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Unstoppable (성난황소)

성난황소 (seong-nan-hwang-so)

Directed by Kim Min-ho-II (김민호)

Screenplay by

Action Crime

115min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known "Raging Bull"
Started filming: 2018/05/04
Wrapped up filming: 2018/08/03
A man and his friends fight vicious men with their fists in order to save his wife.

Unstoppable | Cast

  • Ma Dong-seok (마동석)
    Ma Dong-seok (마동석)
    Kang Dong-cheol (강동철)
  • Song Ji-hyo (송지효)
    Song Ji-hyo (송지효)
    Ji-soo (지수)
  • Kim Sung-oh (김성오)
    Kim Sung-oh (김성오)
    Gi-tae (기태)
  • Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    Kim Min-jae (김민재)
    President Bear (곰사장)
  • Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Park Ji-hwan (박지환)
    Choon-sik (춘식)
  • Lee Sung-woo (이성우)
    Lee Sung-woo (이성우)
    Doo-sik (두식)
  • Bae Noo-ri (배누리)
    Bae Noo-ri (배누리)
    So-yeon (소연)
  • Park Ji-hoon (박지훈)
    Park Ji-hoon (박지훈)
    Straw cutter (작두)
    Park Gwang-jae (박광재)
    Big (거구)
  • Im Hyung-joon (임형준)
    Im Hyung-joon (임형준)
    Choi Joong-yeon (최중연)
  • Jung Hae-kyun (정해균)
    Jung Hae-kyun (정해균)
    Union president (조합장)
  • Kim Won-hae (김원해)
    Kim Won-hae (김원해)
    Shipowner (선주)
  • Jung In-gi (정인기)
    Jung In-gi (정인기)
    President Park (박사장)
  • Jang Hyuk-jin (장혁진)
    Jang Hyuk-jin (장혁진)
    Choi Man-sik (최만식)
  • Choi Hong-il (최홍일)
    Choi Hong-il (최홍일)
    Middle-aged man (중년남)
  • Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Accounting employee (경리계 근무자)
    Bae Seong-il (배성일)
    Seaside restaurant employee (바닷가식당 종업원)
    Kang Gyoo-hwan (강규환)
    Detective Kim (김형사)
  • Lim Il-gyu (임일규)
    Lim Il-gyu (임일규)
    Detective Jang (장형사)
    Kim Yong-bin (김용빈)
    Police man (경찰남)
    Kim Jae-cheol (김재철)
    Representative (대리인)
  • Kim Soo-jin-IV (김수진)
    Kim Soo-jin-IV (김수진)
    Lawyer (변호사)
  • Jeon Ik-ryung (전익령)
    Jeon Ik-ryung (전익령)
    Broker (브로커)
    Jin Mo (진모)
    Guy 1 (사내1)
  • Song Bong-geun (송봉근)
    Song Bong-geun (송봉근)
    Guy 2 (사내2)
  • Bae Jin-woong (배진웅)
    Bae Jin-woong (배진웅)
    Guy 3 (사내3)
  • Jung Eun-sung (정은성)
    Jung Eun-sung (정은성)
    Drunken young lady (술취한아가씨)
    Park Jin-seong (박진성)
    Man 1 (남자1)
    Lee Do-goon (이도군)
    Restaurant employee (레스토랑 종업원)
    Oh Soo (오수)
    Gambling elder (도박장 노인)
  • Cheon Seong-moon (천성문)
    Cheon Seong-moon (천성문)
    Karaoke bar employee (단란주점 직원)
    Seo Moon-ho (서문호)
    Guard post police (초소경찰)
  • Park Chae-ik (박채익)
    Park Chae-ik (박채익)
    Taxi driver (택시기사)
  • Bae Jin-ah (배진아)
    Bae Jin-ah (배진아)
    Mi-ja (미자)
    Hwang Jae-yeol (황재열)
    Used car dealer (중고차 딜러)
    Park Eung-soo (박응수)
    Fish market merchant (수산시장 상인)
    Sim So-yeong (심소영)
    Eel middle-aged woman (꼼장어 아줌마)
    Kim Gyoo-dong (김규동)
    Shipowner's driver (선주 운전기사)
    Moon Hyeok (문혁)
    Representative's assistant (대리인 보조)
  • Geum Gwang-san (금광산)
    Geum Gwang-san (금광산)
    Union gang 1 (조합장 패거리1)
    Kim Heung-tae (김흥태)
    Union gang 2 (조합장 패거리2)
  • Lee Dong-jin (이동진)
    Lee Dong-jin (이동진)
    Montage victim 1 (몽타주 피해자1)
    Kim In-oh (김인오)
    Montage victim 2 (몽타주 피해자2)
  • Yoon Jin-ha (윤진하)
    Yoon Jin-ha (윤진하)
    Montage victim 3 (몽타주 피해자3)
    No Seong-hoo (노성후)
    King Club valet parking employee (킹크렙 발렛직원)
    Kang Yoo-jin (강유진)
    Bandage woman (붕대녀)
  • Jo Han-na-I (조한나)
    Jo Han-na-I (조한나)
    Lee Eun-jeong (이은정)
    Marco Tessiore (마르코 테시오레)
    Bar foreigner 1 (Bar 외국인1)
    Thomas Maitland (토마스 메이틀랜드)
    Bar foreigner 2 (Bar 외국인2)
    Park Hye-rim (박혜림)
    Interview woman 1 (면접녀1)
    Sin Hyeon-joo (신현주)
    Interview woman 2 (면접녀2)
    Sin Soo-kyeong (신수경)
    Interview woman 3 (면접녀3)
  • Han Shi-yun (한시연)
    Han Shi-yun (한시연)
    Interview woman 4 (면접녀4)
  • Hong Yi-joo (홍이주)
    Hong Yi-joo (홍이주)
    Question man's wife (의문남 부인)
    Kim San (김산)
    Question man's baby (의문남 애기)
    Park In-ji (박인지)
    Accountant (경리)
    Bin Seo-yeong (빈서영)
    Serving girl 1 (서빙녀1)
    Kim Re-ah (김레아)
    Serving girl 2 (서빙녀2)
    Lee Se-yeong (이세영)
    Serving girl 3 (서빙녀3)
    Lee Yeon-joo (이연주)
    Nursing home nurse 1 (요양원 간호사1)
    Seo Yoon-hee (서윤희)
    Nursing home nurse 2 (요양원 간호사2)
    Ok Joo-ri (옥주리)
    House next door resident 1 (이웃집 주민1)
    Heo Seong-woo (허성우)
    House next door resident 2 (이웃집 주민2)
    Oh Yoon-seol (오윤설)
    House next door child (이웃집 아이)
    Lee Chang-hoon (이창훈)
    Shady middle-aged man (수상한 아저씨)
    Jo Ae-ri (조애리)
    Karaoke bar young lady 1 (단람주점 아가씨1)
    Han Hee-kyeong (한희경)
    Karaoke bar young lady 2 (단람주점 아가씨2)
  • Kim Ga-bin (김가빈)
    Kim Ga-bin (김가빈)
    Karaoke bar young lady 3 (단람주점 아가씨3)
    Yoon Eun-ji (윤은지)
    Kidnapped woman 1 (납치녀1)
    Lee Il-hyeon (이일현)
    Kidnapped woman 2 (납치녀2)
    Lee Deun (이든)
    Kidnapped woman 3 (납치녀3)
    Choi Seong-hwan (최성환)
    Gambling place gangster (도박장 양아치)
    Choi Oon-kyeong (최운경)
    Financial desk employee (파이낸셜 데스크 직원)
    Kim Yeo-jin (김여진)
    YTN announcer (YTN 아나운서)

