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The Apprehenders (체포왕)

체포왕 (Chae-po-wang)

Directed by Lim Chan-ik (임찬익)

Screenplay by , ,

Action Comedy

117min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Officer of the Year"
It’s a dog-eat-dog world where only the fittest survives – and, law enforcement agency is no exception. Competition is fierce between the two neighboring precincts of Mapo and Seodaemun who are subject to constant comparison. Mapo Precinct’s Chief, HWANG Jae-seong is the top dog with unmatched record. When elite academy-graduate JEONG Eui-chan gets newly appointed as Seodaemun’s chief and get his first arrest stolen by HWANG, the rivalry becomes a personal one. And, the race is on for the glorious title of so-called ‘Officer of the Year’ - and generous prize money that comes with it. Both men have their own desperate reasons to win – HWANG needs the credentials for his much overdue promotion and Eui-chan who is about to become a father is in need of the prize money. When a high profile serial-rape case falls on their lap, the two chiefs go head-to-head to catch the perpetrator. With only 2 weeks to deadline, the first to cuff the criminal will take home the prize.


The Apprehenders | Cast

  • Park Joong-hoon (박중훈)
    Park Joong-hoon (박중훈)
    Hwang Jae-seong (황재성)
  • Lee Sun-kyun (이선균)
    Lee Sun-kyun (이선균)
    Jeong Ee-chan (정의찬)
  • Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Lee Sung-min (이성민)
    Detective Jo (조 형사)
  • Kim Jung-tae (김정태)
    Kim Jung-tae (김정태)
    Detective Song (송 형사)
  • Choi Deok-moon (최덕문)
    Choi Deok-moon (최덕문)
    Moppet (발바리)
  • Ko Joo-yeon (고주연)
    Ko Joo-yeon (고주연)
    Soo-yeon (수연)
  • Han Soo-yeon (한수연)
    Han Soo-yeon (한수연)
    Hyeon-sook (현숙)
  • Lee Seung-chul-I (이승철)
    Lee Seung-chul-I (이승철)
    Hyeon-sook's father (현숙 부)
  • Kang Ki-hwa (강기화)
    Kang Ki-hwa (강기화)
    Hye-jin (혜진)
  • Jung Do-won (정도원)
    Jung Do-won (정도원)
    Detective Sin (신 형사)
  • Ahn Yong-joon (안용준)
    Ahn Yong-joon (안용준)
    Detective Kim (김 형사)
  • Oh Sung-soo (오성수)
    Oh Sung-soo (오성수)
    Mapo detective 1 (마포 형사 1)
    Sin Jeong-ho (신정호)
    Mapo detective 2 (마포 형사 2)
    Jeong Dong-cheol (정동철)
    Mapo detective 3 (마포 형사 3)
  • Kim So-jin (김소진)
    Kim So-jin (김소진)
    Mapo female officer (마포 여경)
  • Park Sung-min (박성민)
    Park Sung-min (박성민)
    Seodaemun detective 1 (서대문 형사 1)
    Kim Jae-cheol (김재철)
    Seodaemun detective 2 (서대문 형사 2)
  • Lee Dal (이달)
    Lee Dal (이달)
    Seodaemun detective 3 (서대문 형사 3)
    Kim Hae-jeong (김해정)
    Seodaemun police woman (서대문 여경)
    Kim Seo-kyeong (김서경)
    Victim Mr. Jeong (피해자 정씨)
    Choi Seol-hwa (최설화)
    Victim wife (피해자 부인)
  • Im Jung-woon (임정운)
    Im Jung-woon (임정운)
    Victim husband (피해자 남편)
  • Kwon Gwi-bin (권귀빈)
    Kwon Gwi-bin (권귀빈)
    Victim female student (피해자 여대생)
    Sin Min-yeong (신민영)
    Victim's sister (피해자 여동생)
  • Kim Han (김한)
    Kim Han (김한)
    Driving academy team manager (운전학원 실장)
  • Jo Jae-yun (조재윤)
    Jo Jae-yun (조재윤)
    Jo Tae-bok (조태복)
  • Song Chang-gon (송창곤)
    Song Chang-gon (송창곤)
    Seo Dae-gil (서대길)
  • Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Choi Jae-sup (최재섭)
    Jang Seok-cheol (장석철)
  • Chae Hee-jae (채희재)
    Chae Hee-jae (채희재)
    Intern (인턴)
  • Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Snatch thief 1 (날치기 1)
  • Kim Rok-kyung (김록경)
    Kim Rok-kyung (김록경)
    Snacth thief 1 (날치기 2)
  • Park Moo-yeong (박무영)
    Park Moo-yeong (박무영)
    Madam Jeong (정 마담)
  • Seol Ji-yoon (설지윤)
    Seol Ji-yoon (설지윤)
    Jae-seong's ex-wife (정미애 재성 전처)
    Lee Hye-rin (이혜린)
    So-yeong (소영)
  • Jung Doo-gyum (정두겸)
    Jung Doo-gyum (정두겸)
    Soo-yeon's father (수연 부)
  • Ri Woo-jin (리우진)
    Ri Woo-jin (리우진)
    Mr. Kang (강 사장)
  • Lee Suk-goo (이석구)
    Lee Suk-goo (이석구)
    Mr. Choi (최 사장)
