Ku Hye-sun cries happy tears upon meeting Yoona

Korean actress Ku Hye-sun [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actress Ku Hye-sun, a self-proclaimed fan of Girls' Generation singer Yoona, recently cried tears of joy when she met her celebrity crush for the first time on a TV show.


During an appearance on KBS2 TV's celebrity talk show "Win Win", which aired Tuesday, the actress explained that she is a big fan of the popular girl band member.

"I really love Girls' Generation member Yoona these days", said Koo on the show. "I got her mobile phone number through the group's choreographer and we exchange text messages but I have never met her in person".

Then when Yoona appeared on the set as a surprise guest, Koo was so excited and ecstatic that she started shedding tears and remarked, "This is awesome, I can't stop crying".

Yoona commented, "I couldn't believe that Hye-seon would text me because she likes me".

Koo, who had originally planned to debut as a singer, started acting in several TV dramas and became a household name throughout Asia after starring in the hit KBS drama "Boys over Flowers" last year.

Known to many as also a talented artist, novelist and scriptwriter, she recently made her directorial debut with her first feature film "Magic - 2010" which premiered at the Jeonju International Film Festival in April.

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