Lee Young-ae, "I Yell at My Kids When I'm Mad"

Actress Lee Young-ae released a pictorial and interview.


Men's fashion magazine "Arena Homme Plus" released an interview with Lee Young-ae, the cover of the April issue. She displayed an elegant yet sensual style with the Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta. In a later interview, Lee Young-ae also showed her humble and family-like appearance.

Lee Young-ae recently showed a new side of herself to viewers through the dramas "Maestra: Strings of Truth" and "Inspector Koo". Lee Young-ae said it was good to reach new fans through them. ""Inspector Koo" has been well received on OTT and was liked by young people. It was good to have many young mania friends. I was very happy with "Maestra: Strings of Truth" because I love music so much".

In a calm voice, Lee Young-ae also expressed her belief in the trend and acting of dramas these days. "A rich sensibility is a necessary condition for an actor, but if that emotion is too much, the actor cries in the part where it's the audience's turn to cry. Then there is no part for the audience", she said, "There are so many stimulating things like OTT these days. Many 'healing' movies were produced while I filmed "One Fine Spring Day". But these days, the genre seems to be too biased to one side. There's no fun in choosing. It's narrow-minded. My juniors also tell me they want to be in dramas like "One Fine Spring Day" but there aren't anymore. I'm not saying I want to be in an educational drama but I don't want anything to be too stimulating for children. I hope it's a good message. My mind's changed like that a little".

In addition to the passion of the actress, Lee Young-ae also showed her easygoing mother side. She said, "My schedule is mostly for kids. I think about what to eat for dinner in the morning", or, "My daughter loves K-pop, so I think she listens to 'TXT' or SEVENTEEN songs. I also go to performances with her to get closer to her". Regarding Lee Young-ae's unique elegant image, she said, "When I get home, I get annoyed and scream when I'm mad at my kids", adding, "My daughter tells me I have a double personality".

Lee Young-ae also expressed her thoughts on "Do you want to eat ramen?" which is perhaps the most widely known of her lines. "I didn't know that the line would be talked about for so long. Commonly, people love and break up or get dumped and it's always been that way for decades. So, I also think that a good movie doesn't need to be distinguished between an old movie and a new movie. Human emotions remain the same. It would be an honor to have a good movie and a good line for a long time".

The April issue of Arena Homme Plus will be available at bookstores nationwide. Behind-the-scenes stories of Lee Young-ae's photo shoot will be available on Arena Homme Plus' official website and social media.