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Urban Myths

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Urban Myths

Korean Movie | 2021

서울괴담 | goe-dam


Directed by Hong Won-ki (홍원기)

123min | Release date in South Korea:


Release date on wavve: 2022/05/27
The fear of walking through a dark tunnel alone
The questionable sound from next door
The mystery of used furniture
The false jealousy towards others

A more terrifying reality than death that started from revenge, curses, and desire is coming!


Episode 01
"Urban Myths: Tunnel" (터널, teo-neol)
In the dead of night as Gi-hoon returns from a fishing trip, he begins to see handprints all over his windshield. He tries to wash them off using the wipers but cannot remove them. He wipes the window from the inside and the handprints rub clean. He thinks he is alone? Discover the truth when he enters the tunnel looming ahead.

Episode 02
"Urban Myths: The Woman in Red" (빨간옷, ppal-gan-ot)
At the funeral of Hyeon-joo, Soo-jin who used to bully her, hears that she committed suicide. Now, she is plagued by frequent visions of a woman in red. No matter how hard Su-jin tries to escape her, the woman in red may not allow it.

Episode 03
"Urban Myths: Necromancy" (혼숨, hon-sum)
Best friends, Ji-hyeon and Hye-yeon, were like any other teen girls, sharing dreams and interest and making promises they should not keep. When Hye-yeon dies, Ji-hyeon in her grief honors one such promise. To perform necromancy if the other ever died. Ji-hyeon successful brings back Hye-yeon's soul but soon after finds that there are somethings that should never come back...

Episode 04
"Urban Myths: Tooth Worms" (치충, chi-chung)
Jae-seong who is suffering due to a severe toothache visits his dentist, Choong-jae. However, his dentist couldn't find the cause and asks him to come back the next day. Soon after, Choong-jae finds something writhing in the sink. Upon examining the specimen, his instinct tells him that when Jae-seong returns, no one will be smiling.

Episode 05
"Urban Myths: Ghost Marriage" (혼인, hon-in)
A desperate job seeker, Jae-hoon, gets the chance at an interview. During the interview he is asked unusual questions unrelated to the job. Feeling unsure after the interview, he is told about the CEO, the shaman whispering in his ear and his deceased daughter whom he adores. Jae-hoon wonders, what kind of company is he getting involved with?

Episode 06
"Urban Myths: The Closet" (중고가구, jung-go-ga-gu)
Ji-hye finds a high-quality second-hand closet from an online flea market. When she meets the seller, she is a little creeped out by him but really likes the closet. She decides to take it. But once the closet is delivered, horrible nightmares come with it. Is it because the closet is haunted?

Episode 07
"Urban Myths: The Girl in the Mirror" (얼굴도둑, eol-gul-do-duk)
Influencer Hyeon-joo is nothing but shallow and greedy. Shes obsessed with social media and gets jealous of anyone who looks better than her. One day she looks in the mirror and her reflection starts to speak to her. Now her superficial world begins to shake.

Episode 08
"Urban Myths: A Mannequin" (마네킹, ma-ne-king)
While Jong-chan is working at a mannequin warehouse, he hears strange rumors that some of the mannequins are more than they seem. That night, he bumps into a man that looks like a mannequin and things go horrifyingly wrong.

Episode 09
"Urban Myths: The Wall" (충간소음, chung-gan-so-eum)
Moving into a new apartment, Jeong-gyoon hears a knocking noise from the neighbor at night. Next morning, he runs into a beautiful woman who seems to live next door. He dares to communicate with her through the wall, not knowing the dire consequences he will encounter.

Episode 10
"Urban Myths: Escape Games" (방탈출, bang-tal-chul)
Three friends who enjoy going to famous escape rooms respond to an advert for a newly-opened escape room. Once they get there, they are told that there will be only one clue and no time limit. They start the escape game but realize that its nothing like the usual, normal ones...


Urban Myths

Urban Myths
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Urban Myths
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Urban Myths
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Urban Myths
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