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The Whispering (속닥속닥)

속닥속닥 (so-dak-so-dak)

Directed by Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)

Screenplay by


91min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "Whisper, Whisper"
A young woman and her boyfriend wander into an abandoned amusement part and the house of ghosts, triggering horrifying events.

The Whispering | Cast

  • So Ju-yeon (소주연)
    So Ju-yeon (소주연)
    Yeo Eun-ha (여은하)
  • Kim Min-kyu (김민규)
    Kim Min-kyu (김민규)
    Kang Min-woo (강민우)
  • Kim Young (김영)
    Kim Young (김영)
    Jo Woo-seong (조우성)
  • Kim Tae-min (김태민)
    Kim Tae-min (김태민)
    Joo Dong-il (주동일)
  • Choi Hee-jin-I (최희진)
    Choi Hee-jin-I (최희진)
    Choi Jeong-yoon (최정윤)
  • Park Jin (박진)
    Park Jin (박진)
    Park Hae-gook (박해국)
  • Shin Jae-seung (신재승)
    Shin Jae-seung (신재승)
    Byeong-yoon (병윤)
  • Koh Woo-ri (고우리)
    Koh Woo-ri (고우리)
    Mi-joo (미주)
  • Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)
    Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)
    Byeon Ji-eun (변지은)
  • Lee Han-seo (이한서)
    Lee Han-seo (이한서)
    Chairman Choi's daughter (최회장 딸)
    Park Soo-eun (박수은)
    Chairman Choi's wife (최회장 부인)
  • Ji Dae-han (지대한)
    Ji Dae-han (지대한)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] middle-aged man (PC방 아저씨)
  • Jin Yong-wook (진용욱)
    Jin Yong-wook (진용욱)
    Homeroom teacher (담임선생님)
    Seo Min-chae (서민채)
    Female teacher (여선생)
  • Im Han-bin (임한빈)
    Im Han-bin (임한빈)
    Eun-seong (은성)
    Han Kyeong-hee (한경희)
    Eun-ha's mother (은하모)
    Seo Gi-wook (서기욱)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] student 1 (PC방 학생1)
    Kim Hyeong-tae (김형태)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] student 2 (PC방 학생2)
    Kim Kyeong-hoon (김경훈)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] customer 1 (PC방 손님1)
    Kim Kyeong-hoon (김경훈)
    Internet cafe customer 1 (PC방 손님1)
    Park Ji-yeon (박지연)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] customer 2 (PC방 손님2)
    Park Ji-hye (박지혜)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] customer 3 (PC방 손님3)
    Park Soo-kyeong (박수경)
    Internet cafe [PC bang] customer 4 (PC방 손님4)
    Sim-gyoo (심규)
    Police officer 1 (경찰관1)
    Kim Min-seong (김민성)
    Police officer 2 (경찰관2)
    Bae So-yoon (배소윤)
    Escape room cafe manager (방탈출카페 매니저)
    Sim Mi-so (심미소)
    Escape room cafe employee (방탈출카페 직원)
    Hwang Sin-hye (황신혜)
    Classroom ghost part-time student (교실귀신 알바생)
  • Jeon Hyeon-soo (전현수)
    Jeon Hyeon-soo (전현수)
    Ghost 1 (귀신1)
    Sin Ha-rang (신하랑)
    Ghost 2 (귀신2)
    Kim Ga-ae (김가애)
    Ghost 3 (귀신3)
    Lee Sang-gang (이상강)
    Ghost 4 (귀신4)
    Kim Hyeon-woo (김현우)
    Ghost 5 (귀신5)
    Hong Soo-hyeon (홍수현)
    Ghost 6 (귀신6)
    Yoo In-jae (유인재)
    Master (고수)
    Byeon Se-in (변세인)
    Local resident 1 (동네주민1)
    Seong Won-jeong (성원정)
    Local resident 2 (동네주민2)
    Kim Yoo-jin (김유진)
    Local resident 3 (동네주민3)
    Kim Mi-hwa (김미화)
    Local resident 4 (동네주민4)
    Heo Yeong-cheol (허영철)
    Local resident 5 (동네주민5)
    Gwi Deok-ran (귀덕란)
    Local resident 6 (동네주민6)
    Im Min-soon (임민순)
    Local resident 7 (동네주민7)
    Jeon Hyeong-joo (전형주)
    Local resident 8 (동네주민8)
    Joo Dong-ook (주동욱)
    Local resident 9 (동네주민9)
    Kim Sang-soo (김상수)
    Local resident 10 (동네주민10)
    Kim Jeong-hee (김정희)
    Local resident 11 (동네주민11)
    Song Si-yeol (송시열)
    Local resident 12 (동네주민12)
    Lee Yeong-eun (이영은)
    Local resident 13 (동네주민13)
    Choi Won-hyeok (최원혁)
    Local resident 14 (동네주민14)
