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Tumbleweed (창수)

창수 (chang-su)

Directed by Lee Deok-hee-I (이덕희)

Screenplay by


111min | Release date in South Korea :

Changsu does not have any family, friends or lover living in prison as a substitute prisoner for the others. After 3 years in prison, he came back to his normal life with gambling and drinking. One day, Miyeon, appears to him, and everything changes. She enlightens his life for the first time. Changsu bets his everything to save this woman for the first, and for the last time in his life.


Tumbleweed | Cast

  • Im Chang-jung (임창정)
    Im Chang-jung (임창정)
    Chang-soo (창수)
  • Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
    Ahn Nae-sang (안내상)
    Do-seok (도석)
  • Jung Sung-hwa (정성화)
    Jung Sung-hwa (정성화)
    Sang-tae (상태)
  • Son Eun-seo (손은서)
    Son Eun-seo (손은서)
    Mi-yeon (미연)
  • Tae Seong (태성)
    Tae Seong (태성)
    Jae-wook (재욱)
  • Jun Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Jun Gook-hwan (전국환)
    Chairman Ji Seong-pa (지성파회장)
  • Baek Su-ryeon (백수련)
    Baek Su-ryeon (백수련)
    Restaurant middle aged woman (식당아줌마)
  • Mr.Pang (방준호)
    Mr.Pang (방준호)
    Nightclub boss (나이트클럽사장)
  • Kang Jae-seop (강재섭)
    Kang Jae-seop (강재섭)
    Head of a department Kim (김실장)
    Ji Dae-han (지대한)
    Errand center manager (심부름센터소장)
  • Son Byung-hee (손병희)
    Son Byung-hee (손병희)
    Stow away boss (밀항사장)
    Yoon Gwang-hee (윤광희)
    Toilet urine man 1 (화장실소변남1)
    Han Il-gyoo (한일규)
    Toilet urine man 2 (화장실소변남2)
    Han Ye-na (한예나)
    Teashop girl (다방레지)
    Jeong Hyeon-cheol (정현철)
    Damas (mini truck) driving man (다마스운전남)
  • Jo Byeong-gon-I (조병곤)
    Jo Byeong-gon-I (조병곤)
    Covered wagon owner (포장마차주인)
    Park Jae-yeong (박재영)
    Covered wagon gangster 1 (포장마차 양아치1)
    Lee Dong-jin (이동진)
    Covered wagon gangster 2 (포장마차 양아치2)
    Kim Ji-min (김지민)
    Jewelry salesman (보석점원)
  • Jo Eun-bit (조은빛)
    Jo Eun-bit (조은빛)
    Kyeong-ae (경애)
    Park Hyeon-ook (박현욱)
    Do-seok's underling 1 (도석부하1)
    Kim Min-seong (김민성)
    Do-seok's underling 2 (도석부하2)
  • Lee Sun-goo (이선구)
    Lee Sun-goo (이선구)
    Do-seok's underling 3 (도석부하3)
    Song Yoon-seok (송윤석)
    Do-seok's underling 4 (도석부하4)
    Kim Jae-ho (김재호)
    Do-seok's underling 5 (도석부하5)
    Ahn Seong-gon (안성곤)
    Do-seok's underling 6 (도석부하6)
    Im Dae-jin (임대진)
    Ji Seong-pa's lawyer (지성파변호사)
    Son Yong-hwa (손용화)
    Detective squad chief (형사반장)
  • Kim Hee-chang (김희창)
    Kim Hee-chang (김희창)
    Bacchus-D client (박카스손님)
    Park Seon-gyoo (박선규)
    Detective 2 (형사2)
    Kim Gi-hoon (김기훈)
    Arcade conscripted policeman 1 (오락실의경1)
    Kim Hyang-bae (김향배)
    Arcade conscripted policeman 2 (오락실의경2)
  • Yoo Byung-sun (유병선)
    Yoo Byung-sun (유병선)
    Prison officer 1 (교도관1)
  • Park Jae-hong-I (박재홍)
    Park Jae-hong-I (박재홍)
    Prison officer 2 (교도관2)
    Lee Min-jong (이민종)
    Prison officer 3 (교도관3)
    Kim Seok-hwan (김석환)
    Pub reunion police (단란주점경찰)
    Yoo Ga-hee (유가희)
    Pub reunion police girl 1 (단란주점녀1)
    Park Soo-hyeon (박수현)
    Pub reunion police girl 2 (단란주점녀2)
    Choi Soo-yeon (최수연)
    Pub reunion police girl 3 (단란주점녀3)
  • Kim Joo-yeong-II (김주영)
    Kim Joo-yeong-II (김주영)
    Jo Yong-pil (조용필)
  • Heo Hyung-kyu (허형규)
    Heo Hyung-kyu (허형규)
    Young waiter (새끼웨이터)
    Kim Hyeon-kyeong (김현경)
    Nightclub dancer (나이트클럽 댄서)
    Park Chang-min (박창민)
    Nightclub man (나이트클럽남)
  • Song Eun-jin (송은진)
    Song Eun-jin (송은진)
    Bank female employee (은행여직원)
    Go Eun-seong (고은성)
    Convenience store girl (편의점녀)
    Kim Yeong-cheol (김영철)
    Gas driver (가스기사)
  • Kim Yeon-soo-I (김연수)
    Kim Yeon-soo-I (김연수)
    Packing cart female client (포장마차여손님)
    Yeon-soo (연수)
    Covered wagon female client (포장마차여손님)
