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Seopyeonje (서편제)

서편제 (Seo-pyeon-je)

Directed by Im Kwon-taek (임권택)

Musical Drama Historical

112min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Seopyonje" and "Sopyonje"
After a long search asking about his half-sisterís whereabouts, Dongho finally encounters Songhwa, now a wandering and blind songstress. Pansoriís wonderful emotional influence, Korean peopleís uprooted lives, and an artistís madness merged in the beautiful sceneries makes this film sad and cruel.


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    • [Artists' Choice]: Director Son Tae-gyum Lists His 10 Favorite Korean Movies

      Son Tae-gyum was born in 1986 in South Korea and graduated from the Department of Cinema Studies at Chung-Ang University,...More
    • [Just out on Blu-ray] Korean movie "Seopyeonje"

      2017/07/06, Source
      Korean movie "Seopyeonje" is available to order on Blu-ray with English subtitles from YESASIA,...More
    • [Upcoming Blu-ray Release] Korean movie "Seopyeonje"

      2017/06/22, Source
      Korean movie "Seopyeonje" is available to pre-order on Blu-ray with English subtitles from YESASIA,...More
    • [Interview] Suzy's bold growth phase - Part 1

      2015/11/23, Source
      Suzy's choice was suberb. The movie "The Sound of a Flower" is the story of Jin Chae-seon, Joseon's first female Pansori singer. Bae Suzy debuted in the year 2010 with Miss A and got to where she is today by acting and singing at the same time. The story of the child who dreamt of singing is just like the Gwangju girl Suzy who also dreamt of being a singer. Suzy said, "When I read the script, it wasn't hard to get into the feeling. I thought about myself when I was in training and I related to the tough times she must have gone through",...More
    • [HanCinema's Box Office Review] 2014.01.10 ~ 2014.01.12

      2014/01/13, Source
      "The Attorney" enjoys its fourth straight week at the top… Yang Woo-seok's "The Attorney" enjoyed its fourth week atop the Korean box office, moving the Song Kang-ho-studded feature closer to a whopping 10 million admissions. Yang's true-life drama added 923, 790 (32.2%) admissions to bump its total tally to 9.2M since its release late last month. It was once again joined in second by Won Shin-yun's action thriller "The Suspect", a modern spy flick that has quietly amassed 3.7M in the shadow of Yang's popular piece. The only other local feature to score a top ten finish this past weekend was Seong Si-heup's comedy "Plan Man"; the film, which stars Jung Jae-young and Han Ji-min, managed just 274, 209 (10.8%) in its first weekend out,...More
    • Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2014.01.10 ~ 2014.01.12

      2014/01/12, Source
      The number one movie this week is "The Attorney" (변호인),...More
    • [New York] Press Conference with Korean directors

      2013/08/01, Source
      ContemporAsian: Focus on Korea @ MoMA Thursday, August 8, 2013 From Monday, August 5th though Sunday, 11th, The Korea Society and MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) co-presents 'Focus on Korea' as part of 'ContemporAsian' film series which presents many contemporary Asian films from pan-Asian countries. The series selects critically lauded Korean films, highlighting current social issues, injustice and human nature. The films maximize distinctive narrative skills from some of Korea's insightful and penetrative renegade filmmakers,...More
    • Korean Box Office for the Weekend 2013.05.31 ~ 2013.06.02

      2013/06/02, Source
      The number one movie this week is "Star Trek Into Darkness",...More
    • Seoul Musical Festival celebrates homegrown shows

      2012/08/18, Source
      Actors perform in a scene of "The Goddess Is Watching" on Wednesday. / Courtesy of Seoul Musical Festival The Seoul Musical Festival (SMF), Korea's first-ever for musical theater people, wrapped up the eight-day event with a gala performance, Monday. Held at various venues of Chungmu Art Hall in central Seoul, the festival began on Aug. 6 with a variety of exhibits and lectures. The "Korean Musical History" exhibition is taking place on the first floor at Chungmu Gallery. Featuring selected costumes and photographs of homegrown works from famous "The Last Empress" to recent "Moby Dick", it runs through Aug. 19,...More
    • Art and Culture

