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Secret Reunion (의형제)

의형제 (Eui-hyeong-je)

Directed by Jang Hoon (장훈)

Screenplay by

Action Drama

116min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Brothers" or "Blood Brothers"
When North Korean secret agent Ji-won (Kang Dong-won) crosses the 38th Parallel on a mission, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) led by Han-gyu (Song Kang-ho) intervenes, and a shooting rampage ensues in the heart of Seoul. For the incident, Han-gyu is fired and Ji-won is deserted by his agency. Six years later, the two meet by chance and start a business partnership in order to steal information from the other.


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  • [Guest Film Review] "Secret Reunion"

    Jang Hoon, who started his career as an assistant to Kim Ki-duk, has only directed three feature films: "Rough Cut" in 2008, "Secret Reunion" in 2010, and "The Front Line", in 2011. However, all of them are considered masterpieces, with Hoon managing to combine commercial success with acclaimed reviews. This particular one holds the 47th place in the List of highest-grossing films in South Korea, while it also netted the Best Film Award from the Blue Dragon,...More

Secret Reunion | News

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  • Hirokazu Koreeda to Direct Korean Film "Broker" Starring Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won and Bae Doona

    2020/08/26, Source
    Hirokazu Koreeda, Japan's world-renowned maestro, will direct his first Korean movie "Broker". Actor Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won, and Bae Doona decided to join the cast, setting up a splendid lineup. According to CJ Entertainment and the film company on the 26th, Hirokazu Koreeda has decided to direct "Broker". Hirokazu Koreeda, who has portrayed the stories of various characters with sharp insights and warm eyes based on the theme consciousness that touches the reality of each of his work, has been invited to the competition section of the Cannes Film Festival five times, won the Jury Prize for "Like Father, Like Son" and the Palme d'Or Award, the highest honor for "Shoplifters",...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.09.01 - 2017.09.03

    "The Hitman's Bodyguard" takes down "V.I.P" while "A Taxi Driver" backs away with millions... Patrick Hughes' "The Hitman's Bodyguard" arrived last Thursday and despite receiving just 482 screens (the lowest of this weekend's top five), the action comedy took first place by capturing 30.82% of the sales (556,100 admissions). Interestingly, the film's script, written by Tom O'Connor, was on the 2011 'Black List', an annual survey that ranks the year's most liked films that have not been produced. "The Hitman's Bodyguard" stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson and has already banked $76.2 million, more than double its production budget of $30 million; in Korea, its arrival marked the return of a foreign film to the top of the pile after a reel of successful local blockbusters reigned in the month of August,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.08.18 - 2017.08.20

    "A Taxi Driver" on cruise control after Liberation Day... Jang Hoon's "A Taxi Driver" (Song Kang-ho) -- his fourth film after "The Front Line" (2011), "Secret Reunion" (2010) and "Rough Cut" (2008) -- secured a third straight weekend at the top of the pile this past weekend by adding another 949,447 admissions (26.77%), moving its total tally now over the 10 million admissions mark. Since its release early August, "A Taxi Driver" has grossed $71.6 million, and while it is currently the most successful film of the year, it is also now the fifteenth highest-grossing film of all time in Korea behind "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" (10.49 million) and "The King and the Clown" (10.5 million),...More
  • [HanCinema's Digest] Cinema Snippets

    KOBIZ's online screen service for the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) goes live, Cho Meanjune looks at how Korean actors and actresses have fared in Hollywood blockbusters, Film School Rejects review the highest-grossing Korean film of the year ("A Taxi Driver"), and a massive theme park from Lionsgate planned for Jeju Island,...More
  • [Interview] "V.I.P" Park Hee-soon - Let's Loosen Up A Bit

    2017/08/14, Source
    "When director Park Hoon-jung made his first movie, "The Showdown", I was the main character and now he gives me a support character in "V.I.P". I asked him, isn't this a bit unfair? (*laugh*)" Director Park Hoon-jung's long-time friend, actor Park Hee-soon tells a casting behind story as he laughed,...More
  • Song Kang-ho has an accumulated attendance of 100 million

    2017/08/14, Source
    Song Kang-ho is the creme of the crop in the Korean movie industry. The film "A Taxi Driver", which surpassed 8 million viewers in 13 days and stands at the threshold of the first 10 million film in 2017, depicts the painful history of the Gwangju Democratization Movement. It resonates with the audience with its thoughtful directing and story that touches the painful past. Above all, the reason why this movie was able to stay fast in the minds and hearts of audiences is the perfect performance of lead actor Song Kang-ho,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.08.11 - 2017.08.13

    Local films "A Taxi Driver" and "Midnight Runners" capture 70% of the sales... Jang Hoon's "A Taxi Driver" added another 1.7 million admissions (40.47%) over the weekend, making it the highest grossing film of the year with just under 8 million admissions. The previous number one, Kim Seong-hoon-III's action outing "Confidential Assignment", scored 7.81 million admissions back in January, but Hoon's fourth feature (after "The Front Line", "Secret Reunion" and "Rough Cut") is still breaking new ground,...More
  • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2017.08.04 - 2017.08.06

    Local historical heroes fly high during peak season... Director Jang Hoon's fourth film, "A Taxi Driver" -- starring Song Kang-ho, one of Korea's most celebrated and prolific talents -- enjoyed the third highest opening of all time and came away from its opening weekend with just under 3 million admissions (63.64%). The film captures the heroic deeds of an unknown cab driver who helped a foreign journalist (Jürgen Hinzpeter played by Thomas Kretschmann) during the infamous Gwangju Uprising that destabilised the country early in 1980. From 1,906 screens, "A Taxi Driver" banked $21.3 million and has streaked into sixth in the list of the highest grossing films of the year. Kang's previous films include "The Front Line" (2011), "Secret Reunion" (2010), and his debut "Rough Cut" (2008),...More
  • [Guest Film Review] "Secret Reunion"

    Jang Hoon, who started his career as an assistant to Kim Ki-duk, has only directed three feature films: "Rough Cut" in 2008, "Secret Reunion" in 2010, and "The Front Line", in 2011. However, all of them are considered masterpieces, with Hoon managing to combine commercial success with acclaimed reviews. This particular one holds the 47th place in the List of highest-grossing films in South Korea, while it also netted the Best Film Award from the Blue Dragon,...More
  • Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won in "Fifth Column"

