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Quick (퀵)

퀵 (Kwik)

Directed by Jo Beom-goo (조범구)

Screenplay by

Action Comedy Thriller

115min | Release date in South Korea :

A huge project of 2011 about a quick service motorcycle driver who delivers a bomb. A huge conspiracy and spectacular action follow.
A former motorcycle gang member, Ki-su, makes a living as a bike messenger. One day he witnesses the building blow up. Never suspecting he could have anything to do with the bomb, he moves onto his next job―which is escorting a girl group singer, A-rom, an ex-girlfriend from his biker days. As she puts a proffered helmet on her head, a timer mechanism is triggered and a countdown clock appears. Ki-su gets a call from a stranger telling him to make a series of deliveries within a fixed time limit. When Ki-su completes deliveries, each turns out to be a bomb.


  • Lee Min-ki (이민기)
    Lee Min-ki (이민기)
    Han Gi-soo (한기수)
  • Kang Ye-won (강예원)
    Kang Ye-won (강예원)
    Ah-rom (아롬)
  • Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Kim In-kwon (김인권)
    Kim Myeong-sik (김명식)
  • Ko Chang-seok (고창석)
    Ko Chang-seok (고창석)
    Detective Seo (서형사)
  • Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Team leader Kim (김팀장)
  • Kim Byung-chul (김병철)
    Kim Byung-chul (김병철)
    Detective Park (박형사)
  • Kim Eun-ok (김은옥)
    Kim Eun-ok (김은옥)
    Miss Lee (미스리)
  • Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Yoon Je-moon (윤제문)
    Jeong In-hyeok (정인혁)
  • Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Yoo Seung-mok (유승목)
    Lee Do-hyeong (이도형)
  • Ma Dong-seok (마동석)
    Ma Dong-seok (마동석)
    Kim Joo-cheol (김주철)
  • Song Jae-ho (송재호)
    Song Jae-ho (송재호)
    Kwak Han-soo (곽한수)
  • Jun Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Jun Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Aikawa Masaiki (아이까와마사아끼)
  • Oh Jung-se (오정세)
    Oh Jung-se (오정세)
    Park Dal-yong (박달용)
  • Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Head of department manager (매니져실장)
  • Kim So-jin (김소진)
    Kim So-jin (김소진)
    Team manager (매니져팀장)
  • Han Sa-myung (한사명)
    Han Sa-myung (한사명)
    Road manager (로드매니저)
    Kwon Bang-hyeon (권방현)
    Coordination (코디)
  • Park Jin-woo-II (박진우)
    Park Jin-woo-II (박진우)
    Director (연출)
  • Gong Sang-ah (공상아)
    Gong Sang-ah (공상아)
    Assistant director (조연출)
  • Geum Bo (금보)
    Geum Bo (금보)
    Chairman of the fan club (팬클럽 회장)
    Seo Jin-oh (서진오)
    Assistant chairman of the fan club (팬클럽 부회장)
  • Hong Seung-rok (홍승록)
    Hong Seung-rok (홍승록)
    Manager of fan club (팬클럽 총무)
  • Yeon Su-jin (연수진)
    Yeon Su-jin (연수진)
    Middle school student 1 (여중생1)
    Lee Min-joo (이민주)
    Middle school student 2 (여중생2)
    Park Sang-hyeok (박상혁)
    Entertainment dept. reporter 1 (연애부기자1)
    Kim Won-joo (김원주)
    Entertainment dept. reporter 2 (연애부기자 2)
  • Lee Sae-byul (이새별)
    Lee Sae-byul (이새별)
    Entertainment dept. reporter 3 (연애부기자 3)
  • Kim Gyul (김결)
    Kim Gyul (김결)
    Engineer (엔지니어)
    Park Da-som (박다솜)
    ok girls 1
  • Han Seo-yeon (한서연)
    Han Seo-yeon (한서연)
    ok girls 2
    Kim Ga-eul (김가을)
    ok girls 3
    Kang Jin-i (강진이)
    ok girls 4
    Joo In-yeong (주인영)
    Sergeant Min (민경장)
    Seol Jae-yeong (설재영)
    Explosives specialist (폭발물 전담반)
    Oh Joo-hwan (오주환)
    Myeong-sik's Superior police (명식상사경찰)
    Yoon Joon-ho (윤준호)
    Special forces 1 (특공대1)
    Byeon Sang-yoon (변상윤)
    Sepcial forces 2 (특공대2)
  • Lee Hee-joon (이희준)
    Lee Hee-joon (이희준)
    Head of Dae-mang department (대망실장)
    Kim Tae-hyeon (김태현)
    Dae-mang gang member 1 (대망조직원1)
  • Jo Kyung-hyun (조경현)
    Jo Kyung-hyun (조경현)
    Dae-mang gang member 2 (대망조직원2)
  • Min Ji-oh-I (민지오)
    Min Ji-oh-I (민지오)
    So-mang head of department (소망실장)
  • Lee Kyung-hun (이경헌)
    Lee Kyung-hun (이경헌)
    Fully uniformed cop (정복경찰)
    Lee Da-il (이다일)
    Myeong-dong delivery guy (명동배달부)
  • Lee Su-jung (이수정)
    Lee Su-jung (이수정)
    Beauty in sports car (스포츠카미녀)
  • Park Eun-young-II (박은영)
    Park Eun-young-II (박은영)
    Lady from clam restaurant (조개구이아줌마)
  • Park Ji-yeon-II (박지연)
    Park Ji-yeon-II (박지연)
    Kindergarten teacher (유치원선생님)
    Yoon So-yeon (윤소연)
    Choon-sim's alumni 1 (춘심동창1)
  • Lee Ji (이지)
    Lee Ji (이지)
    Choon-sim's alumni 2 (춘심동창2)
    Jang Seo-i (장서이)
    Jang Hyeon-mi and Jeong In-hyeok's wife (장현미 정인혁 아내)
    Jeon Hwi-heon (전휘헌)
    Jeong In-hyeok's daughter (정인혁 딸)
  • Lee Tae-geom (이태검)
    Lee Tae-geom (이태검)
    Motel employee (모텔종업원)
  • Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Motorcycle girl (폭주녀)
    Baek Roo-ah (백루아)
    Neck tie troop 1 (넥타이부대1)
    Lee Yeong-min (이영민)
    Neck tie troop 2 (넥타이부대2)
  • Bae Jang-Su (배장수)
    Bae Jang-Su (배장수)
    Advertiser (광고주)
    Seo Tae-won (서태원)
    Advertiser assistant (광고주비서)
    Jeon Ji-hye (전지혜)
    8.15 motorcycle girl 1 (18.15 폭주녀1)
    Im Hye-won (임혜원)
    8.15 motorcycle girl 2 ( 8.15 폭주녀2)
    Sin Seo-hee (신서희)
    8.15 motorcycle girl 3 (8.15 폭주녀3)
    No Hyeong-seok (노형석)
    Myeong-dong cop (명동경찰)
    Lee Rim (이림)
    Myeong-dong delivery whiz (명동배달달인)
  • Jang Myung-kap (장명갑)
    Jang Myung-kap (장명갑)
    Engineer (기관사)
    Je Sang-beom (제상범)
    Assistant Engineer (보조기관사)
    Joo Seung-hwan (주승환)
    Truck driver (트럭운전수)
    Kim Byeong-cheol (김병철)
    Dump truck driver (덤프트럭운전수)
    Joo Yeong-min (주영민)
    Tank lorry driver (탱크로리운전수)
    Bae Seung-ri (배승리)
    Kid from airline railroad 1 (공항첳도꼬마1)
    Bae Geon-ha (배건하)
    Kid from airline railroad 2 (공항첳도꼬마2)
    Kim Do-yeong (김도영)
    Kid from airline railroad 3 (공항첳도꼬마3)
    Kim Hyeon-woo (김현우)
    Kid from airline railroad 4 (공항첳도꼬마4)
    Ahn Sang-hoon (안상훈)
    Kindergartener from Sign 1 (싸인유치원생1)
    Kwon Yeong-bin (권영빈)
    Kindergartender from Sign 2 (싸인유치원생2)
    Lee Ji-ho (이지호)
    Kid to tripped Ah-reum (아롬발견초딩)
  • Jo Yong-jin (조용진)
    Jo Yong-jin (조용진)
    Crying kid (울보꼬마)
    Yoon Seung-hyeon (윤승현)
    Kid boss (꼬마대장)
    Yoon Ji-min (윤지민)
    Kid (꼬마)
    Kim Won-yeong (김원영)
    Crime squad detective (강력반 형사)
    Kim Seon-ho (김선호)
    Police 1 (경찰1)
    Kim Yong-wan (김용완)
    Police 2 (경찰2)
    Park Sang-hyeon (박상현)
    Sergeant Park (박경장)
    Kim Byeong-seop (김병섭)
    Japanese tourist 1 (일본인 관광객1)
    Kim Hwan-soo (김환수)
    Japanese tourist 2 (일본인 관광객2)
    Choi Min-seo (최민서)
    Japanese tourist 3 (일본인 관광객3)
    Choi Yeon-joo (최연주)
    Japanese tourist 4 (일본인 관광객4)
    Lee Geon-woo (이건우)
    Accident passenger 1 (사고승객1)
    Lee Hyeon-hak (이현학)
    Accident passenger 2 (사고승객2)
  • Kim Tae-woo (김태우)
    Kim Tae-woo (김태우)
    Wanatabe Junichi (와타나베 준이치) - Cameo
  • Lim Chae-seon (임채선)
    Lim Chae-seon (임채선)
    Bike Stunt Team

