories", said Rain. The singer-actor will begin his stint as an active-duty solder at the Uijeongbu 306 Reserve Battalion on Tuesday. By Lee Hyo-won,...More
  • "Rain" to Bid Fans Adieu with Free Concert on Sunday

    2011/10/07, Source
    K-pop star and "Ninja Assassin" lead actor Rain will perform his final gig on Sunday at 7 p.m. before the 29-year-old embarks on his army service on Tuesday. The free concert will be held on an open stage on Yeongdong Boulevard in front of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) headquarters in Samseong-dong, Seoul. It will serve as the wrap-up event of the Gangnam Fashion Festival, hosted by the local district office and sponsored by entertainment agency CJ E&M,...More
  • Top actors JANG Dong-gun and BAE Doona set to star in foreign films

    2011/09/27, Source
    by KOFIC Staff / Sep 27, 2011 Top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun is set to star with Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung in director Heo Jin-ho's adaptation of the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, "Dangerous Liaisons",...More
  • Book probes transnational identity of 'hallyu'

    2011/07/29, Source
    Clockwise from left, scenes from the dramas "Dae Jang Geum" ("Jewel in the Palace") and "Jumong" and the film "Il Mare" / Korea Times file By Chung Ah-young K-pop fever has been reignited, as illustrated by the success of recent concerts in Paris. Fans that have yet to see Korean performers on stage are forming flash mobs and group dances as they clamor for more K-pop concerts. The popularity of K-pop culture has truly become international. Korean television dramas, songs and movies originally grew popular in the early 1990s. The influence of "hallyu" or Korean wave, spread through Asian countries and reduced Western cultural dominance in the Asian market,...More
  • Rain: 'I Am Encouraged by Being Included in 'Time 100' Again'

    2011/04/27, Source
  • Rain tops online poll for 'Time 100'

    2011/04/18, Source
    By Chung Ah-young

    Korean singer Rain topped the 2011 Time 100 Poll in the magazine's online voting to select the 100 most influential people of the,...
  • writes on 'Priest' for

    2011/03/01, Source
    The setting is the wild west. The United States has yet to be fully settled and all around you dust is being blown up into the air as wooden buildings barely stand together. In this particular town though, there's more than just dust being stirred up. Up ahead there is a wall of zombies stretching out for rows and rows. Standing in front of them is a lone man in a long coat. In both hands are large guns and a sick smirk crosses his lips. This is about to get very bloody. Oh yeah, we're talking about Priest,...More
  • Here's To More Korean Talent Starring in Hollywood Movies!

    2011/02/12, Source
    By Daniel Matthews Did anyone get a chance to watch the film, "The Warrior's Way"? It was pretty recently released (back in December) and starred Korea's version of Brad Pitt, Jang Dong-gun. Regrettably I missed this film. I was sorely disappointed that I didn't see it, not because I was excited about the latest tale of ninjas and warriors and ninja-like warriors. No, it was because of the fact that this was one of the very few recent opportunities that I would have had the chance to see a Korean actor opposite a Non-Korean actress in a "love interest" type of role on the big screen,...More
  • "R2B: Return to Base" Rain and Shin Se-kyung VS "The Thieves" Kim Yun-seok and Jun Ji-hyun

    2011/02/09, Source
  • Rain to release new album this year

    2011/01/04, Source
    Korean singer and actor Rain performs at his concert titled "ADIEU 2010 with Rain" held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, South Korea on December 31, 2010. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] Korean singer and actor Rain has said that he plans to release a new album sometime this year. Rain made the comment to reporters before taking to the stage for his concert titled "ADIEU 2010 with Rain" held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on December 31, which was attended by about 7,500 fans from Korea as well as fans from overseas,...More
  • Rain cleared of embezzlement charges

    2010/12/31, Source
    Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Singer and actor Rain has been cleared of charges of embezzlement, according to the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office on Thursday. A fabric manufacturing company had filed a lawsuit against Rain and executives of his agency J.Tune Entertainment in April, saying that they had suffered financial losses due to J.Tune's fashion affiliate J.Tune Creative,...More
  • Book on Korean Wave adopted as textbook for universities abroad

    2010/12/09, Source
    Cover of "Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption:Yonsama, Rain, Old Boy, K-Pop Idols" [Hong Kong University Press] A new book on the 'Hallyu', or Korean Wave, has been adopted as a textbook for universities abroad. The English book titled "Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption: Yonsama, Rain, Old Boy, K-Pop Idols" was selected as one of the main textbooks for the media classes at Goldsmiths, University of London in England and the University of Melbourne in Australia,...More
  • Singer Rain to sing at finale for Guangzhou Asian Games

    2010/11/26, Source
    Singer and actor Rain [Asia Economy Daily] Popular Korean singer and actor Rain will perform at the closing ceremony of the 2010 16th Guangzhou Asian Games in China on Saturday. Rain's agency J.Tune Entertainment said on Friday that Rain will fly to China early tomorrow morning to take part in the event where he will sing three of his hit songs,...More
  • The power of Rain... He got 'A grade actor' title in the U.S.

    2010/11/16, Source
    In U.S., the centre of world's film business, not much place is available for Asian actor. But Rain got 'A' mark in the U.S. just like his nickname, 'World Star'. An official from KBS 2TV 'The Fugitive Plan B' said, "I didn't expect Rain to get A from U.S. From the company people know just by its name, Rain got A grade". The only other person other than Rain, who got 'A' grade, is Jackie Chan.,...More
  • JANG Dong-gun's The Warrior's Way gets U.S. release

    2010/11/12, Source
    The long gestating "The Warrior's Way" is finally coming to the big screen with a release in the U.S. The multinational cast who pl,...More
  • Rain to hold solo concert in Korea at the end of Dec

    2010/11/11, Source
    Poster for Rain's concert [J.Tune Entertainment] Asian pop star Rain will hold a solo concert in Korea at the end of next month. A press release from his agency J.Tune Entertainment announced Thursday that Rain will take the stage of Jamsil Indoor Stadium for his concert titled "ADIEU 2010 with Rain" to be held on December 30,...More
  • [REVIEW] KBS TV series "The Fugitive Plan B" - 1st Episode