    2016/06/01, Source
    Will the rendezvous between Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won happen again? Ticket power holders Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won are likely to star in the movie "Fifth Column". Song Kang-ho has already hopped on board while Gang Dong-won is going through details after being mesmerized by the scenario. If he decides, then it's the first time in 5 years since "Secret Reunion" that they are co-starring in the same movie,...More
  • Park Hyuk-kwon to star in "Vacation On My Own"

    2015/06/15, Source
    Actor Park Hyuk-kwon is starring in the movie "Vacation On My Own". "Vacation On My Own" is actor Cho Jae-hyun's product about a head of a family in his 40s not being able to forget about a woman he loved 10 years ago,...More
  • Korean movie of the week "Haunters"

    2013/10/03, Source
    Korean movie of the week "Haunters" (2010) Directed by Kim Min-suk-IV With Gang Dong-won, Go Soo, Jung Eun-chae, Yoon Da-kyung, Choi Deok-moon, Abu Dod,... Synopsis Also known as "Psychic", "Hunters", "Choin" "Haunters", directed by Kim Min-suk-IV - cowriter of "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" (2008) - depicts the struggle between a psychic named Cho-in (Gang Dong-won) who can control people with his mind and a man named Kyu-nam (Go Soo) who is immune to the psychic's supernatural power,...More
  • Korean movie of the week "The Grand Heist"

    2013/09/19, Source
    Korean movie of the week "The Grand Heist" (2012) Directed by Kim Joo-ho With Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Ji-ho, Min Hyo-rin, Sung Dong-il, Shin Jung-geun, Ko Chang-seok,... Synopsis The Chosun version of "Ocean's Eleven" about thieves wiping out an ice storehouse during the plots for authority that took 3 years to produce,...More
  • Gang Dong-won's come back flick, "Band of Thieves"

    2012/12/13, Source
    Gang Dong-won and Ha Jung-woo will be filming "Band of Thieves". Based in the late Chosun, Ha Jung-woo and Gang Dong-won have confirmed to star in the movie "Band of Thieves",...More
  • Lee Da-hae turns into a female warrior
    2012/11/12, Source
    "IRIS 2" high level action Lee Da-hae is turning into a female warrior,...More
  • TOP's "The Graduate" starts filming after director change

    2012/09/12, Source
    Big Bang's TOP (Choi Seung-hyun) movie called "The Graduate" will start filming under Park Hong-soo. Park Eun-kyeong, CEO of the production company The Lamp, told My Daily, "Park Hong-soo is going to start filming next week",...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Howling"

    Film: "Howling" Director: Yoo Ha ("A Frozen Flower" and "A Dirty Carnival") Stars: Song Kang-ho, Lee Na-young, Shin Jung-geun, and Lee Sung-min Review Score: 6/10 Also try: "A Frozen Flower" and "Blind" Director Yoo Ha's last film, "A Frozen Flower", was a rich and compelling and it caught my attention when I was first getting into Korean cinema. It had an interesting mix of contemporary social issues painted through a historical lens, a combination that I always thoroughly enjoy when done right. It was close to four years after "Frozen Flower" that he released "Howling", a mystery drama that boasts some big name actors in the form of Song Kang-ho ("Secret Reunion", "The Host" and "Memories of Murder") and his co-star Lee Na-young ("Dream" and "Someone Special"). Together they made for some interesting on-screen chemistry, but was Yoo Ha able to give them enough to work with in his one?,...More
  • Director Kang Woo-seok has mind set on web-toon "Fist of Legend"

    2012/03/13, Source
    Kang Woo-seok who stepped back from the production team of "King of Chosun" due to conflicts with CJ, has confirmed on his next project. Cinema Service conveyed that Kang Woo-seok will be making web-toon "Fist of Legend" into a movie. "Fist of Legend" is a web-toon that was published serially on the portal site Daum,...More
  • Kim Nam-gil and Gang Dong-won are coming back

    2012/03/11, Source
    Discharged in July and August Big fish are returning to the entertainment biz where there is currently a famine in actors. Kim Nam-gil and Gang Dong-won who are serving military duty as public service officers are being discharged in July and August. Several movie, drama and advertisement productions are busy on their feet's trying to get them to star in their projects,...More
  • Stars Being Released From The Military In 2012

    2012/02/17, Source
    Following the discharge of actor Lee Joon-gi from the military, much attention is being focused on other male stars expected to make their returns this year. Lee first enlisted back on May 3, 2010, having served in the public relations department in the Ministry of National Defense. He was recently discharged on February 16th, and has already been busy with a fan meeting on the same day at Sang Myung University. 2,000 of his fans came out to greet him,...More
  • Korea Is Home for Philippine-Born Parliamentary Hopeful

    2012/02/15, Source
    Jasmine Lee, the Filipina who is being considered as a candidate on the ruling Saenuri Party's party list, came to Korea in 1994 after marrying her late husband, who was a sailor. Lee was attending medical school in the Philippines at the time. "My husband came into the store my parents ran in Divao to buy a drink. He seems to have fallen in love with me at first sight", Lee recalls. "I watched the store at weekends at the time. He came back again and again to buy candy, beer and other things during his three-day stay. Finally, he asked for my name, address and phone number",...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Front Line": Making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill

    Jang Hoon's "The Front Line" has achieved much since its release in July. The war drama snatched up four awards from KAFC (Korean Association of Film Critics), another four from the Daejong Film Awards, two technical awards from the Blue Dragon Film Awards, had some 2,949,198 viewers watch it while on the circuit, and it was selected as South Korea's official submission to the Academy Awards. The film was also screened at a number of film festivals around the world but what is it about "The Front Line" that lets it stand tall among other, possibly more substantial and intimate, Korean War films?,...More
  • User Review - Secret Reunion

    2011/11/26, Source
    Some things to know about my review: - My reviews are subjective and my opinions based on my own general likes and dislikes, unclouded by obsessions. - They usually don't have major or ending spoilers, but if they do, they will come with a warning. - If I like a movie enough to write about it, I write a lot about it. My reviews are huge. - I don't take myself too seriously so my reviews reflect that. It's light reading. A lot of it, but light. "Secret Reunion" starts, Gang Dong-won speaks and the rest is awesome, due to the fact that his voice has thrown me into a fangirl coma. Ok, I'm kidding. But the movie does start as you would expect a movie like this to. We have rain, a small bleak apartment and a sad-face North Korean agent who is bidding his pregnant wife and unborn kid goodnight, before getting prepped for his next mission after which "he will definitely come home",...More
  • "The Front Line" screenings in LA and Santa Monica

