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The Happy Life (즐거운 인생)

즐거운 인생 (Jeul-geo-woon In-saeng)

Directed by Lee Joon-ik (이준익)

Screenplay by

Comedy Drama

112min | Release date in South Korea :


Sang-woo, the leader of college rock band Volcano, dies and sets up a reunion for Gi-yeong and the other members of the group. Former bass player Seong-wook lives a hand-to-mouth existence working two jobs. Drummer Hyeok-su is a single father struggling to make a living as a car salesman. The jobless lead guitarist Gi-yeong dreams of taking over Volcano as the new frontman. When he suggests they reform the band while the old friends reminisce at the funeral, they all spurn the idea. But Gi-yeong persists and gets each to relent, setting the stage for a rock and roll reunion.


The Happy Life | Cast

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The Happy Life | News

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  • Moscow Film Fest Holds Retrospective Dedicated to Lee Joon-ik

    2016/06/28, Source
    This year's Moscow International Film Festival features a retrospective dedicated to Korean films. The festival, which runs from June 23 to 30, is one of the most prestigious film festivals, along with the ones in Berlin, Cannes and Venice,...More
  • [USA and Canada] Korean movie "A Melody to Remember" to be released in theatres in North America on January 29th

    2016/01/27, Source
    Korean movie ""A Melody to Remember"" to be released in theatres on January 29th in CGV Los Angeles and nationwide on February 2nd Synopsis War took away many things But hope was never gone. South Korean platoon leader HAN Sang-ryul (Im Si-wan) lost his family and comrades due to the Korean War. He assigned to another unit and comes across war orphans, some of whom are exploited for profit. He decides to help the orphans by creating a choir, thereby healing their wounds with beautiful songs with the help of volunteer teacher Park Ju-mi (Go Ah-sung). Their beautiful voices rise from the battlefield and begin to melt everyone's hearts,...More
  • [USA and Canada] DramaFever Launches New CJ E&M Movie Channel

    2016/01/25, Source
    New Feature for DramaFever Premium Subscribers Brings Best Korean Films, On Demand, to Fans in the U.S. and Canada DramaFever (, the leading online destination for international television shows, movies and concerts, and the leading Asian pop culture producer and distributor CJ E&M have announced the launch of DramaFever's "CJ E&M Movie Channel". Created as part of a previously-announced, multi-year licensing deal between the two companies, the CJ E&M Movie Channel will debut today, with two dozen films immediately available on demand to premium subscribers of DramaFever's OTT digital video network. Fans can access the channel at, and for the first three days,...More
  • Art and Culture

    2012/04/17, Source
    It's only the start of the week but I'm sure, many of you are already be planning an outing with your family and friends to enjoy the sunshine and the ultimate spring weather. If you're still looking for a place to go, our Michelle Kim is here to guide us through. Hello Michelle. [Reporter : Michelle Kim] Hello Conn-young So where can we go to enjoy the spring season ? [Reporter : ] I'm sure a lot of people think of flower festivals when they plan an outing on spring day. So I have an event that for some of you may require an overnight trip to check out beautiful, colorful flowers in different regions of Korea,...More
  • Florence Korea Film Fest to open with Always

    2012/02/27, Source
    The 10th Florence Korea Film Fest in Italy has announced it will open with Song Il-gon's "Always", last year's Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Opening Film. The festival will screen 32 feature films and 24 shorts during its nine-day run, and close with Kim Ki-duk's "ARIRANG - Movie", which made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Set to run March 23 – 31 at the Cinema Odeon (Piazza Strozzi, 1) in Florence, the festival is organized by the Tae gukgi – Toscana Korea Association. Sponsors include Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), the region of Tuscany (Toscana), the city of Florence and the Film Institutions of Tuscany Region,...More
  • Japan holds "Jang Keun-suk Movie Festival"

    2011/05/29, Source
    Movies of singer and actor Jang Keun-suk who is being reformed as the new Hallyu star, can be seen all at once at a festival in Japan. There will be a "Jang Keun-suk Fest" at Tokyo Cinemart from the 9th of July to the 5th of August.,...More
  • [10LINE] Actor Jang Keun-suk

    2010/04/23, Source
    Clockwise from top center: actress Lee Yoon-ji, actress Ha Ji-won, actor Kang Ji-hwan, actress Park Shin-hye and actor Yoo Seung-ho [10Asia] Jang Keun-suk From an early age, the world of entertainment was his workplace. He was surrounded only by adults. Even at a young age he made a lot of money and his wish was to have a "normal part-time job". He spent his teenage years as an 'idol' who acts. Jang Han-na Child actress who played the role of Jeong Nan-jeong for SBS drama "Yeoincheonha". Jang Keun-suk played the role of Jeong's half-brother. Jang began his career in entertainment when he beat the odds of 1:25,000 to win first place in a beautiful child contest. However, his parents were not able to pay much attention to his career because they were busy with their fish farm business in Danyang in the North Chungcheong Province,...More
  • Jang Mi-hee and Kim Yoon-seok to Open PIFF
    2009/10/01, Source
    Two Korean stars have been named to host the opening ceremony of the 14th Pusan International Film Festival. Actress Jang Mi-hee, who made her debut in 1976 and actor Kim Yun-seok, who r,...More
  • Korean Film Festival Tours China
    2008/11/19, Source
    A Korean Film Festival will be held across China this month, bringing 12 Korean features to three major Chinese cities Beijing (Nov. 14-19), Shanghai (Nov. 16-21) and Kunnming (Nov. 25-28).

    The event, organized by the Korean Film Council, China's state film authorities, and the Shanghai Inter,...
  • KOFIC, Korea-China Interchange to Revitalize Two Industries
    2008/11/12, Source
    KOFIC (chairperson KANG Han-sup) is commencing two events in order to revitalize the film interchange between Korea and China.

    First of the two events is '2008 Korea-China Business Campus' which will take place from Thursday, November 13 to Monday, November 17, over the course of 5 days. The eve,...
  • [ChanMi's drama news] Jang Keun-suk's still picture in "Beethoven Virus"

    2008/07/30, Source
    "Beethoven Virus" stars Jang Keun-suk as the genius trumpet player. He has revealed his musical talents in "The Happy Life" by singing and dancing and now he will play the trumpet!,...More
  • Jecheon festival looks to blend music and film
    2008/07/17, Source
    The fourth Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will kick off its six-day schedule Aug. 14, introducing 82 flicks from 30 countries plus a variety of music performances.

    "The festival aims to develop a new genre, putting together music and film, and we expect a fresh momentum this year as,...
  • Watch Sun-heui Become 'Sunny'

    2008/07/17, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    "Sunny", a love story set amid the Vietnam War, epitomizes South Korean director,...
  • [ChanMi's movie news] The 45th Daejong Film Festival

    2008/06/26, Source
    One of the masterpiece films "The Chaser" has been nominated for 11 different awards for the 45th annual Daejong Film Festival that will be on the 27th at Seoul Samsungdong Coex Convention Hall. The festival will be aired in the SBS channel live. Last year, actress Kim Ah-joong and announcer Choi Ki-hwan received the highest award. Wondergirls who's "So Hot" song is a big hit performed "Tell Me" and Ock Joo-hyun performed a song from the musical "Chicago". We anticipate which performers will be performing in the festival this year.,...More
  • From Kim Min-jung to Kang Soo-yeon, Best 5 child actors

    The futures of many child stars were generally depressing.

    The childish image and the weight of the years were obstacles for child stars to become adult actors.

    But even among them, there are st,...
  • 45th Daejong Film Fest Invites Moviegoers
    2008/05/07, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    The Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Festival ― Korea's equivalent of the Academy Awards ― holds its 45th edition with small film festivals May 24-28 in Seoul and Tokyo before the big award ceremony here June 27. Organizers announced the lineup of movies includ,...
  • Korean Films Premiering at 9th JIFF
    2008/04/16, Source
    Ten Korean features will have their World Premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) this spring. Now in it's 9th edition the festival will run May 1st 9th in the attractive and historical city of Jeonju, in North Jeolla province.

    Korean highlights include documentary director,...
  • Local Epic TV Dramas Going Global
    2008/02/05, Source
    By Kwon Mee-yoo
    Staff Reporter

    As more Korean soap operas are sold abroad, hallyu, or the Korean wave, is now spreading beyond Asia to European countries as well. In particular, Korean epic dramas are gaining popularity around the world.

