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She Fell Asleep on Her Big Breast

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She Fell Asleep on Her Big Breast

Korean Movie | 2023

거유를 내놓고 잠든 그녀 | ga-yu-reul nae-noh-go jam-deun geu-nyeo


61min | Release date in South Korea:

1. A tired busty woman. The glamor girl fell asleep on the sofa in exhaustion after working all night. After a while, the man who came out of the shower saw her sleeping body and began to feel her strange excitement. When he approached her and lifted her clothes and gave her light skinship, she woke up and started to respond. As he caressed her more and more intensely, her body pierced through the tiredness, her mouth groaned and thick liquid started to come out

2. A hot busty woman. A man and a woman met through chat and had sex. The woman must have liked yesterday's sex. Today she invites the man home again. With her gaze fixed on the branch she had brought to take her shower and cook her dishes, she hurriedly turned her branch to her libido, unable to wait for her sex partner to come to her shortly after. I'm starting to fill...

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She Fell Asleep on Her Big Breast
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She Fell Asleep on Her Big Breast
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