Lee Jung talks about the scandal with Park Bo-young

Singer Lee Jung talked about the scandal with actress Park Bo-young.


He posted on his Twitter, "This scandal occurred because I made a confession. I'm sorry if you're upset by this. The talk show was misinterpreted. Let's just laugh about it. I'm sorry fans!" This happened because of a media report on the 6th.

MBC Queen announced, "Lee Jung claimed that his ideal type is Park Bo-young and said he would like there to be a scandal this year".

However, the male fans of Park Bo-young resisted severely to this report and Lee Jung explained things himself. The actual contents of this occurrence can be seen through the actual program on the 7th.

Neitzens say, "I understand Lee Jung's statement, Park Bo-young is pretty cute", "It seems like he was attacked online by her fans", "He must feel terrible" and more.

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