    MBC's "Jewel in the Palace" (",...
  • "Chaser" Offers Heart-Thumping Thrills

    2008/01/31, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    Not another serial killer story ― and for St. Valentine's Day? You've got to be kidding. But,...
  • "The Show Must Go on" Wins Blue Dragon Award

    2007/11/24, Source
    Director Han Jae-rim's "The Show Must Go on" has won the domestic award fo,...More
  • [ Brokore Magazine No.14 featuring a cover story of Jumong's Song Il-gook! ]

    2007/11/20, Source
    Brokore Magazine No. 14 "Jumong"'s Song Il-gook!

    Your detailed guide and introducti,...
  • Korean Films Recover at the Box Office
    2007/09/19, Source
    Korean cinema is showing signs of recovery in the domestic market after a slow first half of 2007. Korea's leading cinema chain CGV announced that last month August recorded the highest monthly cinema attendance number, mainly because of the Korean films,...More
  • Movies Out This Week
    2007/09/14, Source
    And finally with the weekend coming up, viewers can expect some fun and exciting new movies in theaters.
    A comedy about a kidnapping: another comedy about men who escape their dull life and the final in an action series about a CIA agent's journey to find his identity are this week's stories.
  • Middle-Aged Men Escape, Onscreen
    2007/09/11, Source
    By Lee Hyo-won
    Staff Reporter

    A lineup of heartwarming family movies await audiences with Korea's thanksgiving holiday Chuseok around the corner. Among them, "Bravo My Life - 2007",,...
  • Jang Keun-suk, "I'm living a 'Happy Life'".

    2007/09/06, Source
    The movie "The Happy Life" directed by Lee Joon-ik draws the story of three nor,...More
  • [MOVIE REVIEW] Upbeat spin on Korean men
    2007/08/30, Source
    For the family. For the company. For the future. There is almost always some excuse for not doing something that we really want to do. We proudly call it "sacrifice" that is necessary for our happiness. After all, our true wishes will be realized some day if we gladly persevere present suffering.

  • Happy Life: By Simply Realizing What You Want to Do.
    2007/08/30, Source
    The opening of "The Happy Life", the most recent movie by Lee Joon-ik director of ",...More
  • LEE Joon-ik Explores Love and War
    2007/08/08, Source
    Celebrated director Lee Joon-ik will next film Nimeun Mon Gose (English translation: "Someone Dear is Far Away"), about a woman who sets out to search for her missing-in-action husband during the Vietnam War. She decides to become a member of a,...More
  • Korean films line up for Chuseok holiday
    2007/07/20, Source
    The summer season has been dominated by Hollywood blockbusters, but a wide collection of Korean films are lining up for a release during the Chuseok holiday in September.

    The holiday, which will effectively last from September 22 to 26, is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year at th,...

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 Produced by
 Jo Cheol-hyeon (조철현)
CJ Entertainment (CJ엔터테인먼트)
 Choi Seok-hwan (최석환)
 Production department
 Lee Byung-hoon (이병훈)
 Score composer
 Bang Joon-seok (방준석)
 Score composer
 Kim Sang-beom (김상범)
 Kim Jae-beom (김재범)
 Jang Chang-won (장창원)
 Assistant director
 Jang Youn-Jung (장윤정)
 Jang Youn-Jung (장윤정)
 Makeup department
 Shin Ji-hyun (신지현)
 Props department
 Kim Ji-soo-VIII (김지수)
 Art director/Production designer/Set design
 Kim Tae-hoon-II (김태훈)
 Computer graphics
Technical Information
112 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2007/09/12
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2007.10.14 : 1,178,093 admissions (total)
As of 2007.10.07 : 1,085,758 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.30 : 929,610 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.23 : 488,004 admissions (total)
As of 2007.09.16 : 258,531 admissions (total)

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i really love jang keun sok.. his character in YB.. i really miss d drama. i watch it 2 tyms:)
2010-02-07 04:32:38
2008-11-22 21:44:09
i love Jang Guen sok >.,
i'm surprise becoz I find geun suk looks so matured here...
2007-11-11 04:54:55
2007-11-07 04:21:12
i want to watch this movie..hmm
jang see u soon!!!i will never give up imaging that one day we will be meet..^_^
2007-11-02 03:35:53
2007-11-02 03:31:28
i hope that ur movie living a happy life will click to everyoneas the one eho admires u?
12 2>
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The Happy Life (즐거운 인생)

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