    2011/11/11, Source
    After holding special screenings in support of "The Front Line", South Korea's submission to the Academy Awards best foreign language film category nominations, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) has announced it saw a strong turnout and positive reactions. About 500 industry professionals including members of the press from LA Times, Variety and the Hollywood Foreign Press attended the screenings,...More
  • JUDY AHN, Head of International Business, Showbox / Mediaplex

    2011/11/07, Source
    Judy Ahn is Head of International Business at Showbox / Mediaplex, the company responsible for the hit Korean War film "The Front Line". Directed by Jang Hoon, the film has been selected as South Korea's entry for consideration to be nominated to the Oscars foreign language film category. Kim Seong-hun met with Ahn to talk about Showbox's films and "The Front Line" in particular,...More

    2011/11/01, Source
    Feng Xiaogang's "AfterShock" Named Closing Night Film Festival Welcomes the North American Premieres of Oh Seong-yoon's "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" and Loy Arcenas‚ "Niño" Orange, CA (October 31, 2011) - Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, recognized as one of the premiere film schools in the United States, in continued partnership with South Korea's Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Asia's largest film festival, today announced the official program for the upcoming Busan West Asian Film Festival, November 11-13 in Orange, Calif,...More
  • "Spotlight on Contemporary Korean Cinema" in Los Angeles

    2011/10/29, Source
    Spotlight on Contemporary Korean Cinema - including Jang Hoon Retrospective Event, held from 11/2/11 to 11/5/11. This event is sponsored by KOFIC and presented to you by KCCLA. 5505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 Map Phone: (323)936-7141 Fax: (323)936-5712 Copyright© 2008 Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, All rights reserved,...More

    2011/10/06, Source
      CJ sells "My Way" and "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus" to U.S. The Korean distributor sold epic WWII film "My Way" and dinosaur action cartoon "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus" to American distributor Well Go USA. KANG Je-kyu's "My Way" stars Jang Dong-gun and Joe Odagiri as a Korean and a Japanese swept up in the tides of war. Han Sang-ho's "Speckles: The Tarbosaurus" is a 3D family adventure movie that has been pre-sold to multiple territories including Germany (MFA+), Russia (Carmen Films) and India (Star),...More
  • The 3 Means of Success For Hot Stars

    2011/10/01, Source
    There was an article a few days ago in the korean Osen portal, on Gang Dong-won, Won Bin and Gong Yoo and 3 common elements between them which contributed to their success. Being someone who has quite positive feelings for all three of these beloved actors, I decided to write an article inspired by the one found in Osen. Well-timed transition from television to movies So the one obvious common strategy between these three is that they started with television. Dramas are a good way to gain popularity, raise the level of offers you get and generally get noticed. All three gentlemen started with them and gained recognition and mainly fame through them. But television is a good way to pigeonhole ones self,...More
  • Experience the fusion of Korean Culture and The Four Season City of Australia, through the eyes of KOFFIA 2011

      "I'm genie for you boy, I'm genie for your wish…" (GENIE, Girls' Generation) As I was walking across the aisle, the Genie song tickled my ears as it was inviting me to come in. I was then so sure for stepping my feet further inside. This is the place. It was Monday. As Melbourne is (in)famously known as the four season city, the day was a bit chilly even though it was already spring. It supposed to be the most lovable season when the wind should've stopped demonstrating his fierce blow. I hurriedly walked from the nearest tram stop to my destined place, ACMI (Australia Center for Moving Image). One of the greatest place in Melbourne. And where the Korean Film Festival 2011 was held,...More
  • "The Front Line" Selected as Korea's Entry to Academy Awards

    2011/08/29, Source
    by KOFIC Staff Korean Film Council (KOFIC, Chairman: Kim Eui-suk) has made its decision on "The Front Line", directed by Jang Hoon, as Korea's representative for Best Foreign Film section of the 84th Academy Awards, USA. "The Front Line", starring Shin Ha-kyun and Go Soo, is a war-themed human drama that depicted subtle yet complicated relationship between North and South Korean soldiers engaged in fierce battles to capture the frontier base of 'Aerok Hill' during the latter part of Korean War. Jang Hoon is a former assistant director of Kim Ki-duk, Korea's leading film auteur, and has already directed such critical and commercial hits as "Rough Cut" (2008) and "Secret Reunion" (2010), firmly establishing himself as one of the leading filmmakers in Korea today,...More
  • Actors help 'Hindsight' keep focus

    Actors Song Kang-ho, left, and Shin Se-kyung appear in a scene from "Hindsight", the latest film by Lee Hyun-seung. / Courtesy of CJ E&M Pictures By Lee Hyo-won In the 1990s, Lee Hyun-seung shot to stardom with the visually lush "Blue In You" (1992) and became a household name with another striking film, "Il Mare" (2000), which went on to become the first local flick to be remade in Hollywood (into "The Lake House", a 2006 piece starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock). "Hindsight" takes the director's art-school pedigree to new heights, by featuring even more breathtaking, color-coded visuals set to signature soundtracks from his previous two films,...More
  • KOFFIA: Korean Screen Hits The International Scene Down Under

    2011/08/23, Source
    Korean cinema is revived this August as the Korean Film Festival In Australia (or KOFFIA, for brevity's sake) rolls onto the Aussie red carpet for a week-long foray into the world of Korea in pictures. The festival sees a clash of east and western cultures as Korean films hit Sydney shores at Dendy Cinemas, sitting on a backdrop of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The fever's spread further south this year too, with the festival expanding into Melbourne after the Sydney-exclusive's success last year,...More
  • "Quick" is Speeding Its Way to the United States and Canada! +Win FREE Tickets!

    2011/08/12, Source
    "Quick" redefines the Korean blockbuster and blasts away the summer heat! The speed maniac and motorcycle messenger Gi-su receives a mysterious call when he is about to take Arom, his ex-girlfriend and a member of a girl band, to a live broadcast. Suddenly, a mysterious voice on the phone warns that there is a bomb wire to Arom's helmet and that a package must be delivered to a designated address within 30 minutes. "Remove the helmet or fail to complete the mission and the bomb goes off". ...As the clock is ticking, the two begin a race against time to stay alive,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Korean Weekend Box Office (2011.07.29~2011.07.31)

    2011/08/01, Source
    Korean Weekend Box Office (2011.07-29~2011.07.31) It was a close race for the top spot but Jang Hoon's "The Front Line" came through with the honours. The war drama saw some 474,439 tickets sold bringing its total to 1,635,877. Jang Hoon involves himself in a number of technical arenas in the industry and is probably best known for two previous films "Rough Cut" and the 2010 hit "Secret Reunion".,...More
  • KOFFIA 2011 Film Line-up announced!

