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The Host (괴물)

괴물 (Goi-mool)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho (봉준호)

Screenplay by , , ,

Action Adventure Comedy Drama

119min | Release date in South Korea :


Gang-du is a dim-witted man working at his father's tiny snack bar near the Han River. One day, Gang-du's one and only daughter Hyun-seo comes back from school irritated. She is angry at her uncle, Nam-il, who visited her school as her guardian shamelessly drunk. Ignoring her father's excuses for Nam-il, Hyun-seo is soon engrossed in her aunt Nam-joo's archery tournament on TV. Meanwhile, outside of the snack bar, people are fascinated by an unidentified object hanging onto a bridge. In an instant, the object reveals itself as a terrifying creature turning the riverbank into a gruesome sea of blood¡¦ Amid the chaos, Hyun-seo is helplessly snatched up by the creature right before Gang-du's eyes. These unforeseen circumstances render the government powerless to act. But receiving a call of help from Hyun-seo, the once-ordinary citizen Gang-du and his family are thrust into a battle with the monster to rescue their beloved Hyun-seo.

International Film Festivals

2006 39th Sitges International Film Festival, Competition
2006 59th Cannes International Film Festival, Directors Fortnight


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  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "The Host"

    In the Spotlight this Week: "The Host" (2006) by Bong Joon-ho Seeing genetically mutated monsters on the big screen is a fascinating thrill. These cinematic devils infect us with panic along with a twisted sense of responsibility that echoes, "what have we done?" The directors who manage to successfully birth these beasts are digital sorcerers from another time, mad storytellers whose creatures haunt the society they release them on. In 2006 Bong Joon-ho regurgitated "The Host" on Seoul, a monstrous mash that climbed to the top of Korea's all-time grossing greats, and there it has stubbornly sat for seven years now. The myth is that Bong delivered 13 million Koreans into its clutches, a record body count that helped to make him one of the most sought-after directors in the South. This wanted outlaw was last seen heading west on a French train, but he left his monster behind to remember, remember,...More
  • [HanCinema's Image Gallery] "The Host"

    A selection of shots from Bong Joon-ho's monster mash-up "The Host" (2006),...More

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The Host | Facts

 Produced by
 Choi Yong-bae (최용배)
Showbox (쇼박스)
International sales
CineClickAsia (CineClickAsia)
 Ha Joon-won (하준원)
 Script supervisor
 Ryoo Seong-hee (류성희)
 Art director/Production designer/Set design
 Hwang Woo-hyeon (황우현)
 Production department
 Seo Yeong-joo (서영주)
 Lee Byeong-woo (이병우)
 Score composer
 Kim Sun-min (김선민)
 Kim Min-suk-IV (김민석)
 Production department
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Kim Byeong-seo (김병서)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Kim Hyung-koo (김형구)
 Heo Seo-hyeong (허서형)
 Set team
 Yang Kil-yong (양길영)
 Martial arts director
 Lee Jeon-hyung (이전형)
 Computer generated graphics/Digital special effects department
 Lee Seung-chul-II (이승철)
 Sound department
 Choi Jae-chun (최재천)
 Computer generated graphics/Digital special effects department
 Yang Hong-sam (양홍삼)
 Art director/Production designer/Set design
 Ahn Sang-hyeon (안상현)
 Special effets team
 Cho Sang-kyung (조상경)
 Costume Design
 Kim Sang-man (김상만)
 Advertising design
 Jo Joo-hyun (조주현)
 Martial arts team
 Seo ji-oh (서지오)
 Martial arts
 Kwon Tae-ho (권태호)
 Martial arts team
 Baek Dong-hyeon (백동현)
 Martial arts team
 Darcy Paquet (달시 파켓)
 Kwak Jin-seok (곽진석)
 Martial arts team
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Martial arts team
 Sung Il (성일)
 Martial arts team
 Ha Myeong-mi (하명미)
 Making of
Technical Information
119 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
US$ 11M
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2006/07/27
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2006.09.24 : 10,364,905 admissions (total)
As of 2006.09.17 : 10,330,760 admissions (total)
As of 2006.09.10 : 10,228,328 admissions (total)
As of 2006.09.03 : 10,016,576 admissions (total)
As of 2006.08.27 : 9,642,688 admissions (total)
As of 2006.08.20 : 8,895,175 admissions (total)
As of 2006.08.13 : 7,123,544 admissions (total)
As of 2006.08.06 : 5,308,882 admissions (total)
As of 2006.07.30 : 2,114,084 admissions (total)

The Host | Community

Your reviews
Creature host by Sensei

ell! I like the sea creature (seature ^_^), it seems unique to me. First 20 minute, the runnig away from the seature was exciting and attractive. But from this, it became a little boring. I wish we could see the seature a bit more and a bit attractive. I dont know how did it become the most watched movie in korea. It seems like the reality factor about pouring chemical warfare to the Han river thorough sink has become really effective.
Well, see it yourself, its a must-watch creature movie. We'll miss you seature lol ^_^

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Last time on HanCinema
2017/06/28 09:40:26
The Host by trowers

aving seen and bought some Korean and Japanese horror the last 2 years, the anticipation of this movie has been nothing short of amazing.
The buzz over the net, the awesome photo shoots, the reviews and the trailers, that i have seen, make this one of the most eagerly anticipated
releases on dvd in quite a long time. I am literally screaming for it's street date. From what i understand the dvd hopefully with English sub-titles is due the 4th of December? or around the 30th December? Bring it on, this movie will be a real gem

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Last time on HanCinema
2006/11/10 16:11:24

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nice movie...
2010-01-18 07:41:03
2009-01-08 05:37:01
Great flick, looking forward to the sequels now ...!
i love this movie.. but i love ko ah seong
2008-08-04 06:13:05
2007-10-20 05:11:01
this movie really tells me the love a father had for his child ...
I loved it. I hate horrors, but this one i enjoyed. It's too bad the little girl died. T_T but that's to be expected. Someone's got to die in an Asian Film. But excellent film, i felt for characters, i loved the plot, and the ending was a b
2007-08-20 22:50:43
2007-08-18 09:16:43
Great movie!!! I can't get my eyes off the screen. haha
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The Host (괴물)

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