    2010/09/30, Source
    A scene from KBS TV series "The Fugitive Plan B" [KBS] There is heated interest in the cameo appearance by comedienne Kwak Hyun-hwa, one of the proofs of the mixed response over "The Fugitive Plan B". It was impossible not to look forward to the drama when it features a cast composed of Rain, Lee Na-young, Lee Jung-jin, Yoon Jin-seo, Daniel Henney (and even Hong Kong star Ti Lung of movie "A Better Tomorrow, 1986"!), it is a new series by director Kwak Jeong-hwan and writers Cheon Seong-il, the mastermind duo behind smash hit drama "The Slave Hunters" from earlier this year, and the Red One camera they had used for the show would be put into use once again,...More
  • [PREVIEW] KBS TV series "The Fugitive Plan B"

    2010/09/28, Source
    From left, upcoming KBS TV series "The Fugitive Plan B" main cast Rain, Lee Na-young and Daniel Henney pose during a photocall of a press conference for the drama held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on September 27, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Gee-woo (played by Rain), an international investigator who has his smirking eyes hidden behind sunglasses, receives a request by Jini (played by Lee Na-young) one day to seek out Melchidec, a questionable character. Mutual trust is most important in an investigator-client relationship but for a certain reason, the two end up not trusting each other. And as soon as he accepts her request, Gee-woo, accused of killing his own colleague, starts being chased by detective Do-soo (played by Lee Jung-jin),...More
  • Rain says done lifetime's worth of running for "The Fugitive Plan B"

    2010/09/27, Source
    Korean singer and actor Rain poses during a photocall of a press conference for upcoming KBS TV series "The Fugitive Plan B" held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on September 27, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Asian pop sensation Rain, who is constantly on the run as a fugitive in upcoming TV series "The Fugitive Plan B", has said he has had to run so much that he has probably done a lifetime's worth of running. In the romantic comedy investigative action series about a conspiracy involving a hefty sum of money going missing in times of the Korean War 60 years ago, Rain plays Gee-woo, a private detective at an international secret agency who becomes pegged as the murderer of his own old friend,...More
  • Rain military entrance date deferred to next year

    2010/09/03, Source
    Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Korean superstar Rain will be able to pursue his singing and acting career for several more months following the deferral of his military entrance date to next year. The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) said late on Thursday that it will push back Rain's military entry to an unspecified date next year from the originally set September 28 of this year,...More
  • Rain highly likely to star in remake film

    2010/08/11, Source
    Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Asian superstar Rain is highly likely to play the main character of film "R2B: Return to Base", a remake of the Korean movie of the same name from 1964. "The details have yet to be set but there is a very high possibility", an official with the film remarked regarding Rain's casting which would mark the singer and actor's second local big screen role,...More
  • Rain and Jun Ji-hyun's agencies deny dating rumors

    2010/06/10, Source
    Top Korean stars Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Rain Agencies for top Korean stars Rain and Jun Ji-hyun have denied the romantic status of their stars, saying the recent news of the two dating, as one local media reported, is "not true" and "groundless". Around 11 a.m. this morning, released a shocking report that the two actors have been dating since last October along with a witness testimony that Rain had often visited Jeon's apartment in Seoul's affluent Samsung-dong district,...More
  • Are Rain and Jun Ji-hyun dating?

    2010/06/10, Source
    Jun Ji-hyun (left) and Rain [Sidus HQ/J.Tune Entertainment] Asian pop sensation Rain and top actress Jun Ji-hyun have been dating since October last year, according to a local sports daily on Thursday. released a report earlier in the day, based on a three-month observation, which detailed the romantic relationship between the two including how they first met and where they date. The paper explained that the couple had met last year through a prominent figure of conglomerate family status in Korea, who held multiple get-togethers in an attempt to matchmake the two,...More
  • Rain says was "choked with tears" after MTV award win

    2010/06/08, Source
    Singer and actor Rain talks to reporters upon arriving at Incheon International Airport in South Korea on June 8, 2010. [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] A triumphant Rain returning to Korea on Tuesday after winning the award for "Biggest Badass Star" at this year's MTV Movie Awards, said he "choked with tears" as he stepped up to claim his prize,...More
  • [INTERVIEW and PHOTOS] Rain says "want to brag" about MTV Movie Awards win

    2010/06/08, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain in Los Angeles [photographed by Chae Ki-won/10Asia] Rain says "really want to brag about this one", referring to his win at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards It was only a year ago that Rain was overwhelmed after winning a trophy at an awards ceremony which looked a lot like the MTV Video Music Awards. Of course, it was a television commercial for a Korean mobile telephone company. When Rain gave his acceptation speech at the fully-packed venue amidst the applause from the crowd, the sight looked so unattainable that it felt like "a miracle" or "a fictional news event". But this young man, who claims that "a miracle is something you create, not something somebody hands you", has eventually grabbed that very dream in his hand. Instead of uttering some unknown magic words, Rain endured extremely demanding, five-hours-a-day training sessions and kept on running like "a tiger on the verge of starving to death" to make it to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. At the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, 10Asia met with Rain -- a man who, like his name, exudes a freshness to the desert-adjacent, hot city of Los Angeles,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain receives MMA Award!

    2010/06/08, Source
    Actor Jeong Ji-hoon also known as Rain has received the 2010 MMA action star award known as the Badass Award! The award ceremony was at Los Angeles where Rain was able to receive this award for the first time as a Korean.,...More
  • Rain becomes 1st Korean to score win at MTV Movie Awards

    2010/06/07, Source
    Asian pop sensation Rain [J.Tune Entertainment] Multi-talented entertainer Rain has become the first Korean celebrity to score a win at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Monday. J. Tune announced in a press release that the singer and actor was named "Biggest Badass Star" at the awards ceremony, held Sunday (U.S. time) in Los Angeles,...More
  • MTV names Rain Biggest Badass Star

    2010/06/07, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff reporter

    Korean star Rain was Sunday crowned Biggest Badass Star at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for his role in ",...
  • Rain wins the Biggest Badass Star Award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

    2010/06/06, Source
    Rain wins the Biggest Badass Star Award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for his role in the movie "Ninja Assassin" beating,...More
  • Rain to fly into LA next week for MTV awards

    2010/05/28, Source
    Asia's most celebrated star Rain will fly off to Los Angeles next week to attend this year's MTV Movie Awards, according to his agency on Friday. An official at J. Tune Entertainment said Rain will depart from Korea on June 3 to attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for which he has received an invitation from MTV's headquarters,...More
  • Rain and Jackie Chan team up for music video

