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Phantom Detective (탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을)

탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을 (tam-jeong hong-gil-dong: sa-ra-jin ma-eul)

Directed by Jo Sung-hee (조성희)

Screenplay by


125min | Release date in South Korea :

Crank in 2014/12/02
Crank up : 2015/04/16
Also known as "Detective Hong Gil-dong"
Private detective Hong Gil-dong has one goal in life: find the killer who murdered his mother and exact revenge on him. It’s been 20 years since he witnessed the murder and he finally has a name – Kim Byeong-deok. But when he tracks down Kim to a hut in the country, several men already came by earlier and took him away, leaving behind 2 young granddaughters. The girls become Hong’s unlikeliest sidekicks as they once again close in on Kim and the shadowy organization that took him. In order to get his revenge, Hong must uncover the truth behind this organization that has very deep connections to every facet of the country. Little did he know that this is the same group that created both him and his nemesis...

Phantom Detective | Cast

  • Lee Je-hoon (이제훈)
    Lee Je-hoon (이제훈)
    Hong Gil-dong (홍길동)
  • Kim Sung-kyun (김성균)
    Kim Sung-kyun (김성균)
    Kang Seong-il (강성일)
  • Park Geun-hyung (박근형)
    Park Geun-hyung (박근형)
    Kim Byeong-deok (김병덕)
  • Jung Sung-hwa (정성화)
    Jung Sung-hwa (정성화)
    Innkeeper (여관주인)
  • Roh Jeong-eui (노정의)
    Roh Jeong-eui (노정의)
    Dong-i (동이)
  • Kim Ha-na (김하나)
    Kim Ha-na (김하나)
    Mal-soon (말순)
  • Go Ara (고아라)
    Go Ara (고아라)
    President Hwang (황회장)
  • Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Tae-kwang repair shop owner (태광 정비소 주인)
  • Hong Seo-baek (홍서백)
    Hong Seo-baek (홍서백)
    Kim Jin-ho (김진호)
  • Yoon Young-kyun (윤영균)
    Yoon Young-kyun (윤영균)
    Choi Tae-jeong (최태정)
  • Hwang Bo-ra (황보라)
    Hwang Bo-ra (황보라)
    Secondhand bookstore woman (헌책방녀)
  • Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Real estate agency boss (복덕방 주인)
  • Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Lee Min-woong (이민웅)
    Chinese restaurant employee (중국집 종업원)
  • Park Ji-hoon (박지훈)
    Park Ji-hoon (박지훈)
    Police 1 (경찰 1)
    Choi Ji-ho (최지호)
    Police 2 (경찰 2)
    Jeong Hoon (정훈)
    Police 3 (경찰 3)
    Park Jeong-won (박정원)
    Police 4 (경찰 4)
  • Nam Yeon-woo (남연우)
    Nam Yeon-woo (남연우)
    Police 5 (경찰 5)
    Ha Kyeong-min (하경민)
    Police 6 (경찰 6)
    Kim Yeong-seong (김영성)
    Police 4 (경찰 7)
    Yoon Sang-hoon (윤상훈)
    Police 7 (경찰 8)
    Jang Se-won (장세원)
    Police 8 (경찰 9)
  • Shin Jae-seung (신재승)
    Shin Jae-seung (신재승)
    Police 10 (경찰 10)
  • Choi Tae-hwan (최태환)
    Choi Tae-hwan (최태환)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 1 (활빈당 길동 부하 1)
    Yoo Seung-min (유승민)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 2 (활빈당 길동 부하 2)
  • Ji Hwa-seop (지화섭)
    Ji Hwa-seop (지화섭)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 3 (활빈당 길동 부하 3)
    Kim Han-soo (김한수)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 4 (활빈당 길동 부하 4)
  • Yoo Jung-rae (유정래)
    Yoo Jung-rae (유정래)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 4 (활빈당 길동 부하 5)
    Kim Jeong-san (김정산)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 6 (활빈당 길동 부하 6)
    Park Woo-jae (박우재)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 7 (활빈당 길동 부하 7)
    Cha Soo-mi (차수미)
    Band of Robin Hoods, Gil-dong's subordinate 8 (활빈당 길동 부하 8)
  • Cho Dong-in (조동인)
    Cho Dong-in (조동인)
    Band of Robin Hoods newcomer (신입)
    Jang Ri-woo (장리우)
    Band of Robin Hoods curly hair middle aged woman (활빈당 파마머리 아줌마)
    Sin Gyo-eun (신교은지)
    Band of Robin Hoods child's mom (활빈당 애엄마)
    Nam Sin-woo (남신우)
    Band of Robin Hoods neighborhood youth (활빈당 동네 청년)
    Lee Han-saem (이한샘)
    Band of Robin Hoods chubby middle aged woman (활빈당 뚱뚱한 아줌마)
    Lee Min-ji (이민지)
    Band of Robin Hoods training outfits student (활빈당 츄리닝 학생)
    Kang Deok-joong (강덕중)
    Band of Robin Hoods man taking of his mask (활빈당 가면 벗는 남자)
  • Jeon Da-sol (전다솔)
    Jeon Da-sol (전다솔)
    Band of Robin Hoods woman taking of his mask (활빈당 가면 벗는 여자)
    Won Geun-soo (원근수)
    Band of Robin Hoods fat middle-aged man (활빈당 뚱보 아저씨)
    Kang Sin-ha (강신하)
    Band of Robin Hoods drum middle-aged man (활빈당 드럼통 아저씨)
    Kim Dong-hwi (김동휘)
    Band of Robin Hoods high school drill uniform student (활빈당 교련복 학생)
    Choi Seung-yoon (최승윤)
    Dock assailant 1 (선착장 괴한 1)
    Hwang Seung-hwan (황승환)
    Dock assailant 2 (선착장 괴한 2)
    Choi Ma-ro (최마로)
    Dock assailant 3 (선착장 괴한 3)
