Lee Yo-won's Heavy Makeup and Tattoos

Actress Lee Yo-won's unconventional past has been recalled.


Lee Yo-won's past fashion magazine pictorial, which contradicts the elegance shown in the recent drama "Green Mothers' Club", has been talked about again.

In the 2013 Gothic concept photoshoot, Lee Yo-won showed unexpected charm by wearing thick makeup and bold accessories as well as fashion tattoos.

The thick smoky makeup emphasizes Agent Lee's eyes, and it is completely different from the usual feminine image of Agent Lee, but it provides a different charm.

Meanwhile, through JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama "Green Mothers' Club", which recently ended, Lee Yo-won tried to change her acting role for the first time since her debut. In the drama, Agent Lee did not lose her balance even in a complicated relationship and attracted the attention of the small screen by driving the popularity of the drama with her detailed emotional acting.

Attention is focusing on what Lee Yo-won, who dreams of challenging every moment with various work activities regardless of genre, will show next.

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