    2010/05/19, Source
    Official poster of "Karate Kid" [Sony Pictures] Korean pop sensation Rain and Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan have come together to create a music video promoting the most recent works of both stars, according to the Rain's agency J.Tune Entertainment on Wednesday. A press release from J.Tune stated that the music video, aimed at promoting Rain's current single "Hip Song" and Chan's upcoming action flick "The Karate Kid", will be produced by famed actor Will Smith and feature the Korean singer's song and scenes from the Hollywood-Chinese remake of the 1984 hit "The Karate Kid",...More
  • Rain to hold encore concerts in Japan in July

    2010/05/18, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Asian superstar Rain will be holding encore concerts in Japan this summer at the request of his fans, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Tuesday. J. Tune announced in a press release that the singer is set to perform at the Saitama Super Arena on July 17 and 18 as part of his tour titled "Rain, LOVE TOUR 2010",...More
  • Rain scores first nom for MTV Movie Awards

    2010/05/13, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Vote for Rain on MTV Movie Awards Website Asian superstar Rain has become the first Korean celebrity to score a nomination for the MTV Movie Awards, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Thursday. J. Tune announced in a press release that the singer was named one of the five nominees in the "Biggest Badass Star" category alongside Hollywood heavyweights such as Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine and Sam Worthington. The nominee line-up was selected by fans, who cast online votes on MTV's website to pick their favorite "badass" actor out of 22 potential nominees,...More
  • Rain to hold autograph signing sessions in Seoul tomorrow

    2010/05/11, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Asian superstar Rain will be meeting his fans at an autograph signing session in Seoul tomorrow, according to his agency on Tuesday. J. Tune Entertainment announced in a press release that the singer will show up at three major record stores -- Music Korea in Myung-dong district, I-Park Shinara in Yongsan and Kyobo Hottracks in Gangnam area -- on Wednesday and sign autographs for fans,...More
  • Rain says "Lim Soo-jung is my ideal woman"

    2010/05/06, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain appears on talk show "Steel Heart" [SBS] Korean entertainer Rain has revealed that actress Lim Soo-jung is his ideal type of woman. The 27-year-old singer and actor made the remark while appearing as a guest on popular SBS talk show "Steel Heart" which aired on April 4. On the show, Rain was offered to take part in a segment called "Surprise Ideal Woman World Cup", selecting Im as his ideal woman among many female celebrities including,...More
  • 500,000 "Ninja Assassin" DVDs Sold Within Four Weeks

    2010/04/23, Source
    Rain's first lead role in a Hollywood movie was of course the action-flick ",...More
  • Rain Impresses Japanese Fans in Tokyo

    2010/04/19, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop singer Rain wowed Japanese fans last weekend with two encore shows titled "Legend of Rainism".

  • Prosecutors investigating Rain embezzlement accusation

    2010/04/14, Source
    Korean singer and actor Rain [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily] Prosecutors have launched an investigation into accusations of embezzlement made against K-pop sensation Rain, according to officials on Wednesday. The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office confirmed the investigation department has started looking into a lawsuit filed last week by a fabric manufacturing company which has charged Rain and other officials of his agency with embezzlement and dereliction. Yesterday, the 27-year-old singer and actor, along with other shareholders of his entertainment firm J.Tune Entertainment, was belatedly known to have been sued by the fabric firm,...More
  • A Korean Master of Movie Title Sequences

    2010/04/12, Source
    Well-made films distinguish themselves from the very outset. The title sequence does more than merely list the names of the cast and crew -- it also signals how the storyline of the movie will unfold.,...More
  • Rain commands weekly music charts with "Love Song"

    2010/04/12, Source
    Rain on the cover of his special album "BACK TO THE BASIC" [J.Tune Entertainment] Asian superstar Rain has taken command of online and offline music charts with his latest single "Love Song", according to his agency J.Tune Entertainment on Monday. J.Tune stated that "Love Song", the title track from Rain's special album "BACK TO THE BASIC", climbed to the No. 1 spot on numerous online weekly charts including Melon, Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs and others,...More
  • Rain's new album triumphs on music charts

    2010/04/07, Source
    Korean pop artist Rain's "BACK TO THE BASIC" [J. Tune Entertainment] Korean pop star Rain's newly released album is rapidly gaining popularity, with his entire album listing within the top 10 on a number of music charts. All the tracks from "BACK TO THE BASIC", unveiled yesterday at midnight, has placed within the top 10 of several online music real-time charts including Monkey 3 and social networking site Cyworld,...More
  • Rain: 'I Have Improved Myself As I Overcome My Weakness'

    2010/04/07, Source
    "For eight years after my debut, I have become more mature while I am going through many hardships. I feel that I have finally grown up by experiencing those difficulties. The biggest hardship came from my weakness". Actor and singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon, 28), who will release a special album entitled "Back to the Basic" on April 7, emphasized at a press conference held in Yeouido on April 5 that he is going back to the basics, just like the title of his new album says. He said, "To live as an entertainer, there are many occasions that I have to control myself and many things that I have to hide from others. I had hard times when I had to overcome the difficulties that came from those things, so that there were some moments that I just wanted to give up my life as an entertainer,...More
  • Rain Returns With 'Back to the Basic'

    2010/04/06, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Rain is back. He's "Back to the Basic".

    "Hello, everyone. Rain,...
  • Rain says "Love Song" based on own experience - Part 1

    2010/04/06, Source
    Korean singer Rain [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] Asian pop sensation Rain says the inspiration for his latest single "Love Song" came from his own experiences. The artist made the remark during a press conference for his new album "BACK TO THE BASICS" held Monday at the KT Building in Youido. He is set to return to the Korean music scene with his special album due out April 7 featuring the title track "Love Song", the first in two years since releasing his last studio album "Rainism" in 2008. Below are excerpts from his press conference. 10: Your first song off the new album is a ballad instead of a dance song and you have taken on an androgynous image which is different from your previous images. What was the reason behind this attempt? Rain: I want to show a definite change because it has been eight years since I made my debut. I had recorded "Love Song" when "Rainism" was unveiled. With "Song" I took out the embellishments and released something light. I was looking to perform an authentic ballad. After promoting “Song,” I am thinking of promoting "Hip Song", a dance track from the album. My androgynous image is a ground breaking attempt. I wanted to stimulate the listeners through my eyebrows, vest, leather pants and hat which are impossible to match with the bling bling music. Releasing the music will be the first round and I want to show new things through my performances on stage. I want to put on a performance that will satisfy the audience's ears and eyes,...More
  • Rain denies rumors of working with "The Slave Hunters" writer