    Son Seon-geun (손선근)
    Seodaemun Chief detective (서대문 형사과장)
    Yoo Min-seok (유민석)
    Yeon-nam police station captain (연남지구대장)
  • Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    YTN reporter (YTN 기자)
    Son Gwang-ik (손광익)
    Head of central station (중부 서장)
    Yang Seung-geol (양승걸)
    Chief of Eunpyeong (은평 서장)
  • Min Do-young (민도영)
    Min Do-young (민도영)
    Police station officer (지구대 의경)
    Seong Yeol-seok (성열석)
    Gwangyeok detective (광역 형사)
  • Bae Yong-geun (배용근)
    Bae Yong-geun (배용근)
    Investigator (수사관)
    Kwon Yong-han (권용한)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Kim Yeong-jin (김영진)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
  • Yoon Sung-won (윤성원)
    Yoon Sung-won (윤성원)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
  • Lee Kyung-hun (이경헌)
    Lee Kyung-hun (이경헌)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Jeon Mi-hyeon (전미현)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Seo Jeong-joo (서정주)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Joo Yeong-min (주영민)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Kim Seung-pil (김승필)
    Cheongdo Gang (청도파)
    Choi Gwang-rak (최광락)
    Cheongdo Mapo detective (청도 마포 형사)
    Im Seung-mook (임승묵)
    Cheongdo Mapo detective (청도 마포 형사)
    Kang-poong (강풍)
    Cheongdo Mapo detective (청도 서대문 형사)
  • Kim Kyung-ran (김경란)
    Kim Kyung-ran (김경란)
    Waste paper granny (폐지 할머니)
    Lee Sae-ro (이새로미)
    Snatch thief lady (날치기 아줌마)
  • Choi Dae-woong (최대웅)
    Choi Dae-woong (최대웅)
    Grandpa Kim Do-sik (김도식 할아버지)
    Yoo Chang-sook (유창숙)
    Granny (할머니)
  • Song Young-jae (송영재)
    Song Young-jae (송영재)
    House owner (집주인)
  • Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Lee Dong-yong (이동용)
    Go stop man (고스톱 아저씨)
  • Kim Yeo-jin-I (김여진)
    Kim Yeo-jin-I (김여진)
    Female employee at driving school (운전학원 여직원)
    Kim Ni-na (김니나)
    Woman from parking lot (주차장 아가씨)
  • Kim Dae-heung (김대흥)
    Kim Dae-heung (김대흥)
    Delivery man (택배기사)
  • Lee Kye-young (이계영)
    Lee Kye-young (이계영)
    Village chief (통장)
  • Lee Woo-dong (이우동)
    Lee Woo-dong (이우동)
    Boiler repairman (보일러 수리공)
    Eom Tae-ok (엄태옥)
    Day drunk man (낮술 아저씨)
    Kang Dong-goo (강동구)
    Professor Kim from current affairs debate (시사토론 김 교수)
    Jeon Sang-jin (전상진)
    Owner of convenient store (편의점 주인)
  • Baek Ji-won (백지원)
    Baek Ji-won (백지원)
    Social worker at Hanwool foundation (한울재단 복지사)
  • Baek Jin-gi (백진기)
    Baek Jin-gi (백진기)
    Ddol-i boy (똘이 소년)
    Choi Gyo-sik (최교식)
    Emcee at awards (시상식 사회자)
    Lim Chan-ik (임찬익)
    Fireman (소방대원)
    Moon Joon-yeong (문준영)
    Drunk guy (취객)
  • Shim So-hun (심소헌)
    Shim So-hun (심소헌)
    Hongdae clubber (홍대 클럽녀)
    Kim Jin-ah (김진아)
    Hongdae blubber (홍대 클럽녀)
    Kim Byeong-seok (김병석)
    Drug buyer (마약 구매남)
    Lee Jong-kyeong (이종경)
    Drug buyer (마약 판매남)
    Jo Tae-gyoo (조태규)
    High schooler at billiards (당구장 고삐리)
    Kim Dae-ook (김대욱)
    High schooler at billiards (당구장 고삐리)
    Kim Yong-deok (김용덕)
    Window pane suspect (창틀 용의자)
    Window pane suspect (창틀 용의자)
    Lee Jeong-eun (이정은)
    Window pane suspect (창틀 용의자)
    Jeong Dan-bi (정단비)
    Detective Jo's first (조 형사 첫째)
  • Lee Tae-woo (이태우)
    Lee Tae-woo (이태우)
    Detective Jo's youngest (조 형사 막내)
    Son Ye-won (손예원)
    Detective Jo's past three sisters (조 향사 과거 세 자매)
    Choi Han-na (최한나)
    Detective Jo's past three sisters (조 향사 과거 세 자매)
    Jeon Hwi-heon (전휘헌)
    Detective Jo's past three sisters (조 향사 과거 세 자매)
    Son Jeong-hee (손정희)
    Soo-yeon's mother (수연 모)
  • Ryu Sung-hoon (류성훈)
    Ryu Sung-hoon (류성훈)
    Hyeon-sook's younger brother (현숙 남동생)
    Remnant Choir (렘넌트콰이어)
    Children Choir (어린이 합창단)
    No Jae-beom (노재범)
    Children choir, Remnant Choir (어린이 합창단, 렘넌트콰이어)
    Choi In-ae (최인애)