      2012/08/09, Source
      It's almost the weekend and we are here with our Michelle Kim for the details on what we can do on the weekend. For people in both London and Korea, Michelle has a bunch of arts and culture updates for us. Hello Michelle [Reporter : ] Hello Conn-young So what do you have for us today,...More
    • (41) Im Kwon-taek brought Korean tradition to screen

      2012/07/01, Source
      Director Im Kwon-taek received an honorary Berlin Bear award for his lifetime achievement at the 55th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin in 2005. / Korea Times By Andrew Salmon A master of pansori ― a form of vocal Korean opera ― leads his adopted son and daughter through the backwaters of rural Korea. The troupe scratch an increasingly precarious living as itinerant musicians while their master, refusing to compromise with modernity, strictly trains them in the traditional art which is his only skill and his motive passion. But with the country swept up in massive social upheavals between the 1940s, 50s and 60s, their art form is losing its cachet, relevance and audiences. The son decides to abandon his life as a wandering troubadour and embrace modern music. The father ― believing that suffering is essential to create great art, unwilling to change with the times and desperate to keep his hold on to his adopted daughter, an extraordinary vocal talent ― is driven to commit an act of unforgettable cruelty,...More
    • [HanCinema's Film News] KOFA's YouTube Channel goes Live & Lee Yoon-jeong-II's ""Remember O Goddess" crosses the line!

      UPDATE: Earlier this year the Korean Film Archive announced that it had plans to launch a YouTube channel where people could watch classical Korean films online for free. This fantastic initiative has finally come to true as their channel is now live and offers a wide range of films for free viewing. I am also pleased to announce that director Lee Yoon-jeong-II's managed to gather the required funding for the film "Remember O Goddess" ("Remember You - Movie"). The goal of $30,000 was reach (actually surpassed) through the support of some 272 backers from around the world,...More
    • Hwang Jung-min to play Don Quixote in musical

      2012/04/16, Source
      A scene from the musical "Man of La Mancha", which has cast Hwang Jung-min as Don Quixote / Courtesy of OD Musical Company Hwang Jung-min will return to the stage in the role of Don Quixote in the musical "Man of La Mancha" from June, at the Charlotte Theater in southern Seoul,...More
    • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Classical Korean Cinema at KOFA: Im Kwon-taek's "Gilsotteum"

      2012/03/17, Source
      Every month at Korean Film Archive in Seoul Darcy Paquet, a respected Korean film critic and journalist, will be presenting a number of classic Korean films. The first of these was held last weekend and Im Kwon-taek's hidden masterpiece "Gilsotteum" (1985) was screened. After which, Darcy shared some facts on the piece as well as his thoughts on the film, the director and the actors involved. Hancinema was there for the screening and recorded the Q & A session (English and Korean),...More
    • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Korean Cinephiles Rejoice! Korean Film Channel planned for YouTube

      2012/02/18, Source
      In case some of you missed it, there was some pretty exciting news that came out from KOFA this past week. The Korean Film Archive, in partnership with Google, will launch a YouTube channel in May that will showcase 70 classic Korean films. This is fantastic news for Korean cinephiles that would not otherwise have access to some of these rare and classic pieces of Korean film literature,...More
    • Korea's most anticipated films of 2012

      2012/02/10, Source
      With the start of the new year, the Korean film industry looks to its brightest prospects. Kang Byung-jin profiles eight highly anticipated films of 2012. "The Fortune Tellers"  In production. Directed by Sin Jeong-won. Starring Kim Soo-ro, Lee Je-hoon, Kang Ye-won. Produced by Dasepo Club, Saram Entertainment. Distributed by N.E.W.Release planned for the first half of 2012.   Korean fortune-tellers not only tell the future, but they also chase away ghosts. The background of "The Fortune Tellers" is Uljinri where a decades-old evil spirit rules. When mysterious accidents and events keep happening without avail, fortune-tellers from all over the country gather to hold a shaman ritual,...More
    • This week's cultural news 2

      2012/02/10, Source
      [SOV] [Interview : ] "A traditional Korean singer transforms all the sounds in the world into songs. Do you understand[Interview : ] "Yes". "Seopyeonje" is a story of how traditional Korean folk music became art. The story is more recognized for the movie than for the original book. The 1993 movie "Seopyeonje" was the box office hit of the year, changing the face of Korean cinema and presenting viewers with a surprising experience. [Interview : Im Byeong-geun, Musical actor] "When I saw the original movie, it really touched my heart. It seemed to embody the uniquely Korean emotion of "han", or intense resentment caused by injustice",...More
    • Archive spotlights '60s literary films