    2011/07/27, Source
    KOFFIA 2011 is coming! HOLD ON TIGHT! For immediate release The KOFFIA Korean Film Festival is back in Sydney for the second time this August, bigger and better than ever, and it all begins here! KOFFIA 2011 will present 13 feature films and 7 shorts that showcase the great diversity of Korean cinema today, as well as providing a true Korean cultural experience with industry forums, cultural performances, food tastings and so much more. HOLD ON TIGHT! The festival will take place from 24th – 29th August at Dendy Cinemas in Circular Quay, Sydney. In this Australia-Korea Year of Friendship, we are very excited to announce that KOFFIA will also travel down to the beautiful city of Melbourne! The festival will run from 10th – 13th September at ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne. This is an extra special date, as 12th September marks the important Korean Thanksgiving Holiday of Chuseok, join us in this celebration,...More
  • 'Front' brings harrowing views of war

    2011/07/14, Source
    Actors Lee Je-hoon, left, and Goh Soo in a scene from the Korean War (1950-53) film "The Front Line" By Lee Hyo-won It's another Korean War (1950-53) film, made on a hefty budget - at least for local standards - and featuring an A-list cast. The viewer, already having seen such action-packed, homespun tearjerkers celebrating humanist values as "Taegukgi" and "71-Into the Fire" or any one of those Hollywood World War II blockbusters, can easily doubt whether Jang Hoon's upcoming "The Front Line" could bring something new,...More
  • Ko Chang-seok "Quick" and "The Front Line" released a day apart

    2011/07/06, Source
    Actor Ko Chang-seok is in a tight spot with the two 10 billion won movies with him in it are being released only a day apart. He is in "The Front Line" releasing on the 20th and "Quick" coming out on the 21st. The two movies started shooting almost at the same time since the end of last year until the beginning of this year but they were set to be released in the summer and in Chuseok. Primarily meant for Chuseok, "Quick" has been reset to be released this summer as the materials of the movie like the action was judged to be more fit for the summer by the production. As well, "The Front Line" was to be released in time for the June 25th War Memorial day but was delayed in filming, therefore only being released in the summer.,...More
  • 'The Front Line' spotlights the Forgotten War

    2011/06/16, Source
    By Park Sung-hee Jang Hoon, who directed the hit inter-Korean drama "Secret Reunion", has returned with another film involving the two Koreas. "The Front Line" takes viewers back to the Korean War (1950-53), which is largely known as the Forgotten War, and looks into parts of the conflict that have slipped into oblivion. Jang teamed up with a seasoned scriptwriter Park Sang-yeon for the 10 billion-won project. "Even Koreans remember only about six months of the Korean War", scriptwriter Park told reporters Tuesday in Seoul. "But the actual conflict went on for another 30 months. We wanted to tell the forgotten parts of the Forgotten War",...More
  • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Introduce Yourself to Korean Cinema: 7 Films to Get You Started

    Are you interested in Korean cinema but don't know where to start? The following is a short list of films that I believe would give any film enthusiast a good grounding for what Korean cinema has to offer. They include award-winning films, films that provide insight into Korea's history and culture, as well as a couple of fantastic genre films that Korean cinema tends to favour.,...More
  • Go Soo and Shin Ha-kyun's "The Front Line" confirms release in July

    2011/05/22, Source
    Movie "The Front Line" with actors Go Soo and Shin Ha-kyun has confirmed its release date on the 21st and revealed its 2nd poster. "The Front Line" is the story of the soldiers who fought in the was in 1953 when the truce negotiation was going on for 2 years.,...More
  • "The Front Line" pre-sold to 3 countries... what about Cannes?

    2011/05/12, Source
    It turns out director Jang Hoon's war movie "The Front Line" has already been pre-sold in 3 countries without any promotional videos. Distributor of the movie "The Front Line" (produced by TPS Company) Showbox revealed, ""The Front Line" has already been sold to England, Thailand and Germany through the Berlin Movie Festival".,...More
  • Analysis of 2010 Korean Film Industry

    2011/04/26, Source
    by KOFIC Film Research & Development Center In 2010, the Korean film industry witnessed several significant changes, many of which were directly related to the worldwide success of the Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar". The box office gross increased by 6.5% as compared to last year, largely due to the increased ticket prices of 3D films, which boomed in popularity following "Avatar". However, the number of admissions actually decreased by 5.2%, scoring a total of only 146 million admissions. The number of times the average Korean went to the movie theater also dropped from 3.15 per individual in 2009 to 2.92 in 2010,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Vegetarian

    Lim Woo-seong's debut film "Vegetarian" had to compete at the Korean box office with the likes of "Secret Reunion" and the recorded breaking "Avatar" early last year. This low-budget psychological drama only managed a mere 3,145 admissions but scored an invitation to be screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.,...More
  • Cinema Attendance Shrinks in Korea as Foreign Movies Lag
    2011/03/10, Source
    The number of moviegoers dropped by four million in January and February from the same period last year, but domestic films dominated the box office while foreign movies struggled.

    According to the Korean Film Council on Monday, 25.7 million movie tickets were sold in the two month period, compar,...
  • Family fun for the long holiday

    2011/02/01, Source
    "COSplayer" (2004) by Cao Fei at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / Courtesy of MOCA, Showbox/Mediaplex, SBS Contents Hub, Seensee Company, SBS Movies, performances and exhibition lineup for Seollal By Lee Hyo-won, Kwon Mee-yoo and Ines Min Seollal falls on Thursday this year, giving way to a long lunar New Year break that allows some people to take up to nine days off,...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] Secret Reunion

    Director Jang Hoon creates another box-office smash with his second film "Secret Reunion" that's filled with plenty of spy action. Building on the success of his first film ("Rough Cut", 2008), Jang Hoon manages to pull in the crowds with his comical buddy flick.,...More
  • Top Korean Movies to Look Out for in 2011
    2011/01/12, Source
    Since 2001, the overall market share of Korean movies has been on the rise in the country reaching its peak in 2006 at 64 percent but falling to 46 last year.
    But experts say that the number is only going to decrease slightly this year to around 44 percent.
    This is mainly due to large Hollywood co,...
  • Stars Born in Year of Rabbit

    2010/12/23, Source
    As the year 2011 is the year of the rabbit, many star actors who were born in the year of rabbit – year 1951, 1963, and 1987 – are making a fresh resolution to make a new leap forward next year. Let's take a look at those stars who were born in the year of the rabbit and have actively been performing in the various fields of broadcasting, movies, and music,...More
  • "Secret Reunion" wins best picture at Blue Dragon awards

