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The Gingko Bed (은행나무 침대)

은행나무 침대 (Eun-haeng-na-moo Chim-dae)

Directed by Kang Je-gyu (강제규)

Screenplay by

Drama Fantasy Melodrama Romance

88min | Release date in South Korea :


1. Opening Titles - 이동준
2. 은행나무 - 이동준
3. 황장군 - 이동준
4. 황장군의 부활 - 이동준
5. 노천시장-꿈과 현실 - 이동준
6. 미단과의 만남 - 이동준
7. Run I - 이동준
8. Run II - 이동준
9. 추억 - 이동준
10. 비밀의 문 - 이동준
11. 가야금 Theme - 이동준
12. 기억의 단편 - 이동준
13. 종문과 미단의 탈출 - 이동준
14. Main Titles I - 이동준
15. 천년의 비밀 - 이동준
16. 수현과 노공 - 이동준
17. 월식 - 이동준
18. Main Titles II - 재회 - 이동준
19. Fight - 이동준
20. 이별... 불타는 침대 - 이동준
21. 가야금 Theme (Repeat) - 이동준
22. Main Titles II - 재회 (Repeat) - 이동준


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The Gingko Bed
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    • Director Kang Je-gyu's Father Passes Away

      2020/05/24, Source
      Kang Je-gyu's father passed away on the 21st. According to his sources, his father, Kang Yeom-won, passed away on the 21st,...More
    • [Hancinema Film Review] "The Gingko Bed" + Full Movie

      Considered one of the first Korean films to implement special effects in a way that added to its value, "The Gingko Bed" is also story of eternal love that suffers, however, from a rather faulty narrative,...More
    • Son Ye-jin, Shin Hyun-joon and Kang Je-gyu's special gathering

      2016/01/12, Source
      "Bad Guys Always Die" actor and actress Shin Hyun-joon and Son Ye-jin and director Kang Je-gyu have something special going on. "Bad Guys Always Die" is about a group of friends who go on vacation to Jeju Island and meet Ji-yeon, a mysterious woman,...More
    • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "Shiri"

      In the Spotlight this Week: "Shiri" (1999) by Kang Je-gyu Kang Je-gyu's "Shiri" was a landmark feature that stands as Korea's first real blockbuster. The film sold over 6.2 million admissions during its run in 1999, an astonishing feat that broke the shackles on big-budget Korean films and represents a critical moment in Korea's film history. Kang made his debut three years before "Shiri" with "The Gingko Bed" (1996), a fantasy romantic epic that was heralded for its special effects and was also one of country's most successful films at the time. Since "Shiri", Kang has chosen to remain in the filmic fog of war, directing both the acclaimed "Taegukgi" (2004 - 11.7 million admissions) as well as the less successful "My Way" (2011 – 2.1 million). Kang may have fallen from grace somewhat with his last film "My Way" (which failed to make a profit on its $24 million production costs; the film made only $16M) and with this year's fantastical flop "Mr. Go" (which he produced), however Kang's filmography still remains an impressive one that has helped challenge and re-define the conditions and profitable potential of the once illusive Korean blockbuster,...More
    • Feature profile - My Way

      2012/02/10, Source
      Headed for the Berlinale Panorama section, director Kang Je-gyu's "My Way"is a historic film is more ways than one. KANG Byeong-jin goes over the details. World War II film "My Way" is Kang Je-gyu's fourth film as a director, following "The Gingko Bed", "Shiri" and "Taegukgi". "Shiri" was the first Korean film to bring in over 2 million admissions in Seoul (back when nationwide figures were unavailable and the capital's statistics were used as rule-of thumb). On its release, "Taegukgi" along with "Silmido" opened the era of Korean films with admissions of 10 million and more. Even from the outside, "My Way" seems like an extension of the challenges Kang's work took on before. The film's stage spans Korea to China through the former Soviet Union to Normandy, and it stars Jang Dong-gun and Joe Odagiri, the top stars of Korea and Japan respectively. More than anything, the film's budget of about KW28 billion (US$24.8 million) is the highest ever in Korean cinema history,...More
    • Shin Hyun-joon to make special appearance in "Bridal Mask"

      2012/01/31, Source
      Actor Sin Hyeon-joon (44) has confirmed to star in the KBS 2TV drama "Bridal Mask" as the role of Lee Kang-san, brother to Lee Kang-to played by Joo Won. A spokesperson told TV Report on February 1st, "Shin Hyun-joon has been cast in the drama "Bridal Mask". It's like a special appearance but he agreed to it happily",...More
    • Going My Way with KANG Je-gyu