    Hong Ji-eun (홍지은)
    Local resident 15 (동네주민15)
    Choi Mi-rae (최미래)
    Local resident 16 (동네주민16)
    Kang Na-yeong (강나영)
    Local resident 17 (동네주민17)
    Nam Yeong-ran (남영란)
    Local resident 18 (동네주민18)
    Hong Hyeon-kyeong (홍현경)
    Local resident 19 (동네주민19)
    Hong Ye-jin (홍예진)
    Local resident 20 (동네주민20)
    Yoo Eun-jae (유은재)
    Local resident 21 (동네주민21)
    Kim Jeong-sook (김정숙)
    Local resident 22 (동네주민22)
    Kim Jeong-beom (김정범)
    Student 1 (학생1)
    Seo Kyeong-hoon (서경훈)
    Student 2 (학생2)
    Gong Jong-hyeon (공종현)
    Student 3 (학생3)
    Min Seon-jae (민선재)
    Student 4 (학생4)
    Kim Jin-yeong (김진영)
    Student 5 (학생5)
    Lee Dong-gyoo (이동규)
    Student 6 (학생6)
    Park Hyo-joon (박효준)
    Student 7 (학생7)
    Moon Jeong-bin (문정빈)
    Student 8 (학생8)
    Kim Hyo-won (김효원)
    Student 9 (학생9)
    Kim Da-jin (김다진)
    Student 10 (학생10)
    Lee Dong-hee (이동희)
    Student 11 (학생11)
    Choi Seo-hyeon (최서현)
    Student 12 (학생12)
    Kim Soo-bin (김수빈)
    Student 13 (학생13)
    Yoon Ji-won (윤지원)
    Student 14 (학생14)
    Lee Yeon-woo (이연우)
    Student 15 (학생15)
    Yoon Ji-in (윤지인)
    Student 16 (학생16)
  • Lee Won-sang (이원상)
    Lee Won-sang (이원상)
    Student 17 (학생17)
    Lee Ah-ri (이아리)
    Student 18 (학생18)
    Lee Ji-won (이지원)
    Student 19 (학생19)
    Kim Si-eun (김시은)
    Student 20 (학생20)
    Song Jeong-hyeok (송정혁)
    Student 21 (학생21)
    Sin Eun-jeong (신은정)
    Student 22 (학생22)
    Oh Hye-jin (오혜진)
    Student 23 (학생23)
    Kim Min-soo (김민수)
    Student 24 (학생24)
    Lee Jeong-ah (이정아)
    Student 25 (학생25)
    Yeon Seung-joo (연승주)
    Student 26 (학생26)
    Oh Won-joon (오원준)
    Student 27 (학생27)
    Han Dong-hoon (한동훈)
    Student 28 (학생28)
    Kim Kyeong-gyoo (김경규)
    Student 29 (학생29)
    Choi Jae-min (최재민)
    Student 30 (학생30)
    Min Da-eun (민다은)
    Student 31 (학생31)
    Kim Se-yeon (김세연)
    Student 32 (학생32)
  • Lee Pil-mo (이필모)
    Lee Pil-mo (이필모)
    Chairman Choi - Cameo (최회장)
  • Lee Yong-yi (이용이)
    Lee Yong-yi (이용이)
    Special appearance

The Whispering | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "The Whispering"

    A gaggle of idiot high school friends have been worrying about Eun-ha (played by So Ju-yeon) who has been on the emotional outs following the death of her best friend Ji-eun (played by Lee Yoo-mi). So they do what any good friends would do, and take her out to a creepy abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of Ulsan. This culminates in a trip to an old haunted cavern that rather ominously bolted shut at the worst possible moment in the movie's cold open,...More
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The Whispering | Pictures

  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
  • The Whispering's picture
    The Whispering
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The Whispering | Facts

 Produced by
 Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)
 Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)
 Chae Ki-jun (채기준)
 Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)
 Production department
 Choi Sang-hoon-II (최상훈)
Technical Information
91 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2018/07/13
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2018.07.29 : 217 337 admissions (total)
As of 2018.07.22 : 212 523 admissions (total)
As of 2018.07.15 : 164 150 admissions (total)
As of 2018.07.08 : 861 admissions (total)

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The Whispering (속닥속닥)

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