    2010/11/29, Source
    Poster for film "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean film "Secret Reunion" starring top actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won took the prize for best picture at this year's Blue Dragon Film Awards held last Friday. The action drama helmed by director Jang Hoon had competed against "The Man From Nowhere", "Moss", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" and "The Housemaid - 2010",...More
  • 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards Winners

    2010/11/27, Source
    Best Film: "Secret Reunion",...More
  • KoreaTown – Korean Cinema in Los Angeles, CA

    2010/11/24, Source
    Posted on November 23, 2010 by KOCCA By Lukas Schwarzacher Koreatown in Los Angeles is called the "Seoul of the West". It's only 3 square miles (7.8 square kilometers) big, but over 120,000 people live there between shops and entertainment spots, almost all with Korean signage. And while Hollywood movies capture most of the screens in the U.S., there are two cinemas in Koreatown which show Korean films subtitled in English,...More
  • Gang Dong-won to enter military today

    2010/11/18, Source
    Gang Dong-won [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Gang Dong-won will enter the military today, according to multiple sources in the entertainment business. The sources told Asia Economic Daily's Sports Today on Thursday that Kang, 29, will enter the Nonsan training camp in the South Chungcheong Province around 1 p.m,...More
  • Gang Dong-won or Won Bin? Who will win this year's Daejong Award?

    2010/10/28, Source
    Who will get Daejong Best Actor Award, Gang Dong-won or Won Bin? The 47th Daejong Awards will be held on the 29th in Kyeong-hee University's Hall of Peace. On that day's awards event, 'Bedevilled', "The Servant", 'Barefoot Dream', "Poetry", 'I Saw the Devil', 'The Man From Nowhere', "Secret Reunion", "Moss", "Harmony", and "The Housemaid - 2010" will complete against each other.,...More
  • Gang Dong-won says "wants the power to teleport"

    2010/10/18, Source
    Actor Go Soo speaks to reporters during a press conference for film "Haunters" held at a Megabox theater in Dongadaemun of Seoul, South Korea on October 18, 2010. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Gang Dong-won has said that he would want the ability to teleport to outer space although in the past, he wanted to have the power to control people's minds as his character does in his upcoming film "Haunters",...More
  • Official movie poster and trailer revealed for "Haunters"

    2010/10/12, Source
    Main poster for upcoming Korean thriller "Haunters" [Zip Cinema] The official movie poster and trailer for the upcoming Korean thriller tentatively titled "Haunters", starring top Korean actors Gang Dong-won and Go Soo, have been released. The movie poster shows the two actors with the phrase,,...More
  • Won Bin became 'Daughter Crazy"... Netizen said, "I'm jealous of that child actor"

    2010/10/06, Source
    Actor Won Bin got new nickname, ‘Daughter Crazy”. ‘Daughter Crazy’ is a new word for fathers who think of their daughter extremely dearly. Nowadays, people use this word to male celebrities who take care of child actors as if she was their daughter.,...More
  • [ChanMi's take] Gang Dong-won's style, only something he would try

    2010/09/19, Source
    Gang Dong-won is in Japan promoting the film "Secret Reunion". He is also currently filming the new "Haunters" with Go Soo,...More
  • Young Women Boost Viewing Figures for Won Bin Action Flick

    2010/09/18, Source
    The violent action film "The Man From Nowhere" continues to draw crowds at the box office, staying at No. 3 in the sixth week aft,...More
  • So Ji-sub to receive honor at Daejong Film Awards

    2010/09/17, Source
    Korean actor So Ji-sub [51K] Korean actor So Ji-sub will be honored with an award at the upcoming Daejong Film Awards, according to the Motion Pictures Association of Korea on Friday. The 33-year-old actor will be recognized for the awareness he has created of Korean culture throughout Asia at the opening ceremony of the acclaimed film fest on September 25, to be held at the Seoul City Hall Plaza,...More
  • Tragedy fails to shake Filipina's belief in Korea

    2010/09/08, Source
    This is the first in a series of interviews and articles dealing with leading members of Korea's multicultural society and their life in a home away from home. ― ED.

    By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
  • Movie 'The Man From Nowhere' Ranks Atop Ticket Sales

    2010/09/03, Source
    The movie "The Man From Nowhere", in which actor Won Bin appears as the prota,...More
  • Testosterone-fueled films dominate
    2010/08/12, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won

    Korean actresses should be enjoying a nice long vacation on exotic beaches this summer — as male stars unabashedly show off their macho side onscreen there seems to be little room for the ladies.

    The alpha male, as depicted through recent Korean cinema, has been reverting to a,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "The Man From Nowhere" has a great start

    2010/08/09, Source
    Won Bin is the main character for the movie, "The Man From Nowhere" which had been released this year. It has only been out for 5 days when it has already hit 1 million viewers. The CJ Entertainment said that it has only been a first week for this great turnout. Other films that had the similar audience was "Secret Reunion" and,...More
  • Fantasia presents 14 Korean features
    2010/07/20, Source
    Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, running July 8 – 28 in Canada's second-largest city, presents a total of 14 Korean features this year. The festival which highlights fantasy and strong genre-oriented films from Asia will screen the Canadian premiere of,...More
  • NYAFF screens wide selection of Korean films
    2010/07/20, Source
    The ninth edition of the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) wrapped on Thursday, July 8, after presenting 45 films from across Asia including seven Korean features and a collection of eight Korean standout shorts from Seoul's 2009 Mise-en-Scéne Short Film Festival.

    Of the seven Korean features,...
  • Korean box office sets all-time high during first half of 2010

    2010/07/07, Source
    Movie posters for Korean films "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" (left) and "Secret Reunion", both starring actor Gang Dong-won [CJ Entertainment/Showbox] The Korean box office set a new record during the first half of 2010 with ticket sales hitting an all-time high, according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). KOFIC's official report on the local film industry, released Tuesday, stated that Korean moviegoers paid out approximately 547 billion won for theater tickets during the first six months of the year, up 14.6 percent from the same period last year,...More
  • 'CGV LA' to Open in Hollywood

    2010/06/07, Source
    A movie theater screening Korean films exclusively will open in Hollywood in the U.S. city of Los Angeles.