      2012/01/14, Source
      The dramatization of a true war-time story that spans years, continents, and changing friendships and enmities, "My Way" is director Kang Je-gyu's comeback after seven years. KANG Byeong-jin looks at what went into the making of the film. "My Way" deals with a true story that is practically legend. In the late 1930s, a man from Joseon ends up going to China and the Soviet Union towards Germany and finally ends up on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Amongst the US National Archives' records of the invasion of Normandy was found a photograph of an Asian man in a German uniform at Normandy. American historian Stephen Ambrose wrote in his book "D-Day", "At the beach called Utah on the day of the invasion, Lt. Robert Brewer of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, captured four Asians in Wehrmacht uniforms. No one could speak their language; eventually it was learned that they were Koreans",...More
    • Kang Je-gyu: 'I Devoted My Passion to 'My Way"

      2011/12/16, Source
      The director Kang Je-gyu who has written the history of Korean movies, said during the interview with News Y (news channel by Yonhap News) on December 15, "I gave my best effort and passion that I have spared for the past seven years while taking a break to produce the movie "My Way"." He led the boom of Korean movies with his hit movies such as "The Gingko Bed" (1996) and "Shiri" (1998), and his previous movie "Taegukgi" (2004) recorded the largest number of audience members, which was 11.7 million,...More
    • "I made my first album after 20 years of movie music"

      2011/03/15, Source
      Director Lee Dong-joon is having a concert this coming 18th. For 17 years Lee Dong-joon has been making music for Korean blockbuster movies like "Shiri", "The Gingko Bed", "Green Fish", "Taegukgi" and more. His music is created by an orchestra of 80 to 100 people and at times it is grand and sometimes is delicate and soft, moving the hearts of those who hear it. Sometimes it is strong like the tango and captivates the listener's ears,...More
    • Korean Actress Kim Gains Spotlight in the United States

      2008/03/11, Source
      Despite having been an established actress in her native South Korea for almost 10 years, Kim Yunjin's star is still on the rise. Her career in K,...More
    • Hit movies revisit audiences as musicals
      2007/06/18, Source
      Creating a new catch phrase "moviecal boom" in the country's entertainment industry, a number of musicals based on hit movies will be staged in the coming months. Smash-hit Korean movies, including "200 Pounds Beauty",,...More
    • [UPGRADING KOREAN CULTURE (8)] Foreign artists discuss Korean culture
      2007/04/26, Source
      This is the last in an eight-part series of articles that look into the country's cultural and entertainment sectors and explore ways to help sharpen their competitive edge. - Ed.

      Vibrant local movies charm American scholar

      Thomas Giammarco, a professor of English at Woosuk University in North,...
    • Shin Hyun-joon Redeems Himself in Another Intense Part
      2006/04/25, Source
      "Public duty" and "faith" are keywords in an interview with the actor Shin Hyun-joon ahead of the release of his film "Barefoot Ki-bong". The actor's mother reportedly prays,...More
    • Korean film "TaeGukgi" popular in U.S.
      2004/10/10, Source
      The Korean film, "Taegukgi" (The Brotherhood of War), which is competing in the race for the U.S. Academy Awards' nomination for best foreign film for the first time among Korean movies, earned $1 million in ticket sales at box offices in th,...More
    • New York Times Names Kang Je-gyu 'Steven Spielberg of East Asia'
      2004/09/05, Source
      New York Times introduced movie director Kang Je-gyu as the Steven Spielberg of East Asia, comparing his latest work "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War" with "Saving Private Ryan".
    • One-Man War-Maker
      2003/12/24, Source
      by Pak Don-gyu

      Nobody knew that it would take this long. Kang Je-gyu, who brought fantasy to Korea with "The Gingko Bed", and pushed Korean movies to the next level with the bl,...

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     Produced by
     Oh Jeong-wan (오정완)
     Shin Cheol (신철)
    ShinCine (신씨네)
    ShinCine (신씨네)
     Jeon Yoon-soo (전윤수)
     Production department
     Choi Duk-kyu ()
     Lighting/cinematography department
     Park Gwang-choon (박광춘)
     Assistant director
     Lee Dong-joon (이동준)
     Score composer
     Park Kok-ji (박곡지)
     Kim Jeong-woo (김정우)
     Making of
     Jang Youn-Jung (장윤정)
    Technical Information
    88 min 35mm Panoramic (1.85)
    Festival(s) & award(s)
    Sales or release dates & Box Office
    Release date in South Korea : 1996/02/17

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    a lot like HK ghost/man romance, but melodrama is K-style INTENSE & schizophrenic!
    2007-10-19 18:42:01
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    The Gingko Bed (은행나무 침대)

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