Lee In-hye to comeback with "Into The Flames"

Lee In-hye is coming back with "Into The Flames".


Actress Lee In-hye who is currently in the doctor's course in Literature and Mass Communications at Koryeo University, is starring in the TV Chosun drama "Into The Flames". With one more semester to go, she's been taking a break from all TV appearances and only doing so much to survive.

Lee In-hye is fluent in English and French and has the personality where no man can beat her. This time around she co-stars with Choi Soo-jong as a married couple. "Into The Flames" is a historical drama about the love and loyalty of the characters who overcome hardships and build their success.

Lee In-hye said, "I was nervous and felt like a rookie again since it'd been a long time since I did any acting. I've missed it so much and I'm going to wok my best to never regret it".

Lee In-hye took on two roles in the KBS short "Drama Special - Mother's Island" and further moved on to star in the E Channel sitcom "Firm Family", KBS "Drama Special - The Disappearance of the Member of Parliament" and more.