    CJ CGV, the largest theater chain in South Korea, said Monday that "CGV LA" will open in L,...
  • Gang Dong-won denies going to military in November

    2010/06/06, Source
    Korean actor Gang Dong-won [Asia Economic Daily] Korean actor Gang Dong-won has denied recent rumors that he will be joining the army in November to fulfill his mandatory two-year military service. An official at Gang's agency talked with Asia Economic Daily over the phone on Saturday, downplaying the media reports as "not true",...More
  • [10LINE] Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon

    2010/05/28, Source
    Clockwise from top center: actress Lee Hye-young-I, actress Moon So-ri,director Lee Chang-dong, actor Song Kang-ho, and director Im Sang-soo [10Asia] Jeon Do-yeon "A friend who says she wants to become like me so badly that she will seal the deal at the risk of her future has only seen the pretty and fancy side to me. It's not difficult to become like me. It's just hard for someone to want to become like you". - Jeon Do-yeon's line from her cameo appearance on SBS TV series "On Air". About life as an actress. About life as Jeon Do-yeon. Kang Shin-hye A reporter who worked for teenage magazine Hi-teen in 1990. She encouraged Jeon, who during her senior year in high school went to the magazine to receive a prize from a postcard contest, to become a cover model,...More
  • Ticket sales up in first quarter 2010
    2010/04/09, Source
    KOFIC's Korean box office statistics for the first quarter of 2010 show a 30.1% rise in ticket revenues compared to the same period last year. The success of 3D Hollywood blockbusters, which charge a premium rate, and a bump in general ticket prices that took place last summer, contributed to the i,...More
  • [10LINE] Actor Gang Dong-won

    2010/04/09, Source
    Clockwise from top center: actor Jo Han-seon, actor Won Bin, director Lee Myeong-se, director Choi Dong-hoon and actor Song Kang-ho [10Asia] Gang Dong-won "Just talking about you is cool and you're handsome and all I can say is that I love you a lot. That's the truth". -from the movie "M". Being handsome is important but you need something more than just the looks. Just like actor Gang Dong-won. Ha Jung-hwa He was Gang Dong-won's physical education teacher from middle school. Kang wrote a letter thanking Ha in the magazine "Good Friend". When he was younger he was smart and athletic and he reached the height of 180cm after growing 25 cm during his middle school years,...More
  • Korean films dominate local box office during Q1

    2010/04/07, Source
    Posters for film "Secret Reunion" (left) and "Harmony" [Showbox/CJ Entertainment] Korean films kept a strong presence on the domestic box office during the first quarter of this year despite the explosive success of "Avatar", according to data by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). The KOFIC's quarterly report on the local film industry, released Tuesday, reported that Korean movies accounted for 44.3 percent of market share on the local box office from January to March 2010. Several domestic films -- including "Secret Reunion", "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" and "Harmony" -- each drew over three million moviegoers, faring considerably well against Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar", which dominated Korean theaters for multiple weeks since its release in mid-December,...More
  • Box Office Revenues Rise 30% on 3D Movies' Success
    2010/04/07, Source
    Box office sales have increased by 30 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of this year.

    The Korean Film Council said in its quarterly summary of the Korean motion picture industry that the number of moviegoers also increased more than seven percent during the same period.

    The council att,...
  • "Titans" makes smashing debut on Korean box office
    2010/04/05, Source
    Hollywood action picture "Clash of the Titans" successfully entered the domestic box office last week, surpassing weekly competition to become the most-watched movie during the first week of April, according to estimates on Monday.

    The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed that the mythical f,...
  • Go Hyun-jung, "Haeundae" win grand prize at PaekSang Arts Awards

    2010/03/29, Source
    Korean actress Go Hyun-jung at the 46th PaekSang Arts Awards held at the National Theater of Korea on March 26, 2010. [Asia Economic Daily] Top Korean actress Go Hyun-jung and "Haeundae" producer JK Youn won the grand prize at the 46th PaekSang Arts Awards, held at the National Theater of Korea on Friday. Ko claimed the top crown in the TV category for her portrayal of royal concubine Mi-shil in historical drama "Queen Seon-deok" while producer Yoon was awarded the same honor in the film category,...More
  • "Green Zone" makes debut atop Korean box office
    2010/03/29, Source
    Hollywood war drama "Green Zone" bowed successfully into the domestic box office as the most-watched movie for the last week of March, according to estimates on Monday.

    The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed that the action thriller sold 257,288 tickets during the weekend of March 26 to 28,...
  • "Shutter Island" captures top spot on Korean box office
    2010/03/22, Source
    Official movie poster of "Shutter Island" [Paramount Pictures]

    Crime thriller "Shutter Island" made its way to the top of the domestic box office to win the title as most-watched movie for the third week of March, according to estimates on Monday.

    The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed,...
  • Kim Myung-min, the best in "two-faced charisma"

    2010/03/22, Source
    Kim Myung-min can best display the "two-faced charisma", according to netizens. Movieweek, a major Korean cinema-related website, conducted a survey on who among popular male entertainers could best portray a role with the "two-faced charisma", or the character that can abruptly change from being gentle to terrifying once his temper explodes,...More
  • Director Jang Hoon's Movie Picks

    2010/03/16, Source
    Director Jang Hoon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] There are two men. Whether they have their backs turned or are facing each other, they are enemies. They stand together only because they need to, and the distance between them fails to narrow. Gang-pae (played by So Ji-sub) and Soo-ta (Kang Ji-hwan) met in "Rough Cut" to shoot a film and Han-gyu (Song Kang-ho) and Ji-won (Gang Dong-won) meet in "Secret Reunion" to find what they have lost. Yet while Gang-pae and Soo-ta end up scarring each other deeply, Han-gyu and Ji-won find peace. The man who made these men meet, made them fight and then reconcile, is director Jang Hoon. He has returned with his second directorial feature "Secret Reunion", again telling the story of two male characters as he did with "Rough Cut" but things are different this time,...More
  • Gang Dong-won, Go Soo cast in new action thriller

    2010/03/15, Source
    Korean actors Gang Dong-won and Go Soo [Asia Economic Daily] Top Korean actors Gang Dong-won and Go Soo have become the main cast of a new action thriller tentatively titled "Haunters", according to movie producers Zip Cinema on Monday. Kang will play the role of a mind-controlling psychic who tries to lead an ordinary life until he meets Kyu-nam, played by Ko, who is not affected by his supernatural powers.,...More
  • "Alice in Wonderland" leads domestic box office for second week
    2010/03/15, Source
    Movie poster of "Alice in Wonderland" [Walt Disney]

    Fantasy flick "Alice in Wonderland" led the domestic box office again last weekend, taking its second win as the most watched film in the country, according to estimates on Monday.