  • Park Kyeong-hwan (박경환)
    Park Kyeong-hwan (박경환)
    Covered wagon male client 1 (포장마차남손님1)
    Jo Sang-beom (조상범)
    Covered wagon male client 2 (포장마차남손님2)
    Kim Yoon-yeong (김윤영)
    Construction site worker 1 (공사장인부1)
    Choo Yong-hyeon (추용현)
    Construction site worker 2 (공사장인부2)
    Kim Jin-yong (김진용)
    Construction site worker 3 (공사장인부3)
    Choi Ji-hye (최지혜)
    Japanese restaurant female employee (일식집여종업원)
  • Kim Yoon-ji-I (김윤지)
    Kim Yoon-ji-I (김윤지)
    Sang-tae's wife Eun-jeong (상태부인 은정)
    Kang Jae-seok (강재석)
    Young Chang-soo (어린창수)
    Kang Dong-heon (강동헌)
    Moeny bag boy (돈가방소년)
    Bang Seon-hwa (방선화)
    10 years later covered wagon client 1 (10년후포장마차손님1)
    Kim Jin-seon (김진선)
    10 years later covered wagon client 2 (10년후포장마차손님2)
    Jo Eun-jeong (조은정)
    10 years later restaurant middle aged woman (10년후 식당아줌마)
    Seo Dong-jin (서동진)
    Quick middle aged man (퀵아저씨)
    Kim Gi-hwan (김기환)
    10 years later Do-seok's underling 1 (10년후도석부하1)
  • Park Ji-ho (박지호)
    Park Ji-ho (박지호)
    10 years later Do-seok's underling 2 (10년후도석부하2)
    Kim Jong-bin (김종빈)
    10 years later Do-seok's underling 3 (10년후도석부하3)
  • Lee Han-jong-I (이한종)
    Lee Han-jong-I (이한종)
    Fulfillment bodyguard 1 (수행경호원1)
    Kang Hee-joong (강희중)
    Butler (집사)
    Yoo Seung-man (유승만)
    Charnel house picture firefighter (납골당사진속 소방관)
  • Lee Deok-hee-I (이덕희)
    Lee Deok-hee-I (이덕희)
    Jewellery store front Incheon brother (보석가게앞 인천형님)
    Sim Sang-oon (심상운)
    Jewellery store passerby 1 (보석가게앞 행인1)
    Kim Seon-oong (김선웅)
    Jewellery store passerby 2 (보석가게앞 행인2)
    Kim Jeong-ook (김정욱)
    Suburb road passerby 1 (변두리도로 행인1)
    Kang Hee-yeong (강희영)
    Motel guest (여관손님)
  • Park Song-tech (박성택)
    Park Song-tech (박성택)
    Detective 1 (형사1)
    No Seong-gyoon (노성균)
    10 years later Do-seok's underling 4 (10년후도석부하4)
    Jang Seong-won (장성원)
    Toilet stool man (화장실대변남)
    Kim Soon-tae (김순태)
    Toilet voice (화장실목소리)
  • Yang Do-hyun (양도현)
    Yang Do-hyun (양도현)
    Golf commentary voice (골프해설목소리)
    Kim Min-seong (김민성)
    Golf announcer voice (골프아나운서목소리)
    Yeo Ye-seong (여예성)
    Voice of the innkeeper (여관주인목소리)
  • Jeon Hae-ri (전해리)
    Jeon Hae-ri (전해리)
    Female assistant voice (여비서목소리)
    Park Seong-ho (박성호)
    Chang-soo stand-in (창수대역)
    Im Wang-seop (임왕섭)
    Do-seok stand-in (도석대역)
    Go Sang-hyeon (고상현)
    Chase man (추격남)

Tumbleweed | HanCinema Reviews

  • [Guest Review] "Tumbleweed"

    2014/02/28, Source
    Chang-su (Im Chang-jung) is the fall guy for a local gang's boss, willing to cop to short-term goal terms in exchange for sums of money he couldn't earn otherwise or through legal means. This might sound like an undesirable lifestyle for most but Chang-su is quite content with his lot, having no dreams or plans for any future career outside of his next imprisonment. Recently returned from his latest stint, he witnesses, by chance, a lover's quarrel that spills out onto the street in front of him,...More

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Tumbleweed | Pictures

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Tumbleweed | Facts

 Kim Joon-seok (김준석)
 Score composer
 Kyeong Min-ho (경민호)
 Ha Seong-ran (하성란)
 Baek Kyung-chan (백경찬)
 Stunt/martial arts department
Technical Information
111 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2013/11/28
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2013.12.22 : 429 060 admissions (total)
As of 2013.12.15 : 428 040  admissions (total)
As of 2013.12.08 : 404 919  admissions (total)
As of 2013.12.01 : 256 238 admissions (total)

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Tumbleweed (창수)

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