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Tastes of Horror

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Tastes of Horror

Korean Movie | 2023

괴담만찬 | goe-dam-man-chan


Directed byAhn Sang-hoon (안상훈)Chae Yeo-joon (채여준)Im Dae-woong (임대웅)Kim Yong-gyun (김용균)Yoon Eun-kyung (윤은경)

118min | Release date in South Korea:

10 episodes
Segment "Tick Tock Tick Tock" (똑 딱 똑 딱, ddok ddak ddok ddak) by Kim Yong-gyun
An emotional horror flick that occurs when a child abused by a mother meets a ghost.

Segment "Resident-only Fitness Center" (입주민 전용 헬스장, ib-ju-min jeon-yong hel-seu-jang) by Kim Yong-gyun
A daily horror that takes place in an era where interest in fitness is higher than ever and there are ghosts at a gym only available to residents.

Segment "Rehabilitation" (재활, jae-hwal) by Im Dae-woong
An emergency rescue worker Ji-yeon is trapped in a secret and mysterious space after being injured during a rescue operation.

Segment "Delivery Complete" (배달 완료, bae-dal won-ryo) by Im Dae-woong
A story combining the untact-era phenomena interacting through devices with fear.

Segment "Ding Dong Challenge" (딩동 챌린지, ding-dong chae-lin-ji) by Ahn Sang-hoon
The story depicts high school girls challenging a bizarre dance that grant them their wishes if they succeed.

Segment "Hey, Marmons" (헤이, 마몬스, he-i, ma-mon-seu) by Ahn Sang-hoon
A story about a married couple's relationship breaking down due to today's fortune told by AI speakers.

Segment "Four-legged Beast" (네 발 달린 짐승, ne bal dal-lin jim-seung) by Yoon Eun-kyung
A ghost story in which the blood of a four-legged animal increases grades.

Segment "Gold Tooth" (금니, geum-ni) by Yoon Eun-kyung
The story about Jin-tae who steals gold teeth off of bodies and pays off his investment fraud debt.

Segment "Jackpot" (잭팟, jaek-pat) by Chae Yeo-joon
A greedy thriller by cheap humans that takes place when a man who won the jackpot stays at a motel for a day.

Segment "Gluttony" (식탐, sik-tam) by Chae Yeo-joon
A famous mukbang BJ who suffers from anorexia vomits something weird during a live broadcast.


Tastes of Horror
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Tastes of Horror
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Tastes of Horror
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Tastes of Horror
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