    The Korean Box Office System (KOBIS) revealed that Tim Burton,...
  • "Alice in Wonderland" enters Korean box office at No. 1
    2010/03/08, Source
    Official movie poster of "Alice in Wonderland" [Walt Disney Pictures]

    Hollywood film "Alice in Wonderland" made a much anticipated successful bow in South Korea, winning the top spot on its box office for the first week of March, according to estimates on Monday.

    The Korean Box Office System (,...
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Song Kang-ho - Part 1

    2010/03/04, Source
    Korean actor Song Kang-ho [photographed by Beck: Una/10Asia] Song Kang-ho interviewed and photographed by Beck: Una Song Kang-ho is not a funny person. He is an entertaining actor. Song Kang-ho is not a friendly person. He is a familiar actor. Song Kang-ho is not a diligent person. He is an actor who always works. Song Kang-ho is not a successful/proud person. But he is an extraordinary actor. As the third object of "Interview 100", actor Song Kang-ho stood waiting with a cigarette in his mouth and looking more relaxed and comfortable than ever. And rather than giving a fussy greeting or a friendly hug, he simply waved a moderately warm hello with his hand. Beck Una (Beck): When I saw you at the Pusan International Film Festival last year, you said not to expect much from "Secret Reunion" and joked that it was just a movie where you rode on actor Gang Dong-won's popularity from film "JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard". But "Secret Reunion" turned out to be much more commercial. Song Kang-ho (Song): I needed it to vent my spite from "Thirst". It was for the film! Hahahahaha! Beck: You are usually very critical of your own films compared to other actors. What is your take on your film "Secret Reunion"?,...More
  • [INTERVIEW] Actor Song Kang-ho - Part 2

    2010/03/04, Source
    Actor Song Kang-ho [photographed by Beck Una/10Asia] Beck: What did you find likeable and entertaining about the script for "Secret Reunion"? Song: Ten years ago, I did the films "Shiri" and "JSA - Joint Security Area" which are both about South Korea, North Korea and men. So, "Secret Reunion" was similar to them in a way, a similar story, but the overall outline of the movie is completely different from the previous films. The film doesn't treat the South-North division as its theme but rather takes an incredibly soft, light and sophisticated approach to it. I thought that was closer to how the audience currently feels about the division and there was something lovely about a North Korean spy and a former South Korean intelligence service agent living together. I don't think I would have done the movie if it dealt seriously about the division at times like now. Beck:But didn't you choose to do the film because of the character or the role you would get to take on?,...More
  • "Secret Reunion" maintains hold on Korean box office

    2010/03/02, Source
    Official movie poster of Korean movie "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" continued to take control of the Korean box office during the final week of February, according to estimates on Tuesday. The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) revealed the action picture sold over 458,038 tickets during the weekend of February 26 to 28 to attract a over a total 4.2 million admissions since its release earlier in the month. "Secret Reunion" circles around the chance reencounter of former South Korean intelligence official and North Korean spy played by Korean actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won.,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] "Secret Reunion" being loved!

    2010/02/28, Source
    The movie was released on February 4th. The Maxmovie's 15 week profits was shown to be first place for the movie "Secret Reunion". They are being the most watched movie currently for the 24 days in the theaters. It has received 4,098,232 admissions! Other hit movies have been "Avatar" "Harmony" and many more films. However, "Secret Reunion" has out-watched,...More
  • [Movie] Avatar Breaks 10-Million Barrier and Paradigm is Shifted in Film Industry
    2010/02/24, Source
    Avatar (directed by James Cameron), a 3D SF blockbuster, has become Korea's first foreign film to attract more than ten million viewers. The film has sent the domestic film industry into shock by attracting 10,069,047 viewers (provided by distributor) in just 38 days as of January 23.

    Avatar is c,...
  • "Secret Reunion" celebrates third win on Korean box office

    2010/02/22, Source
    No. 1 movie in Korea "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" continued its reign on the Korean box office to remain the most popular film in South Korea for the third consecutive week, according to estimates on Monday. The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) revealed that the action pic sold 594,911 tickets during the weekend of February 19 to 21, admitting over three million viewers since its release in early February. "Secret Reunion" stars Korean actors Song Kang-ho who plays a former South Korean intelligence official and GKang Dong-won as the North Korean spy who reunite after six years since their first encounter.,...More
  • 'Secret Reunion' Holds Grip at Box Office

    2010/02/22, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    "Secret Reunion", about a close-knit friendship between North and South Korean spies, is holding tig,...
  • Actress Chea Min-seo Pushes the Limits in 'Vegetarian'

    2010/02/20, Source
    The low-budget film "Vegetarian" is up at the Korean box office against Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar", which has drawn over 12 million spe,...More
  • Secret Reunion Unseats Avatar

    2010/02/18, Source
    Avatar has been knocked off its seven week perch at the top of the box office by spy thriller "Secret Reunion". The,...More
  • "Secret Reunion" takes another win on Korean box office

    2010/02/16, Source
    Movie poster for "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean movie "Secret Reunion" remained the most popular film in South Korea for the second week in a row, according to estimates on Monday. Data released by the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) indicated that the action flick hung onto spot atop the local box office, selling 726,116 tickets between February 12 and 14 and over a total two million since its release in early February. "Secret Reunion" is about the rendezvous of a former South Korean intelligence official, played by Sang Kang-ho, and North Korean spy, played by Gang Dong-won, meeting six years after their initial encounter.,...More
  • 'Avatar' Beats 'The King and the Clown' to Second Place
    2010/02/15, Source
    Hollywood science fiction blockbuster "Avatar" has come from behind to the second place, outpacing local film, "The King and the Clown".

    According to the compilation of ticket sales at cinemas by Korean Film Council via its,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Current number 1 film on the charts!

    2010/02/14, Source
    Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won are in the new film, "Secret Reunion" which is number 1 in the charts. It's rated that from the last 12th through 14th, for the three days 725,284 people viewed his film! The weekend box office chart number 1 was this film for the 2 weeks! This movie is bringing new energy to the film industry! The number 2 on the charts was the Hollywood fantasy blockbuster "Percy Jackson,...More
  • "Secret Reunion" takes first win on Korean box office

    2010/02/08, Source
    Movie poster of "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Korean film "Secret Reunion" and "Harmony" took over the Korean box office over the weekend to end the reign of Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar", estimates showed on Monday. According to figures by the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS), newly released action film "Secret Reunion" knocked out seven week winner "Avatar" out of the top spot by selling 741,552 tickets between February 5 and 7. "Secret Reunion", about a former South Korean intelligence official and North Korean spy who re-encounter each other six years after their initial meeting, stars actors Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won who play the role of the failed agents.,...More
  • [Movie] Post-Avatar Korean Cinema: 3 Major Films of 3 Different Colors
    2010/02/02, Source
    Seollal (Lunar New Year's Day) and Chuseok (Mid Autumn Festival) are the busiest season for movie theaters. As the Lunar New Year approaches, a host of Korean films are getting ready to hit the screens once the Avatar blast is over.

