Lee Dong-gun and Sung Hyuk Related, and Other Star Families

While actors Lee Dong-gun and Sung Hyuk are known to be relatives, it turns out some celebrities are family members like actors Kang Dong-won and Gong Yoo, Choi Myung-gil and Kwon Yul.


In SBS's "My Little Old Boy", which aired on the 11th, Lee Dong-gun met his acquaintances on the second day of his anti-alcoholism.

The acquaintances Lee Dong-gun met were actors Park Kwang-jae and Sung Hyuk. Lee Dong-gun greeted and hugged Sung Hyuk, and drew attention by surprisingly confessing that he and Sung Hyuk are related.

Lee Dong-gun said, "I don't think there are any cases of relatives being in the same agency ever", adding, "Moreover, it's been a long time". Lee Dong-gun's mother also said, "He's from the fraternal side", and Kim Seung-soo's mother responded, "No wonder he's handsome".

Last year, it was revealed that Gang Dong-won and Gong Yoo were in-laws. Gang Dong-won's unique relationship with Gong Yoo became an issue while talking about his family on tvN's "Hangout With Yoo" in September last year.

Both are from Busan, and their grandfathers are brothers-in-law, and they reportedly became in-laws afterward. When asked about his rookie days with Gong Yoo in the past, Gang Dong-won said honestly, "We were both rookies so we weren't really in a position to be of help to each other". Although the relationship that encouraged each other at the time remains, both said they are too busy now to keep in touch sometimes.

In addition to Gang Dong-won, Gong Yoo has another unexpected star family. It is Kong Hyo-jin. The two are from the same Gong family, and even if they were seen together, they were never rumored to be dating. Gong Yoo is known to be of 79 generations and Gong Hyo-jin is 81, making them grandfather and granddaughter in relationship.

Actor Lee Jang-woo's relationship with the group Fly to the Sky Hwanhee is famous. Lee Jang-woo is Hwanhee's cousin. When Lee Jang-woo was in 6th grade, Hwanhee debuted in the entertainment industry and dreamed of becoming a star. Lee Jang-woo, who said he made his debut in the entertainment industry after Hwanhee, said in an entertainment program, "My family's atmosphere has improved as my brother became a star. I also wanted to be someone who wanted to give strength to my family. I didn't want to pressure my brother because getting help from him would only give him pressure".

Actor Kwon Yul is the nephew of Choi Myung-gil. For eight years since his debut, Kwon Yul had not publicly revealed that his aunt is Choi Myung-gil. "We talk a lot about the attitude as an actor. But there's nothing for me to tell him because he's doing well on his own", Choi Myung-gil said, showing her affection for her nephew.

Kwon Yul, who has a special sense of humor, also said at the drama production presentation, "My aunt talks about manners. She tells me to be sincere to everyone with a humble attitude on set. She says it so often that when my aunt comes, I lock the door". At the same time, he expressed his gratitude, saying, "Her words seem to be the biggest teaching in acting".

Besides them, singer Yuk Joong-wan and BTOB's Yook Sung-jae are also distant relatives. Actors Park Won-sook and Park So-dam are sixth cousins. Park Won-sook's cousin's granddaughter is Park So-dam. "Even if I failed many auditions, I was able to challenge myself because she gave me so much courage", Park So-dam said of Park Won-sook. Actors Park Sung-woong and Kim Eui-sung are sixth cousins. The two also worked together in more than three movies.