    2010/04/05, Source
    Korean singer and actor Rain [Asia Economic Daily] Korean entertainer Rain has denied rumors that he will be collaborating with Cheon Seong-il, the writer of recent hit TV series "The Slave Hunters" (KBS2). An official at Rain's agency J. Tune Entertainment said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Monday that the actor is "currently reading scripts for various dramas and nothing has been set as of yet". A media outlet had reported this morning that the Asian singing sensation had decided to appear inCheon 's next television drama, tentatively titled "The Fugitive Plan B", and that he is negotiating on the details of his contract,...More
  • Rain and Kim Yuna nominated for 2010 TIME 100
    2010/04/05, Source
    Actor and singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon, 28) and "Figure Queen" Kim Yuna (20) have been nominated for Time magazine's online poll that selects the "world's most influential 100 people" (hereafter referred to as the Time 100).

    They were included among 2,...
  • Rain takes the reigns of online music charts

    2010/04/02, Source
    Rain on the cover of "BACK TO BASICS" [J. Tune Entertainment] Asian pop sensation Rain has dominated all online music charts with his latest single "Love Song", according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Friday. "Love Song", the title track from his special album "BACK TO BASICS" released at midnight on Tuesday, swept all Korean charts including Melon, Mnet, Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada, Hanteo, Monkey 3 and social networking site Cyworld,...More
  • Rain's "Love Story" music video to be released today

    2010/04/02, Source
    Scenes from Rain's music video "Love Story" with actress Han Ye-seul [J.Tune Entertainment] The music video for Asian pop star Rain's new single "Love Song" is set to be unveiled today at 1 p.m., according to his agency on Friday. A press release from J. Tune Entertainment explained that the music video featuring Korean actress Han Ye-seul will first be revealed on multimedia video player GomPlayer at 1 p.m. followed by a wide release on all online music websites an hour later,...More
  • Korean Films and Actors Win Awards at Green Planet Film Awards
    2010/03/31, Source
    Korean actors and actresses and films won high acclaims at Hollywood's 2nd Green Planet Movie Awards held in California on Mar. 23.

    Director Bong Joon-ho's film "Mother - 2009",...
  • Rain, Lee Byung-hun in nominee voting for MTV awards

    2010/03/31, Source
    Asian pop sensation Rain (left) and actor Lee Byung-hun. [Chae Ki-won, Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Top Korean actors Lee Byung-hun and Rain have been listed in a fan vote deciding nominees for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, according to MTV's official website. In a poll selecting the nominations for the awards ceremony, to be held June 6 in Los Angeles, Rain has been named as a potential nominee in the "Best Ass Kicking Star" category for his leading role in martial arts pic "Ninja Assassin",...More
  • Rain's new ballad "Love Song" tops online music charts

    2010/03/31, Source
    Korean singer Rain and actress Han Ye-seul on the cover of "Love Song" [J.Tune Entertainment] Korean singing sensation 'Rain"s new ballad "Love Song" has topped several online music charts since its release yesterday, according to his agency J.Tune Entertainment on Wednesday. "Song" from 'Rain"s upcoming special album "BACK TO BASICS" is at the No.1 spot on the websites of online music providers Bugs and Melon, as well as social networking site Cyworld,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain and Lee Byung-hun in MTV Awards nominations!

    2010/03/30, Source
    U.S MTV Movie Awards have nominated Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon and Lee Byung-hun! The two names have been put in for popular voting! Rain has been nominated for the "Best Ass Kicking Star" role from the "Ninja Assassin" flm with his action scenes. Other stars who have been nominated for this award are Angelina Jolie, Brad,...More
  • Rain unveils ballad single "Love Song" from new album

    2010/03/30, Source
    Korean singer Rain and actress Han Ye-seul in a music video for "Love Song" [J. Tune Entertainment] Korean entertainer Rain has revealed his new single "Love Song" over night, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Tuesday. J. Tune explained in a press release that "Love Song", the title track from his upcoming special album "BACK TO THE BASIC", was unveiled at midnight last night on various web-based music sites,...More
  • Rain Wins Three Green Planet Movie Awards
    2010/03/26, Source
    Korean pop star and actor Rain won three awards at this year's Green Planet Movie Awards in Hollywood. He was honored as one of 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood for his role in ",...More
  • Rain's new single a ballad titled "Love Song"

    2010/03/26, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain's new single "Love Song" [J. Tune Entertainment] The title song to Korean entertainer Rain's new album due out next month will be a ballad named "Love Song", according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Friday. J. Tune announced in a press release that the title track from his special album "BACK TO THE BASIC", due out April 1, will be a ballad tune that the singer wrote himself. "For the first time since his debut, we have decided that the title song from Rain's special album will be a ballad", an official at J. Tune was quoted as saying. "Since this is a special album for fans, Rain himself wanted to take on a different approach",...More
  • Han Ye-seul stars in new Rain music video

    2010/03/24, Source
    Singer/actor Rain and actress Han Ye-seul during the shoot for "BACK TO BASIC" [J.Tune Entertainment] Actress Han Ye-seul has shot a music video with Asian pop sensation Rain for the singer's upcoming special album due out April 1. 'Rain"s agency J. Tune Entertainment said Wednesday that the two shot the video from Sunday till today in Seoul's Gangnam and Songdo districts,...More
  • Rain comeback teaser video to be unveiled at midnight

    2010/03/22, Source
    Cover to Rain's special album "BACK TO THE BASIC" [J.Tune Entertainment] A teaser video for Korean pop star Rain's special album will be revealed when the clock strikes midnight tonight. The singer's agency J.Tune Entertainment announced Monday that a 30 second-long teaser clip for the album titled "BACK TO BASIC" will be posted on Rain's official website ( at midnight,...More
  • Cover to Rain's comeback album revealed

    2010/03/22, Source
    Cover to Rain's special album "BACK TO THE BASIC" [J.Tune Entertainment] The cover to Asian pop sensation Rain's special album due out April 1 has been unveiled. The record, titled "BACK TO THE BASIC", showed a close up shot of the singer and actor in medium-lengthed curly hair photographed in black and white,...More
  • Rain to make Korea comeback in April with new album

