Lee Hanee's Bedtime Routine, Aroma Oil and Mouth Tape

Actress Lee Hanee revealed her bedtime routine on the tvN TV show "House on Wheels 3".


Lee Hanee, Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won and Gong Myung made plans to watch the sunrise on a hot-air balloon and got ready for bed. Lee Hanee took out her aroma oil that she always carries around. Aroma oil is not just for inhaling and applying but for intake as well.

Lee Hanee continued to get ready for bed by stretching and shared her aroma oil with the rest of the team. She also took out a mouth tape that prevents mouth breathing while sleeping.

Sung Dong-il imitated Lee Hanee getting ready for bed, making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, "House on Wheels 3" is a variety show in which the cast live on a house on wheels and go around the country. It broadcasts every Friday at 8PM.