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Lee Kyu-hyung, a Fun Eccentric Lawyer in "May It Please the Court"

Actor Lee Kyu-hyung announced a splendid transformation as an eccentric lawyer.


The online video service (OTT) Disney+ drama "May It Please the Court" on the 21st is a legal mystery that pursues the truth in the case of No Chak-hee (Jung Ryeo-won), a self-indulgent lawyer who bites anything for success, and Jwa Si-baek (Lee Kyu-hyung), an eccentric lawyer who uses all means to get what he wants.

In the first episode, Jwa Si-baek's spectacular specifications were unveiled. After passing the bar exam and graduating from the training center, he refused to be scouted by famous law firms and defended for free, and became a public defender. Attention is drawn to the background of why Jwa Si-baek, who was called the ace of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, chose the path of a public defender with a winning rate of 3%. In addition, Jwa Si-baek faces No Chak-hee through a case of the side effect of the contraceptive pill, giving them an unusual first meeting.

Jwa Si-baek, nicknamed 'barely lawyer', was certainly different somewhere. He is a lawyer who works to help unfair victims but turns his eyes on injustice. He is more pleasant than gentle, and warm in front of the victim.

At the beginning of the drama, a humanist legal drama is drawn, but at the end of the second part, the atmosphere was reversed. After the murder, the genre quickly turned into a mystery after it was revealed that Jwa Si-baek wears the same watch as the murderer and has the key holder of a knot like a knot built on the body.

Meanwhile, two episodes of "May It Please the Court" are released every Wednesday at 4 PM.

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