    2010/03/16, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain in his personal message to fans [Official website] Korean superstar Rain has announced that he will be returning to the K-pop music scene with a new album next month. The singer posted a message on his official website ( on Monday, telling fans that he will be releasing a special album containing several new songs he had "been cherishing for a while" on April 1. He said he will promote the album for two months as well as including performances of the new tracks in his concert tours this year,...More
  • Rain to wrap up Asia Tour and release new mini-album

    2010/03/10, Source
    Rain's promotional concert poster for "Legend of Rainism" [J.Tune Entertainment] K-pop artist Rain will soon visit Japan as he gets ready to wrap up his Asia tour, according to his agency J.Tune Entertainment. The artist will hold the 'Legend of Rainism Asia Tour Japan Final' at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Japan on April 17 and 18, the last of his shows which kicked off in Hong Kong last November.,...More
  • Rain, Se7en, Hyo-lee, and Boa to Return to Korea

    2010/03/04, Source
    Four popular Korean solo singers -- Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, and BoA -- will come back to the Korean pop scene. Netizens call them the representative singers for Korean pop in the 2000s, and they are overjoyed at their return. Rain and Lee Hyori will come back after breaks of 18 months and 20 months, respectively. Se7en and BoA, who have focused on the American music industry up to now, return to the Korean music scene after breaks of three years and five years, respectively. The return of these famous solo singers is drawing people's attention because girls groups and new idol groups gained popularity last year. Four popular Korean solo singers -- Rain, Se7en, Lee Hyori, and BoA -- will come back to the Korean pop scene. Netizens call them the representative singers for Korean pop in the 2000s, and they are overjoyed at their return. Rain and Lee Hyori will come back after breaks of 18 months and 20 months, respectively. Se7en and BoA, who have focused on the American music industry up to now, return to the Korean music scene after breaks of three years and five years, respectively. The return of these famous solo singers is drawing people's attention because girls groups and new idol groups gained popularity last year.,...More
  • Se7en, BoA Back to Local Stage
    2010/03/02, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Competition in the music industry this summer is expected to be fierce, with two favorites returning with new looks and sounds.

    Se7en and BoA are both planning to,...
  • Rain Plans for Two Album Releases This Year

    2010/02/22, Source
    On February 19, the agency of famous Korean singer and actor Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon, 28), J. Tune Entertainment, announced that he would release,...More
  • Rain takes Taiwan by storm with Legend tour

    2010/02/01, Source
    Asian superstar Rain performs at Kaohsiung National Stadiuma in Taiwan on January 30, 2010. [J. Tune Entertainment] Asian superstar Rain took Taiwan by storm with his "Legend of Rainism" tour over the weekend, according to his agency J. Tune Entertainment on Monday. The singer, who flew into Kaohsiung on January 28, was greeted by some 500 fans who had been waiting at the airport to see the Korean entertainer, J Tune said in a press release. On Friday, the city's mayor Qu Ju showed up at Rain's press conference to introduce the singer himself. The event was attended by around 150 journalists from 50 different media outlets.,...More
  • "Harmony" topples "Avatar" on daily admissions chart

    2010/01/29, Source
    Korean movie "Harmony" [CJ Entertainment] Kim Yun-jin starrer "Harmony" attracted the most moviegoers on Thursday, making it the first Korean film to place atop the local box office in 78 days. According to the statistics from the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), "Harmony" attracted 103,196 viewers on the day of its release, topping daily admissions to become the first local film to rank above an overseas production. The film pushed down 43-day winner "Avatar" to second place with admissions of 95,637 for Thursday. The James Cameron sci-fi action flick has brought in a total 10,721,615 viewers since its release mid-December, making it the sixth most-watched film in Korea's box office history.,...More
  • Court rules in favor of Rain over cancelled U.S. concerts

    2010/01/29, Source
    Asian superstar Rain [Chae Ki-won/10Asia] A South Korean court has ruled that singer and actor Rain is not responsible for the cancellation of concerts in the U.S. leg of his world tour between 2006 and 2007. Local concert promoter Star M had filed a lawsuit against Rain and his then-agency JYP Entertainment last March, claiming 4.57 billion won, or nearly four million dollars, in compensation for losses and damages they allegedly suffered from 16 cancelled shows. The Seoul Central District Court said in its ruling Thursday that the concert was cancelled due to lack of preparations on part of the promoter and the issues it had with U.S.-based promoting firm Revolution Entertainment.,...More
  • Rain wraps up Osaka concert in success

    2010/01/25, Source
    Korean entertainer Rain performs at a concert in Osaka, Japan [J. Tune Entertainment] Asian superstar Rain has successfully wrapped up his Osaka concert over the weekend, according to a press release by J. Tune Entertainment. The singer performed in the Japanese city for the first time in five years, as an encore gig of his Asian tour "Legend of Rainism", on January 23 and 24. Some 8,000 fans showed up to watch the Korean entertainer again since he last performed in Osaka in 2005.,...More
  • [FOCUS] 10 Awards - Top 10 Entertainment News of 2009

    2009/12/30, Source
    Top 10 News of 2009 Two former presidents and a king passed away. One wrong remark during an entertainment show took the entire country by storm. Such unbelievably enormous incidents were played out in unbelievable directions during 2009. Thus, the top ten news of 2009 selected by <10 Asia> may seem like the ten most incredulous news of the year. But one could say that what these ten news stories have in common is that they carry the flow of Korea's pop culture. Can you really believe that all these things happened within a span of one year?,...More
  • 2010 Korean Cinema Lineup
    2009/12/27, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The past year represented hope and revitalization for Korean cinema. While problems such as piracy linger on, the forecast for 2010 cinema appears promising with diverse projects in the making.

    Cineastes are finding inspiration from the past and are bringing rem,...
  • 2009 Year in Review: Sports & Culture
    2009/12/24, Source
    The reigning queen of figure skating Kim Yu-na kicked off the year, winning her first senior-level gold medal at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in February.
    The 19-year-old superstar then continued on a roll becoming the world's first female skater to surpass a combined score of 2,...
  • Documentary Featuring 'Rain' Claims 3 Asian TV Awards

    2009/12/11, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    A documentary featuring Korean singer and actor Rain won three awards at the 14th Asian Television Awards (ATA), ac,...
  • 'Ninja' Opening Another Door to Hollywood for Rain

    2009/12/08, Source
    Singer and actor Rain, who plays the title role as an orphan-turned-assassin in the movie ",...More
  • 'Ninja Assassin' 8th

    2009/12/07, Source
    "Ninja Assassin", a movie starring South Korean actor Rain, ranked eighth at the North American box office two weeks after its release.,...More
  • Hilton Praises 'Ninja Assassin'

    2009/12/02, Source
    American actress and singer Paris Hilton has praised "Ninja Assassin", where Korean top singer and actor,...More
  • Jeanie Han says 'Story matters'

    2009/12/01, Source
    "Korean films are strong in stories. Therefore, more focus should be on plots not visuals".