    Children choir, Remnant Choir (어린이 합창단, 렘넌트콰이어)
    Gyeon Seo-hwi (견서휘)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Lee Seon-gyo (이선교)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Go I-sang (고이상)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Eun-seo (김은서)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Bae Da-jeong (배다정)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Seo-yeong (김서영)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Lee Jae-seong (이재성)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Byeon Yoo-ha (변유하)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Yang Hye-bin (양혜빈)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Byeon Yeong-gwang (변영광)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Eun-hye (김은혜)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Da-hye (김다혜)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Da-eun (김다은)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Yeo Ye-jin (여예진)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Lee Ye-ji (이예지)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Rin (김린)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kang Pyeong-hwa (강평화)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Lee Joo-an (이주안)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Choi Seong-won (최성원)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Go Eun-soo (고은수)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단)
    Kim Seon-min (김선민)
    Children choir (어린이 합창단 반주자)
    Song Kyeong-cheol (송경철)
    Anchor from debate (시사토론 앵커)
  • Kwon Byung-gil (권병길)
    Kwon Byung-gil (권병길)
    Commissioner of police department (경찰청장) - Special appearance
    Jeong Yong-sik (정용식)
    Conscripted policeman (의경)
  • Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Joo Jin-mo-I (주진모)
    Jo Joon-goo (조준구) - Special appearance
  • Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Han-wi (이한위)
    Lee Yong-gap (이용갑) - Special appearance
  • Im Won-hee (임원희)
    Im Won-hee (임원희)
    Doctor Ko (고 박사) - Special appearance
    Lee Ha-neul (이하늘)
    Suicide man (자살소동남) - Cameo
  • Jung Chan-woo (정찬우)
    Jung Chan-woo (정찬우)
    Voice act, Cultwo (목소리 출연, 컬투) - Special appearance
  • Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균)
    Kim Tae-gyoon (김태균)
    Voice act, Cultwo (목소리 출연, 컬투) - Special appearance

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Apprehenders"

    Lim Chan-ik's 2011 film "The Apprehenders" plays with regionalism within the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) and scores a big plus with frequent laughter and surprisingly entertaining cast chemistry. This action comedy delves into several superficial social norms within Korea culture, accenting most beats with a satirical sensibility and hyperbole serving to heighten the fun and blur the mirror on Korea's social reality.,...More

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  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
  • The Apprehenders's picture
    The Apprehenders
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 Produced by
 Lee Choon-yun (이춘연)
 Jung Jae-yong (정재용)
 Music department
 Moon Choong-il (문충일)
 Production department
 Kim Kwang-hoon (김광훈)
 Sin Min-kyeong (신민경)
Technical Information
117 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2011/05/04
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2011.06.05 : 871,450 admissions (total)
As of 2011.05.29 : 869,068 admissions (total)
As of 2011.05.22 : 833,713 admissions (total)
As of 2011.05.15 : 726,292 admissions (total)
As of 2011.05.08 : 383,934 admissions (total)
As of 2011.05.01 : 62,661 admissions (total)
As of 2011.04.24 : 2,756 admissions (total)

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The Apprehenders (체포왕)

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