Lee Won-jong Joins "The Great Show" as Lee Sun-bin's Father

Lee Won-jong is starring in the new tvN drama "The Great Show".


"The Great Show" revolves around a congressman who works with 4 problematic siblings to re-enter the National Assembly. It is helmed by PD Sin Yong-hwi and penned by writer Seol Joon-seok. Sin Yong-hwi is also responsible for "Cross", "Tunnel - Drama" and "Hide and Seek - Drama", while writer Seol Joon-seok has worked on "Tazza".

Lee Won-jong plays Jeong Jong-cheol, father to current affairs program writer Jeong Soo-hyeon (Lee Sun-bin). Jeong Jong-cheol is a devoted father who has spent more than 20 years saving money through manual labor, and with the money Soo-hyeon has made for him as well, opened up a chicken franchise restaurant. He is a broad-minded person who laughs a lot and cries a lot as well.

Lee Won-jong is a veteran actor who has been in numerous dramas and movies. He was perfect for the role of Yook Gwang in the series "The Guest - Drama" last year and this year he starred in "Possessed", and in "Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo" as a realistic public worker.

Meanwhile, "The Great Show", which comes later this year, stars Song Seung-heon, Lee Sun-bin, Lim Ju-hwan, Roh Jeong-eui, Park Ha-na and more.