    "The Korean film industry should pay more attention to stories" to succeed in the US film market, said Ko,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] 0 fat body for Rain!

    2009/11/28, Source
    Rain's 0 fat high class abs have been released! The beauty and fashion magazine, ALLURE will be publishing this December with Rain as their model! Through the interviews confessed that he 'had' that body once while he was filming the movie, but now, he's been eating as he wanted half jokingly.,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain, true crossover star

    2009/11/28, Source
    Rain has been praised in Hollywood through his new film, "Ninja Assassin". The Houston Chronicles said that Ninja Assassin's Rain is a true crossover star. It has been written that he has many talents and a born star through many hard trainings! JTune is Rain's entertainment company and has been active as a pop star releasing 6 albums! His interviews contain his difficult childhood,...More
  • HanCinema's Interview with Rain and James McTeigue

    On Nov, 20, HanCinema met Rain and James McTeigue for the release of ",...More
  • Will 'Ninja' Open More Doors for Rain?

    2009/11/25, Source
    By Cho Jae-hyon
    Staff Reporter

    Korean top singer and actor Rain is drawing keen attention from CNN, MTV and other international media as ",...
  • Rain Becomes Int'l Superstar: CNN

    2009/11/25, Source
    An influential U.S. cable news network has praised Korean pop star Rain as having "all the trimmings of an international superstar in the making".

  • Rain: 'Keep Trying to Make Your Dream Come True'

    2009/11/23, Source
    -Rain, who has been promoting his movie "Ninja Assassin" in North America, during his,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Jeong Ji-hoon, hot celebrity by CNN, AP, REUTERS!

    2009/11/20, Source
    Actor and singer Jeong Ji-hoon has been at the "Ninja Assassin" premiere today! The premiere was at Grauman's Chinese Theater with director James McTeigue, producer Joel Silver, and actors Rick Yune, Sung Kang, Maggie Q, and more. ET, AP, Reuter, CNN, and Fox were at this event to show the upcoming film premiering!,...More
  • Rain Returns as a Killer in New Hollywood Movie

    2009/11/14, Source
    Jung Ji-hoon, better known as Rain, has reunited with producers Joel Silver, Andy Wachowski an,...More
  • Ask your questions to Rain !

    2009/11/12, Source
    HanCinema will meet Rain on Nov. 20 as "Ninja Assassin" is soon to be released in Sout,...More
  • Rain on His Acting Ambitions

    2009/11/11, Source
    Actor Chung Ji-hoon (also known as Rain) is the first Korean actor to appear in a major Hollywood movie. His second Hollywood production is ",...More
  • Rain Fueled by 'Fury' for 'Ninja Assassin'

    2009/11/09, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    For his first Hollywood lead role in "Ninja Assassin",,...
  • 'Legend of Rainism' to Rock US in Dec.

    2009/11/05, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Singer-actor Rain will give concerts next month in the United States, for the first time in three years, J-Tune Ente,...
  • "Ninja Assassin" exclusive bite size review

    The screening was great! As for the movie.... well, first let me say, if you are the least bit squeamish then DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. There was intense, anime-style violence throughout the entire film.,...More
  • Rain Talks Hallyu, Song, and Movie

    2009/10/29, Source
    By Cho Jae-hyon
    Staff Reporter

    Singer and actor Rain, one of the top Korean wave or hallyu stars, said the term "Korean wave" would be better not u,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain interviewed by CNN!

    2009/10/18, Source
    Rain is on CNN with the soccer player Park Ji-sung for the CNN's special corner "Eye on South Korea" that is part of "Talk Asia". Anna Coren, CNN anchor has visited Korea for this interview! This interview is 40 minutes long on TV but the actual filming to,...More
  • Rain-produced MBLAQ Makes Its Debut

    2009/10/13, Source
    The new male group MBLAQ is to release its debut mini album on Wednesday, October 14th and make its TV debut the following day. Their first TV appeara,...More
  • Rain to Reappear in CNN's Talk Asia

    2009/10/06, Source
    By Cho Jae-hyon
    Staff Reporter

    K-pop sensation and actor Rain will make a return appearance on CNN's "Talk Asia" to answer questions selected from those posted by his fans on the cable news channe,...
  • Rain Joins F1 Rocks Concert in Singapore

    2009/09/24, Source
    Korean pop star Rain has filmed a segment for the F1 Rocks show, the only officially F1 endorsed concert during the Grand Prix week in Singapore.

  • Rain to Reveal New Boy Band, 5-Member MBLAQ

    2009/09/20, Source
    J.Tune Entertainment, the home of singer and actor Rain, has revealed its new group MBLAQ. The team will be introduced to the public through NYLON mag,...More
  • Rain's Agency Sued for Breach of Contract

    2009/09/18, Source
    By Park Si-soo
    Staff Reporter

    The management agency of K-pop singer Rain has been sued for contract violation.

    The Seoul Central District Court,...
  • Rain's Knee Injury Not Serious

    2009/09/10, Source
    In a message that Rain sent via Promax, the organizer of the Asia tour, the singer thanked his fans for their encouragement.,...More
  • Rain Says Al Pacino Is His Hero

    2009/09/07, Source
    Korean singer and actor Rain said he wants to work with his " hero " Al Pacino someday.

    MTV presented a question and answer session between the Kore,...
  • Rain Recovers from Knee Injury

    2009/09/02, Source
    Superstar Rain has recovered from knee injury he sustained during a Japanese concert. He kicked off the Asian Tour in Saitama Super Arena in Japan last,...More
  • Rain Starts Asian Tour in Japan; in Seoul in Oct.