      2011/12/19, Source
      (Above picture: Actress Yoon Jung-hee and Kang-Shin Sung-il in a scene from Kim Soo-yong's "Night Journey") Cinephiles will have a rare chance to look at some of Korea's hallmark 1960s "literature films". The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) has released a DVD collection of masterworks by Kim Soo-yong, a leading filmmaker of the Golden Age. Kim is renowned for adapting literary works to depict various aspects of contemporary life, adding to the richness of one of the most productive, artistically experimental decades in Korean cinema history,...More
    • 'Sacheon-ga' interprets Brecht through pansori

      2011/10/26, Source
      "It is practically impossible to live nicely. I am too fat to get a job, not even part-time. Per capita income of the nation is $20,000, but I am still hungry. There are many unsold apartments, but I do not have a place to lay my body down. I want to live nicely, but how could I do so in this expensive world", a "sorikkun", or narrative singer recites in a rhythmical tone,...More
    • [Portrait] Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek: master of mirrors

      2011/10/20, Source
      Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek drinks a cup of morning coffee during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe near his home in Suji, Gyeonggi Province on Sept. 28. / Photography by Jesse Chun for The Korea Times,...More
    • Filmmaker Im to get achievement award

      2011/07/04, Source
      By Do Je-hae

      Filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive an achievement award from the Korea Evergreen Association, a civic organization devoted to,...
    • 'Seopyeonje - Musical' named best homegrown show at Musical Awards

      2011/06/08, Source
      Cho Kwang-hwa, second from right, writer of the musical "Seopyeonje - Musical", speaks after receiving the Best Original Musical trophy at the fifth Musical Awards, at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Tuesday. / Courtesy of the Musical Awards By Kwon Mee-yoo "Seopyeonje - Musical" scooped five awards, including Best Original Musical, Best Director, Best Drama, Best Female Actress and Best New Actress, at the fifth Musical Awards at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in central Seoul, Tuesday,...More
    • [HanCinema Korea's Diary] Introduce Yourself to Korean Cinema: 7 Films to Get You Started

      Are you interested in Korean cinema but don't know where to start? The following is a short list of films that I believe would give any film enthusiast a good grounding for what Korean cinema has to offer. They include award-winning films, films that provide insight into Korea's history and culture, as well as a couple of fantastic genre films that Korean cinema tends to favour.,...More
    • Retrospective to Showcase Im Kwon-taek's Films

      2010/08/10, Source
      Cinema fans awaiting the release of Im Kwon-taek's 101st film, "Hanji", will have an op,...More
    • 44 Korean Films at the 2009 Marrakech International Film Festival
      2009/11/19, Source
      In a celebration of Korean film, a record 44 will screen at this year's 2009 International Film Festival of Marrakech. In addition, representatives from Korean government organizations, the Korean film industry: producers, directors, actors and film festival delegates will be in attendance. The fes,...More
    • Most Translated Korean Writer Go Eun
      2009/01/29, Source
      51 books in 15 languages... Lee MY, Lee CJ follow

      The Korean author whose works were introduced overseas the most is poet Go Eun.

      According to data on overseas publications of Korean literature compiled by the Korea Literature Translation Institute (Director Kim Joo-youn), 51 books by Go have,...
    • 2008 Literature: Return of Korean Novels
      2008/12/19, Source
      By Chung Ah-young
      Staff Reporter

      This year, Korean literature has resurged, surpassing the popularity of the self-help and practical books, which usually sell well in economic slump.