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Quick"

    Jo Beom-goo's latest action comedy film "Quick" is currently occupying the number two slot in Korea's weekly box office. There was a significant amount of hype encasing the film but ultimately it's a joy ride you would struggle to recommend as well as recall. The film's opening scene takes place on Korea's Independence Day as we follow a biker gang spreading chaos and mayhem in the streets of Seoul. The pack cruises through the city streets following their smooth leader Han Gi-soo (Lee Min-ki),...More

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 Produced by
 JK Youn (윤제균)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Lee Seung-joon-I (이승준)
 Assistant director
 JK Youn (윤제균)
 Jo Beom-goo (조범구)
 Kim Yong-wan (김용완)
 Directing department
 Kim Jun-sik (김준식)
 Lighting/cinematography department
Technical Information
115 min 
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Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2011/07/20
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2011.09.11 : 3,124,970 admissions (total)
As of 2011.09.04 : 3,123,973 admissions (total)
As of 2011.08.28 : 3,106,342 admissions (total)
As of 2011.08.21 : 3,015,829 admissions (total)
As of 2011.08.14 : 2,801,809 admissions (total)
As of 2011.08.07 : 2,337,781 admissions (total)
As of 2011.07.31 : 1,440,334 admissions (total)
As of 2011.07.24 : 639,721 admissions (total)
As of 2011.07.17 : 58,449 admissions (total)
As of 2011.07.10 : 946 admissions (total)

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very unorthodox plot by ilovehockey

think this was movie was meant to be more of an action film but, it turned out to involve a bit of drama, suspense, and comedy. And because of the way that the storyline went, I don't personally see it as being a good fit. Mind you, the plot was still pretty good...IF it weren't for the fact that it stole a couple of ideas from mainstream Hollywood, namely: Speed, and Cellular.

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2011/10/30 22:21:06

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