LEE Joon-ik proceeds with Radio Star

The upcoming comedy Radio Star is the next film of director Lee Joon-ik. The main roles are played by Park Joong-hoon (Nowhere To Hide) and Ahn Sung-ki (Silmido).

Park Joong-hoon plays an over-the-hill rock star who hasn't grown up. He is pampered by his long time manager, played by Ahn Sung-ki. They eventually wash up at a town in the country where PARK's character unwillingly starts working as a radio DJ, blasting loudrock music over the radio in this quiet provincial town.

Director Lee Joon-ik's previous film was the surprise hit The King and the Clown. The historical drama became the top grossing Korean film (currently second after The Host) and dominated Korean cinema headlines.

Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC)