Lee Tae-sung and Kim So-eun in "Three Bold Siblings"

Lee Tae-sung and Kim So-eun will join "Three Bold Siblings"


KBS 2TV's weekend drama "Three Bold Siblings" is a story about K-first daughter Kim Tae-joo (Lee Ha-na) and top star K-first son Lee Sang-joon (Im Joo-hwan) seeking happiness. Lee Tae-sung will play documentary director Cha Yoon-ho, who is called 'Wild Horse'. Yoon-ho is blunt and bold. He has no intentions of getting married. Kim So-eun plays Kim So-rim, the second of her three siblings. So-rim is sociable and fits well with anyone, but she can't hide her feelings, so her likes and dislikes are immediately revealed on her face. She meets a turning point in life starting with a family dinner promising marriage with her boyfriend's family.

Kim Seung-soo, Wang Bit-na, and Lee You-jin will also put their strength into the drama. Kim Seung-soo is Sin Moo-yeong, a representative of a small and medium-sized company with a master's degree in chemistry at MIT, and Wang Bit-na is Jang Hyeon-jeong, a shining college time lecturer. Lee You-jin plays the role of Kim Geon-woo, the youngest of the three siblings and an orthopedic pay doctor.

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