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The Hunt (사냥)

사냥 (sa-nyang)

Directed by Lee Woo-cheol (이우철)

Screenplay by


93min | Release date in South Korea :

'The Hunt' depicts a fight between a hunter and village people over a newly discovered gold mine.


The Hunt | Cast

  • Ahn Sung-ki (안성기)
    Ahn Sung-ki (안성기)
    Moon Gi-seong (문기성)
  • Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Cho Jin-woong (조진웅)
    Park Dong-geun/Park Myeong-geun (박동근/박명근)
  • Han Ye-ri (한예리)
    Han Ye-ri (한예리)
    Kim Yang-soon (김양순)
  • Kwon Yool (권율)
    Kwon Yool (권율)
    Head of a department Maeng Joon-ho (맹준호 실장)
  • Park Byung-eun (박병은)
    Park Byung-eun (박병은)
    Kwak Jong-pil (곽종필)
  • Han Jae-young (한재영)
    Han Jae-young (한재영)
    Kim Chang-sik (김창식)
  • Kim Yoon-sung (김윤성)
    Kim Yoon-sung (김윤성)
    Son Gi-wook (손기욱)
  • Jo Dae-hee (조대희)
    Jo Dae-hee (조대희)
    Lee Pil-ho (이필호)
  • Cha Soon-bae (차순배)
    Cha Soon-bae (차순배)
    Choi Byeong-soon (최병순)
  • Ye Soo-jung (예수정)
    Ye Soo-jung (예수정)
    Old woman, Joong-hyeon's mother (노파, 중현모)
  • Jin Seon-kyu (진선규)
    Jin Seon-kyu (진선규)
    Kim Joong-hyeon, Yang-soon's father (김중현, 양순부)
  • Shim Yi-young (심이영)
    Shim Yi-young (심이영)
    Lee Geum-ja, Yang-soon's mother (이금자, 양순모)
  • Shin Dong-mi (신동미)
    Shin Dong-mi (신동미)
    Moon Jeong-sook (문정숙)
    Yang Seo-yeon (양서연)
    Young Yang-soon (어린 양순)
  • Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화)
    Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화)
    Older brother Yeong-soo (영수형님)
  • Heo Joon-suk (허준석)
    Heo Joon-suk (허준석)
    Corporal Kim (김경장)
    Han Dong-won (한동원)
    Detective 1 (형사1)
    Oh Joo-hwan (오주환)
    Detective 2 (형사2)
    Son Dae-bang (손대방)
    Detective 3 (형사3)
    Kang Jae-eun (강재은)
    Detective 4 (형사4)
    Heo-seung (허승)
    Real estate agency employee 1 (부동산 직원1)
    Hong Seung-il (홍승일)
    Real estate agency employee 2 (부동산 직원2)
    Kim Hyeon-ji (김현지)
    Real estate agency employee 3 (부동산 직원3)
    Im Se-rang (임세랑)
    Real estate agency employee 4 (부동산 직원4)
    Ryoo Joo-hyeon (류주현)
    Radio DJ (라디오 DJ)
    Lee Won-jin (이원진)
    Cop 1 (순경1)
  • Kwon Ki-ha (권기하)
    Kwon Ki-ha (권기하)
    Riot police unit member 1 (전경대원1)
    Lee Won-seop (이원섭)
    Riot police unit member 2 (전경대원2)
    Yoo Do-seong (유도성)
    Riot police unit member 3 (전경대원3)
    Oh Chae-won (오채원)
    Policewoman in uniform 1 (제복여경1)
    Kim Yoon-joo (김윤주)
    Policewoman in uniform 2 (제복여경2)
    Oh Soo-yeon (오수연)
    Medical crew (의료대원)
    Lee Moon-hyeong (이문형)
    Paramedic (구급대원)
  • Joel Lee (요엘 리)
    Joel Lee (요엘 리)
    Youngling (조무래기)
    Park Hee-geon (박희건)
    Youngling (조무래기)
    Kim Yeong-tak (김영탁)
    Youngling (조무래기)
    Sin Jae-hoon (신재훈)
    Youngling (조무래기)
    Hyeong Yeong-seon (형영선)
    Miners (광부들)
    Yoo Jae-sang (유재상)
    Miners (광부들)
    Sin Hoon-hee (신훈희)
    Miners (광부들)
    Kwon Seon-cheol (권선철)
    Miners (광부들)
    Park Won-woo (박원우)
    Head of a department Maeng's stand-in (맹실장 대역)
  • Lee Hae-young-I (이해영)
    Lee Hae-young-I (이해영)
    Moon Dae-gook (문대국)
  • Son Hyun-joo (손현주)
    Son Hyun-joo (손현주)
    Chief Son - Special appearance (손반장)

The Hunt | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Hunt"

    In the rural mountainside an ominous crack of lightning strikes atop a grave marked by a twisted gnarly tree, as eerie whistling sounds portend that the thunder has not revealed a gift from beyond, but a curse. That's the opening scene of "The Hunt" which should, by all rights, have set the stage for a far more satisfying and frightening film, with men driven mad by a lust for wealth engaged in an endless duel. Unfortunately the execution leaves a lot to be desired,...More

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The Hunt | Pictures

  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
  • The Hunt's picture
    The Hunt
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The Hunt | Reviews

The Hunt | Facts

 Produced by
 Kim Han-min (김한민)
 Yoo Young-chae-I (유영채)
Lotte Entertainment (롯데엔터테인먼트)
Lotte Entertainment (롯데엔터테인먼트)
 Kim Han-min (김한민)
 Kim Han-min (김한민)
 Production department
 Park Jong-chul (박종철)
Technical Information
93 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2016/06/29
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2016.07.17 : 645 518 admissions (total)
As of 2016.07.10 : 637 036 admissions (total)
As of 2016.07.03 : 533 322 admissions (total)

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