Unstoppable | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Unstoppable"

    Don't let that ominous theatrical poster or the similarly imposing title fool you. "Unstoppable" is a surprisingly light-hearted movie. I mean sure, Dong-cheol (played by Ma Dong-seok) is built like a tank and his wife Ji-soo (played by Song Ji-hyo) does inevitably get kidnapped. But up until that point, "Unstoppable" is a very domestic film, where the leading man eschews violence for the sake of respectability, to the point that even Dong-cheol's partner gets annoyed at his excessive passivity. Adorably cute domestic squabbles follow,...More

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Unstoppable | Facts

Showbox (쇼박스)
Showbox (쇼박스)
 Kim Min-ho-II (김민호)
 Production department
 Kim Seong-joon-II (김성준)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Kwon Ji-hoon (권지훈)
 Martial arts team
 Jung Do-an (정도안)
 Special effects
 Mowg (모그)
 Score composer
 Mowg (모그)
 Music department
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Sang-min-II (이상민)
 Martial arts team
 Kwon Tae-ho (권태호)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Soo-min-IV (이수민)
 Martial arts team
 Kim Sun-min (김선민)
Technical Information
115 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2018/11/22
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2018.12.16 : 1 590 507 admissions (total)
As of 2018.12.09 : 1 567 181 admissions (total)
As of 2018.12.02 : 1 451 445 admissions (total)
As of  : 920 985 admissions (total)
As of 2018.11.18 : 78 606 admissions (total)
As of 2018.11.11 : 7 519 admissions (total)

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Unstoppable (성난황소)

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