Lee Mu-saeng Out and About In Dramas and Movies

Actor Lee Mu-saeng has been crisscrossing screens and small screens since the beginning of the year.


Lee Mu-saeng is currently meeting screen and home viewers through the movie "Noryang: Deadly Sea" and the tvN drama "Maestra: Strings of Truth", which recently ended in a hot topic. Lee Mu-saeng perfectly portrays two characters with opposing images that are hard to believe they are the same person.

In "Noryang: Deadly Sea", Lee Mu-saeng played Konishi, the spearhead of the Japanese army, who was at the center of the Imjin War. Gonishi unfolds his final strategy to eliminate Admiral Yi Sun-sin (Kim Yun-seok) for Japan's victory even in the face of a desperate crisis, in which retreat was out of the question.

Lee Mu-saeng then completely erased himself and transformed into a character so that it was difficult to easily notice that he was Konishi once before. Through thorough character analysis, a more three-dimensional character was created, and the audience was exclaimed with extreme immersion. Thanks to Lee's enthusiastic performance, "Noryang: Deadly Sea" continues to cruise.

In addition, Lee Mu-saeng will once again show his overwhelming presence in the movie "Citizen of a Kind" which will be released on the 24th, by breaking down as the chief voice phishing officer. "Citizen of a Kind" is a delightful tracking drama that takes place when Jae-min, a member of the organization who cheats on Deok-hee, an ordinary citizen who is scammed, asks for help, and Lee Mu-saeng shows extraordinary charisma as a person who controls hundreds of billions of won but does not reveal his existence to anyone.

In the recently-ended drama "Maestra: Strings of Truth", he heats the main room with a straight romance with his lover Cha Se-eum (Lee Young-ae) as wannabe man Yoo Jeong-jae, the UC Financial chairman.

Yoo Jeong-jae, who is obsessed with madness on the surface, has been reborn as a pure and sad man thanks to Lee Mu-saeng's passionate acting. He captivated the hearts of women in the home with his perfect character-digesting ability, driving the viewership of "Maestra: Strings of Truth".

Meanwhile, Lee Mu-saeng will continue his acting move to "Gyeongseong Creature - Season 2" which is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.