    Kim Joon-seok (김준석)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Kim Jong-hyeok (김종혁)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Park Geon-ryool (박건률)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Park Won-woo (박원우)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Sin Doo-ri (신두리)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Yeom Si-hoon (염시훈)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Yoo Myeong-hwan (유명환)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Lee Yong-hoon (이용훈)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Jeon Gi-hoon (전기훈)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Jeong Soo-nam (정수남)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Jeong Yeong-hoon (정영훈)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Jeong Joon-yong (정준용)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Jo Yong-woo (조용우)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Choi Joon-ho (최준호)
    Dock assailants (선착장 괴한들)
    Baek In-ho (백인호)
    Forest assailant 1 (숲속 괴한 1)
    Pyeon Jang-wook (편장욱)
    Forest assailant 2 (숲속 괴한 2)
    Kim Min-seok (김민석)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
  • Kim Beom-yong-I (김범용)
    Kim Beom-yong-I (김범용)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Dang Hyeon-seok (당현석)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
  • Park Woo-joon (박우준)
    Park Woo-joon (박우준)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Seo Yeong-sin (서영신)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Sin Dong-yoon (신동윤)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Lee Sin-ho (이신호)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Lee Jong-hwan (이종환)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Choi Doo-yeop (최두엽)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Han Dong-wan (한동완)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Hyeon Doo-ri (현두리)
    Forest assailants (숲속 괴한들)
    Jeon Jae-hyeong (전재형)
    Yang Jin-tae (양진태)
    Kwon Yong-han (권용한)
    Jeong Ho-il (정호일)
  • Lee Sang-hee (이상희)
    Lee Sang-hee (이상희)
    Gil-dong's mom (길동 엄마)
  • Ko Woo-rim (고우림)
    Ko Woo-rim (고우림)
    Young Hong Gil-dong (어린 홍길동)
    Lee Gwan-ho (이관호)
    Young Kang Seong-il (어린 강성일)
    Geum Kang-san (금강산)
    Hong Sang-jik (홍상직)
    Lee Min-ah (이민아)
    Kim Byeong-deok's daughter (김병덕 딸)
    Seo Sang-won (서상원)
    TV debate professor (TV 토론 교수)
  • Choi Byung-mo (최병모)
    Choi Byung-mo (최병모)
    TV debate member of parliament (TV 토론 국회의원)
  • Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Man in uniform making a speech (연설하는 제복남)
    Lee Je-hoo (이제후)
    Arms dealer (무기상)
    Kim Seong-il (김성일)
    Hwacheon county governor (화천 군수)
    Yook Hyo-myeong (육효명)
    Hwacheon police chief (화천 경찰 서장)
    Kim Seong-gang (김성강)
    Hwacheon police security chief (화천 경찰 보안과장)
    Kang Nam-hyeon (강남현)
    Safe house doctor (안전가옥 의사)
    Kim Eun-ho (김은호)
    Oh Soo-jin (오수진)
    Seo Im-cheol (서임철)
    Myeong-wol-ri resident grandfather (명월리 주민 할아버지)
    Kim Jeong-deok (김정덕)
    Myeong-wol-ri resident grandmother (명월리 주민 할머니)
    Choi Sang-joon (최상준)
    Kim Byeong-deok standing (김병덕 스탠딩)
    Cha Jin-wook (차진욱)
    Radio announcer (라디오 아나운서)
  • Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Nam Jung-hee (남정희)
    Small store grandmother (구멍가게 할머니)
    Jin Seon-mi (진선미)
    Voice on the phone (보성장 전화 목소리)
    Oh Hyeon-am (오현암)
    Myeong-wol-ri village foreman (명월리 이장)
  • Byun Yo-han (변요한)
    Byun Yo-han (변요한)
    Gwang Eun-hoi shadow man - Special appearance (광은회 미행남)
  • Jung Young-hoon (정영훈)
    Jung Young-hoon (정영훈)
    Gwi-hwan (괴환)

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Phantom Detective"

    Director Jo Sung-hee's "Phantom Detective" is a play on the crime noir complete with anti-hero Hong Gil-dong (Lee Je-hoon), a decrepit town, deranged villains, and stylized filming that brings the world of the comic book to life. There are also two unlikely sidekicks, two little girls who rework Gil-dong's damaged psyche over the course of the film. "Phantom Detective" was released in Korea May 4, 2016 and 508,000 filmgoers (19.9%) sat down to watch a modern take of the classic Korean tale of "Hong Gil Dong,...More

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    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
  • Phantom Detective's picture
    Phantom Detective
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CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Nam Na-yeong (남나영)
Technical Information
125 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2016/05/04
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2016.08.14 : 1 430 799  admissions (total)
As of 2016.06.05 : 1 426 754  admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.29 : 1 421 322 admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.22 : 1 381 067 admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.15 : 1 204 136  admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.08 : 792 475 admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.01 : 4 150  admissions (total)

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Phantom Detective (탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을)

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