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The Net (그물)

그물 (geu-mul)

Directed by Kim Ki-duk (김기덕)

Screenplay by


114min | Release date in South Korea :

A North Korean fisherman breaks his boat engine by accident and drifts down to South Korea. After enduring brutal investigations in the South, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea. Before leaving South Korea, he notices the dark side of its society contrasting with its “developed“ image. There, he realizes that economic development does not spell happiness for the people. Although he makes it back home, he receives the same investigations as he did in the south. Then a grave sorrow hits him, trapped in the ideology between the two divided countries against his will.

73rd Venice International Film Festival (2016) - Cinema nel Giardino


  • Ryoo Seung-bum (류승범)
    Ryoo Seung-bum (류승범)
    Nam Cheol-woo (남철우)
  • Lee Won-geun (이원근)
    Lee Won-geun (이원근)
    Oh Jin-woo (오진우)
  • Kim Young-min (김영민)
    Kim Young-min (김영민)
    Investigator (조사관)
  • Choi Gwi-hwa (최귀화)
    Choi Gwi-hwa (최귀화)
    Head of Korea Department of Information Lee (한국 정보국 이실장)
  • Son Min-suk (손민석)
    Son Min-suk (손민석)
    State Security Department investigator (보위부조사원)
  • Park Ji-il (박지일)
    Park Ji-il (박지일)
    Executive (간부)
  • Hwang Gun (황건)
    Hwang Gun (황건)
    Agent 1 (요원1)
    Hwang Seung-hwan (황승환)
    Agent 2 (요원2)
    Kim Dong-yeong (김동영)
    Agent 3 (요원3)
  • Yang Hyun-min (양현민)
    Yang Hyun-min (양현민)
    North Korean soldier 1 (북한군인1)
    Lee Jong-min (이종민)
    North Korean soldier 2 (북한군인2)
  • Jo Jae-ryong (조재룡)
    Jo Jae-ryong (조재룡)
    North Korean Army platoon leader (북한군소대장)
    Kim Pyeong-jo (김평조)
    North Korean sniper (북한군저격수)
  • Ahn Ji-hye (안지혜)
    Ahn Ji-hye (안지혜)
    Min-ja (민자)
  • Lee Na-ra (이나라)
    Lee Na-ra (이나라)
    Cheol-woo's wife (철우아내)
  • Lee Sol-gu (이설구)
    Lee Sol-gu (이설구)
    Refugee (탈북자)
  • Jeong Ha-dam (정하담)
    Jeong Ha-dam (정하담)
    Jin Dal-rae (진달래)
    Han Yoo-jeong (한유정)
    Cheol-woo's daughter (철우딸)
  • Kim Jun-bae (김준배)
    Kim Jun-bae (김준배)
    State Security Department official (보위부간부)
    Heo-seung (허승)
    State Security Department agent 1 (보위부요원1)
  • Oh Ryoong (오륭)
    Oh Ryoong (오륭)
    State Security Department agent 2 (보위부요원2)
  • Kim Do-young-II (김도영)
    Kim Do-young-II (김도영)
    North Korean announcer (북한아나운서)
  • Kim Su-an (김수안)
    Kim Su-an (김수안)
    North Korean flower girl (북한꽃소녀)
  • Kang Yeon-jeong (강연정)
    Kang Yeon-jeong (강연정)
    Rumbling woman (명동여자)
  • Jung Tae-sung-I (정태성)
    Jung Tae-sung-I (정태성)
    Gangster 1 (양아치1)
  • Hwang In-mu (황인무)
    Hwang In-mu (황인무)
    Gangster 2 (양아치2)
    Kim Chang-hoi (김창회)
    South Korean Army general (남한군소대장)
  • Lee Hyung-goo (이형구)
    Lee Hyung-goo (이형구)
    South Korean soldier 1 (남한군인1)
    Lee Sang-jin (이상진)
    South Korean soldier 2 (남한군인2)
  • Lee Sun-goo (이선구)
    Lee Sun-goo (이선구)
    Team leader Park (박팀장)
    Ahn Min-young-I (안민영)
    Korean sausage [Sundae] restaurant owner (순대국집주인)
    Lee Myeong-ok (이명옥)
    South Korean search agent (남한검색요원)
    Lee Jeong-seon (이정선)
    State Security Department female reporter (보위부여기자)
    Kim Soo-ah (김수아)
    tate Security Department search agent (보위부검색요원)
    Choi Yong-seok (최용석)
    Passerby 1 (행인1)
    Marko (말코)
    Owner of covered wagon (포장마차주인)
    Lee Seung-hyeon (이승현)
    Pickpocket (소매치기)
    Kim Mi-jin (김미진)
    State Security Department female agent (보위부여자요원)
    Lee Sang-hyeon (이상현)
    Neighborhood resident (동네주민)
    Kim Soon-mo (김순모)
    State Security Department soldier 1 (보위부군인1)
    Park Joon-hyeong (박준형)
    State Security Department soldier 2 (보위부군인2)
    Jeong Ji-eun (정지은)
    North Korean defector 2 (탈북자2)
    Kim Dae-gi (김대기)
    North Korean photographer 1 (북한사진기자1)
    Lee Hwi-woong (이휘웅)
    North Korean photographer 2 (북한사진기자2)
  • Heo Joon-seok (허준석)
    Heo Joon-seok (허준석)
    North Korean photographer 3 (북한사진기자3)
  • Sung Hyun-ah (성현아)
    Sung Hyun-ah (성현아)
    Person in charge of forward team - Special appearance (전향팀담당자)

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  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Net"

    In rural North Korea Cheol-woo (played by Ryoo Seung-bum) is a fairly unremarkable fisherman who lives with his wife and daughter. Cheol-woo has to cross a checkpoint every day to go to work because he lives perilously close to the Demilitarized Zone. Far from having especially tight security, the North Korean border fence is actually fairly ramshackle, and because Cheol-woo knows the guards personally, they are hesitant to follow strict policy when an accident forces Cheol-woo's boat adrift. And there starts Cheol-woo's unfortunate journey to South Korea's modernland,...More

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 Produced by
 Kim Ki-duk (김기덕)
Kim Ki-duk Film (김기덕필름)
 Kim Ki-duk (김기덕)
 Production department
 Kim Woo-taek (김우택)
 Production department
 Kim Ki-duk (김기덕)
Technical Information
114 min 
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Airing dates : 2016/10/06
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As of 2016.10.30 : 56 395 Admissions (total)
As of 2016.10.23 : 55 797 Admissions (total)
As of 2016.10.16 : 54 239 Admissions (total)
As of 2016.10.09 : 35 378  Admissions (total)

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The Net (그물)