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Lee Sang-yi and Bae Da-bin in "Hangang"

Actors Lee Sang and Bae Da-bin will appear in the drama "Hangang".


On the 26th, PLK Good Friends told Joy News 24 that "Lee Sang-yi has confirmed his appearance in the drama "Hangang". Bae Da-bin's agency SM C&C also told Joy News 24 that she has decided to appear in "Hangang".

"Hangang" is a work that tells the story of the police dealing with various incidents on the Han River. It is co-produced by Film Monster and Arc Media, and directed by Kim Sang-cheol-II. The OTT will be organized.

Kwon Sang-woo has previously confirmed his appearance. Lee Sang-yi and Bae Da-bin's casting confirmation raises expectations that the three actors will meet in "Hangang".

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