    2009/08/30, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Korean singer and actor Rain kicked off his Asian tour, "Legend of Rainism", at the Saitama Super Arena, Japan, Sat,...
  • Rain to Perform in Hong Kong in December as Part of Asia Tour

    2009/08/24, Source
    Actor/singer Rain (real name Chung Ji-hoon, 27) has added Hong Kong to his Asia tour entitled "2009 Legend of Rainism". The tour will begin on August 2,...More
  • Korean Actor Lee Byung-hun's Takes on the World in GI Joe

    2009/08/18, Source
    Lee Byung-hun's "GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra" is doing impressive business around the world. The movie based on the Hasbro action figures made,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] More stills of "Ninja Assassin"

    2009/08/12, Source
    More still pictures have been released for the Hollywood film, "Ninja Assassin" that stars Rain. The stills show Jeong in fighting scenes bloody and sweaty. He has a double edged sword and is fighting fervently with revenge. There are previews for the film released on YouTube that the fans are loving. Last month, "Ninja Assassin"s sneak previews,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Jeong Ji-hoon in Bruce Lee remake film, "Enter the Dragon"?

    2009/08/06, Source
    World star Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon has been considered to be in the new Hollywood film remake. According to the American film professional site Latino Review, Warner Brothers are making a modern remake of the film "Enter the Dragon" which will be titled, "Awaken the Dragon" with Jeong as one of the main characters. The film "Enter the Dragon" from 1973 had Bruce Lee as the main character and brought him to the spotlight. This film has been worked on for the last two years by Warner Brothers and changed the title. Producer and writer of the film, "The Shield" will be producing this film to be,...More
  • Rain Dazzles Fans at Global Fan Meeting

    2009/07/28, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Rain is back in Asia.

    The 27-year-old singer and actor h,...
  • Kwon Sang-woo May Make Hollywood Debut

    2009/07/28, Source
    By Ines Min
    Contributing Writer

    Actor kwon Sang-woo may soon be making his Hollywood debut with a role in the upcoming film "The Green Hor,...
  • 'Ninja Assassin' trailer and poster with Rain released

    2009/07/25, Source
    "Ninja Assassin" trailer and poster with Rain released

  • Rain to Get Exclusive IPTV Channel

    2009/07/24, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Singer and actor Rain now has his own Internet protocol television (IPTV) channel where fans can catch glimpses of,...
  • Rain to Return With Asian Tour

    2009/07/15, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Singer and actor Rain will wipe away the summer heat with his upcoming Asian tour "Legend of 'Rain"' this August.
  • Rain Settles US Concert Lawsuit

    2009/06/17, Source
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop star and actor Rain, also known as Jung Ji-hoon, has settled a lawsuit over a cancelled concert in Honolu,...
  • Singer Rain to Promote Seoul's Global Image

    2009/06/09, Source
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    Renowned actor and singer Rain, also known as Jung Ji-hoon, was appointed the first global goodwill ambassador for S,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Poster for "Ninja Assassin"

    2009/05/03, Source
    Actor Jeong Ji-hoon aka Rain's first poster for Hollywood film, "Ninja Assassin" is released! The film will be released this coming Thanksgiving Season in November. Jeong looks so muscular and fit. Can't wait till the movie comes out!,...More
  • Sink or Swim: Complex Magazine Profiles Korean Stars Vying to Make it in America
    2009/04/01, Source
    America ain't easy. Yet success here remains an aspiration for many artists around the world, not least of all the pop culture darlings of Korea, who have enjoyed many successes as part of the Hallyu Korean wave in Asia.

    American pop culture and lifestyle magazine Complex recently profiled five o,...
  • Former Korean Pop Star Appears In Upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster
    2009/03/12, Source
    As one of the members of the successful Korean pop music group G.O.D., Joon Park (also known as Joon-hyung Park) became a star in his own right in his native Korea. Though the group has since parted ways, the individual members have gone on to pursue solo careers in music and film. Born in Seoul, Ko,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Handsome Jeong Ji-hoon in a suit!

    2009/03/06, Source
    Singer and movie star, Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon has modeled in a sleek suit! He looks very handsome and sleek! His new film "Ninja Assassin" will be coming soon this year. He has been praised for his greatly improved acting and hard work for this movie!,...More
  • Rain to be face of Korean pop culture on Discovery

    2009/02/02, Source
    Asian superstar Rain (Bi) will be featured in a documentary produced by the Discovery Channel about the rising stock of Korean pop culture.

    The "Hip,...
  • BoA to Perform in U.S. Along With Rain and Se7en
    2009/01/02, Source
    BoA is postponing her debut as an actress because of her U.S. debut.

    Singer BoA (23, real name Kwon Bo-a) says she is looking forward to performing in the U.S. along with,...
  • What's on Cultural Horizon in 2009?
    2008/12/30, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    The year 2009 is now finally around the corner, and it is about time to prepare for the New Year. The past year was an interesting one, and readers can now preview what is planned in 2009.


    Historical Dramas on the Rise: The three major networks are pl,...
  • Rain Launches Six to Five Fashion Line

    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Rain has had a busy year but is about to wear a new hat: de,...
  • LEE Byeong-heon, JUNG Ji-hoon (Rain) Come to U.S. TV
    2008/12/23, Source
    Two of Korean cinema's top stars are to host a Discovery Channel documentary series on the rise of Korean pop culture titled 'Hip Korea'. LEE Byeong-heon ("The Good, the Bad, the Weird") and JUNG Ji-hoon (,...More
  • Rain, Lee to Appear in New Documentary
    2008/12/22, Source
    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
    Staff Reporter

    Hallyu stars Rain and Lee Byung-hun will appear in the new two-part documentary series being produced by Discovery Networks.

    A tie-up has been esta,...
  • Ten Culture Trends of 2008
    2008/12/22, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    1. The Death of Celebrities in 2008

    The suicide death of actor Ahn Jae-hwan because his debt shocked the nation. Then, the suicide death of Korea's commercial queen and sweetheart,,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain vs Jun Ji-hyun comes back through Hollywood in March

    2008/12/06, Source
    Top star Rain and Jun Ji-hyun will be coming back representing Korea in Hollywood films this coming March! Rain is coming back in "Ninja Assassin" and Jeon is coming back through "Blood: The Last Vampire". The public promotions will be starting soon and Jeon will be heading to the U.S soon.,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp!

    2008/11/13, Source
    Hollywood star Johnny Depp (45) is starring in "Public Enemies" to be released in 2009. This new movie has been ranked top 2nd on the "The Biggest 50 Movies of 2009" drawing much attention and anticipation. This star will be the character, John Dillinger who is also known as the Robin Hood of the 1930s American Airlines Legend and bank robber. He is being chased by the FBI which this action film is mainly about. England and America's fans are awaiting for Johnny Depp's return! He has,...More
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain, again!