      According to Kyobo Bookstore, many novels dealing with family values and warm-hearted emotions garnered popula,...
    • 8th Gwangju Int'l Film Festival Kicks Off
      2008/12/09, Source
      The 8th edition of the Gwangju International Film Festival (GIFF) opens Dec. 4 with curtain-raiser "The Code" by Japan's Kaizo Hayashi. The fest distinguishes itself from such heavyweights as Pusan and Jeonju by being a non-competitive five-day event that highlights emerging directors of recent yea,...More
    • Credits Roll for Korea's Oldest Movie Theater

      2008/09/26, Source
      Dansungsa, the oldest movie theater in Korea in Myo-dong, Jongno-gu in Seoul, has gone bankrupt. The main creditor bank of the cinema, Woori Bank, on Thursday said Dansungsa on Sept. 19 failed to pay,...More
    • Im Kwon-taek's 101st to premiere at Jeonju Fest

      Prolific and renowned director Im Kwon-taek is working on his 101st project titled "Son" (English translation: "hand"), the film will premiere,...More
    • Prominent novelist Lee Cheong-joon dies

      2008/07/31, Source
      Lee Cheong-joon, who is often called an "intellectual writer" for his refined writing style and thought-provoking literary themes, died of l,...More
    • Director Im Wearied by 'Reckless' Korean Filmmaking

      2008/06/24, Source
      Celebrated Korean director Im Kwon-taek (72) visits the 30th International Moscow Film Festival for the first time in 20 years. The festival is,...More
    • Moscow Honors Im Kwon-taek with Retrospective

      2008/06/04, Source
      An impressive 12 film retrospective, surveying the work of legendary Korean director Im Kwon-taek, will be held in the Russian capital of Mosco,...More
    • Oh Jung-hae Spreads Korean Beauty through Music, Acting

      2008/05/07, Source
      Traditional Korean music singer cum actress Oh Jung-hae is one of the true artists of today. Her refined appearance and heartrending voice embod,...More
    • [Photo News] Korean movie director honored

      2007/12/17, Source
      Korean movie director Im Kwon-taek receives this year's Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) on Saturday,...More
    • Great filmmaker Im to get French Legion of Honor

      2007/11/29, Source
      Korea's top filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will receive the Order of the Legion of Honor from the French government on Friday, in recognition of his de,...More
    • 2007 PIFF to Feature Edward Yang Retrospective
      2007/09/05, Source
      By Lee Hwan-hee
      Staff Reporter

      A retrospective honoring the late Taiwanese director Edward Yang will be held at next month's 2007 Pusan International Film Festival. The complete lineup was also announced Tuesday.

      While the deaths of film directors Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman wer,...
    • Im Kwon-taek and Jeon Soo-il invited to Venice
      2007/07/27, Source
      Two Korean films have been invited to screen at the 64th Venice International Film Festival.

      "Beyond the Years", the 100th film by veteran director Im Kwon-taek, will be pr,...
    • Shanghai Selects Radio Star for Its Competition
      2007/05/28, Source
      "Radio Star" has entered the Jin Jue Awards competition section of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival. Shanghai will host the festival from June 16th until the 24th.

    • Korean actresses cleaning up at filmfests
      2007/05/28, Source
      However, she was not alone in making the foundation on which the Korean film industry stands at the moment.

      Since Kang Soo-yeon became the first Korean actress to win a major international award in 1987 with,...
    • Im Kwon-taek's 100th Feature Opens

      2007/04/13, Source
      Maestro filmmaker and Cannes Best Director prize winner Im Kwon-taek presented his 100th feature film, ",...More
    • Veteran Directs First Love Story

      2007/04/12, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      "Beyond the Years" is the 100th movie by maestro director,...
    • Maestro Im Kwon-taek Returns With 100th Film

      2007/04/11, Source
      One of Korea's most renowned film directors, Im Kwon-taek, returns with his 100th film at the age of 71. "Cheonnyeonhak" or ",...More
    • Im unveils 100th film 'Beyond the Years'

      2007/04/05, Source
      If you have already made 99 movies in your lengthy and diverse career, what kind of project would you choose to make for your 100th film? The question may sound unrealistic for most directors around t,...More
    • Master Director Films 100th Movie

      2007/04/04, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      Maestro filmmaker Im Kwon-taek has completed his 100th film, saying that he feels that he has just passed t,...
    • KBS Marks 80th Anniversary
      2007/02/23, Source
      Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) will celebrate its 80th anniversary with various special programs ranging from documentaries to movies.

