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Lee Hye-young-I Takes Home Three Trophies

Actress Lee Hye-young-I won the Best Actress Award at the Busan Film Critics Association Awards following the Baeksang Arts Awards and the International Cinephile Association Awards.


The Busan Film Critics Association was established in 1958 to develop Busan films and revitalize the local criticism culture. The association award has been given since 2000 to shed light on the aesthetic achievements of Korean films. The 23rd Busan Film Critics Association Award, held at Cinema Tech in the Cinema Center on the 9th, announced the winners for 10 categories. Among them, the movie "In Front of Your Face", starring actress Lee Hye-young-I, was recognized for her work and acting ability by receiving the Busan Film Critics Association Award and the Female Actor Award.

In the movie "In Front of Your Face", Lee Hye-young-I plays Sang-ok and challenged a new transformation. In "In Front of Your Face", which depicts the day of Sang-ok, a former actress who returns to Korea after many years and stays at her brother's house, Lee Hye-young-I gave an impressive performance with a quiet aura that is not hidden even with a gentle bare face.

Lee Hye-young-I, who was nominated for best actress at many film festivals, is once again shining her true value by winning three best actress awards at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, the 19th Cinephile Association International Actress Award, and the 23rd Busan Film Critics Association Award.

Starting with the release of the movie "In Front of Your Face", which was released in October 2021, Lee Hye-young-I, who is challenging various characters with tireless passion and unrivaled acting, including the movie "A Year-End Medley", "The Anchor", "The Novelist's Film", "Walk Up", and the drama "Kill Heel".

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-young-I will appear as a game player in the casino at Disney+ "Big Bet", which is set to be released on the 21st, and will change her image.


All Winners


Grand Prize (Daesang)

"In Front of Your Face" - Hong Sang-soo



Best New Director

"A Leave" - Lee Ran-hee



 Best New Actress


"Gyeong-ah's Daughter" - Ha Yoon-kyung




Best New Actor


"In Our Prime" - Kim Dong-hwi-I



Best Actress

"In Front of Your Face" - Lee Hye-young-I



Best Actor


"Decision to Leave" - Park Hae-il



Jury's Special Award


"I am More" - Lee Il-ha


Technical Award


"Hunt" - Park Il-hyun




Lee Pil-woo Memorial Award

Woo Jeong-tae




Film Critic Award

Ham Yoong-jeong & Lee Ha-neul

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