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Obsessed (인간중독)

인간중독 (in-gan-jung-dok)

Directed by Kim Dae-woo (김대우)

Screenplay by ,


132min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Human Addiction"
In 1969, when the Vietnam war was almost at an end, a secretive and preposterous relationship occurs between a man and a woman inside the military family housing made up of rank and relation of top and bottom.


Obsessed | Cast

  • Song Seung-heon (송승헌)
    Song Seung-heon (송승헌)
    Kim Jin-pyeong (김진평)
  • Lim Ji-yeon (임지연)
    Lim Ji-yeon (임지연)
    Jong Ga-heun (종가흔)
  • Cho Yeo-jeong (조여정)
    Cho Yeo-jeong (조여정)
    Lee Sook-jin (이숙진)
  • On Joo-wan (온주완)
    On Joo-wan (온주완)
    Kyeong Woo-jin (경우진)
  • Yoo Hae-jin (유해진)
    Yoo Hae-jin (유해진)
    President Im (임사장)
  • Park Hyuk-kwon (박혁권)
    Park Hyuk-kwon (박혁권)
    Choi Joong-ryeong (최중령)
  • Jeon Hye-jin-II (전혜진)
    Jeon Hye-jin-II (전혜진)
    Choi Joong-ryeong's wife (최중령네)
  • Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Bae Sung-woo (배성우)
    Jo Hak-soo (조학수)
  • Um Tae-goo (엄태구)
    Um Tae-goo (엄태구)
    Kim Joon-wi (김준위)
  • Ye Soo-jung (예수정)
    Ye Soo-jung (예수정)
    Woo-jin's mother (우진모)
  • Yoon Da-kyung (윤다경)
    Yoon Da-kyung (윤다경)
    Ga-heun's mother (가흔모)
    Jeong Sang-cheol (정상철)
    Chief of staff (참모총장)
  • Kim Hye-na (김혜나)
    Kim Hye-na (김혜나)
    Unit 6 woman (6호네)
  • Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Song Ji-in (송지인)
    Unit 3 woman (3호네)
  • Jang Yun-sil (장윤실)
    Jang Yun-sil (장윤실)
    Unit 4 woman (4호네)
    Seol Yoo-jin (설유진)
    Unit 5 woman (5호네)
    Kim Kyeong-seon (김경선)
    Unit 7 woman (7호네)
    Yoo Ye-won (유예원)
    Nurse officer (간호장교)
    Kim Jeong-hyeon (김정현)
    Salon director (미장원 원장)
    Kim Bin (김빈)
    Boutique director (의상실 원장)
    Lee Hee-seok (이희석)
    Special Forces 1 (특수 부대원1)
  • Oh Soon-tae (오순태)
    Oh Soon-tae (오순태)
    Special Forces 2 (특수 부대원2)
  • Kim Doo-bong (김두봉)
    Kim Doo-bong (김두봉)
    Education officer 1 (상승회장교1)
  • Moon Jae-won (문재원)
    Moon Jae-won (문재원)
    Education officer 2 (상승회장교2)
    Kim Hyeon-woo (김현우)
    Education officer 3 (상승회장교3)
    Eom Ji-man (엄지만)
    Education officer 4 (상승회장교4)
  • Song Wook-kyung (송욱경)
    Song Wook-kyung (송욱경)
    Education officer 5 (상승회장교5)
    Lee Hoon-jae (이훈재)
    Unit 6 woman officer (6호네장교)
    Park Il-woo (박일우)
    Unit 3 woman officer (3호네장교)
    Oh Tae-ha (오태하)
    Unit 4 woman officer (4호네장교)
    Kim Oh-bok (김오복)
    Unit 5 woman officer (5호네장교)
  • Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Kim Han-joon (김한준)
    Unit 7 woman officer (7호네장교)
  • Kang Deuk-jong (강득종)
    Kang Deuk-jong (강득종)
    Hak-soo's clique 1 (학수패거리1)
    So Sang-il (소상일)
    Photographer (사진병)
    Kim Gwang-tae (김광태)
    Orderly 1 (당번병1)
  • Oh Hee-joon (오희준)
    Oh Hee-joon (오희준)
    Orderly 2 (당번병2)
    No Sang-hyeon (노상현)
    Orderly 3 (당번병3)
  • Park Yong-bum (박용범)
    Park Yong-bum (박용범)
    Kitchen police (취사병)
    Lee Jin-moo (이진무)
    Shooting range officer (사격장 장교)
  • Kim Dae-yeong (김대영)
    Kim Dae-yeong (김대영)
    Quinone bar underling 1 (퀴논바 부하1)
    Kim Woo-yeong (김우영)
    Quinone bar underling 2 (퀴논바 부하2)
    Bang Ji-hyeok (방지혁)
    Quinone bar underling 3 (퀴논바 부하3)
    Park Soo-han (박수한)
    Quinone bar underling 4 (퀴논바 부하4)
    Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Quinone bar underling 5 (퀴논바 부하5)
    Kim Je-hyeon (김제현)
    Quinone bar underling 6 (퀴논바 부하6)
    Kim Jae-ryang (김재량)
    Camp teaching assistant 1 (교육대 조교1)
    Kim Min-beom (김민범)
    Camp teaching assistant 2 (교육대 조교2)
    Im Kyeong-min (임경민)
    Camp teaching assistant 3 (교육대 조교3)
    Choi Woo-chang (최우창)
    Camp teaching assistant 4 (교육대 조교4)
  • Lim Chae-seon (임채선)
    Lim Chae-seon (임채선)
    Vietcong (베트콩)
    Ahn Hye-min (안혜민)
    Salon assistant (미장원 보조)
    Moon Sae-am (문새암)
    Boutique assistant (의상실 보조)
  • Woo Yeon-seo (우연서)
    Woo Yeon-seo (우연서)
    Cafe Miss (다방 아가씨)
    Kim Jeong-sook (김정숙)
    Painting teacher (화도 선생님)
    Yook Chan-mi (육찬미)
    Hanbok woman fairy 1 (요정 한복녀1)
    Im Da-bin (임다빈)
    Hanbok woman fairy 2 (요정 한복녀2)
    Lee Sang-mi (이상미)
    Hanbok woman fairy 3 (요정 한복녀3)
    Kim Joo-hee (김주희)
    Hanbok woman fairy 4 (요정 한복녀4)
    Kim Yeon-hee (김연희)
    Hanbok woman fairy 5 (요정 한복녀5)
  • Han Ha-yoo (한하유)
    Han Ha-yoo (한하유)
    Hanbok woman fairy 6 (요정 한복녀6)
    Seo Hae-sol (서해솔)
    Hanbok woman fairy 7 (요정 한복녀7)
    Ahn Wi-je (안위제)
    Military police 1 (헌병1)
    Kim Moon-jo (김문조)
    Military police 2 (헌병2)
    Baek Seung-beom (백승범)
    Army corps commander party band 1 (군단장파티 밴드1)
    Kim Yeong-min (김영민)
    Army corps commander party band 2 (군단장파티 밴드2)
    Kim Do-hyeon (김도현)
    Army corps commander party band 3 (군단장파티 밴드3)
    Sin Gi-hwan (신기환)
    Army corps commander party band 4 (군단장파티 밴드4)
    Park Dong-gook (박동국)
    Army corps commander party band 5 (군단장파티 밴드5)
    Lee Yang-seok (이양석)
    Oppression patient 1 (제압환자1)
  • Jung Yoon (정윤)
    Jung Yoon (정윤)
    Oppression patient 2 (제압환자2)
    Yoon Soo-jeong (윤수정)
    Army corps commander party dancer (군단장파티 댄서)
    Baek Cheol (백철)
    Yeong-cheol (영철)
    Kang Dong-yoon (강동윤)
    Unit 7 woman child (7호네 아이)
  • Yeon Ji-won (연지원)
    Yeon Ji-won (연지원)
    Unit 3 woman child (3호네 아이)
    No Myeong-joo (노명주)
    Unit 4 woman child (4호네 아이)
    Kim Yoo-geon (김유건)
    Unit 5 woman child (5호네 아이)
    Son Yoon-seo (손윤서)
    Unit 6 woman child (6호네 아이)
    Jo Nam-min (조남민)
    Unit 1 car driver (1호차 운전병)
    Kim Yeon-ji (김연지)
    Nurse 1 (간호사1)
    Yang Seung-hee (양승희)
    Nurse 2 (간호사2)
  • Jung Won-joong (정원중)
    Jung Won-joong (정원중)
    Army corps commander - Special appearance (군단장)
  • Yeon Je-wook (연제욱)
    Yeon Je-wook (연제욱)
    Patient - Special appearance (환자)
  • Lee Seung-joon (이승준)
    Lee Seung-joon (이승준)
    Senior surgeon - Special appearance (수석 군의관)