      On Feb. 26, KBS 1TV will air a concert by legendary trot singer Lee Mi-ja-I, who will perform some 30 songs that set milestones in the 80-year history of Korea's,...
    • Director Im to Soon Release 100th Film

      2007/02/20, Source
      One of Korea's greatest film directors is about to release his 100th movie.
      Im Kwon-taek has directed movies since 1962, mostly on traditional,...
    • Screen 2007: Return of Master Directors
      2007/01/09, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      The number of films produced last year was 108, the most ever in Korean cinematic history, and many of them were feature debut works by emerging directors. But more familiar names will be seen at the box office this year as many renowned directors are preparing to,...
    • Legendary Director Releases Collection of Five Movies

      2006/08/29, Source
      Five acclaimed movies by director Im Kwon-taek are now available for purchase in a five-disc collection. It contains the Buddhist classic "Come,...More
    • Culture Minister Kim to Launch '6H' Drive
      2006/07/05, Source
      By Chung Ah-young
      Staff Reporter

      Culture and Tourism Minister Kim Myong-gon yesterday said that the ministry will launch a promotional campaign for six Korean traditional brands to diversify the contents of "hallyu", the Korean pop culture boom in Asia.

      The 55Ėyear-old actor-turned-minister a,...
    • 'Seopyeonje' - This 1993 film broke new ground as a cultural blockbuster
      2006/03/24, Source
      Adam Hartzell (internews)

      Nothing is more frustrating in the world of Korean DVDdom than the fact that Im Kwon-taek's "Seopyeonje" still has yet to be made available on DVD wi,...
    • Actress Kim Gyu-ri to Attend Mayenne Film Festival
      2006/03/21, Source
      Actress Kim Gyu-ri has been invited to the Mayenne Korean Film Festival.

      The French Association has been hosting the film festival to mark the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and France from March,...
    • With 'Chonnyonhak' Im Kwon-taek Reaches 100 Films

      2006/03/13, Source
      Director Im Kwon-taek, right, talks with actor Cho Jae-hyun about the opening scene of,...More
    • Korean Cinema Lecture at Yale University
      2006/02/28, Source
      A course in Korean film studies will be offered starting this spring at Yale University, one of the elite universities in the United States.

      Prof. Seungja Choi (55) who teaches Korean language studies in the department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at Yale, revealed on the 27th that thi,...
    • Namyangju Studio Complex
      2005/11/30, Source
      Cinema Paradise in the Forests of the Bukhangang River

      There is a place that has everything it takes to make a movie, except for the script. The Namyangju Studio Complex has all the facilities and equipment needed to make a movie, from start to finish, from shooting to postproduction. With its hi,...
    • Local and Foreign Films With English Subtitles
      2005/11/10, Source

      Until Nov. 19

      Drama Center and Seoul Ani Cinema

      Kicking off yesterday, the annual touring festival will present a range of about 450 films, commercials and music videos for nine days in Seoul, its 19th destination. Under the theme of "Keep It Curious" this year, the 7th festival her,...
    • Japanese Film Theater to Open
      2005/11/08, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      Lee Bong-ou, president of Japanese theater chain Cine Qua Non, poses at the chain's first Korean branch in Myongdong, downtown Seoul. The theater opens on Nov. 11.

      Japanese theater chain Cine Qua Non (CQN) will open its first Korean branch in Myongdong, downtown,...
    • Im Kwon-taek's Retrospective at British Fest
      2005/08/30, Source
      Three representative films by director Im Kwon-taek will be screened at the British film festival Firecracker Showcase 2005 next month, according to the Korean Film Council.

      During The History Man in Firecracker Classics, the festival's spe,...
    • Korean Film Fest Hit Lyons France
      2005/06/13, Source
      SEOUL (Yonhap) - South Korean film students in France will stage the second Korean film festival in the southeastern French tourist city of Lyons from this weekend, the students said Monday.

