Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Lee Sang-yi-I and Keum Sae-rok in "Youth of May"

The new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth of May" had its script reading on the 17th.

"Youth of May" is a drama about Hee-tae and Myeong-hee who fatefully fall in love with each other in the middle of a whirlpool one May in 1980. It is a retro human mellow drama.

In the pictures are the cast of the drama and the production crew including producer Song Min-yeob, writer Lee Kang as well as actors Lee Do-hyun (Hwang Hee-tae), Go Min-si (Kim Myeong-hee), Lee Sang-yi-I (Lee Soo-chan), Keum Sae-rok (Lee Soo-ryeon), Oh Man-seok (Hwang Gi-nam), Uhm Hyo-sup (Lee Chang-geun), Kim Won-hae (Kim Hyeon-cheol), Hwang Young-hee (Choi Soon-nyeo), Shim Yi-young (Song Hae-ryeong) and others.

"Youth of May" premieres in May.