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Lee Ji-eun, Oh Jung-se, Yoona, Lee Jung-eun and Lee Je-hoon Picked as Honorary Judges of the Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival

The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival unveiled its honorary judges composed of the nation's leading actors and actresses who will further brighten the festival.


The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, which decided to hold screenings and all film programs online amidst the COVID19 crisis, will feature five leading actors in Korea, including Lee Ji-eun, Oh Jung-se, Yoona, Lee Jung-eun and Lee Je-hoon, as honorary judges.

The Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival's honorary jury system has contributed greatly to the revitalization of the festival, with renowned actors taking the role of judges every year, discovering new faces in the Korean film industry, including increasing interest in short films. The five honorary judges, who were appointed this year, will also contribute to the future of Korean films that will add to their new sensibilities by screening five genre short films on love, melodrama, comedy, horror and fantasy, at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival.

Actor Lee Ji-eun, who is going to serve as an honorary judge for "City of Sadness" (a movie about social perspectives), is the best singer-songwriter and actor in Korea who has produced numerous hit songs under the name of Lee Ji-eun. Starting with the drama "Dream High" (2011), in which she turned into a lovely high school girl named Kim Pil-sook, she showed outstanding talent as an actress, going back and forth in various genres, including "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" (2013-2014), "Bel Ami" (2013-2015), "Producers" (2015), and "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" (2016). In particular, she renewed her life character through the drama "My Mister" in 2018 and "Hotel Del Luna" in 2019, and has recently completed a successful screen debut ceremony through Netflix's "Persona" (2019) and continues her brilliant acting career.

Oh Jung-se, who serves as an honorary judge for "A Short Film on Love" (melodrama), has established himself as an actor who is friendly and recognized for his acting skills by performing a wide spectrum of acting regardless of genre. From "Korea" (2012), "How to Use Guys with Secret Tips" (2013), "Running Man" (2013), "The Hero" (2013), "Red Carpet" (2014), "Tazza: The Hidden Card" (2014), and "Extreme Job" (2019), with the recent dramas "When the Camellia Blooms" (2019) and "Stove League" (2020).

Yoona, who is the honorary judge of "King of Comedy" (comedy), is a member of the Korean girl group Girls' Generation and a global star who is active in various fields including movies, MC, and entertainment. She has shown extraordinary acting skills by appearing in several dramas, including "You Are My Destiny" (2008-2009), "Cinderella Man" (2009), "The Prime Minister and I" (2013-2014), "The K2" (2016) and "The King Loves" (2017). In 2017, she transformed into Yoo Hae-jin's sister-in-law Park Min-young in "Confidential Assignment", drawing attention by emitting natural and humorous charm, and in "Exit - Movie" (2019), which recorded 9.42 million viewers in Korea, she has been recognized for her wide acting spectrum and is rapidly emerging as a box office actress.

Lee Jung-eun, who is the honorary judge of "Absolute Nightmare" (Fantasy) has built a solid career since her debut in 1991 with the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", in over 30 films and dramas "Wanee and Junah" (2001), "Mother - 2009" (2009), "The Attorney" (2013), "Like for Likes" (2016), "New Trial" (2017), "Okja" (2017), "A Taxi Driver" (2017), and "Miss Baek" (2018). Moreover, she left a strong impression in the film "Parasite" (2019), wowing fans around the world by playing the role of Moon-gwang, a professional housekeeper who kept secrets, and is spotlighted for her success in the drama "When the Camellia Blooms" (2019).

Lee Je-hoon, who will serve as an honorary judge of "40,000 Beatings" (action, thriller), won six rookie awards that year with "Bleak Night" and "The Front Line" (2011), drawing attention from Chungmuro. Since then, he has been loved as a trusted actor who crosses the screen and TV channels in works such as "Architecture 101" (2012), "Paparoti" (2013), "Phantom Detective" (2016), "Anarchist from Colony" (2017) and "I Can Speak" (2017), as well as dramas "Signal" (2016), "Tomorrow With You" (2017), and "Where Stars Land" (2018). Recently, Lee Je-hoon has been playing the role of Joon-seok, the architect of the dangerous plan, in "Time to Hunt" (2020), showing his strong presence once again with his deep acting.

The 19th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, which is drawing keen attention as Lee Ji-eun, Oh Jung-se, Yoona, Lee Jung-eun and Lee Je-hoon have been appointed honorary judges, will screen all programs from the opening on the 25th to the closing ceremony on July 1st free of charge on Naver TV's "Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival MSFF" channel.

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