      The Lyons Korean Film Festival will be held June 18-24 and hosted by the Lyons Korean Film Society, a grou,...
    • Im Kwon-taek Given Honorary Golden Bear by Berlin Film Festival
      2005/02/13, Source
      Korean director Im Kwon-taek (69) became the first Asian awarded the Honorary Golden Bear at the 55th Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. The award, given in recognition of lifetime service to film, has been given to only 18 people,...More
    • Im Receives Honorary Golden Bear at Berlin
      2005/02/13, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      Local director Im Kwon-taek received the Honorary Golden Bear award for his contribution to the movie industry at the 55th Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. Im is the first Asian to receive the,...
    • Im Kwon-taek, world-class movie director
      2005/02/11, Source
      Tony Rayns, a famous British film critic, once said about Im Kwon-taek that his movies unfold like drawing a circle, not a line, that keeps growing around the subject of the movie or conversely keeps narrowing down toward the center, and that,...More
    • Im Gets Honorary Golden Bear Award
      2005/02/02, Source
      By Kim Tae-jong
      Staff Reporter

      The Berlin International Film Festival announced Tuesday that it will grant renowned local director Im Kwon-taek the Honorary Golden Bear award for his contribution to cinematography. The 55th festival takes,...
    • Local Director to Be Honored at Berlin Film Festival
      2005/01/25, Source
      SEOUL (Yonhap) - The Berlin Film Festival will next month present a retrospective of the works of South Korean director Im Kwon-taek and celebrate his contribution to world cinema, local film industry sources said Tuesday.

      "Tribute to,...
    • Life of Korean Wrestler in Japan Brought to Film
      2004/12/07, Source
      By Shim Sun-ah
      Yonhap News Agency
      A South Korean film brought back to life a legendary Korean-born Japanese professional wrestler 41 years after his death.

      Yokdosan, better known in Japan as Rikidozan, was a national hero to Japanese,...
    • Korean Director Wins Best Director Award at Shanghai Film Festival
      2004/06/14, Source
      Lee Jae-yong, the director of the film "Untold Scandal", won the award for best director at the Shanghai International Film Festival, which ended Sunday. He is the second Korean,...More
    • `Scandal' Wins 3 Awards at Shanghai Fest.
      2004/06/14, Source
      A local film about a game of seduction played during the Choson period received three awards at the Seventh Shanghai International Film Festival on Sunday.
      "Untold Scandal" garnered the best director prize for,...
    • Free Screenings of Im Kwon-taek
      2004/05/17, Source
      In celebration of Im Kwon-taek's 99th film "Low Life", which will open locally this Friday, special free screenings of the renowned filmmaker's previous films will take place throughou,...More
    • [Local and Foreign Films With English Subtitles]
      2004/05/06, Source
      Samaria (2004)
      Seoul Selection Bookstore
      Saturday at noon

      Kim Ki-dok's film that mixes a story about teenage prostitution with religious symbolism won the best director's prize at Berlin. On DVD. Located near Anguk Station on s,...
    • 'Korean Culture' According to Foreigners 3 - Mr. Babakhani (Canada)
      2004/04/21, Source
      "Korea fever"

      One of the most widely talked about cultural phenomena of the last decade or so is the renaissance of the Korean cinema and TV. Korean cinema has become a major success story both commercially and artistically, and both in domestic and international markets. Just in recent months,,...
    • Silmido syndrome
      2004/02/10, Source
      The Korean movie industry has grown so phenomenally in recent years that a single film can create economic effects worth 340 billion won. A multi-billion-won blockbuster, complete with ruthless bloodbaths and sad episodes about outcasts, is now drawing a record number of spectators nearing eight dig,...More
    • 50 years of Korean cinema at a glance
      2004/01/01, Source
      A large-scale retrospective will give cinephiles a rare chance to see the best of Korean cinema over the past 50 years. "Panorama: 50 Years of Korean Cinema" will present 54 films for 15 days at Hollywood Cinema in Seoul. The program will kick off the New Year today and continue through Jan. 15.
    • 50 Years of Korean Cinema to Screen
      2003/12/22, Source
      Spanning over half a century of Korean film history, a comprehensive retrospective of local feature films will take place in Seoul next month. And the good thing is you won't need to speak Korean to take part in the event.

      Titled "Panorama: 50 years of Korean Cinema", the festival will screen 54,...
    • New York Museum to Feature Work of Im Kwon-taek
      2003/12/17, Source
      by Kim Jae-ho

      NEW YORK - New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is planning to invite Korean screen master Im Kwon-taek to perform a retrospective of his work next February. MoMA plans to conduct double showings of 15 of the director's rep,...

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     Score composer
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     Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
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