    Many of them are so called "well-made movies" that are both ente,...
  • [PREVIEW] Movie Secret Reunion

    2010/02/01, Source
    Actors Gang Dong-won (left) and Song Kang-ho in "Secret Reunion" [Showbox] Movie "Secret Reunion" - The terms of brotherhood On a peaceful afternoon, several rounds of gunshots are fired in an apartment complex. As the terrified residents run out of the apartment building, two men face their twisted fate during the chaos. That day, NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent Hangyu (played by Song Kang-ho) gets kicked out of his organization for failing to accomplish his mission while North Korean spy Ji-won (played by Gang Dong-won) also gets abandoned by his home country for being a traitor. Six year pass and the two men meet again, each convinced that the other does not recognize him. The two are closer to being enemies than sworn brothers as they both dream of turning around their life again at the expense of the other. But as they start living together and look into the other person's loneliness, the mood between the two men start to change, little by little. What is worth watching in "Secret Reunion" is how the relationship between these two men change over time.,...More
  • [ChanMi's movie news] Good reviews for "Secret Reunion"

    2010/01/22, Source
    Who said that they would not look good as costars? The film, "Secret Reunion" is receiving good critics! The main characters, Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won have worked with the director, Jang Hoon who has also produced "Rough Cut". The movie is set in the busy city of Seoul where the two have met through a curious gunfire. Secret national agent Hangyu acted by Song Kang-ho and the espionage operator sent from North Korea acted by,...More
  • Kang and Song say bonded like brothers in "Secret Reunion"

    2010/01/21, Source
    Director Jang Hoon (center) poses with his lead actors Song Kang-ho (left) and Gang Dong-won attend a press conference for film "Secret Reunion" held at the COEX Megabox Multiplex theater in Seoul, South Korea on January 19, 2010. [Creative Film Marketing] Press conference for film "Secret Reunion" Song Kang-ho keeps throwing verbal jabs which makes the audience burst out in laughter. Gang Dong-won wears a complex, multi-layered look in his eyes that has not been seen in any of his previous films. From what has been revealed at the press conference for "Secret Reunion", held at Seoul's Megabox Multiplex on Tuesday, "Secret Reunion""Secret Reunion" not only maximized the strengths of the two actors but also took an unexpected turn. The character Han-gyu, a former NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent who now runs a detective agency, appears to be a mixture of Song's two previous characters -- the NIS agent in "Shiri" and the middle-aged mobster in "The Show Must Go on". But his remarks in the movie go far beyond just being funny lines spoken by a character -- it's as if the actor and the character have become one. And one can see in the close-up shots that Gang Dong-won -- who looks as slick as a deer even when he's wearing suits that have long gone out of fashion -- carries in his eyes the intensity of a North Korean spy who is immensely conflicted between his ideology and his emotions.,...More
  • 'Secret Reunion" Offers Bittersweet 'Bromance'

    2010/01/21, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    A story about North and South Korean spies called "Secret Reunion" may initially seem like mawkish c,...
  • Song Kang-ho's New Movie 'Secret Reunion'

    2010/01/17, Source
    In an interview at a hotel in Sokong-dong, actor Song Kang-ho said, "First of all, I could easily identify my own personality with the character I played in the movie ‘Secret Reunion' better than in any of my other movies. The character of Han-kyu in Secret Reunion seems to me to be a mix of previous characters I played before, including Doo-man ("Memories of Murder") and Kyung-pil ("JSA - Joint Security Area"). I think that my character Han-kyu is a unique character, but I also used several of my previous characters from my other movies to influence the character 'Han-kyu'. I see my role as Han-kyu to be an assorted gift of my acting experiences for my fans. I tried to show the essence of my acting through Han-kyu and to express him as a father and a husband in his daily life, even though Han-kyu is an agent of the National Intelligence Service (laughing)". Song, who has gained growing popularity and recognition for his acting credentials, plays Han-kyu, a former agent of the NIS in the movie "Secret Reunion", which is the second movie by director Jang Hoon, whose first project as the main director was "A Movie is a Movie". "Secret Reunion" will be released on February 4.,...More
  • Gang Dong-won says envies Song Kang-ho's animal instincts

    2010/01/06, Source
    From left, actor Song Kang-ho, director Jang Hoon and actor Kang Dong-won pose during a photo session of a press conference for film "Secret Reunion" held at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on January 5, 2009. [Lee Ji-hyuk/10Asia] A former South Korean intelligence agency official and a North Korean spy sent to South Korea. In most films, such a setting would end as a tragedy or result in a clash of ideologies as was the case in films "Shiri" or "JSA - Joint Security Area". These characters, who have been trained for the good of their country, will confront each other brutally or will have to face numerous conspiracies as was the case with the NSS agents in KBS TV series "IRIS". But "Secret Reunion" is a film which seems to be set on providing a new form of enjoyment through its characters. Unlike its poster showing a resolutely determined Song Kang-ho and Gang Dong-won, a preview video revealed at a press conference for the film on Tuesday at the Plaza Hotel drew frequent bursts of laughter from the audience. Lee Han-gyu (played by Song) who looks better as the owner of a detective agency than the national intelligence service from which he has been expelled, and North Korean spy Song Ji-won (played by Kang) who still flaunts his outstanding looks on screen despite the director's efforts to do his best to "make him not look like a model", start living together for different purposes. Lee employes Song to win a prize money given for catching spies and Song starts working at Lee's agency to make money to return to the North. Each character, both of whom have been ousted by their organizations, will try to use the other as a tool to reclaim their original positions but the wall between them starts collapsing. "Secret Reunion", which focused on the individual changes the two characters go through regardless of their different ideologies, is set for release on February 4. Below are excerpts from the press conference attended by Song, Kang and director Jang. Actor Song Kang-ho [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] Q: What sort of film is "Secret Reunion"? Jang Hun (Jang): A South Korean man in the National Intelligence Service meets with a North Korean man sent to the South as a spy. The film is about the two men who start out as enemies but change after seeing the humane sides to each other while living together.,...More

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Brilliant, and very enjoyable.
2010-06-29 11:20:09
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Secret Reunion (의형제)