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Obsessed | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Obsessed": Smoke and Servitude

    In the spotlight this week: Kim Dae-woo's "Obsessed"... I prefer the more literal title, "Human Addiction", than the psychotically suggestive: "Obsessed". It allows for the romantic fall of love into tragedy, the latter (while still fitting) is more outwardly aggressive, dangerous and unstable. Set in 1969, Kim Dae-woo's latest steamy classic (remember, this is the erotic creativity than (re)imagined "The Servant") spies Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong (Song Seung-heon) living in a small a military camp; he's a recognised war hero from Vietnam who will soon to be prompted to general and shipped to Seoul,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Obsessed"

    The part about "Obsessed" that most immediately commands attention is the set design. The military families in this film live in a distinctly American styled backdrop. Everything, from their clothing to their houses to the way they spend their free time, appears determined to mimic the lifestyles of Americans living in that same time period. Couple that with the backdrop of the Vietnam War, and the parallel becomes rather unmistakable. There is one crucial difference, though,...More

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Obsessed | Facts

 Produced by
 Kim Dae-woo (김대우)
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Kim Dae-woo (김대우)
 Production department
 Jo Sang-beom (조상범)
 Assistant director
 Lee Jae-jin-III (이재진)
 Score composer
 Yoon Hee-sun (윤희선)
 Makeup department
 Kim Sang-beom (김상범)
 Animation team
 Kim Jae-beom (김재범)
 Animation team
 Jeon Young-suk (전영석)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Gong Tae-won (공태원)
 Sound supervisor
 Gong Tae-won (공태원)
 Sound design
 Kim Ji-soo-VIII (김지수)
 Art director/Production designer/Set design
 Kim Seo-hee-I (김서희)
 Makeup - Hairstyle
Technical Information
132 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2014/05/14
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2014.07.13 : 1 441 914 admissions (total)
As of 2014.07.06 : 1 441 313 admissions (total)
As of 2014.06.29 : 1 441 015 admissions (total)
As of 2014.06.22 : 1 440 200 admissions (total)
As of 2014.06.15 : 1 438 331 admissions (total)
As of 2014.06.08 : 1 426 136 admissions (total)
As of 2014.06.01 : 1 375 854  admissions (total)
As of 2014.05.25 : 1 135 546  admissions (total)
As of 2014.05.18 : 646 883 admissions (total)

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Obsessed (인간중독)

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