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The Huntresses (조선미녀삼총사)

조선미녀삼총사 (jo-seon-mi-nyeo-sahm-chung-sa)

Directed by Park Je-hyeon (박제현)

Screenplay by , ,

Action Drama Historical

107min | Release date in South Korea :

Previously known as "Three Joseon Angels" on HanCinema
Based in the Joseon times, this action historical is about a group of three beautiful ladies starred by Ha Ji-won, Kang Ye-won and Son Ga-in.
Ha Ji-won takes on the role of Jin-ok, leader of the group and inventor of unique weapons with the ability to disguise herself in variety. She is about to upgrade her action from what we have seen so far and add a little bit of airhead in it.
Kang Ye-won is Jin-ok's co-worker and the only married one in the group. She is better at throwing daggers than cooking and better in tumbling than housework. She is the funny one being the 'idiot' ajumma' (married woman).
Son Ga-in is the youngest of the group. She is a fist first and talk later kind of person who is blunt and chic and is about to take over the hearts of men all over the country.
Other than these three, Ko Chang-seok take on the role of monk Moo-myeong and Joo Sang-wook, the role of warrior Sa-hyeon who threaten the three angels.


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  • [HanCinema's Hall of Fame Review] "The Huntresses": A Dynastic Disaster

    In the spotlight this week: Park Je-hyeon's "The Huntresses"... There was a great deal of hype and hope at the start of the year around the string of Joseon-inspired films that were on their way. The first of which was Park Je-hyeon's "The Huntresses", a Charlie's Angels-infused action adventure starring Ha Ji-won, Kang Ye-won, Son Ga-in, and Ko Chang-seok. "The Huntresses" appeared to have a delectable mixture of talent, genre and energy, but the film tragically tanked. It was strategically released over the Lunar New Year holiday but, instead of Park's bombastic offering, it was Hwang Dong-hyuk's "Miss Granny" that Korean cinephiles flocked to (a comedy drama that went onto attract over 8.6M filmgoers and is still the highest grossing Korean film of the year). And after two disappointing weeks the film crashed out of the top ten with just 473K admissions to its name,...More
  • [HanCinema's Image Gallery] Park Je-hyeon's "The Huntresses"

    Park Je-hyeon's "The Huntresses" proved to be a sweet mess, attracting less than 500K to its cause during one of Korea's biggest holidays (Lunar New Year). It was the first of a host of exciting Joseon-era films that were set for release this year, but was soon dismissed at the box office and forced fans of the genre to look quickly ahead. The film was overly stylised and lurid; awkward counterbalances that tried to distract from the flat and unimaginative adventures of Park's angels. For all its fatal flaws, however, "The Huntresses" did contain a number of great individual shots; so even if you don't bother to watch the film, take a moment to browse through some of these stunning stills and marvel at the double-edged sword Park fell gloriously on. Enjoy! [SPOILERS],...More
  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Huntresses"

    This is a silly movie. The first we see of leading lady Jin-ok (played by Ha Ji-won), she is doing a very bad job crossdressing as a man, wearing the most preposterous fake moustache I've ever seen. This is deliberate. Believe me, this movie makes an excessive effort in the wardrobe department. The entire final act of the movie is a visual treat of extras wearing absurd historical costumes from countries that appear to have been selected at random. The white suits the leads wear for the final act look horribly impractical for the job they're supposed to be doing. But who am I to argue about fashion? Now, as to the plot...well, let's see. The bad guy has found a doohickey that he wants to sell to the Chinese,...More

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 Produced by
 Kang Cheol-gyoo (강철규)
Showbox (쇼박스)
 Park Je-hyeon (박제현)
 Adaptation / Dramatization
 Kim Gyoo-won (김규원)
 Adaptation / Dramatization
 Do Soon-ah (도순아)
 Original idea
 Kang Cheol-gyoo (강철규)
 Production department
 Paek Seung-hwan (백승환)
 Production department
 Hwang Seong-wook (황성욱)
 Lighting / Cinematography department
 Hong Chang-pyo (홍창표)
 Assistant director
 Hwang Sang-jun (황상준)
 Score composer
 Kim Yong-soo (김용수)
 Martial arts director
 Han Mi-yeon (한미연)
 Editing department
 Kim Suk-won (김석원)
 Sound supervisor
 Yoo Dae-eol (유대얼)
 So Joon-moon (소준문)
 Making of
Technical Information
107 min 
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Airing dates : 2014/01/29
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As of 2014.02.09 : 473 332 Admissions (total)
As of 2014.02.02 : 402 269 Admissions (total)
As of 2014.01.26 : 5 269  Admissions (total)

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The Huntresses (조선미녀삼총사)