    2008/11/12, Source
    Actor and Singer Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) is starred in the new movie "Ninja Assassin" and has been picked on the "The Biggest 50 Movies of 2009". Other movies that were picked were the "Harry Potter" "X-men" "Transformer2" and more. The reason why "Ninja Assassin" was picked is definitely bringing more anticipation and excitement for this new film! This new film will be released in March next year. Rain will have a world premiere for this film.,...More
  • Back in town Rain brings us up to speed

    2008/11/05, Source
    To say that Rain has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a dancer for ex-producer,...More
  • Rain Tests His Own Boundaries

    2008/10/28, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    One of the busiest stars in the local entertainment business would be none other than singer and actor Rain. The 27,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain in Harper's Bazaar magazine

    2008/10/17, Source
    World star Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon modeled for "Harper's Bazaar" on the cover! The new hot look for this winter is the Military Look which Rain has modeled in for the world top 18th model Hye Park. He has been busy working outside Korea in the U.S for movies for,...More
  • Rain Finally Unveiled in Asia

    2008/10/12, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop sensation,...
  • Superstar Rain Returns

    2008/10/10, Source
    World star Rain kicked off his singing caree,...More
  • It Will Be Raining Again in Korea

    2008/10/07, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Korean pop star,...
  • Rain turns into a Hollywood romantic lead
    2008/09/05, Source
    JUNG Ji-hoon seems likely to turn into a global star through cinema. The pan-Asian pop sensation Bi (Korean word for rain) revealed in a television interview that he is contemplating two Hollywood roles as his next project. One is a romantic comedy and the other is an action film.,...More
  • Rain Produces Special Comeback Show with MBC

    2008/08/28, Source
    Singer Rain will take part in producing a special program with MBC to celebrate his return to the K-pop scene.,...More
  • Rain to Release New Album

    2008/08/27, Source
    By Han Sang-hee
    Staff Reporter

    Singer-actor Rain will release an album in October and also take part in a comeback program with major broadcaster,...
  • [ChanMi's star news] Rain's Hollywood challenge continues

    2008/08/23, Source
    Rain recently went through an interview in Beijing and said that although his first Hollywood debut movie, "Speed racer" has not achieved great success, his challenge for Hollywood fame will continue. He said that he was honored to meet the famous Wachowski brothers who have produced this movie. Rain's secong movie, "Ninja Assassin" is also produced by the Wachowski brothers.,...More
  • Rain to Take Part in Comic-Con Convention

    2008/07/23, Source
    By Karen Song
    Korea Times Intern

    Actor and Singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), who was back in Korea working on his new album, left Wednesday to participat,...
  • Rain to Make Comeback Through Fan Meeting

    2008/07/22, Source
    By Karen Song
    Korea Times Intern

    Top Korean actor and singer Rain is returning to local and Asian music fans with a fan meeting this coming Sunday.,...
  • Rain to Return to Music this Fall

    2008/07/07, Source
    Since his entry into the Hollywood movie market, singer and actor Rain has been a busy man. He has finally announced that he will be returning to the m,...More
  • Rain Heads to Japan from Berlin Movie Shoot

    2008/06/20, Source
    Actor and singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon, 26) has been in Berlin filming a movie, but he will be flying to Tokyo, Japan on the 30th for a free admission mee,...More
  • The three who made Rain an actor

    2008/05/01, Source
    Who are three people that receive the credit for making Rain an actor?

  • Four stingy questions about Rain's Hollywood entrance

    2008/04/24, Source
    Top star Rain is starring in Hollywood blockbuster "Speed Racer", which cost 300 billion won ($US 300 million), and will reveal his face to the whole w,...More
  • Rain's third inclusion in Time's most influential people

    2008/04/21, Source
    Actor/singer Rain (Bi) entered the "100 of the World's Most Influential People" of the leading weekly magazine Time for the third consecutive year. He,...More
  • Rain, 10 hours of training, lost 13 kilograms

    2008/04/17, Source
    The road to getting a leading role in Hollywood is difficult. Rain, who was cast in ",...More
  • UK release for PARK's "I'm a Cyborg, but that's Ok"

    2008/04/04, Source
    Park Chan-wook keeps demanding international attention. After the recent disclosure of Charlize Theron's plan to produce and star in a remake,...More
  • Samsung Unveils Promotional Music Video Starring Rain

    2008/03/25, Source
    Samsung Electronics has unveiled the 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song and the music video that will be used for advertising its Anycall mobile phones. Singer and actor,...More
  • J.Tune Entertainment, "Rain paid at least 500,000 dollars for American movie"

    2008/03/20, Source
    J.Tune Entertainment revealed, "William Morris Agency and England's Rocklock Films reached an agreement for 'Rain"s appearance in the movie, ",...More
  • Rain, "I like sexy women"

    2008/02/28, Source
    Singer Rain (26) revealed his ideal girlfriend.

    In the MBC "Section TV Entertainment Show" on 22nd, he said, "I like sexy women" and chose Megan Fo,...
  • Rain – Lee Byung-hun, how much would they get paid in Hollywood?
    2008/02/21, Source
    On 13th, the singer and actor Rain revealed that he's going to appear as the main role in the Wachowski brothers' next film, "Ninja Assassin" after completing shooting the "Speed Racer".,...More
  • Rain receives award for promoting nation's image

    2008/02/20, Source
    Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon), one of the most successful and admired performers in Asia, yesterday received the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award, which is,...More
  • Rain Receives Image Award

    2008/02/18, Source
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    Now world-famous, K-pop singer and actor Rain, 25, is to receive the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award for promo,...
  • Hollywood Calls for Rain

    Korean pop idol Rain has snagged his first leading role in a Hollywood film. The singer and actor told a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul o,...More
  • Rain recognized for enhancing Korea's image

    2008/02/14, Source
    Pop star Rain will receive the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award in recognition of his contribution to promoting a positive image of Korea through,...More
  • Rain grabs leading role in Hollywood film

    2008/02/14, Source
    Rain, Korea's foremost entertainer recently dubbed one of the world's most beautiful people, has clinched a leading role in a Hollywood flick scheduled,...More
  • JUNG Ji-hoon/Rain again in Wachowski production

    2008/02/13, Source
    JUNG Ji-hoon – also known as the singer Rain – has been cast in a major role in the Wachowski brother's project,...More

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