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The Boys Who Cried Wolf (양치기들)

양치기들 (yang-chi-gi-deul)

Directed by Kim Jin-hwang (김진황)

Screenplay by

Crime Drama Thriller

80min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "The Shepherd"
Theater actor Wan-ju has an interesting part-time job. He serves as a stand-in boyfriend for single woman and helps unpopular guys find dates. One day, a murder is committed in an alleyway near his house. Wan-ju isnít concerned about what happened because the incident had nothing to do with him. But then heís asked to make a statement about the killing. Vowing that the murderer has to be properly punished, the mother of the victim offers Wan-ju a lot of money to falsely testify about the murder. Wan-ju accepts the offer and claims that he saw the murderer at the scene. But then he realizes that his false testimony brands an innocent young man as the murderer. To get the investigation back on track, Wan-ju seeks out the person who asked him to lie, only to discover that she isnít who she said she was. A mystery-thriller that reveals the vicious consequences that can come from one seemingly simple lie. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Vision Section


The Boys Who Cried Wolf | Cast

  • Park Jong-hwan (박종환)
    Park Jong-hwan (박종환)
    Wan-joo (완주)
  • Cha Rae-hyung (차래형)
    Cha Rae-hyung (차래형)
    Myeong-woo (명우)
  • Ha Joon (하준)
    Ha Joon (하준)
    Gwang-seok (광석)
  • Yoon Jung-il (윤정일)
    Yoon Jung-il (윤정일)
    Yeong-min (영민)
  • Kim Ye-eun (김예은)
    Kim Ye-eun (김예은)
    Mi-jin (미진)
  • Oh Chang-kyung (오창경)
    Oh Chang-kyung (오창경)
    Homicide detective (살인사건 형사)
    Park Se-in (박세인)
    Wan-joo's younger sister, Seon-joo (완주 여동생, 선주)
  • Lee Ga-sub (이가섭)
    Lee Ga-sub (이가섭)
    Joon-ho (준호)
  • Ryu Jun-yeol (류준열)
    Ryu Jun-yeol (류준열)
    Dong-cheol (동철)
  • Jeon Kwang-jin (전광진)
    Jeon Kwang-jin (전광진)
    Mi-jin's case detective (미진사건 형사)
  • Lee Se-ho (이세호)
    Lee Se-ho (이세호)
    Jae-woo (재우)
    Hwang Ja-kyeong (황자경)
    Fake Kang Seon-yeong (가짜 강선영)
    Seo Jeong-ha (서정하)
    Bald man (대머리 남)
    Park Jae-han (박재한)
    Theater company friend (극단 친구)
    Jeong Jin-hyeok (정진혁)
    Theatre rehearsal actor (연극 리허설 배우)
    Kim Jeong-hoon (김정훈)
    Mi-jin's younger brother (미진 동생)
    Han Tae-eun (한태은)
    Mi-jin's wasted friend (까칠한 미진 친구)
  • Ha Si-yun (하시연)
    Ha Si-yun (하시연)
    Mi-jin's witty looking friend (눈치 보는 미진 친구)
    Kim Min-seong (김민성)
    Mi-jin's witty looking friend's boyfriend (눈치 보는 친구 남친)
  • Lee Hae-woon (이해운)
    Lee Hae-woon (이해운)
    Cellphone man (핸드폰 남)
    Han Ji-hee (한지희)
    Agency female employee (대행업체 여직원)
    Lee Joong-hyeon (이중현)
    Moeny lending office man (사무실 빌려 준 남)
    Jo Kyeong-hyeon (조경현)
    Unidentified assailant (괴한)
    Lee Sang-hyeop (이상협)
    Interview newcomer (면접 신입)
    Yoon Hee-jin (윤희진)
    Gwang-seok's elder sister (광석 누나)
    Jeong Mi-kyeong (정미경)
    Real Kang Seon-yeong (진짜 강선영)
    Choi Doo-ri (최두리)
    Information desk (안내데스크)
    Lee Sang-yoon (이상윤)
    Security guard (경비원)
    Park Jae-gwang (박재광)
    Large stature security guard (키 큰 경비원)
    Lee Geun-wook (이근욱)
    Waiter 50 won (웨이터 오십원)
    Kim Mi-jin (김미진)
    Wan-joo's booking partner (완주 부킹 파트너)
    Kim Soo-ji (김수지)
    Bald man booking partner (대머리 남 부킹 파트너)
    Lee Eun-ji (이은지)
    Mountain beyond mountain partner 1 (산 넘어 산 파트너 1)
    Song Yeo-jin (송여진)
    Mountain beyond mountain partner 2 (산 넘어 산 파트너 2)
    Kim Cheol-yeong (김철영)
    Theater company assistant director (극단 조연출)
    Bang Min-ho (방민호)
    Sponsor member Sang-jin (스폰서 단원 상진)
    Kwon Seol-ah (권설아)
    Leading lady member (여주인공 단원)
    Kim Hyeon-jeong (김현정)
    Korean restaurant employee (한식당 직원)
    Ahn Min-young-I (안민영)
    Middle aged woman cooperating with investigation (수사 협조 아줌마)
    Yang Han-seul (양한슬)
    Canvassing detective (탐문 형사)
    Jeong Dae-geon (정대건)
    Canvassing constable (탐문 순경)
    Son Ji-hoon (손지훈)
    Murder scene drunkard (살인현장 취객)
    Lee Woong-hee (이웅희)
    Driver (운전 기사)
    Park Min-cheol (박민철)
    Scene investigation detective (현장검증 형사)
    Choi Yoon-joo (최윤주)
    Police station policewoman (경찰서 여순경)
    Kim Seul-gi (김슬기)
    High school girl 1 (여고생 1)
    Min Yeong-seon (민영선)
    High school girl 2 (여고생 2)
  • Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Kim Jong-soo (김종수)
    Go Seok-tae (고석태)
  • Jeong Eun-kyeong-I (정은경)
    Jeong Eun-kyeong-I (정은경)
    Joon-ho's mother - Special appearance (준호모)

The Boys Who Cried Wolf | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Boys Who Cried Wolf"

    Wan-joo (played by Park Jong-hwan) is a failed actor. For political reasons, as is usually the case. It's no coincidence that writer/director Kim Jin-hwang opens "The Boys Who Cried Wolf" up with an audition for Silenced, itself a thinly veiled allegory for the Hollywood blacklist. Once Wan-joo's failure to play by the rules of the game are established, we flash forward some time later, when Wan-joo's job is to use his handsome good looks and power to lie act in the service of making some easy money, which he needs to help pay his mom's hospital bills. From there, it's perhaps inevitable that Wan-joo is offered a dubious yet all too tempting proposal,...More

The Boys Who Cried Wolf | News

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The Boys Who Cried Wolf | Pictures

  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  • The Boys Who Cried Wolf's picture
    The Boys Who Cried Wolf
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The Boys Who Cried Wolf | Facts

 Produced by
 Yu Young-sik (유영식)
 Lee Ji-seung (이지승)
 Production department
 Park Heon-soo (박헌수)
 Production department
 Park Chan-ok (박찬옥)
 Production department
 Kim Jin-hwang (김진황)
 Kim Seon-min (김선민)
 Editing department
Technical Information
80 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
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Airing dates : 2016/06/02
South Korean Box Office
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As of 2016.06.12 : 5 304  admissions (total)
As of 2016.06.05 : 3 191 admissions (total)
As of 2016.05.29 : 1 057  admissions (total)
As of 2015.11.29 : 255 admissions (total)

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The Boys Who Cried Wolf (양치기들)

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