Lee Hanee Until She Bloomed

Actress Lee Hanee covered the March issue of fashion magazine Vogue Korea.


Her agency said on the 27th, "Lee Hanee was selected as one of the 24 women representing the contemporaries of the new project "Vogue Leader: 2024 Women Now" campaign in Vogue Korea".

For all women of this era, Vogue Korea, which inspires inclusivity, has organized the "Vogue Leader: 2024 Women's Now" campaign, which spotlights women who have achieved achievements in their respective fields, including film, music, fashion, sports, and art. 24 women who have pushed boundaries and challenged, women we like and want to resemble, and women who trust just by their existence, will not only serve as cover models for the March issue but will also feature 226 pages of their pictorials and interviews.

In the photo shoot released, Lee Hanee is wearing a dressy outfit for the first time in a long time instead of the hanbok she showed in her work, exuding a gorgeous yet elegant figure. In particular, she not only perfectly dressed in various concepts, from chic black suits to calm beige dresses and intense red dresses, but also overwhelmed the camera with delicate and strong eyes, giving off an aura of 'excessiveness'. Lee Hanee's confident attitude draws attention.

Lee Hanee, who has been working hard on screens and TV since last year until early this year. Recently, Lee Hanee has been enjoying immense popularity as a representation of a woman who is full of energy and confidence. Starting with her first one-top lead role film "One the Woman", she has created a female image of herself, ranging from the movies "Phantom" and "Killing Romance" to the drama "Knight Flower" which recently ended with great success. When asked about the female characters, she said, "The change (of female characters) comes into my mind. Three-dimensional and diverse characters don't appear all of a sudden. Do dramas and movies reflect the times? I believe that I was able to play such a role thanks to people struggling in reality".

When she brought up the story of her time in acting, musicals, traditional Korean music, and show programs, she said, "Whether it worked or not, I worked hard for 10 years regardless of my role or work. I took the lead role a little later, but without that many experiences, I would have been covered with holes", she said, signaling that she had been doing her best in the given work until it came to fruition.

Lee Hanee's pictorials and interviews can be found in the March issue of Vogue Korea, a fashion magazine, and on its website.